tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTease to Please Ch. 09

Tease to Please Ch. 09


Tuesday June 11, 2013

Elise was spinning the pedals of Doctor Peters' exercise bike again. It was very early. She had been the first to wake up. Her brain felt clouded with anxiety and she hoped a dose of physical exertion would enable her to see the best path forward.

The left side of her bottom had been sore at first, but after twenty minutes on the bike it felt better. A quick peek in the bathroom mirror had revealed a faint bruise there, vaguely circular in shape, but it was far paler than she had imagined it would be. It was not particularly sensitive to the touch either. She was fine.

This contributed to Elise's sense that she had overreacted the night before. She was especially embarrassed about raising her voice to Doctor Peters and telling him Doctor Yamamoto was crazy and an asshole. Just thinking about that moment now made her face blush.

'Jesus,' Elise mentally scolded herself, 'just because Doctor Yamamoto put a little muscle into my spanking doesn't mean he's crazy. He's just strict, that's all. So don't be such a cry-baby, Elise. Doctor Peters has been too easy on me. It may have been a shock getting the spanking I deserve but, after all, my Consequences aren't supposed to be a turn-on... they're supposed to be a corrective!'

Speaking of turn-ons, Elise's fast pace atop the bike was doing an admirable job of winding up the Model O. It began its second series of chimes as she reached the halfway mark on the bike's 'Alpine Ascent' program. She had not felt particularly sexy at the outset of her workout, but by the time she reached the final hill climb forty minutes later she could tell that her entire vulva was swollen and damp. She was breathing hard. In fact her whole body was sweating, aroused and flushed with energy.

Elise rose up on the pedals to conquer the last virtual hill. Her tiny Lycra shorts, bright white with black piping, were pulled tight against her crotch. Her small jogging bra was infused with sweat. Her lean legs cycled around and around, pushing her little sneakers determinedly through the bike's resistance.

When the program's cool-down routine finished a few minutes later, Elise swung her right leg up and over the saddle and jumped to the floor. She blotted her forehead with a towel and sauntered back to the apartment. Her taut bottom peeked out below the shorts, flexing and un-flexing as her hips rocked from side to side.

She found Doctor Peters standing at the kitchen counter making a bowl of cereal. She sensed right away that he felt awkward about what had happened the night before. He started to speak first, but Elise energetically cut him off:

"No, Doctor Peters, I'm the one who should be apologizing. I totally over-reacted last night and I shouldn't have said those things about Doctor Yamamoto. It was... I wasn't thinking clearly. I shouldn't have been so disrespectful. I was raised better than that, so... I'm sorry."

As Elise spoke, she walked around the kitchen peninsula until she stood facing Arthur. She placed her right hand gently on his terrycloth bathrobe and looked up into his eyes before continuing:

"I know I'm just an intern here. And you and Doctor Yamamoto have way more important things to do than worry about my stupid clothes and my... my inability to control myself. So, I just want to apologize for the way I've been acting. Yesterday evening I kinda... was in shock or something. But I'm fine now and the last thing I want is for you to be disappointed in me, especially with all the new stuff that's going on. And also, I uh... I didn't tell you this before, but Doctor Yamamoto had to spend a long time yesterday morning fixing my uniform. So, I totally get why he was frustrated. I think that's why he swatted me so hard with the Ping-Pong paddle; to, you know, like, teach me a lesson. Anyway, I get it now. I know I need to do a better job meeting his expectations. And I will. I promise."

"Um..." Arthur hesitated. He felt unable to compute Elise's contrition. He had been awake half the night mentally rehearsing his own apology, expecting her to be upset and injured this morning. The first thing he had planned to say was that he would cancel the whole Consequence Game. Now it appeared that might not be necessary. Elise was genuinely contrite about the whole incident.

In fact, the way she was talking so sweetly and standing so close was making Arthur feel suddenly horny. He could see that her workout clothes were really tight. What little coverage they offered was undermined by the way they clung to her skin. Her nipples stood out prominently.

Arthur wished he had put on some underwear. He could feel his penis lengthening beneath his white bathrobe. Aside from the terrycloth belt tied around his waist, there was nothing holding the robe shut. If he got an erection there would be no way to conceal it. He stood very still and tried not to think about Elise's proximity.

Elise adjusted her feet and leaned even closer. She clutched the lapel of Arthur's robe and brought her other hand up to the side of his stomach.

