tagNonHumanTears of the Fallen Ch. 23

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 23


Reasa had hurried back to the compound hours earlier, her thoughts in complete chaos. She hadn't been sure what had frightened her more, Kothari's obvious insanity or the words Michael had spoken to her on the phone. There had been no mistaking what she had to do, and yet, now the time had come she didn't want to do it.

She was in love with Liam Eriksson, and she couldn't deny that any longer. She also couldn't be with him, that simply wasn't an option. If she chose to ignore Michael's message then thousands of vampires would die. She'd caused enough damage as it was. She just couldn't be responsible for more deaths.

It had seemed a cruel twist of fate that Liam had been leaving his Alpha's house as she'd re-entered the compound. His expression had lit up at seeing her, and any last lingering thoughts of denial had melted away as she watched him. He was quite simply the most magnificent male she had ever seen. The compassionate, humble side to him, a true balance to the wonderful vampire she had glimpsed in his mind. He was a male worthy of loving, and now she had found him, she had to leave him.

If he'd found it odd in the least that she had wanted to spend so much time with him, he had never mentioned it. Instead, he had basked in her presence, showing her around the compound as he welcomed her to his home. Even the brief moment when Cassia and Pietro had pulled into the compound late afternoon hadn't dampened the bubbling happiness emanating from Liam.

No words had been spoken that she was aware of, though the vampire had studiously ignored her. Pietro had nodded in Liam's direction, her redheaded male inclining his head in acknowledgement. No doubt Liam had been thinking that this was a good sign, and that with time, they would be able to live in harmony within the pack. His thoughts couldn't have been further from the truth, though Reasa couldn't tell him that. He would never let her out of his sight if she did.

Now she was lying beside him, listening to his deep breathing and knowing that a handful of hours from now he would wake to find her gone. A lone tear escaped and trickled down her cheek, her heart feeling as if it was about to split in two.

"Reasa?" Liam murmured her name, and she couldn't resist twisting her body into his. Thick arms wrapped her securely to his chest, a thigh hooking around hers. "Why aren't you sleeping?" he asked sleepily, his eyes opening as he pulled her close.

"You snore," she answered, though it was a lie, but it brought a wry chuckle from the man beside her.

"Do not," he laughed, "though if we're on that topic of nocturnal noises, you have this habit of making a little mewling sound every now and then."

She doubted that very much, but she smiled at his quick comeback. "You're not very good at telling fibs, Liam. You wouldn't last long in Europe."

In answer, he rolled over until she was beneath him, supporting his weight on bent elbows. He was more fully awake now, and the gleam she could see in his eyes from the crescent moon's light told her he had other nocturnal activities in mind. She should stop this right now, and yet, he felt so good covering her body. She had an hour before she needed to make her move. That should be plenty of time.

"Just as well I have no plans to go to Europe," he quipped back, his body moving helplessly against hers as he let out a low groan. "Tell me to stop now, Reasa, otherwise I have other plans that you may not approve of."

It would be that easy, of that she had no doubt. All she had to do was tell him to leave her alone and they would once more be lying platonically beside each other. She didn't want to though, so she wound her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to hers. "I don't want you to stop, Liam."

His big frame tensed in surprise, and she could feel his eyes burning into hers. "Reasa? Are you sure, because I can wait for however long you want. There is no rush to be together. I am willing to wait."

She uttered a resigned sigh, amusement lacing her voice. "First you want to kiss me when I don't want you to and now when I tell you that I do, you decide to question me? Just kiss me, Liam Eriksson. I have a need that only you can assuage."

It was all he needed to hear, his head lowering the last few inches to hers. His lips brushed hers tentatively at first, a slow, lingering, gentle kiss so full of love it made the ache in her heart flare brighter. This beautiful male loved her with a passion so fierce it was staggering, and she was planning to leave him as soon as she could slip away.

It was wrong of her for wanting this moment with him, when she knew she couldn't give him what he so richly deserved. It was weak and selfish, but if she was going to die this night then she wanted to know what it was like to love with the man who had been fated to be hers since the moment they had both been born.

