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Author's note: This is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction, and I hope you enjoy it. All characters are at least eighteen years of age. You may feel free to reproduce this story on your site as long as you contact me to tell you've posted it there, just remember to give me credit.

Team Mom

Game One:

Standing on the side-lines of the football match going on, Amber Peterson could have easily passed for a girlfriend of one of the players. The strawberry haired woman was only twenty-five. Meanwhile the boys playing were all over eighteen; most just joining the summer team to kill time before they'd head off to college. But truth be told Amber's relationship to the team was more complicated than that. In fact Amber was actually the proud mother of one of the boy's on the team; the captain and star player Jeremy.

Only a year ago she'd married Jeremy's father. Obviously Amber was a trophy wife. This upset her stepson to no ends. Jeremy simply couldn't accept having a mother who was so close to his own age. But Amber was determined to form a relationship with her son. She took him out. She bought him nice gifts. She played nice with his friends. But it was all in vein. And so out of desperation Amber had given herself to Jeremy's team so that she could be there through every game. Amber was the team-mom.

Not too many people came out to watch the boys play. Amber was a bit relieved over that. Jeremy had been reluctant to let her join up as the team-mom. In fact the position didn't even exist until some of the other guys brought it up. Unlike Jeremy, the other guys were eager to have Amber on board. The woman was a practical legend around town thanks to her gorgeous body. And since graduating from high school she'd become a living sex-goddess. Only a few years ago Amber had had her breasts done. Her bust had never been modest, but now she was sporting thirty-seven double D's that put any other woman in town's tits to shame. On that of that Amber worked out, keeping her waist a petite twenty inches. Her husband loved her body, as did every other guy in town. So faced with the fact that his teammates wanted Amber so bad Jeremy decided to let her join... With a few conditions.

The most obvious condition was the very reason that Amber was so happy that no one had come out to see the boys play. They'd made her wear a cheerleading uniform. Amber had worn the uniform back in high school. Even then it was snug on her. Now she was practically pouring out of it. Plus she wasn't allowed to wear a body suit underneath, so her midriff was bare. As she waved and did her cheers she was under constant threat of exposing herself. The top was stretched to its limits supporting her hefty tits. Not that any of the boys playing would mind if that happened. Hell, they probably expected it.

The second condition would come about only if the boys won a game. And today was an easy win for the team of burly boys. After four short quarters they managed to dominate the opposition with a score of thirty-one to seven.

Immediately after the end of the game the boys rushed down to push Amber along with them towards the showers. Amber was happy for the boys, especially Jeremy who had managed two touchdowns of his own, but she was still a little reluctant over going through with her promise. Once inside of the locker room the boys made a circle around Amber, as she stepped up onto a bench and forced a smile.

"Alright guys," Jeremy called out, "You know the rules. With every win our dear team mommy gives up a bit of cloth." A round a cheers burst out as Jeremy pulled a pair of scissors from his dufflebag. Amber could only stand there and grin as Jeremy went to work. He trimmed a good inch from the hem of her already short skirt, and then held the fabric up for his friends' approval. The boys hooted loudly. Sure a victory against a rival team was great, but this was like icing on the cake.

Game Two:

Rather than leave the house in her uniform, Amber decided it'd be best to just change in the locker room before the game. No one expected her to strip in front of them, so the coach's office was made available to her. Even still the less bashful boys took the opportunity to show off their guns. Amber walked into the locker room to find three boys talking outside of the office, each butt-naked and acting as if they didn't expect Amber to walk by. A gentle blush covered the woman's face as she noticed the thickness and lengths of their cocks. It'd been so long since she'd enjoyed dicks like those. Her husband was a good man, but he wasn't packing much heat.

After changing, Amber came out to find most of the boys dressed and out on the field warming up already. Jeremy was still at his locker, too busy on his phone to have even noticed her coming up. Again Amber found herself blushing. Her stepson was naked at the moment. From behind she couldn't see much, but the boy certainly had a cute ass.

"I'm heading down to the field," she called out.

Jeremy turned, obviously a bit surprised. Almost immediately Amber's jaw hit the ground. The boy wasn't just hung, he was fucking huge. Jeremy's flaccid cock was thicker than any erect dick she'd ever seen, and it was almost long enough to touch his knees. Calling it merely impressive would be an understatement. Suddenly it occurred to the woman that perhaps Jeremy was adopted, or his mother had cheated on his father, because there was simply no other way to explain such an impressive dick.

