tagFetishTease Ch. 01

Tease Ch. 01


I think I've worked out a little of what is making me so frustrated. It's that you seem to be coping with our long separation so well, without any of the attendant insanity that results from my going without you.

So I've decided that providing you with some incentive in this form might get the result I want. Apart from seeing you, touching you and fucking you, that is. I also want you to crave this, to crave me.

So, sitting in front of your computer. I hope there's no-one around. You'll want to play with your cock after all and you don't want to be interrupted. Maybe just out of the shower, shaved a little, clean and smelling so good, as always.

I can imagine you now, slipping your hand down under your trousers, so much more convenient when you don't wear underwear (although I do like it on you sometimes, so nice to get you wet and uncomfortable). But I digress. Your hand is starting to touch your cock, very slowly.

Ideally, you would be very alone right now. Alone enough to play with your luscious arse too. But I'll settle for your cock, for now.

Or your balls, at least. Start with them. I know you like them handled a little roughly, but we'll start soft. Cup them, stroke them, pull them lightly. All soft and heavy, your cock only just starting to stir. Pity I'm not there to play with you myself.

Yes, play with your balls. Don't touch your cock just yet.

Keep going, I want you to wake up that part of you that wants this, wants play. I don't want you doing this in the shower, I want you in front of what I've written, reading it. Following my instructions. That will assuage my frustration just a tiny bit and hopefully add to yours, which is what you deserve right now, slut.

Are you reading slowly and carefully? I love watching you play with your balls and cock, love the head space you go into when you do it in front of me. Imagine that I'm there, that you're obeying my verbal instructions. Think about my lips, my hands, wanting them on your balls, wanting my tongue licking them, my hands squeezing them just a little, enough to get your attention. That should make your cock start to harden.

Of course, I want it hard. I want it hard and wet and aching. All in good time.

Oh and just to be clear, you are not to come. Not until you see me. That should add to the incentive. And don't think I won't know -- I'll know from the way you come, how hard you beg, how much come fills my mouth, the noises you make. I know when you've gone without for a while.

Now back to playing with your balls. Well, they're mine too and I like to think of you stroking them now, pulling a bit harder. Be a bit rougher with them slut. I know you like it when I do it.

Is your cock starting to drip a little yet? I would hope so.

Touch the tip for a moment, just long enough to smear that wetness over it, over the head, give yourself that sensation for a minute.

Lick your fingers now. I wish I was there to do it, to taste it. Taste it for me.

Is your cock twitching a little now? Don't touch the rest of it yet, just those little soft touches, swirling around the tip. Lick up any arousal for me, suck on your fingers and imagine that you're sucking on mine. Bite them softly. Make sure they're very clean.

Stop playing with your cock. Back to your balls.

Are they a bit tighter now, a little higher? I can imagine they are. I would hope so.

Are you sure you're alone? Yes? Pull those trousers down then, at least to your knees, slump in your chair with your legs apart. Trail your hand down between your legs, stroke your balls, then up behind them, towards that pretty arsehole of yours. Run your nails between your balls and your arsehole for me. I know you don't particularly like being rimmed, but I know you love being fingered.

Tease yourself. One hand still on your balls, leave that sensitive cock alone for now. The other stroking back and forth between your balls and your arsehole, brushing against your arsehole, feeling all the nerves around it contract and twitch. You like arseplay now, very much. Think of all the times I've teased you like this, how you've pushed back against my hand or the vibe I'm holding. I wish I was holding a vibe there now.

Don't penetrate yourself yet. Just tease, lazily stroking and tugging those balls as you do.

Is your cock dripping a little again? I hope so, I hope you're imaging my watching this. Perhaps you should be thinking about the time I fisted your arse, wrote my name on it, filmed you as I did it. I should give you a copy of that to watch -- although not before we watch it together. I have a strong desire to cushion my coffee table and bend you backwards over it, arched, hands and feet secure. In that position, I can do what I want with you, grind my pussy against your face, fuck your arse with my cock, whatever I like. And I know it's what you like, after all.

Touch the tip of your cock again, smear that wetness on your finger, then suck it off again. Are you excited, my slut? Aroused, just a little? I'm sure you are.

Tug your balls again, a little harder this time. Oh, I wish I was there, to grab them hard, to squeeze. Of course, if I was there, you'd be distracted by other things wouldn't you. You'd want to tongue fuck my mouth, bite my lip just a little, my ear, my neck. All the things you know I love. Your hands would be on my breasts, feeling their warmth and heaviness. Your fingers on my nipples, soft at first and then tugging harder, then your mouth, sucking, soft, hard, using your teeth until I gasp and pull away a little, then all of it again.