Reasa opened her mouth to him, feeling the ache of having denied them both for so long. Every night they had lain together she had fought her own desire, listening to him sleep until she was too exhausted to keep her eyes open. If only she hadn't been so foolish. They could have had nights like this so many times if she'd only let down her defences and allowed Liam into her heart where he belonged.

Her kiss tasted of that knowledge, desperation creeping into her response as she arched her body into his. She asked him for more without words, but he kept his touch gentle, soothing her desperation with tenderness until she wanted to weep.

Liam pulled his mouth from hers; tracing tiny kisses along her jaw and down her neck. "Your skin feels like satin, so smooth and soft. I've dreamt of this for what feels like forever, Reasa, and your taste surpasses everything I've ever imagined."

They were the sweetest, most heartfelt words she had ever heard. They made tears gather in her eyes, which she swallowed back. No one had ever loved her with such conviction before. She didn't deserve to have Liam's love but she would take this moment and treasure it for however long she might still walk this world.

"Love me, Liam," she whispered, threading her hands in his auburn hair as he suckled at her neck sending liquid fire racing through her veins.

"I do, Thereasa," he groaned, his lips moving back to her mouth, the heat of passion in his next kiss. "I love you with every fibre of my being," he breathed into her mouth. "You are my heartbeat and my every breath. You are my soul mate."

How could any woman not love a male who was so tender and compassionate in one breath, and yet, who was darkness and danger hidden beneath his soul? This glorious male would take on the world to protect her even as his fingers trailed down her arm in a touch so tender it was a light as a feather.

He made her burn with a desire so hot she felt as if she would explode. He teased her with tenderness so sweet it tugged at the softer part of her soul that had only ever craved to be loved. She ached to feel him inside her, to know what it was like to be adored by her beautiful Liam Eriksson. He was intent on taking his time with her. She was intent on disabusing himself of that notion.

Winding her legs around him, she pressed the very heart of her body against the hard, thick shaft that moved restlessly against her. She gasped out aloud and arched again, dragging a tortured groan from her lover.

"Reasa...stop that. I want this to be...Reasa!"

"I want you, Liam, all of you. I will not break. You will not hurt me. You will love me as a woman and not as a china doll you're afraid to break."

He stilled and looked down at her, moving to the right so he could reach out and turn on the bedside lamp. He didn't need the additional light to see her, but was aware that she did. Chocolate brown eyes traced every feature on her face, desire brimming in their smoky depths. "I want this to be perfect," he said softly, trembling fingers brushing down one cheek.

She smiled at him, grinding her lower body against his and thrilling at the way his jaw clenched and his nostrils flared. "How could it not be?" she asked, her need echoing in her voice. "I want you, Liam. I need you. Please love me."

His answering smile was so lascivious she shivered with anticipation. Had she just tempted that delicious vampiric side to him or was she about to get his lusty wolf. Whichever it was she was sure she was about to be loved within an inch of her life.

"So be it, beautiful," he breathed out, a split second before she felt her nightgown tear and he tossed the remnants aside. Sitting up astride her body, he let his greedy gaze wander over her nakedness, his hands coming to cup her tight breasts. "So beautiful," he murmured, leaning down to capture one hard peak in his mouth.

Reasa gasped as wet heat closed over her breast and Liam suckled hard. He tugged at her swollen peak sending tiny sparks of pure electricity shooting down her body to pool in the juncture of her thighs. She had never known her breasts to be this sensitive before, but then she hadn't had Liam laving them with such intent before. Each lick was pure heaven. Each suckle was another jolt of pure pleasure.

She moaned and writhed beneath him, her thighs aching to open to admit him, but they were clamped shut by his thick thighs sitting astride her. Liam teased her mercilessly, until she was sure she was making that mewling noise he'd mentioned earlier. His soft laughter told her he was thinking the same thing, and she would have given him a smack if he wasn't holding her wrists bound above her head with one hand.

"Tease," she groaned out, her heart thumping wildly as the ache between her legs grew unbearably.

"I can be," he breathed softly, releasing her breasts to slide lower. He trailed wet kisses over her quivering abdomen, continuing lower until he was kissing her mound and her inner thighs, deliberately staying away from where she wanted him most.


