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Tease Me


"Ready for our game Hot Stuff?"

I nodded eagerly, waiting. Oh, I had been waiting so long. He had told me we would play tonight. Had told me last week. He had made me wait a full 9 days until now.

"Come one. Dry off and go lay down on the bed."

I quickly started drying off from my shower. The towel excited me more as it ran over my shaved body. Except for my hair and eyebrows, I was completely bare. It made my skin so much more sensitive and Master knew it.

I quickly finished drying and ran to the bed. Master chuckled as I brushed past him in my haste. I apologized, but he just put a finger to my lips.

"Save you energy. You'll need it."

I lay down on the bed and he takes my wrists. One to each corner of the headboard. The leather shackles are soft on my skin. The chain is short and I feel my shoulders stretched. That is nothing to what comes next. He pushed my legs up into a full split. It took a long time before I could do this. Chains come up from the floor at the middle of the bed. The shackles close over my ankles. I am fully exposed.

He kisses me, one last time, before putting the ball gag in my mouth. I know this is so the neighbors won't hear and so I don't bite my tongue when I finally cum.

The blindfold is next. He places it over my eyes and I feel my hair, still wet, being pulled through. I won't know what's coming.

"Now, pet, you're at my mercy."

I feel him move to the top of the bed. He is starting with my hands. He sucks each finger in turn, moving over them, caressing them with his mouth. Feather kisses on my palms, my wrists, down my arms. Every so often there is a nip where he nibbles. I feel tingles starting and I know I am leaking my own fluids already.

"I can smell you pet."

I groan. I can too.

His body is on top of me and I wish I had my mouth free. I feel his cock brushing past my face, pressing against my cheek. I want to suck it, to lick it. His cock presses against me, leaving a trail of precum as he moves down my body.

He suckles my neck, leaving his mark on me. Moving down, down.

I feel his breath on my nipples, and I arch, waiting for his hot mouth to engulf them. His chuckle again. Instead, he licks and suckles the sides, underneath. He worships my breasts, touching everywhere but my nipples. His hands plump them, squeeze them.

Sliding down more, I feel his weight in that special place. His hands massage my belly, my hips. They move out and massage my legs. His tongue starts at my big toe on one foot and licks it's way to my big toe on the other, swirling, teasing. I jumped when it slid over my lips, teasing, oh, teasing.

I feel his chest pressing against my pussy as he places feather kisses all over my stomach. His heat is so incredible! His chest hairs are exciting, tickling places that need to be tickled. His tongue dips into my belly button. I squirm. He knows this tickles me.

He completely lifts off of me and I mourn his loss. My body is arching, trying to get free, trying to find my Master.

Cold! Oh, so cold! I feel ice pressing my nipples, making them harder still. It almost hurts. Then his mouth is there! OH GOD! It's hot and he's just licking. I want more...more.

He finally bites how I want him to. He knows I love my nipples bit. The ice cube is torturing one breast as he vanquishes the other. Biting, pulling, sucking, I delight in it. Arch myself into him, I want more!

The ice cube is gone, melted away. He twists it viciously. I would cry out if I could. Oh, it feels so good. His weight settles between my legs. He presses his body against my heat. Is it time? Am I going to get him? His hands and mouth stop. I want to cry. I need something.

OH! His mouth has moved to my other breast, dancing the same dance of torture over my breast. The heat is too intense after such cold and I almost cum. He leaves me completely.

Time...too much time. At least ten minutes. Where is he? Master? MASTER?! I can't move, can't see where he is. Master?! I need you Master, come back to me...please.

Cold! SO COLD! I jump as an ice cube trails over my lips, dipping in and out of me. He wouldn't, would he? OH, he did! He did! Master holds the ice cube against my clit. My body bucks against it. It hurts, but it feels so good. Just as suddenly, his mouth replaces the ice cube. The heat is intense and his mouth is worse. He's nibbling, sucking hard. My clit is being ravaged. I'm going to...Oh NO! Don't leave, not now. I hear myself whimpering through the gag.

Another ice cube pressed directly into me. The cold in my hottest place. My entire body is shocked and I start to shake. Just as quickly, he thrusts into me. OH MASTER!

He presses against the ice cube, the cold, the heat, too much. Oh too much. I groan and release everything that is me. I feel heat and cold and that tingling! That Tingling! So intense, everything.

Master is using me, using me like I want to be used. He takes me, hard and fast and hard, pushing me over and over again. Is it several orgasms or just one huge one? Just when I think it can't get any better it does. It is so intense, I think I'm going to pass out. OH GOD! It hurts! It's so intense it hurts. My entire body is stressed, shaking, tense as can be. My teeth have sunk into the ball gag. I'm crying. It's so good I'm crying.

Master pushes deeper, deeper into me. He slams into the back of my cavern and begins to shake. I feel him spurting, so hot. Fill me, claim me, make me yours again. GOD! MASTER! The two have became the same.

He collapses on top of me. His weight pressing into my breasts, sore from their handling. All right, they down right hurt...but it felt so good. The gag is removed and he kisses me, soft and sweet.


My voice cracks. I try again.


"Yes, pet?"

"I love you."

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