Touch your own nipples for me now. I know they're very sensitive, I do love playing with them but you can only stand it for a little while. Your turn to do it. Use that nice wet finger to circle them, feel them start to harden a little. Trail your fingers back and forth over them, one hand still playing with those steadily hardening balls.

Pinch then, slut. Do it.

Does that make your cock jerk, just a little? I know for me that when you play with my nipples, it's like they're hard wired to my clit. Of course, I get wet when you walk in the door, so it might be a little difficult for you to tell.

I love the thought of you slumped in that chair, reading this, pinching your nipples, one, then the other, the other hand cupping and squeezing and stroking your balls, or sliding over your arsehole. Imagining the picture you make. You have to keep opening your eyes to read, but I know you'll be closing them often. You always do want to -- but if I had my way, I'd photograph and film every second. And have you do it in front of a mirror, so you can see what I see, how very fuckable you are.

Time to get that cock of yours -- of mine -- a little hard now. If it's not already, that is. Start sliding one hand up and down its length, avoiding the head for now.

Lose the trousers, you don't need them. You need to play with your arse for me, imagine that for every thing you do for me, you get a reward. Make sure your legs are well spread, your arse displayed, your hand fisting your cock slowly but a little harder than before. Suck on the fingers of your other hand, make them nice and wet, at least one or two of them is going in your arse for me. Imagine that you're sucking my fingers for that purpose, that you're lubing them up for me to use on you.

Now, start with one finger. Just a little way in, very slowly. I can imagine your cock jumping and getting wetter as you do. Of course, your pre-come is good lube. But for just a finger, I know saliva will do. Your arse is very well trained by now after all. I've fucked it with fingers, with dildos and vibes, with my fist. And didn't you tell me some very slutty story about using a small coke bottle to play with it yourself? My my, what an anal slut you are sometimes. I know you, you like the forbidden side of it, as well as the feelings you get from it, the nerve endings inside your arse, the pressure against your prostate, the back of your cock. And I know you like it when I fuck you -- apart from your own feelings, you love being fucked, being taken and used for my pleasure. You love the fact that I can come from fucking you, that I always do.

I'd love to fist you again soon, see just how many fingers I can get inside you. I want to make you come from that. Maybe I'll restrain and gag you, lube you well, suck your cock on and off and just keep going until I'm satisfied and you're a puddle of moans and come, come that I'll feed into your mouth afterwards.


Are you still finger fucking yourself, slut? Are you enjoying thinking about all the things I want to do to you, while you do some of them to yourself?

Are you thinking about licking my creamy pussy? Feeling my clit get harder, retract, push out again, straining against your tongue, the smell and taste telling you just how excited I am, how much I love this. Just licking for now, knowing that I need your fingers to come really hard, but wanting to prolong the taste and the feel of it, your body between my legs, feeling them tense, feeling my skin against yours. Lifting your head now and again to watch my face, although you don't need to do that, you know the look that will be there, you can feel my body quivering for you.

Keep moving that finger, just a little, your breathing coming a little faster now. Fist your cock for me slowly, if it's dripping again, pull your finger out of your arse, gather it up and push it back in. Use it as lube. Imagine I've just lubed my finger with my own come, as I often have, before fingering our arse. It feels very good.

Imagine I'm watching you now. Trousers at your feet, legs spread obscenely, hips moving just a little as you finger your arse, as you stroke your cock. Think about what I'd like to do to you. How your hands wouldn't be free, they'd be bound and it would be my fingers, my hands, pulling your balls, slapping your cock until it's sore, but so hard and so wet. Spread for me, blindfolded and gagged, perhaps I'd see if you really liked that little taste of breathplay, or if you were just pretending for my benefit.

Did you like it? Do you like me being rough? Do you like the thought of rape play, a harder version of use that you already enjoy? Do you like the thought of being bound and fucked, your face and mouth used for my pleasure? Being left with a gag in and a vibe in your arse, while I have a rest and a drink, perhaps take some photos, before I start again?

I know you'll find the way to tell me if you do. I know you'll be able to tell right now if that excites you. After all, your finger is in your arse, your hand on your cock, your mouth a little open, your eyes closed, then forcing them open again to keep reading. You don't want to miss anything, after all, there's plenty of porn on the net, but only a small part of it has been written just for you. Although judging from the feedback emails I still get, there are lots of people who love what I write for you, wish it was them it was happening to.

I just wish I was there watching you.

Don't you dare come, remember. This is for my benefit slut, not just for yours. I want you trembling and twitchy and thinking of this during the day. And the night. And far too often, until you see me and you get all of these itches well and truly scratched.

If it wasn't for the fact that you have to read this, you could be on your knees now, head down, arse in the air, one hand pumping your cock, the other pushing another finger into your greedy little arsehole. It feels so full, you feel so full, but you know that you can take much more than that. Oh, I wish I could get you to make more noise, love the thought of you moaning like a little whore as you do this to yourself or as I do it to you.

