"Such a good girl, aren't you?"

Her voice was as smooth as honey, slim fingertip skimming up the upper thigh of the woman bound to the bed beside her, coming away slick thanks to the juices flowing from her cunt, a whine slipping from her lips when fingers tickled at the sensitive clit exposed to her, legs tensing and pulling at the robes that had her spread open.

She brought her hand to her mouth, cleaning her fingers of the juices that coated them, letting them slip past crimson lips with a lewd pop.

"And you taste just wonderful~"

She could feel the woman's eyes on her, pleading, begging through the gag in her mouth for the sweet release of her orgasm, her hips churning in an attempt to get the toy inside her to move a little harder, to give her a proper fuck so that her body could be released from the tension building inside her stomach, to rid herself of the knot that only seemed to tighten with each thrust the toy gave.

She had been set up specifically to keep her from her climax, the machine only going fast enough to stimulate, yet not enough to bring her any kind of real pleasure. Her legs were bound, and hands tied up above her head and to the bed posts to keep her from touching herself.

She knew she loved it, if her own moaning wasn't proof enough, the slowly growing puddle beneath her perfectly round ass was.

"Such a needy little slut, aren't you? Think you can hold out just a little bit longer and put that pretty little mouth to good use?"

A grin split those crimson lips when the girl beneath her nodded in compliance, and with her gag removed, uttered two simple words.

"Anything, Miss."

And so, delicate fingers hooked into the sides of her panties, letting the thin piece of fabric fall to the floor before stepping up onto the bed and perching herself above the face of her little slut for that evening, a soft whisper of a moan parting her lips when a tongue came in contact with her cunt. Hips began to grind down, pressing her already dripping pussy to her mouth as a hand tangled in the hair beneath her, holding her face in place as she rode her tongue, shamelessly fucking herself down on her little slut's tongue, her own climax being her only concern.

Her body leaned back, one hand splaying across the smooth skin beneath her while the other slipped the fabric of her dress from her shoulders to cup one of her breasts, teasing the nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

"Fuck, you really are a whore, aren't you?"

She asked, the hand once supporting her now reaching back to lightly smack the swollen clit of the girl beneath her, circling the soaked skin there after only to pull away when the girl beneath her began to cry and moan about her upcoming climax.

"Ah ah~" She scolded. "Now coming without my permission~"

"Please, /please/, Miss, can I come?"

Her voice came out hoarse, muffled through the mouthful of cunt she was currently lapping over, the taste of her mistress on her tongue only serving to further her arousal. She jumped, yelped when her clit was smacked a second time, hips desperately trying to rock their way up into the fingers teasing her clit, muttering quiet pleases through her attempts to make the woman on top of her climax as if it would grant her own pleasure.

"Not quite yet, babe."

The dom hummed, her hips lifting from where they sat, fingers slipping inside her soaked cunt to give her sub the wonderful view of her hips rocking against her own hand, fingers curling to hit up against her spot, and within seconds, a hot wash of her juices coated her sub as she began to squirt, fingers leaving her body to tease her clit, letting her cum spray over her face and chest, thighs trembling with the force of her own orgasm.

"T-Thank you, Miss."

It was all she could manage to stutter out, the act of being sprayed with her dom's cum setting her body on edge, hips shamelessly bucking against the toy inside of her as if it would help release the pressure on her now throbbing clit. She was staring, eyeing her dom, silently pleading with her to let her come and give her the pleasure she so sorely craved after the hours of being tied up and teased.

"Please, can I? Please, let me come."

She continued with that pleading, chanting those words like they were the only few she knew. She felt hands on her hips, the weight of her dom having left her chest.

She had moved, turned to face away from her and undo the ropes that bound her ankles to the bed. But not before swaying her ass in the air, fingers going right back to abusing her spot to cover her in another round of cum as she began to squirt for a second time, leaving both her sub and the sheets beneath them soaked through.

"I'll make you come on my cock, you horny little slut."

She spoke with a teasing tone, cheeks flush from her second orgasm of the night.

She stood, letting her dress slip to the floor, revealing her curvaceous body, smiling at her sub as she went to retrieve her strapon from the draw of her nightstand, slipping the toy on with a practiced ease, a soft laugh falling from her lips when her sub began to buck and ride the toy thanks to her newly freed limbs.

"Don't get too fond of that~"

And just like that, the toy was turned off and pulled from her sub's cunt.

However, moments later it was placed back inside of her. After having her hips raised and knees pressed against her chest, her newly elevated ass being freed of the plug inside of it to be replaced with the machine that was once fucking her.

She groaned, ass twitching around the toy, impatiently waiting for it to begin moving.

It toom seconds, but felt like hours. Each touch burned into her skin, leaving her craving more of her lover, her cunt throbbing with the need to be filled, and once full, her spine arched, body fighting against the hold of her dom as she tried helplessly to rock back against her pounding thrusts, each slap to her ass resulting in a yelp and a sobbed "Please", her body trembling with the need to orgasm.

"Go ahead, come for me. Come on my cock like the little slut you are. Let me hear just how much you love having both holes pounded into and how good it feels to be covered in my cum~"

Her voice held venom, though her tongue said otherwise, pulling her sub into and aggressive kiss before lapping at wet skin, taking in her own taste before she moved to her feet, angling herself down into her cunt to hit right up against her spit, causing her sub to squeal with pleasure, her body shaking with the force of her orgasm, vision clouding as her head fell back and her body finally let go.

She pulled out, her subs cum spraying over the sheets onto to have the strapon delve into her cunt once more, forcing out more and more juices while dragging out her orgasm, the toy up her ass quickening to pound into her hole, eventually leading her to a second orgasm as the dildo attached to her dom slapped at her clit only to be removed and used on the woman om top of her instead.

"Such a good little whore, aren't you? Coming so nicely for me and staining the sheets."

She was bent over her, teeth sinking into the parted lips in front of her as the toy was shoved into her own cunt and fucked inside until her body gave into her arousal once more, giving her sub another nice helping of cum to mix in with her own.

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by Emirus03/02/18


Lesbian sex isn’t my thing but I enjoyed this piece. I think it was a combination of a good storyline; well written; and most importantly it was the right length.

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by Anonymous01/10/18

So hot

Thanks for that ;)

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