"You like it? You can take a photo if you want, mom." An arrogant grin crossed Jeremy's lips. He'd caught his mom staring. Amber opened her mouth as if to say something, but in the end she chose to just go out to the field. By the end of the game she was wet from thinking about her son so much, and disappointed by another whopping victory for her boys.

As with before the boys circled around the woman, cheering loudly as Jeremy got out his scissors. But as he went to trim his mother's skirt he took notice of the dark, damp stain on her panties. He looked his mother in the eyes. Neither of them had to speak. With just a stare she confessed her shame. Jeremy could hardly stop snickering. But of course he still had a job to perform.

Holding up the inch thick trail of fabric, Jeremy sucked in the admiration he'd gained from his teammates. Meanwhile Amber bit her lip as she looked at her own reflection in the mirror. Even standing still her panties were now visible. It was disgraceful, but she knew she had to endure it if she was to be a good mom for Jeremy.

Game Three:

There were more boys naked this time when Amber arrived. She'd never seen so many dicks in her life. A couple boys boldly cut her off from the coach's office, acting as if everything was normal as they tried to carry on conversations with her. For her part Amber was fantastic at keeping her thoughts contained. She smiled and went along with it, acting exactly as she was expected to act. This sort of behavior wouldn't defeat her. That much she was confident of.

Just as before Jeremy was the only one in the locker room when she finished changing, but this time it seemed more intentional. He was standing just outside of the door. Immediately Amber's eyes went to his dick. Smirking, the soon to be college student remarked, "Think you can keep those panties dry today?"

"Jeremy... I'm your mom," Amber muttered in a meek tone.

"Not really. But you keep playing along and who knows." With that he leaned in close to the woman as if to sniff her. Chills ran down Amber's spine. She felt so dirty for letting him in so close. "Relax," Jeremy said, "It's ok for a guy to kiss his own mom." Amber knew he was right, but she wondered if any son would ever kiss his mother intentionally on the lips.

Amber's panties became a distraction for the opposing team. Several of the guys made stupid plays as they tried to get closer to the perverse cheerleader, leading to easy tackles. This meant another victory, much to Amber's dismay.

Now Amber's skirt left a good quarter of her panties exposed.

Game Four:





Today was the team's first away game. Amber was driving Jeremy and four other boys. To occupy themselves the guys began guessing the color of Amber's panties. It wasn't as if they wouldn't find out when they saw her in her uniform, but it still bothered Amber a bit that they were having such fun with it.

"Well I'm not waiting to find out," Jeremy said. Boldly he reached over and raised his stepmother's skirt, exposing a pair of bright pink panties. "Guess you win," Jeremy laughed, as he high-fived his buddy in the back seat.

Flustered, Amber cried out, "Jeremy, cut that out! You're such a pervert!"

Suddenly, and much to Amber's shock, Jeremy reached over and pinched the fabric of her panties, getting a bit of skin as well. "Oh, and they're definitely silk." The guys all laughed at Jeremy's boldness. Meanwhile Amber could only bite her lip and try to stay calm.

This time there was no separate office for Amber to change in. She'd hoped to wait until the team had left the locker room to change, but the boys all lingered, hoping for a glimpse. Finally Jeremy chased his buddies out, insisting his mom needed some privacy. Amber was relieved to see her son finally sticking up for her, but disappointed when he stayed behind himself. Jeremy stood only a few feet away; his eyes focused on her.

"You're a pervert," she muttered as she began to strip.

"You could walk away. You're the one choosing to strip."

Amber sighed loudly, "I have to get into my uniform."

By then she was down to her bra and panties. It was no worse than letting the boy see her in her bikini, she figured. Jeremy leaned in close to the woman. "I want to see more."

"Jeremy, I can't..."

"I've shown you mine."

For a moment Amber felt almost dizzy. Why did she want this boy's affections so bad? Why was she doing this? Would it really be worth it? Slowly she turned towards her stepson and lowered her panties a bit. Jeremy smiled, but this wasn't his usual cocky grin. This was a far more affectionate and approving look; one that Amber had hoped to see from him.

"Thanks," he said, before turning to leave, "See you down on the field, mom."

