tagRomanceTears of the Moon

Tears of the Moon


David Brennon sat with his glass of whiskey in hand, as the memory of her rolled painfully through his head and heart. He remembered her last day of life, what she looked like, how she smiled at him that morning as she left, and her scent.

She was gone before his day had finished. An aneurysm had taken her, without warning or reason vibrant one moment and still the next. He took a long pull from the ice-laden glass and let it sear the pain from his heart.

He lost faith with so many things in his life after that, but worst of all he lost faith in himself. He remembered how she'd affected him the very first time he met her. He'd been swept away, thrilled with her smile and enchanted by her voice. But it was the eyes of soft green velvet that haunted him the most; there shimmering light put the lamps of heaven itself to shame.

With a single flip of their color she made his heart soar and his pulse quicken. She always made him feel like a better man than he really was ... he knew, one of the many things he loved about her. He had become hopelessly attached to her when they began dating. And one night out of each cycle of the full moon he took her a white rose and a bottle of wine.

They'd talk and laugh about their plans after college, people they each knew, and life in general. It was in these meetings that he really got to know Patricia for the wonderful, gentle person she really was. She was elegant and graceful in form, and exceedingly mild in spirit ... always ready to smile.

"Patricia, you must know how my feelings for you have deepened over the past few months, I think I've fallen in love with you Trish!" David had spoken the words of his heart at one of his "rendezvous of the rose" meetings. She had looked away for a moment, as he saw a rushing blush of crimson sweep up the side of her neck.

He watched her sitting there her features softly caressed by the flickering candlelight, thinking she must be the loveliest woman in the world. Like the siege of some vast army her silence increasingly diminished his hopes of a victorious outcome, as shame began to fill him.

His heart quaked in his chest as he awaited her reply, thinking he had made a terrible mistake by being so forthright with his feelings. Patricia then turned her head toward him, her eyes still not touching his and took his hand in hers.

"I have been waiting for this David, I fell in love with you the first time our eyes met and knew we belonged together, but I simply didn't know how to approach the subject with you!"

Their eyes met locking together as time and space disappeared for both, the energy that flowed between them was the essence of their own twin passions. Deep greeted deep, as it metered the depth of love and commitment each heart held for the other. As their two hearts embraced in the moment, their respective destinies fused in an inseparable union, that neither time nor life would ever alter.

Patricia looked up, and seeing the beauty of his feelings for her reflected there in his eyes was overwhelmed by her own intense surging passion for him. Her lips then rushed to meet his as silence surrounded them, cloaking the two lovers from all outside earthly concerns.

Her conscious awareness spun falling away from her, as her spirit touched something of beauty she'd never known before that night. While David's tongue passionately delivered the testimony of his love to her tender lips.

They married not long after David had initiated the ritual of the wine and rose, and she remained his most devoted ally and loyal wife for nearly twelve years. Until fate despised him, ripping her cherished love from his life, and turning his world to ash.

She was around five foot five inches tall with deep dark lustrous brown hair, and beautifully shaped breasts. Her waist narrowed from her upper back, and then flared again to form a pair of the sexist hips he'd ever seen. Her thighs were hard but still feminine, her legs being very well toned all the way down to her ankles, which were delicate.

The wine and rose was a romantic ritual of love between them, one that lasted until her death. It was at those times when the moon was full that David punished himself the most severely, drinking until his mind was a dull swirling mass of fog. It would kill him he knew, but didn't care anymore; at least it kept the pain and sadness in control.

He had always considered himself fortunate to be the one she'd loved, because to say his facial features were modest at best, was an outright kindness. And physically he was nothing that would recommend him to the loving heart of a seeking romantic.

Everywhere he looked now he was reminded of her absence from his life, and the pain would surround his heart like a large vise meanly twisted in place. So he spent most of his free time in a drunken haze, where the pain was much less acute and he could remember without tears.

But it was the dreams that were the worst of it; they came with every full lunar cycle. He would find himself in her arms again and the joy of his heart would be acutely intense, her kisses warm, her love still nurturing him. He would not recall her passing in them, and the room was always filled with the sweet scent of roses. It was not until he woke to the horror of the emptiness around him that he would realize; it had only been a dream.

