He felt the silken touch of her thighs warm and inviting. He slid his hand beneath the hem of her pretty skirt that fell away from her body as he tentatively caressed her thigh in his journey upward. A sexy sigh escaped her lips that were pressed against his. He found the silken panties greet his touch with dampness and a small moan escaped her mouth and her kisses became more excited and passionate.

He could barely believe that he at 46 could be alone with this petite goddess of a woman who was perhaps more than 20 years his junior. His busy working life had destroyed his marriage and reduced his confidence with women. She had excited him from the first moment she entered his office. Her body was shapely and petite with curves that drew attention to every detail of her pert rounded ass and small perfectly rounded breasts. Legs accentuated by the stilettos that added height to her 5' 6" form were smooth and shapely. The small accounting office that James ran as a director of the company had a few large clients and Saint-Seine Honeyton Enterprises was the largest and growing. Felicity Saint-Seine was a member of the matrilineal family fashion business that specialized in lingerie. She carried herself like a model, which she no doubt was. James recalled seeing her in promotional materials and lusting after her even then.

Felicity brushed back the long smooth strand of platinum blond hair and held out her hand to greet him. He moved forward to take her hand and inhaled the Chanel perfume that intoxicated him momentarily. She smiled and they exchanged salutations before entering his office. The pretty yellow skirt she wore flowed about her shapely legs as she sat in the chair opposite him. She had signed the papers she came into do and they sat in the club lounge chairs. His eyes had not left her since she entered the office. He scanned her luscious body voraciously taking in her delicious pert round breasts thrust upward into a small but sexy cleavage. The outline of what he knew to be an exquisitely designed bra subtly noticeable around the top of her designer dress that hugged her top like a second skin and then flared into a short skirt that flowed around her hips and threatened to show glimpses of her matching pink panties. They chatted about her Villa in France and the Chalet in Sweden. Her accent showed traces of her French heritage and the cliché of a sexy French accent seemed appropriate.

It was late afternoon and the office was about to close. James was so entranced in how easy the conversation with her had been whilst constantly finding that he was drinking in her beauty that he lost track of time. Somewhere in the conversation she had advanced that she wondered what she would do on her first night in town. Somehow James plucked up the courage to ask her to dinner.

The rest happened faster than he thought possible. Dinner had led to holding hands. A lift home to her art deco apartment had led to an invitation for drinks. Next thing he knew they were kissing on the couch.

She seemed to invite his touch with her moans but did whisper: 'You can touch me if you want to.' Which led to his extended fondling of her breasts. He cupped each of them in his hand one at a time, monitoring her breathing and subtle moans of encouragement. He felt the nipples rise against his touch and traced an outline around them until they firmed against the wispy bra and thin dress fabric. He pinched one then the other until they were fully erect. Her kisses became more intense while her tongue explored his mouth and his own hers. He nibbled her ear and neck wildly feeling he was losing control of any subtlety he might have pretended. His cock was already burgeoning and stretching the front of his pants.

'Do you want me to touch you too?' she purred sexily. He could only manage a moan that sounded vaguely like a 'Yes'. Her fingers found the lump in his pants evoking a moan from him that was amplified by the longing he felt. His own fingers pressed against her moist panties and found the outline of her slit, moving upward toward her clit urged by her increasing excitement.

Felicity was an expert in the art of seduction. Her slender fingers grasped his lump firmly to feel the excited throbs and the anticipated growth. She withdrew her hand and let a moan escape between her urgent kisses then began caressing his thickness with her fingernails gently until he began to shiver with desire. His cock throbbed with anticipation as she slid down his fly to unleash his manhood and touch the heated flesh. She coaxed his cock from its enclosure and circled it pull down on the flesh that surrounded the tip until it shone with pre cum and swelled free of the foreskin. She could bring a man to orgasm in moments with her silken touch but she chose to teasing bring him to the edge of ecstasy evoking moan after moan from him and encouraging his own exploration of her body with her own sighs and shivers.

As a husband James had learnt how to stimulate his former wife with his fingers and mouth and prided himself on his skills. Felicity was more exciting than any woman he had ever touched and her pussy soaked her sweet pink panties with moisture. She began to shiver and sigh louder and broke from her eager kissing and cock teasing to lay back and appreciate his nimble fingers. James slid aside her dress and bra straps revealing her sweet round sexy little breasts and buried his face in her nipple as his fingers circled and pressed her clit thru her panties. His tongue circled the right nipple then suckled and bit gently until her cries became increasingly urgent. She was unbelievably wet and he postponed entering her with his fingers because he enjoyed feeling her panties grow sopping wet. She began to shiver and moan. "MMmmmmmmm, Yeeeeeeees make me cum with your fingers- make me cum oooooooh yes! Yes! YES!!!!"

