tagBDSMTease and Denial

Tease and Denial


Ok new author here so go easy on me... This is the first part of a story containing femdom themes with moderate BDSM, humiliation and if you hadn't guessed by from the title a fair amount of tease and denial. Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments.


I received the text, she was on her way home. I had been preparing all afternoon, tidying, cleaning, doing all the chores that She left for me. I had remained naked save for my chastity belt, as She had put in the note She left before leaving the house. I wasn't always told to remain naked, sometimes She would change things, keep me on my toes. One time she had me do the washing up wearing a bra and panties, in full view of the window for anyone who glanced in to see. Another day she had demanded that my hands be cuffed all day, this proved difficult and I was punished for not having all my chores completed. Today, however, I was hoping to avoid a punishment, I had been wearing my chastity belt for a week now without release and I hoped that today would be the day. I made a final few checks, making sure everything was spotless before donning my blindfold and taking my position, kneeling on the floor by the door and waiting for Her to arrive.

After what felt like an eternity I heard Her arrive, I heard her moving around the house, doing the checks to ensure I had done what She asked. I felt her enter the room, she brushed passed me making her way the wardrobe, She selected something and moved off to the bathroom, I waited patiently but her presence had caused a stirring in my cock. I felt her return, She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. My stirring cock arose pushing against the bars of its confines.

"You've done well today," She said, pulling away "is someone looking for a reward? How long has it been since I last let you out?"

"A week" I replied.

"That long? I must have got off 15 times since then!" she giggled.

Images of Her in mid orgasm invaded my mind, pushing my cock hard against the cage.

"Maybe you deserve a reward, after all, you have been so good, what do you think?"

"If it pleases you Miss" I had learnt a long time ago to put Her pleasure before mine.

She led me towards the bed and told me to lay face up, after a bit of readjusting I felt her strap my arms and legs down spread-eagled.

She climbed up and straddled my chest, "looking at you all naked and tied up, fully in my control has got me horny," she said. I felt her reach under the pillow and pull out her vibrator, within moments she was grinding and moaning on top of me whilst all I could do was lay under, becoming furiously aroused, my cock throbbed and spilt precum. Eventually, she came down from her first climax, she removed my blindfold so I could see her. She was dressed in a black PVC basque that accentuated her glorious breasts which had spilt out in the fray, underneath She wore a short black skirt that barely covered her ass and a pair of black lace panties.

"Mmm, you like?" she questioned.

"y-yes miss" I spluttered, barely able to make out the words.

"Would you like a taste?" She asked, and before I could answer she had removed the panties and pushed them into my mouth, I could taste her sweet juices and I was in heaven. She then reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a strap on gag, placing it around my head, the panties remained in my mouth as the large cock waggled under my nose, making Her chuckle.

"You do look ridiculous like that you know? But it serves a purpose" and with that, she mounted the dildo protruding from my face. I could see her pussy enveloping the thick cock, hear her moans of pleasure, all the while my own cock was pulsing against the cage, begging to be in the place of the dildo. Her pace quickened and soon her juices were running down, covering my face. She shifted, leaning forward and I felt a warmth envelop my cock, and feel the wetness of her tongue through the bars. My cock strained and ached as she blew me through the cage, I was both in heaven and hell. I felt her hips buck and her thighs tighten around my head, as her moans became higher and higher pitched, She shuddered and came.

After readjusting and climbing off, She took off the gag began to unlock my cage, laying next to me on the bed.

"Thank y-" I began, but she shushed me. Slowly beginning to rub my cock.

"You've been very good this week, much more attentive, both in housework and to my needs, I think this cage was a great idea, and I'm half tempted to leave it on another week to see how much more you can get done..." my eyes widened, I didn't think I could possibly go another week without my cock exploding with sheer pent-up frustration. "but..." she continued, " I am a kind person, and I love you dearly, and I think you deserve some relief". I relaxed and she began to stroke faster.