She would come tonight he knew and take him back to better times, times of free laughter and warm love. The brush of her lips, and gentleness of her touch would quicken his heart once more and he would smile again.

He blew out the candle and staggered toward the bed, his eyes glazed, and his feet unsure of their destination. He sat the glass on the end table and all but collapsed in the bed, his mind and body numb from drink. His breathing slowed as his consciousness gratefully slipped away from the pain and into the darkness of sleep.

Trish had watched him as he staggered toward the bed her heart burdened by his state of inebriation. As he lay there between the reality of sleep and wakefulness she stroked his brow with her fingertips and whispered to him, "Sleep my love, it is well, I'm with you again David."

David raised his head slowly from the fog of his dream, and in the distance beheld a form magnificent in beauty approach his bed, calling his name as she came.

Looking up, his eyes now open he pulled a strand of hair away from her neck as she leaned over him and sank his teeth into the softness there. She moaned exhaling as she did, her nails digging into his shoulders.

"Oh David, I have missed you so," she cooed softly!

All the candles he'd placed about the room lit in unison of their own accord, and their wavering light began to fill the air. His heart swelled in his chest as he gazed at her face, and a mist slowly covered the love filled sheen of his eyes.

"I love you Patricia," he'd responded!

His shaking fingers gently caressing her eyes, cheeks, shoulders and breasts, as her breathing continued to elevate its pace. She slid the flimsy see thru top from her shoulders, availing his eyes to her magnificent breasts.

Trish pressed her lips to his and at the union of there flesh both spirits soared the heights of loving desire. It was more than the union of their bodies; it was the bond of their heart and souls, where time held no relevance and love was owned again. The endearments that flowed between them echoed sweetly in the hearts of the two lovers, tempering the thundering passion they shared in the moment.

David's heart flamed hot at the touch of Patricia's lips and its glow made the essence of his being burn with life again. She straddled his body with her leg, placing the warmth of her folds against his massive hardness, never releasing his lips as she moved. His hard calloused hands slid easily down her back to gently cup the tightness of her cheeks and pull her soft warmth tightly next to his burgeoning swell.

She tarried there at his mouth attempting to satiate the hunger of her lips, but found that her attempt only increased her need. She teasingly moved her wetness against his surging manhood as she continued to seduce his lips, her tongue driving forcefully for the sweet taste of his passion.

"Oh please David," the tender plea was softly delivered!

She squirmed against his rampant manhood to appease the ache in her body as she whispered! Her stomach rippled with a convulsion forcing her hips to roll again, and the dewy gaping lips of her mound kissed his hardness again, lovingly tracing its girth with her glistening moisture as his manhood throbbed in agony.

His hard, rough hands moved over the smoothness of her breasts, as gently as his state of arousal would allow and began to twist and tug at her swollen nipples. She arched her back at an acute angle forcing her engorged tissue into the warmth of his loving hands, as hot waves of pleasure rolled throughout her body fueling the heat of her spirit and mind.

"Oh God lover, I need this," she sighed! Her breasts trembling with the thunder of her heartbeat!

Trish sensed a pressure in her body between her legs, as she realized that David was taking possession of her, his wide helmet was spreading her lips as it gained entrance. She felt him push and begin filling her, slowly at first; with short gentle thrusts but increasing in tempo the deeper he went.

"Yes-s-s-s David," she hissed loudly, with her head thrown back, as her body gave yet another silken thrust against his seeking hardness, anointing him with the thick cream of her passion! Again and again she thrust down on him, her breath escaping in small gasps of tortured pleasure as she moved!

She was losing her ability to suppress her hot impulses, as he shoved into her deeper, filling her, stretching her to the limits of her physical capacity to contain. His flesh was now pounding against her mound, its impact filling her body with intense surging waves of erotic pleasure her emotions could barely withstand.

"Oh please David," it was not a soft plea this time, as her body shook violently with pleasure! The warm softness of her passage was seemingly sucking him in deeper, in an attempt to greedily seduce his seed from him prematurely. She moaned as her hips worked feverishly, her back arching into the motion, her pure animal instincts now in complete control.