But lying back in that chair is a nice image too, one that is helping me come myself. Of course I'm playing with my clit on and off as I write this. How could I not? I'm thinking of all the delicious things I want to do to you -- and all of those you want to do with me. Making myself come isn't nearly as satisfying as when you do it -- you make me come like a freight train, I'm sure I blow a few brain cells forever each time.

Still playing with your cock? Remember, don't touch the head, except to gather up that bit of extra lube. I know how much you like getting yourself to a point where you have to stop.

Are you nearly there? Is the occasional caress of the tip of your cock making you painfully hard, very wet, your breathing very unsteady now? Oh, I do hope so. It would be only fair, considering the impact you have on me. Think of me standing there watching you. It would be hard to just watch, not to join in, but I'm sure I'd manage it, considering all the other benefits I'd be getting.

Perhaps I'd make you beg. Oh, not to come, you're not allowed to come. You need my permission for that, and you don't have it, not like this. I want you to save your come for me, for my mouth, or my breasts. Or come on my pussy and lick it all off afterwards, I'm sure we'd both enjoy that.

No, I'd make you beg to lick me, lick my pussy, lick my clit, cover your face in my come. Beg for just a taste, beg for me to cover my fingers in my come so you could lick them, suck them for me. Imagine you're sucking on my fingers, one by one, or several all at once, your mouth full, your arse fingered, your cock being stroked up and down.

I want you desperate, begging, moaning. I love it when you lose control, when you want something so much your clever brain goes to jelly and your body takes over. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I can see and hear and feel it. My manipulative, fascinating, dominating man retreats and my gorgeous dirty slut takes his place, just for a little while. So fucking hot, I can feel my pussy getting wetter now just thinking about it. See what you do to me? Well, you can hear or rather read about it now.

Can you imagine yourself begging now? If you're alone, perhaps you should practice. I like "please Miss", that's always a favourite. Love it when you push parts of your body towards me, hoping I'll touch them. Love it when you tell me you need to come, you're going to come, you want to come, please, please, please ...

But not now, slut. Oh no, you don't deserve to come, bad slut, who neglects me. You just deserve to be teased and denied, tortured a little. As I can't be there, for all those stupid dumb reasons there are, you will have to do it for me.

Slap that cock now, just hard enough to sting. Slap it for me. Keep finger fucking your pretty arse of course, back to stroking your cock again.

Slip your hand up over the head of your cock, then back down again. Does that feel so good it almost hurts? Oh good. I want you so hot and wet and hard and excited that it hurts, that I could make you come with a fingernail, or a couple of slaps. I know that I can, after all, I've made you come with a chain on your cock, with a soft flogger on it.

Oh yes, I need some time with you. So many things I want to do.

Think about them, as you play with your cock, with your arse, as you bring yourself closer to the edge. But not over it, not now. As I said, I want you sore and desperate, not smug and satisfied.

Think about arriving at my door, on your knees outside, waiting for me to open it. Greeting me with kisses on my ankles, your hair in my hands as I tug you towards my room or the couch or wherever I want you. Your clothes off quickly, posing for me, as you do. Do you think I don't notice that? Of course I do -- that's why I love getting you off balance so much. Telling you to dress yourself, giving you a choice, laid out. Are you pony today, shiny catsuit and boots, hardness, tail and plug, cock tied, mouth bitted and bridled? Are you slutty today, a mixture of leather and lace, fishnet shirt, satin skirt, stockings and gloves and lip gloss and butt plug and all fuckable, every single inch of you? Perhaps a corset, restricting your breathing, focusing all your attention on your body, how it feels? Or just that leather skirt and boots, like some modern gladiator in a wet dream, sprawled back in my bed or chair or couch and offering it all up to me as the most delicious present I could get.

And what is it that you want, as you finger your arse, stroke your cock, over the head, back again, wetter and wetter?


I know what I want. You. In all your delicious decadence. Your mouth, cock and arse. Your creamy skin, muscles hard beneath it, those legs that go on forever, particularly in boots, that hair, all gold and silk in my hands, your face, angles and harsh beauty, your wintry blue eyes and those lips, the ones I want to kiss and bite and have on my body. All of it.

Do you want me now? Do you want to taste me and lick me and finger me and make me come until I squirm away from you because I just can't come one more time? Do you want my skin under your fingers and body, my eager mouth and lips on your cock, on every part of you? Do you want me holding you down, taking what I want?

Do you want to come?

Stroke that cock. Finger your arse. Feel how tight and hard your balls are.

Do you want to come?

If you do ...

You have to ask me.

Oh, I want you.

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