"I have however noticed one side effect of this cage that I do not like, whenever I let you out, you always cum far too quickly when you're inside me, and I never get to finish". I blushed, ashamed. After a week of build-up and frustration, I am never able to last long. "this time then, I am going to have a guarantee that I will get off again, one way or another, either you hold out until I cum, in which case you may cum freely, or you cum far too early, and you bring about my next orgasm with your tongue, after all its only fair. What do you say?" I nodded my head, desperate at any chance to cum. And with that, she smiled, bobbed her head down the full length of my cock coating it in spit, and positioned herself on top of me.

She then began riding my cock, her amazing breasts bouncing as she used the full length of my cock. My cock was extremely sensitive after a week of denial and soon I was moaning, concentrating on keeping my orgasm at bay. "oh.. please... I'm close!" I begged.

"Aww poor you, would you like me to stop?"

Overwhelmed by the sensations and the conflict between wanting to keep going but not wanting to lick up my mess. I hesitated.

"No... just... slower, please?"

"Oh no dear, that's not what I want, I want to be fucked properly...hard and fast." she breathed the last few words into my ear, almost sending me over the edge, but I managed to hold my composure and the cum inside.

"Please" I begged.

"Oh no honey, you made this deal, you have to live with it," she said, moaning and bouncing on my throbbing cock. "but I suppose I could help" she continued, reaching for a bullet vibrator. " But what is it worth to you? What will you do for me if I use this vibrator whilst riding you? Because it certainly looks like you aren't going to last till I cum before you do, and you know what that means" She had slowed down considerably whilst speaking, not fast enough to bring me over the edge, but just enough to keep me close, whilst considering Her own proposal.

"Anything.. just please.."

"Anything? She questioned, whilst picking up the pace, "well it can't be anything, otherwise I could just say the next time you cum you'll eat it and then you're no better off are you?

"Please, no Mistress, not that" I was gritting my teeth holding on as best as I could.

"How about I give you one task a day for the next five days, designed to push your limits?" again speeding up causing me to buck wildly.

"Yes! Please! I'll do that, please use your vibrator" I begged.

"And if you don't complete them to my satisfaction, you will be punished accordingly, and I guarantee you will be tasting your cum..." she said turning the vibrator on and holding it against her clit. Within seconds, she was bouncing rapidly, moaning and bucking,

"OH YESSS! She screamed, her body shaking and pulsing, I could feel her muscles contracting around my thick cock before she collapsed, panting on my chest.

"Wow, I didn't think you'd be able to last that long, I nearly came ten minutes ago" she breathed, slowly climbing off my still pulsing cock.

"Please, I need to cum" I begged.

"Oh yes, sorry, I nearly forgot, of course, you have permission."

I looked at her questioningly, whilst pulling on my restraints, "but I can't, the handcuffs?"

"Oh dear, all that begging and you can't cum? Should I put the cage back on?"

"No please!" I was at a loss for words, I needed to cum, to have released, my cock was bobbing, leaking precum all over my stomach.

"Well, what would you like me to do? Unlock your cuffs so you can jerk it, or maybe I could give you a handjob, maybe even a blowjob if you want?"

"Please, I need to cum, however, you want Mistress".

"Well I suppose you have been good" she murmured, running a finger down the length of my shaft, my cock reacting my bobbing and releasing another dribble of precum. She gripped my cock with her fist and began pumping, slowly at first, but speeding up quickly, I knew I wouldn't last long, I gripped the ties of the cuffs as my whole body clenched.

"That's it slut, cum for me!" she demanded as my cock began to erupt, it was a powerful orgasm, shooting cum everywhere, jet after jet of hot warm semen landed on my face and chest, before the spurts began to lessen, covering my stomach and coating my cock.

"Oh... thank you..." I gasped, "thank you".

"You're welcome" she replied. Now I'm going to clean up, I'll be back soon...

She was out of the room and I heard the shower turn on before my situation sank in, I was still tied up, left to wallow in my own cum, re-running the past few events in my head. I began to wonder what I had let myself in for this time.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/28/18

I love you dearly .....?

Really ...?
Here we go again with this obligatory , trite , ridiculous , pc rubbish .

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by Anonymous12/13/17


most women have no idea of the control they could wield. I would welcome this lifestyle. great story!

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by ticklishsoles11/10/17


To be given an opportunity like this is something of which I’ve only dreamed. One day, oh yes, one day I pray this happens with me.


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