"So impatient," he laughed, hooking one of her thighs over his shoulder. One large hand pressed her other thigh apart, pinning her in place so she was open to his greedy gaze. "Dear God, you're stunning," he whispered, his breath tickling against her flesh.

Reasa tried to press herself towards his mouth but he held her still, blowing gently against her heated flesh.

"So wet," he whispered. "So perfect. All mine." His tongue rasped over her before he had fully finished speaking and it was so unexpected she cried out.

Oh crap, she was getting the wolf. There was no denying that; not from the way he nuzzled at her body, or the long, slow licks he subjected her to. He was taking his sweet time, tasting her essence, scything his tongue over every inch of her sex until she shuddered in a hot mess.

He flicked at her apex, teased the tiny bundle of nerves that set her blood on fire. She was panting, writhing, aching to feel him buried deep inside her. "Liam...Liam...please."

His throaty growl was all the warning she got before he suckled against her clit, pushing her that last short distance to her climax. Reasa shattered in a million pieces, bliss making her body tremble as her heart tried to climb out of her chest. She cried out, moving against his wicked mouth, climaxing in mindless pleasure as he lapped against her body.

It was the most spellbindingly erotic climax she'd ever had and it took her a few long moments to come down from the heady bliss he'd engendered. When she opened her eyes, Liam was naked above her and she swallowed hard as she let her eyes travel down to the thick shaft standing proudly between his legs.

"Uhm...everything about you is oversized, I see," she managed to get out, a faint feeling of concern colouring her words. She was human now and he was huge with a capital H. Perhaps she should have let him take his time.

"The human body is an amazing thing," Liam sighed, his fingers moving to rub against her sex. "It's very adaptable once you play it perfectly." Two thick fingers slid inside her, and she arched towards their wonderful intrusion. "That's it, beautiful girl, enjoy my fingers. Just like that..."

Liam pressed his fingers in and out slowly, building up the pace as she closed her eyes and allowed her body to be guided by his. It felt so good feeling him inside her, preparing her for his cock, widening her so she would be ready to take all of him.

Three fingers speared her and she gasped loudly. His thumb rubbed against her clit as his fingers picked up speed. She was mindless, helpless against him, moaning and writhing, as he loved her with his hands. Her breath caught as he pinched her clit hard, another climax rolling over her with such ferocity she was fighting to breathe.

"Reasa, sweet Reasa...look at me..."

Her eyes fluttered open to meet his, her breath trapped in her chest at the open adoration she saw in his gaze. "I love you, Thereasa." His cock pressed against her opening, an inch sliding slowly inside.

"I love you, Liam," she gasped, arching up as he pressed down.

He eased deep within her body, sheathing himself in her wet heat and stilling his movements when they were joined. His hands ran up her arms to gather her wrists together above her head, his free hand gently stroking down her cheek to her collarbone. "Mine," he growled softly, flecks of amber shining in his eyes.

She knew that he wanted to mate with her, and it hurt that she would have to deny him this. "Too soon," she whispered, seeing the slight hint of hurt that he couldn't conceal fast enough. "Liam..."

"It's okay," he reassured her, a soft smile crossing his face as he leaned down for a slow kiss. "One step at a time, my love. I can wait." He withdrew and slid back inside her, his thickness stretching her in delicious ways.

"Oh God," she moaned bucking her hips to meet him. "It's so good..."

He laughed and it was so full of male satisfaction she had to laugh too. Males were universal the world over, and couldn't help being smug when they loved their women to perfection. "Don't let it go to your head," she teased stifling down another moan.

"No...I'm about to go to your head," he quipped back, flexing his hips and driving himself hard into her waiting body.

Reasa's toes curled, her breath caught and she was certain stars danced before her eyes. Before she had time to recover he was thrusting deep again and she was helpless against his assault. Her body moved in time to his. He teased her in a dance that alternated between hard and forceful, to soft and gentle. Each time she thought she had detected his rhythm he switched it up again until she was a mindless, quivering wreck beneath him.

"Liam...I need...I need..."

"What do you need, dear heart? Tell me what you want and it's yours."