After their victory the boys gathered for their treat. If another inch was taken Amber figured she might as well just stop wearing a skirt. What was it really even covering anymore? Jeremy stepped forward scissors in hand, but much to everyone's shock he stepped behind his mother. Amber squealed as Jeremy trimmed off the entire ass of her panties.

"Jeremy," she cried out, "What're you doing?"

"It was never a rule that we could only trim your skirt, mom. From now on it's thongs or nothing."

Judging by the cheers it seemed like the team approved. Amber just grin and then laughed. Her son was definitely a pervert.

Game Five:

Amber chose to just change out in the locker room with the boys. She said it was because the door to the office was locked, but the reality was that she just didn't see the point of hiding from them. So what if they wanted her to see their dicks? And so what if a few became erect when she stripped. What was so wrong with showing a few teenaged men her body? It wasn't as if she was naked. Just as before it was no worse than being in a bikini.

Jeremy changed beside his mother. His dick remained flaccid, but of course even in that state it was a sight to behold. Once all of the other guys had left he stepped in close to his mother and gave her exposed ass a gentle pat. "You have a beautiful ass."

"So don't you," Amber retorted.

Taken back by the woman's bluntness, Jeremy laughed hard. "Fuck, I'm really starting to like you after all."

"Jeremy, get your hand off my ass already."

The few spectators who came to watch the boys play spent most of their time with their eyes on Amber. She tried to ignore them, after all she was here for her son and her boys. Not that the boys were any better. Between quarters they huddled around Amber and made claims about slapping her ass for good luck. It seemed like every boy managed to squeeze her cheeks at least twice before the game was over. Another victory of course.

Like a king, Jeremy paraded before his teammates, waving his mighty scissors for all to behold. There was a lot of speculation about what he'd cut next. Luckily for them Jeremy wasn't one to disappoint. He stepped behind his mother again, and reached his sheers up under her top. With a snip and a yank her bra was gone. With no bra to contain her plump double D's Amber's uniform began to stretch as if it might burst. "No more bra," Jeremy said.

The other guys hadn't figured it out, but this was more a direct challenge than anything else. Amber could justify changing in front of the team when she still had her undergarments to protect her. Now she'd be topless. Amber just smirked. She'd take on any challenge the boy offered.

Game Six:

It seemed as if Amber were surrounded. All around her were naked guys, all eager to see her tits. She stood facing her locker in her bra and g-string panties, wishing men weren't such perverts. Finally she reached back and began to unfasten her bra. The boys all leaned in closer. The locker room had never been so silent. But the uproar that followed more than made up for that. Camera phones were out. Within seconds topless photos of the town's hottest MILF would be all over the web.

"Goddamn those are some nice tits," Jeremy said to his mother, once again waiting for the other guys to leave.

Amber faced her son and grinned. "I won't give up."

"I hope not." Naked as usual, but now at least semi-erect, Jeremy extended a hand to grope one of her plump breasts. Amber just smiled as her son's large hand massaged her skin. "This doesn't bother you," he asked.

"Boys used to grope me all the time in school. It didn't mean anything then..."

"But does it mean something now?"

Amber didn't have a reply. She stood there quietly as Jeremy's cock became rock hard. He was half an arm's length away, but still his cock was practically poking her. In her life she'd never seen anything like it. "Please... I don't want to... I love your father."

Jeremy sighed and let go. "See you on the field. I just need to take care of this quick" With that he marched off towards the toilets, leaving Amber feeling confused and guilty over what had just happened.

Game Seven:

There had been no win the last round. The entire team was disappointed. On some level Amber was miserable over it too. She didn't want to lose any more of her uniform, but she hated seeing her boys down.

It was another away game, but this time she and Jeremy rode alone. Even still the boy was content to antagonize her. "Pink," he asked, "Or another color this time?"

Amber rolled her eyes at the boy's tenacity. Her son was nothing if not determined. "Just look for yourself," she said.

Never one to deny an offer, Jeremy reached over and raised his mother's skirt. A smile crossed his lips. "White... And nearly transparent. But what are they made of?"

"Feel for yourself."

Jeremy did just that. Rather than pinch the fabric he pressed his hold against her mound and took a long feel. "Is this ok," he asked, "I don't want to upset you again."

Amber didn't have an answer to give.