"I just want to be a good intern, Doctor Peters," Elise said quietly, still looking up at his face from below. She was standing directly in front of him, diminutive without her high heels on. "I want to learn, to anticipate what you need before you even ask me... you know?"


"So don't be so easy on me, okay? Show me, like, how to improve your day. I want to be useful."

Elise went quiet as if she were suddenly deep in thought. Her left hand absentmindedly slid down to the knot of Arthur's terrycloth belt.

"Mm-hmm..." Arthur murmured with increasing anxiety. He felt his cock flooding with new blood pressure. It began to rise between his thighs and push against the front of his robe. He stepped sideways away from Elise and set down the carton of milk he had been holding. He turned to face the counter and leaned his pelvis into the lower cupboards to conceal his burgeoning erection.

"I'm sure you're angry with me," Elise continued, re-emerging from whatever brief daydream she had been having, "and probably disappointed too. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to realize."

"No, no. I'm not angry at all, Elise. In fact, I—"

"I love working here, Doctor Peters. And the things you're doing are amazing. I finally get that now."

Elise closed the gap between them for a second time, gently pushing her petite jog-bra against the arm of his bathrobe. Arthur exhaled a measured breath, trying unsuccessfully to stall the ascent of his libido.

"You're helping so many people," Elise continued. "...and I get to have a front-row seat, right at the most exciting part. It's really cool."

"Yes, well..." Arthur muttered, "It is going to be exciting I guess."

"So exciting! And I want to help. So use me a lot, okay?"

"Okay," Arthur grimaced, unable to resist his mind's naughty reading of her words.

Elise tugged at his sleeve, saying: "I mean it. You've got to take advantage of me, especially while all this stuff is going on. Otherwise you'll just go crazy."

"Yes," Arthur said quietly. He was staring at the countertop, trying NOT to imagine all the ways to take advantage of Elise and her nubile body.

"Do you forgive me?" she pouted.

Arthur turned his head and saw that Elise now held her arms slightly apart, requesting an embrace.

"Yeah, yeah," he fumbled, "There's nothing to forgive. You're not in any sort of trouble with me, Elise."

"Okay, well then give me a hug, you big softie!" Elise giggled. She yanked his sleeve firmly.

Arthur had been balancing mostly on one leg. Elise's insistent tug made him stumble toward her. He spun and reflexively caught himself on her shoulders. Elise tried to hug him but his erection sprang through the robe's gap and collided with her navel.

"Oh!" she squealed, jumping back and covering her mouth. Her eyes went wide at the sight of him. Arthur grabbed his penis and quickly tucked it back under his robe. He then flattened one hand over his crotch, afraid to let go.

"Sorry!" they said in unison.

Elise laughed into the palm of her hand, but Arthur felt too embarrassed to say anything. He turned back toward the cabinets and wrapped his robe a little tighter around himself.

"I... I didn't mean to," Elise stuttered. "I mean, I wasn't trying to flirt with you Doctor Peters. Honest!"

Her mind raced through all things she had just said and the little ways she had been touching him, seeing them in a new light. She realized how it all might have been misinterpreted by someone with as much pent-up stress and loneliness as Doctor Peters. She blamed herself for being so unaware.

"No, it's not your fault," Arthur said in a low tone. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and stared down at the countertop.

Elise was momentarily at a loss for words. She gazed silently at the side of his bearded face, feeling regretful about causing him such an understandable embarrassment.

"Jeez, Doctor Peters," she said eventually, "I wish... I guess I wish you had a nice girlfriend who... Well, it's just... you deserve more. Like, someone cute... to help you, you know, relax."

"Thanks Elise. That's kind of you to say, but I'm fine. Really. I didn't mean to frighten you."

"No, no. It's -- I mean I wish, umm..."Elise looked at the floor and crossed one foot behind the other. "Well, anyway, I get why you think I'm not appropriate for you, and of course you're probably right. But, God! If I was your girlfriend I would be, like, SO nice to you."

Elise released a soft sigh into the silence that followed. Arthur looked sideways at her. Her face wore a tight-lipped smile that widened incrementally as she raised her eyes up from the floor to meet his. Silence stretched out between them.

His erection felt like a hammer pounding the cabinet door in front of him.

'Why?' Arthur agonized internally, 'Why is she even here? It's like she was created specifically to tease me. And of all times, why now?'