She exploded and a squirt of juices sprayed her panties and an ear splitting scream of pleasure filled the room. He bit at her nipple and felt her writhe beneath his touch and convulse, enjoying every sob and squeal.

When the convulsions ceased she caressed his head and beckoned him to kiss her. She panted into his mouth as they kissed like hungry animals. She broke from the kiss and looked at him longingly then stood up. She looked down at him in the chair and smiled as she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She unhitched her bra and let that too fall to the ground. She looked at his cock throbbing in his lap and fell to her knees before him. Her sweet round titties bobbing a little as she edged closer to him parting his legs and positioning herself between them. She grasped his cock and guided the tip to her nipples. One at a time she slid the shiny tip around them until they were hard and excited and then placed his cock between her tiny round mounds and squeezed them around it greeting the tip with her moist mouth and flickering tongue he leaned forward and thrust between her titties until he felt he was losing control again- close to cumming again! She knew how to take him to the edge and tease him there then stop.

She grasped his cock firmly then simply blew across it with gentle gusts of air sensitized by the moisture of her mouth. He shivered and moaned as she repeatedly tortured him to the edge and then ceasing time and time again. She covered his cock with tiny wet kisses building him to a shivering frenzy. She licked his shaft like a sweet ice treat until it throbbed with impending explosion then stopped. She swallowed his cock deep like the tightest hole he had ever experienced coaxing and sucking his hardness until he felt he could control it no more. As he began to cum she pinched the tip of his cock in a masters and Johnson technique that stemmed the flow of his ejaculation but allowed the orgasm to consume him. A single spurt of hot thick cream escaped into her mouth and she swallowed it like a greedy kitten. Her fingers holding his cock tip like a vice until his pleasure and throbs subsided, then she licked him from balls to tip until his pleasure unfolded into waves of excitement.

He looked down at her through his bliss filled gaze. She rose in front of him clad only in her sweet pink butterfly silk panties and stilettos. She held out her hand to him beckoning him to follow her. He rose out of his seat almost crippled with desire and exhausted from the hours of teasing. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom where she helped him off with his shirt- kissing his chest with each button undone and helped him hurriedly remove his pants. His cock was distorted and bigger than he had ever experienced, the veins pulsed and were blue and visible against the swollen muscles and nerve endings so sensitive he felt she would only have to blow on them to cause his eminent explosion.

They kissed and enjoyed the sensation of skin against skin. He caressed and traced her sumptuous curves while she caressed the nape of his neck evoking shivers as she kissed and nibbled him. She led him to the bed and he lay on top of her. Her legs parted. He kissed her neck and began to touch her wet panties again this time sliding aside her panties to feel the rich flood of her excitement. He forced a finger into the opening to feel the super tight hole that was to be his soon. He wiggled inside her until she began to writhe and moan again while kissing his way to her breasts. He spent an eternity teasing each nipple until he encouraged her shivers while plunging his finger deep inside her and banging at her clit with his thumb. He kissed past her sweet flat belly lancing his tongue suggestively in her navel. The gold belly stud she wore with the initials XTC on a tiny 24 carat ring in her belly. As his head neared her panties he inhaled the intoxicating scent that he had mistaken for Chanel once more. He kissed her panties like a wild man sucking at the sweet scented juices thru her panties and pressing his lips against her clit while his fingers poked and wiggled inside her.

Felicity writhed in pleasure as he fingered her pussy and suckled at her clit. Floods of wetness came in squirts into his mouth and with each serving of hot sweet juices James felt unbelievably excited and increasingly more intoxicated by her. Her orgasm came quickly and was more intense than the first. It came in waves ceasing her whole body and imparting screams that found her clutching his head and thrusting at him begging him to continue. She must have had multiple orgasms because she seemed to rise to a climax and collapse breathlessly, shiver, shake and explode with wet squirts and then begin to build again for another. James drank her juices like a thirsty man in a desert. She did this at least three times and each time she subsided James felt driven to thrust his fingers in her again and suckle and tease her clit.

After her last explosion Felicity pulled James' head upwards to kiss her. She panted breathlessly into his mouth as they kissed tasting her cum on his lips. She moved beside James and positioned him on his back then straddled him.

He looked up at her and fondled with her sweet breasts playing with the nipples.

She positioned herself across his body and sat upright on her knees hovering above his cock as he lost himself in her sexy tits. She grasped his cock once more and he felt the surge of thickness that came with her touch and gasped. She guided the cock tip to her panties and slid it over the shiny wet silk surface until he could feel the moisture through them on his tip. She reached her hand down to slide her panties aside so he could feel the sensitive pussy lips against his cock. She positioned his cock at her vagina entrance and pressed a little so her labia opened and a small amount of his cock felt the prating lips, the copious moisture and the heat of impending tightness. He prepared himself to thrust up hard. He wanted to be inside her like nothing else he had ever dreamed.