The deep huskiness of his voice told her that he wasn't unaffected by the sweet torture he was subjecting them to. His own desire was at fever pitch and he needed his release as much as she did.

"I need to come," she gasped, rolling her hips in such a way that his next thrust into her teased him and made him growl loudly. She did it again, and again until he lost control and was taking her hard and fast, pushing her towards that perfect moment of union that was theirs and theirs alone.

Reasa climaxed hard, crying out and shuddering beneath Liam as he growled his own pleasure into the night air, his neck straining as he pulsed deep inside her and bathed her with his pleasure. She couldn't think, couldn't breathe, all she could do was soar on a wave of ecstasy that felt as if it would never end.

When reason finally returned she was cradled on her side in Liam's embrace, their hearts beating loudly and their skin slickened with sweat. His breathing was as erratic as hers was, and for a long time she just lay there listening to his heart slow down, a feeling of complete safety overcoming her as she lay in his arms. It was without a doubt the most beautiful, staggering lovemaking she had ever had, and she was glad she had taken this moment with him, no matter what the future may hold.

"You're incredible," Liam murmured against her hair, cuddling closer as their skin cooled down on the early morning air.

"You're not so bad yourself," she quipped back, giggling when he gave her a soft pat on her backside.

"Not so bad? Talk like that will get you into trouble, wench."

His laughter was low and happy, and it wrenched at her heart. She managed to keep her tone light, hiding her sadness from this beautiful male who wanted nothing more out of life but to love her. "Yes, I tend to excel at that," she answered, faking a wide yawn.

It had the desired effect, Liam reaching for the rumpled coverlet to pull over them. "You're exhausted. You need to sleep."

"It's so hot too," she groaned, and he placed a few inches between their bodies, as she suspected he would. He always put her needs before his, and her eyes filled with tears as he ran a hand down her back as she faced away from him towards the window.

"Sleep, love," he whispered, a yawn escaping him. "I want you rested for tomorrow so we can do that again, it was so totally amazing."

"It was," she whispered back, fighting the tears that threatened to fall. She wouldn't be here when he woke and that would truly break his heart. She deserved every single bit of what was heading her way. Maybe then she would have atoned for all the wrong she had done to this wonderful male and his pack...

Reasa evened out her breathing, simulating falling asleep as best she could. It must have worked because he fell asleep within a few minutes, but she lay there an additional ten before she climbed out of the bed as soundlessly as she could. While she may not be a vampire any longer she still retained a lot of her previous skill set, like how to move silently.

Liam muttered in his sleep and rolled over, but he didn't wake. Breathing out a sigh of relief, she gathered her jeans and T-shirt, collecting her jacket as she headed into the adjoining bathroom.

Dressing in there served a dual purpose; if Liam woke, it wouldn't be unusual that she be in the bathroom, and there was also a door out to the hallway from this particular room. It was kept locked for the most part, though Liam had told her that when family was visiting from the Hanlon pack, it was open to the rest of the house if required.

Now she carefully turned the key in the lock and cracked the door open. The house was silent but she maintained her stealth as she crept down the stairs and made her way to the back door. It was a testament to the trust the house's occupants had placed in her that no one stirred as she let herself out. That was another black mark on her soul, but then, she had so many now what would one more really matter? Ashleigh's talk with her came to mind and she swallowed hard. Perhaps that black mark did matter just as much as the rest of them.

Taking a shaky breath, Reasa slipped into the trees behind the Eriksson house. There was no turning back from this, thousands of lives depended on her. She had no doubt that Michael would do exactly what he said he would. If she didn't hand herself over to him, a full assault would break out on the North American vampires and countless of them would die from Amort poisoning before the pack and Council could mobilise fast enough to give them the newfound cure. She couldn't be responsible for that, she just couldn't. She hoped Liam would understand...he had to.

She moved east slowly, making sure to stop and listen as she went. There would be wolves out there patrolling and she had to make it to the rendezvous point unseen. A sound echoed off to her left and she froze in her tracks, holding her breath. She waited a full five minutes before she moved again, certain it must have been an animal she'd heard. If it had been a pack member then they would have dragged her kicking and screaming back to the pack.

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