David could tell Patricia was mounting the summit of pleasure by her pleas and many other numerous non-linear modes of human communication. With her head tilted back a scream issued forth from her mouth that thrilled David from head to toe. He felt her contractions around his burning hardness, as he was inundated with Patricia's hot fluids and she creamed hard against him.

"Oh David I'm com-m-m-I-n-g," she cried out, as a spasm of pleasure made her lock her thighs even tighter against his hips, and her body writhed with the acute sensation of pleasure that flooded her!

David looked into her sharp green eyes and beheld the flames there that matched the roaring inferno of his own heart. His body quaked beneath her, as her spirit struggled mightily for freedom against the conventions of her own logic. Exploding forth in free flight toward the golden domes of paradise, to languish there in its sea of bliss once more.

She shuddered through her first orgasm screaming, and then collapsed with her head on his chest, her ear pressed tightly against his heart. Allowing the rhythm of its tempo to sooth the last fragments of her hot erupting emotions, as her glow settled over her like a thick, comforting blanket of warmth.

She convulsed tightly around David's thrusting member urging him to spill his seed in the warm softness of her passage. Unable to refrain any longer his bag jerked and tightened, as he blasted into the seducing warmth of Patricia's soft grinding opening, filling her with the fire of life, his agonized cry of pleasure filling the room.

Her demanding softness shattered him, casting his strength down stories below on a bed of jagged stone. Where he lay broken and empty, a mere shadow and shell of the formidable driving force he'd been moments ago.

"I love you David," she purred against his chest, as his last shuddering thrust filled her satiated form above him!

"And you my love are the end of all my sweetest dreams," he gasped desperately! The cool air of the room kissing his fevered flesh, as he slipped from the warmth of her soft sheath!

She raised herself at last and looked down into his face, her hair was lit with a strong wash of moonlight that created a gypsy halo, as thin as vapor glowing softly about her head. The soft light sharpened the outline of her cascading hair but leveled the tone of her facial shadows, giving her skin a soft heavenly appeal.

There was a peaceful look on her face as she spoke, "Listen to me my love, tonight is our last chance to be together. You must either follow me tonight or wait for decades to hold me again. I love you David, and there is no wrong decision tonight, because you know I'll wait for you forever if I must ... but I can't come back again, this will be my last visit!"

"What's it like Trish?"

"Beautiful beyond description David, but incomplete without you beside me my love!"

Bending down her kiss stopped the march of time and stilled his soul within, as paradise and eternity fused together in the hidden chambers of his loving heart. David knew he belonged with her; destiny had mated their souls and sealed their union.

Without hesitation David rose then, standing beside the love of his life, as she slipped her arm through his and they walked away.

As the single story ranch home faded in the distance, David noted the wide path beneath his feet, paved with the soft shimmering glow of moonlight, and the way it sparkled with each footfall.

Patricia smiled up at him as she moved in closer to his side happy to have her husband beside her again, as they slowly walked toward the distant light ahead.


Tom honked the horn again impatiently, as he waited for David to appear, he had already been there five minutes. Finally his patience gone he threw the driver door open and walked to the front door of David's house.

Once inside he called loudly for his co-worker but didn't receive an immediate answer concerned now, he wondered if he might have fallen in the shower and injured himself. He went down the hallway checking rooms as he went.

He opened David's bedroom door and spied him immediately, sprawled out on the bed still fully clothed. A bottle of "Seagram's Crown Royal" whiskey at his side nearly empty, his hand clutched tightly to the neck of the bottle.

Tom's heart broke, as he looked down at his old friend; he knew what the loss of his wife had done to him, and that his life had really been over for sometime now. But as he looked closer he was amazed to find a smile on David's lips, and a look of genuine peace cast over his ashy features.

He would miss his work chum, but he knew intuitively that David had made peace with his pain, and was much happier now than he would have been had he remained here. It was then that he noticed the scent ... a smell like roses, as his eyes metered the sight line of the room he couldn't find a single flower in it of any kind ... but the scent was there, intense and sweet!


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