"I think," Elise whispered, glancing down at her hands, which had started fidgeting. "I think I better go get in the shower. Otherwise I might do something really awkward."

In the brief moment of stillness that followed her statement, Arthur felt invisible electricity zap across the air between them. Then Elise began to turn away.

"Like what?" he blurted. He had not meant to say anything. It just came out. He regretted it instantly.

Elise stopped mid-spin and looked over her shoulder at him. Her half-suppressed smile broke free, becoming a wide, mischievous grin. She planted both hands on the edge of the kitchen counter next to him and shrugged her shoulders while capturing his gaze with her big hazel eyes. She arched her back slightly, exaggerating the thinness of her tummy while sticking her bottom out just a little father than necessary. She knew her tiny white gym shorts accentuated the roundness of her ass.

"I dunno..." she said coquettishly. "But, if I actually was your girlfriend... is there something you'd want?"

"Oh for God's sake, Elise," Arthur groaned. "I'm sorry, that was an inappropriate question. Just go! Get in the shower."

"No. We're talking. No harm in that, right?"

Arthur rolled his eyes and shook his square, bearded face from side to side. "Yes, there can be a lot of harm in that. Especially when I'm your employer and you're my intern... whose half my age and very, very hot!"

"Very... very hot?" Elise grinned even wider, raising one eyebrow. "Well, that's nice of you, Doctor Peters. For a second there, it almost sounded like you were flirting with me."

"I really think you should hit the shower now. We both have a lot of work to do today."

"Well... If you say so," she answered coyly, still aiming her smile at him like a weapon. "But just so you know: if I was your girlfriend... you would be having a LOT of sex right now."

Elise giggled and reclined her head far enough that the end of her ample ponytail tickled her tailbone. Her white teeth gleamed at him. Arthur's cock pulsed painfully against the wooden cabinet door. He could not hold her gaze. He balled his fists and thumped them on the countertop. She was going to be the death of him. He knew it.

"Shower," he whispered without moving his jaw. His tone was almost pleading.

Elise straightened and let an extravagant sigh escape her lips. Then she spun on her heel and skipped away down the hall toward the master bedroom, still grinning.

When the bedroom door shut behind her, Arthur stepped back from the countertop. His erection sprang out from his bathrobe and pointed urgently toward the ceiling. It was so swollen that it looked purple. It nearly hurt. He reached down and gave it a tentative stroke with his right hand. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip. He closed his eyes. There was nothing in the world he wanted more than to bury his organ balls-deep in Elise's tiny body. He imagined her pussy would grip him tighter than a greased fist, and that she would enjoy every second of it too. Considering what they had done Sunday night, he guessed she was a tigress between the sheets.

Water pipes squeaked somewhere behind the wall. Arthur visualized Elise naked, stepping through the glass door of his spacious walk-in shower. He debated for a moment whether he should march down there and join her. He was certain she would welcome him with open arms (and probably open legs!). He squeezed his shaft and trembled, imagining her little peach-like pussy split by his thrusting cock.

"No," he hissed, releasing his grip and thumping his hand on the counter again in frustration. "Get ahold of yourself, man. She's Syliva's daughter!"

Half an hour later Elise emerged from his room wearing only a towel. Her skin was freshly moisturized. Her shiny auburn hair had been blown-dry and swung buoyantly to and fro across her naked back as she walked around the living room picking out her underwear and cosmetics. Arthur clumsily stacked his breakfast dishes in the kitchen sink and strode to his bedroom as quickly as he could; aware that if he stayed around to watch Elise get dressed his erection would make an irresistible comeback.

Once Doctor Peters was gone, Elise pulled on a gauzy pair of white bikini-cut panties and a white mesh tube-top that she had brought from home. If Doctor Yamamoto really considered her to be a 'lazy American' for not wearing revealing enough tops, she thought to herself, then she was going to show him a thing or two about how girls get through the 120-degree summers back home in Arizona! The mesh top was unquestionably the most see-through shirt she owned. Her pale, braless skin would be obvious. She knew if her nipples became hard there would be nowhere near enough resistance in the fabric to restrain them.

'This,' Elise thought as she stretched the garment into place over her A-cup breasts, 'won't leave him with anything to complain about!'