'Don't move.' She cooed. 'Feel my wetness?' A grunt is all he could manage in response. ' Feel how tight it is?' he moaned as she let a little more inside her.

'Don't move! I'm going to cum all over your cock then you can fuck me all night.'

He lay motionless. Lost in the painful tease. He consoled himself by pinching her nipples and fondling her gyrating ass as she perched on him her fingers buried in her panties- masturbating excitedly. Wetness rolled down his shaft as she writhed and wiggled and shivered on top of him. His cock throbbed with anticipation he ached for her. He wondered why he had not exploded yet. How he could stand this torturous teasing.

Felicity began to shiver and shake her orgasm gathering again and the flood of her intoxicating nymphen juices flowing down his shaft. She gyrated on his cock letting a small amount more enter her then lifting up again and letting the flood of juices slide down his shaft. She mass aged her clit hard and then sat frozen for a moment as paralyzing convulsion rose in her. She came even more violently than she had before and as she did she plunged down hard on his cock so he was greeted with a hot wet contracting pussy that squirted and erupted with wetness. He pulled her close and kissed her thru her moans her body pressed against his. His cock buried inside her.

When the orgasm subsided he knew what he had to do. James flipped her onto her back and slid his cock out of her then pressed it in and out of her several times while she moaned and begged him to fuck her. He plunged inside her once more fucking her with long deep strokes slapping their bodies together until he coaxed sighs and moans and more begging from her. His thick cock and her swollen lips slapped and squelched in a fast deep hard rhythm. He shifted her legs around with the flexibility of a rag doll. Each new position producing increasing squeals and screams from her. Her legs around his shoulders, beside her ears as he lunged deep inside her. Wrapped round his waist. Beside her on one side then the other until she exploded again squirting wildly, shivering shaking screaming. He rested inside her as she kissed him passionately then withdrew from her as she crouched on her knees. He moved off the bed behind her and entered her from behind reveling in the sweet hot buns wiggling sensuously before him. Her next orgasm shattered the sound barrier with its intensity and her hot cunt gripped his hyper swollen cock like a vice spraying him with wetness.

He glanced at the clock radio in her room. It was 4am. They had known each other for 12 hours and the last 5 engaged with impossible teasing sex. He lay panting on the bed with her beside him caressing him and kissing relentlessly.

'I want you to cum inside me.' She moaned. 'Cum with me.' She climbed on top of him straddling him again. His cock was beyond recognition, swollen and throbbing. She kissed it with a gentleness that seemed to relieve the tension a little then she covered it with tiny wet kisses. He was so sensitive now he felt a gentle breeze would bring him to orgasm. She pressed his tip to her pussy lips once more and began to ride him as he lay back and felt his orgasm rising. Her fingers massaging her clit until she writhed again and the flow of juices became a stream of excitement accompanying the gentle ride. With each gentle lifting and sitting he felt her pussy muscles tighten their grip around him and his cock. She began to moan softly like she had before each of her orgasms but this seemed gentler than the violent experiences he had witnessed before. She plunged down on him holding his cock deeper than deep inside her. She bent forward and began to kiss him so tenderly he thought he would melt. They both moaned into each other's mouths, the tension of the postponed orgasm for James seemed perched on a precipice.

Then it began. They lay motionless except for the gentlest of kisses. His cock throbbed uncontrollably. Her pussy contracted violently, her pussy lips swollen and her clit pressed hard against him tingling effervescently. Together they began to orgasm. It was like nothing James had ever felt before. Her body and his were intertwined in a divine interaction. Her pussy sucked at his cock in gentle tight wavelike motions. His orgasm began deep in his balls and began to cease his whole body and mind. The ejaculation pumped into her in short thick spurts each one accompanied by his long deep moans of pleasure. She arched her back and matched his throbs with contraction and with each deep spurt of his rich cream she squealed with excitement and joy as she too came. He lost track of time- there was no time there was only deep lasting pleasure and waves of hot sweet sensations. Al, he could do was clutch her ass tightly and kiss her back as she nibbled and kissed him writhing on top of him. He never noticed that he passed out of consciousness like this. His hallucinations or the dreamlike state that followed seemed to continue the pleasure state.

It was the following morning that he finally awoke. He was alone in her bed. Wrapped around his still erect cock were her sweet pink panties. ' Who said accountancy was boring?' he thought to himself. He could not resist bringing the panties to his nose to inhale her scent.

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