Tease Ch. 1


I awoke to find it was a beautiful morning. Jumped in the shower and washed, letting the hot soapy water wash over me as I thought about my day. I had a game tonight to attend and I mentally went over the cheers in my head. Letting my hand linger on my shaved pussy, gently fingering my clit till I felt a few tiny sensations. I'm eighteen, today and it's going to be a beautiful day. Now I don't like to brag but I know that when I walk into a room, I turn heads. Standing 5-7, weighing 130, 36D cup (very proud of that), 26 inch waist, 36 hips, long black hair almost down to my waist, and warm brown eyes. I've been told I've got nice long legs. I'm the captain of the cheerleading squad with a GPA 4.0. I'm a very popular, well-liked, and as well adjusted Senior in High School. Yes, I guess you could say I've got it all. Except that I'm known as a tease. It's not my fault, I'm just afraid of the pain. I'd rather stay a virgin. I've heard a couple of guys mention that they would like to take me down a peg or two. Well, I say let them try.

Putting on my black push up bra and black thong, I throw on the short skirt and tight shirt knowing some lucky guy will get a glimpse of what they will never touch. Yes, I'm a tease and I'm proud of it. Laughing at that thought, I grab my backpack and set off for school.

The day goes by quickly, I make plans with some of my friends and by 7th period (my last class of the day) I'm counting down the minutes. I notice my teacher Mr. Michaels seems a bit upset today so I decide to cheer him up, my way. I "accidentally" drop my pencil as I'm walking back from the pencil sharpener. Since the pencil sharpener is at the front of the room next to his desk, I know he gets a good view of my ass. I pick it up nonchalantly and saunter back to my desk. I sit down, look at him (he is still looking at me) and raise one eyebrow. With a dismissive glance I look down and start to doodle as I anxiously wait for the bell. Now don't get me wrong, I usually don't flash teachers, but I find Mr. Michaels, with his muscular tall build and arrogant attitude, too much to stomach sometimes. He is the only teacher that I know I can't manipulate. He teaches world history, who cares, I won't need it to make my mark in this world. I also resent the fact that he has been hard on me, always pushing me to work hard on my assignments. I glance up at the clock on the wall and I see that in a few seconds I will be free. Right as the bell rings, I hear Mr. Michaels.

"I will need to see you after class, Lisa."

I look around and think this is a mistake. I sigh and wait as the rest of my classmates file out of the room. He sits at this desk, writing as I simmer, how dare he hold me after class, I've done nothing!

Finally he looks up and summons me up to his desk. I walk up and face him. "Wait here," he points to the space next to his desk, "I'll be right back." I'm so upset, that I don't notice his intentions till I hear the lock click. I turn around and watch him walk back to the desk. Bravely I say, "What's this about Mr. Michaels, I've got a game tonight and I really have to go."

He lets his gaze travel slowly up my body and I feel a shiver. "You are violating the dress code young lady."

"What? No, I'm not! This is the outfit approved by the principal. How am I violating?"

"By wearing a thong underneath that short skirt." He said quietly watching as I flushed with embarrassment at having been caught teasing him.

"You are eighteen today aren't you?"

I smile, great I can use the birthday card "yes it's my birthday! Please won't you give me a chance I promise that I won't do that again."

"Actually, I might be persuaded to let it go this time if you do something for me."

"Sure Mr. Michaels, anything you want."

"I want you to strip for me. As you strip, I want you to beg me to touch you."

I nervously gulp and look around, wondering how to get out of that. "That's it?"

"Yes, don't worry, I don't want to touch you I just want to see how good of a tease you are. Besides, you are legal now. What's the harm? You don't have to get naked, just down to your underwear."

He made it sound so easy that before I thought better of it, I was wiggling my ass and taken off my top and skirt. I had begged him to touch me as I let one of my nipples peek out and I rubbed it perky. I stood there in my thong and bra and shivered from the cold AC air that touched my skin. I was about to get my clothes when he spoke again.

"Wait, do a back bend and a split for me. Come on, you are the captain."

I shook off the ill feeling I was getting and complied with his request. He applauded and walked over to where I was at and gave me his hand. I took it and stood up again.

"Nice" he said as he placed his hand on my ass. I jumped but he pulled me towards him.

"You do know that you are mine now." He whispered in my ear. I felt sick as frightened thoughts swirled in my head. He grabbed me by the hair and I yelled as he brought me to my knees. "You can't do that!" I yelled back as he increased the pain by pulling my hair tighter. "Boys, you can come out now. We got the bitch where we want her."