Elise padded her way, barefoot, out to the office closet to choose a skirt, stockings and shoes. She found a pale-pink miniskirt that she had not worn before. It was nothing more than two flaps of silk tied together by a loose knot at either hip. She tied it low around her pelvis and grabbed a packet of white fishnet stockings and her pink strappy heels. The stockings had lace garter bands at mid-thigh, leaving several inches of her bare skin exposed below the short skirt.

After stepping up into the now-familiar heels, Elise returned to the apartment to finish getting ready.

She fixed her hair and make-up, then ate the only piece of fresh fruit in the entire kitchen; a green apple. She also drank a small glass of milk even though it was her least favorite beverage. There was, she discovered, hardly anything else nutritious in the entire kitchen. She did not want to endure a repeat of Monday morning's starvation. The milk and fruit, she figured, would hold her over until lunch.

The silver belly chain that Doctor Yamamoto had shortened Monday morning seemed just as tight now as it had then.

When Doctor Peters emerged from his bedroom a little while later, he gave Elise an unsubtle up-and-down look. Elise interpreted his wide-eyed, pursed expression as an indication of approval.

"You like it?" she asked, slowly twirling in the center of the room.

Arthur shook his head from side to side, feigning disbelief. "Yeah," he muttered, "you've outdone yourself."

"Hah! Well, good," she smirked. "Maybe later you'll rub me down with oil or something."

"Jesus. Let's go."

'Perfect,' Elise told herself as she followed Arthur into the laboratory, 'If I can hold his attention all day, maybe he'll tell the other guys to keep their damn hands off me for a change.'

By 9:00am Doctor Peters had assembled another all-staff meeting. The men were drinking plenty of coffee, which kept Elise busy running around refilling mugs and brewing. They seemed to relish keeping her on her feet, but she had become quite accustomed to her tall shoes so it did not trouble her. The occasional pat on the back of her thigh however, usually paired with a verbal 'thanks,' was beginning to get on her nerves. Ostensibly, she knew, it was just a gesture of appreciation. But some of the men, particularly Alex and Hiro, were definitely getting a little too touchy. She wondered whether she should draw the line with them directly or instead mention it to Doctor Peters.

He, she noticed unhappily, seemed totally absorbed in the business of the organizing the sale of his new PVA patents. He scarcely acknowledged her all morning.

Near the end of the meeting, Doctor Peters informed everyone that the PVA project's investors were going to visit the lab on Thursday. It would be a suit-and-tie affair, since so many of them were high-finance types. This meant the four junior scientists and Elise needed to go shopping for business attire. Doctor Yamamoto, perhaps feeling a small degree of remorse about paddling Elise so hard the night before, was taking her along for an appointment with his personal tailor. They had arranged a limousine to carry six of them into San Francisco to hit all the shops in one fell swoop. Only Doctor Peters would remain behind at the lab, since he needed to continue working the phones with investors and lawyers.

The limo Doctor Yamamoto had ordered arrived fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. In the rush to get everyone out the door, Elise did not even consider her clothing. She was inured to walking around the lab wearing next-to-nothing, but when she sat down in the back of the limo she realized that shopping downtown in her outfit would be an entirely different experience.

Elise had been second-to-last getting into the limo. She was wedged into the middle of the back seat between Hiro and Kazutoshi. The L-shaped bench across from her was rather cramped due to a large bar and entertainment console which occupied the limo's right side. Alex and Jacob had arranged themselves on the curved bench quite comfortably, but it looked like it might be too small for three adults.

When Doctor Yamamoto leaned his head into the car to join them, it became obvious that he intended to sit by the door, which meant (without anyone needing to say it aloud) that Elise would have to give up her middle seat so Hiro could slide over.

Alex promptly volunteered that Elise should sit on his lap. In the awkward shuffling of bodies that followed, Elise felt as though every guy in the car had his hands on her at one time or another. When she finally arrived on Alex's lap, there was not nearly enough headroom for her to sit upright. Instead she had to sprawl sideways across the limo's L-shaped bench, draping herself across both Alex and Jacob. Her butt was on Alex's lap and her head and shoulders were leaning against Jacob. Her dainty, stiletto-clad feet were atop Kazutoshi's knees.

Elise tried to sit up straighter, but it only became less comfortable for everyone. There was not even room for her feet on the floor. All the men's legs and shoes were jammed together in the narrow aisle between the seats and the limo's entertainment bar.

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