Up until the last few minutes of the game it seemed as if the team would have their second loss, but then Jeremy did a straight run for the goal. Even after being slammed by three of the oppositions strongest players he kept himself going. He gave his team a one point victory. It was a small victory, but it was still a win.

The guys carried Jeremy on their shoulders. He was bruised and bloody from the pounding he took, but it was nothing he couldn't endure. In the locker room Amber stepped up onto a bench and blew the boys kisses. Jeremy got out his sheers and stepped up with his mother. Amber laughed as he began cutting a massive dip into her top; leaving only a tiny bit of fabric to keep it connected. The guys celebrated by running nude laps around the locker room, while carrying the fabric like a trophy. Amber had never felt so excited to be so embarrassed.

Game Eight:

Jeremy was too sore from the last game to play. He had to sit out. Amber stood behind him, massaging his shoulders and resting her heavy breasts onto the back of his head like a pillow. Every other guy on the bench was envious of the treatment and vowed to get themselves hurt. Amber knew they were full of it.

Without Jeremy the team had their second loss.

That evening back at home Amber brought lotion into her son's room. She encouraged him to strip so she could properly tend to his sore spots. Being the pervert he was he claimed they were all on his front. Amber sat on the boy's stomach, intentionally letting her ass press against his dick. She was still in her thong, so Jeremy was enjoying it quite a bit.

"What if dad sees," he asked.

"He's asleep."


Amber sat back, intentionally putting pressure on his cock. "He's very tired from working so hard. He's usually out by seven."

"And where does that leave you? Do you two even..."

"On weekends. It's not the best, but it makes him happy."

Jeremy groaned as his mother wiggled back. Her cheeks were now wrapped around his shaft, with the head pressing into the small of her back. "So that leaves you open at least five days a week, right?"

"You're such a pervert," Amber giggled, as she wiggled her behind until her she could feel a warmth through the fabric of her shirt. "Uh oh, my baby boy made a mess, didn't he?"

"Now who's the pervert?"

Game Nine:

Red in the face, and barely able to contain herself, Amber stood on the bench after the team's victory feeling humiliated. During the game her top had split completely. She stood there now with her tits just hanging out. Since everyone on the team had already seen her tits a few times it didn't matter much, but somehow it was still humiliating.

Jeremy couldn't stop laughing. He kept marching back and forth with his scissors, acting like he'd made a decision only to turn away. Finally he motioned for the guys to quiet down. All eyes were on him as he reached up, pulled at the fabric of his mother's g-string, and snipped away until her pussy was on display.

"Crotchess," he yelled out, barely audible over the roaring cheers.

Game Ten:

Modesty was out of the question. Standing in a locker room full of horny college boys, Amber might as well of been butt naked. The only fabric covering her now was a thin waistband, holding a set of strings running down the sides of her mound down to between her legs. Keeping her cunt concealed was all she could do really. There wasn't a soft dick in the room. A couple guys even jerked off with her watching. One was bold enough to ask her to spit on his dick. When she complied the rest of the guys soon followed suit.

"Do you need me to spit on yours too," she asked Jeremy.

"Well I'd like your spit on it, but I'd prefer you keep that spit in your mouth."

Amber stuck her tongue out at the boy. "So you want a blowjob?"

"Would you?"

"Pervert!" And with that Amber climbed down onto her knees, gripped her hands as best she could around her son's impossibly huge dick, and... "Just kidding," she giggled.

"Too late." Jeremy quickly gripped her by the back of the head and pulled her forward until the head of his cock was between her lips. Amber squealed and struggled, but quickly gave in. Her tongue began stroking at every bit of the fat dick. Only half of the thing could even fit in her, and even then it felt like her jaw might unhinged. She bobbed on it as best she could. She even bit a little, but only to tease.

Jeremy groaned as he pulled on his mother, trying to force more of his dick down her throat. No woman had ever been able to swallow it. Hell, most ran screaming at the sight of it. But Jeremy was convinced his mother could take it. Amber was less confident. She tried in vein to pull out. It felt like she was being choke. As more and more of the foot-long dick vanished between her lips it somehow became easier and easier to accept. Finally Jeremy's sac was touching her chin. She looked up to her son and Jeremy looked back. Of course Amber's mouth was stretched to its limits, but somehow Jeremy could tell that she was smiling.

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