I shook my head slightly, hoping that I had heard incorrectly. But I saw two other guys; both seniors come out from behind the back rows of the classroom seats. One of them was carrying a video camera, both were leering at me. I flushed and began to feel the first real panic attack. My heart was pounding and all I could do was watch them approach in disbelief.

"You see, baby, if you don't do exactly as you are told, then we will all show the whole school and your parents this video of you stripping and begging Mr. Michaels to touch you." The guy I knew as Rob spoke those words to me as he leered at my exposed body.

I glanced at all of them and I began to feel faint.

"Oh, no, Ms. Lisa, I still need you to finish. Unzip my pants and touch me with your mouth." I heard Mr. Michaels whisper. Too frightened to come up with a plan, I found myself unzipping his pants and I pulled out his semi-erect cock. "I've never done this before...."

"Just pretend it is a big lollipop, licking the sides, up and down, then suck on it." I did as he asked and took him in my mouth. I licked and sucked as best as I could and the next thing I knew he had shoved his cock deep inside my throat. I had trouble breathing and I tried to struggle but his grip on my hair was too tight. I quickly got into a rhythm and pretty soon I heard him moaning. I concentrated on making him cum hoping that would satisfy him. He pulled me off suddenly and pulled me to my feet by the hair.

"Did you bring the blanket boys?" I saw the guy I know as Steve nod as he laid it down on the floor. I started to struggle but Rob had already grabbed my arms and was pulling me down to the floor. Steve grabbed my feet and Mr. Michaels dropped his pants down to his ankles as he settled between my legs.

"NO! You can't do this, please!!! I'm a virgin, Mr. Michaels, please don't do this, please!!!"

"Really, well this will feel good too, because you will never forget me then." Mr. Michaels pulled my thong off and smiled. "Shaved, beautiful." He bent his head and I jumped as I felt his tongue invaded my private sanctuary. He flicked his tongue back and forth over my clit and suckled it gently. Against my will, my body reacted to the sensations and I moaned as I felt the stirrings of an orgasm. "Yes baby, look how responsive you are, you know this is what you want." I felt his finger slide in my pussy as he continued to assault my clit with this tongue. I kept moaning unable to control my responses. I felt him stop and I almost begged him to continue. I opened my eyes and saw him place his cock at the entrance of my pussy. I struggled but Steve and Rob just laughed as they firmly held me. I closed my eyes as I felt him push in. I felt myself stretching. He stopped and ordered me to open my eyes. I kept them closed and he slapped me hard. I opened them and saw him smile.

"I want you to look at me as I make you mine completely."

I stared at him and felt the pressure building as I felt him invade my body. I started to scream as I felt him push through burying himself to the hilt, breaking my hymen but Rob placed his hand on my mouth and muffled my scream. I heard him grunt in pleasure. My pussy was burning with pain. I felt Michaels fingers rub my clit as he held himself deep inside me. The pain subsided as his fingers played my clit bringing forth pleasure. When I moaned, he began to move in and out, going deeper each time. I was lost at this point in the moment of pleasure as he drove in deeper and faster, quickening his pace. I forgot that this was being done against my will as he fucked me hard, continuing to rub my clit. I felt my hips rise up of their own accord as I started to feel myself cum. I involuntarily squeezed my pussy walls around his cock and felt my pussy start to convulse with my first orgasm. I yelled out his name and he smiled triumphantly. He pulled out and I was turned around as he positioned my ass in the air. He went in from behind and pumped me hard. In and out, I felt his balls banging my pussy lips. I heard him yell as I felt his cock explode inside me, pulsing as he squirted his load deep inside my womb. He pulled out and turned me around.

"Lick me clean, my new little slut." He placed his semi-erect cock in my face and I licked it, tasting my essence and his mixed as one. "That's it whore, you were made to serve me!" He pulled me to my feet and told me to get dressed. I was very sore and it hurt when I slid my clothes on. My legs felt like jelly as I struggled to regain my composure.

"You will stay after school for an hour every day for the next week. You still need to service Steve and Rob but since this was your first time, we will wait. By the way, remember, the video. Don't fuck up. Do as you are told and no one will ever find out." I walked out of the room quietly as I see my bleak future week ahead. I feel hot tears streaming down my face and I swore then and there that someday, they would pay for what they did to me today. I would play their stupid game but if they thought they could fuck with my life they had another thing coming. I walked to my car with my head held high as I contemplated.

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