tagBDSMTeased to the Limit

Teased to the Limit


On Saturday morning I woke up with you pressed against me. Your arm draped around my waist, your breath warm on my neck. Immediately my body responded to your nearness and I pressed back against you.

And you were asleep. Sound asleep. Damn you! I squirmed and finally slipped out of bed to go start breakfast.

I put on a pot of coffee and hopped in the shower. The warm water did nothing for my level of desire and I considered masturbating before you awoke. No – no...maybe it was a day for play, I decided.

Drying my hair I slipped into a pair of loose yoga pants and one of my bra tops – the one that cuts straight across the top of my breasts and has the open back. I decided I would drive you as crazy today as you drove me this morning in sleep.

By the time you awoke, bleary eyed and tousle-haired, I had eggs, toast and coffee for us. I gave you a good morning hug and let my body melt into yours, my hands caressing the soft hairs at the back of your neck. I gave you a gentle kiss good morning then a small bite on the neck and smiled up at you. I could see you look me up and down appraisingly, with a curious look in your eyes.

"Breakfast is ready," I said and put together a plate for myself and flounced off to watch cartoon network.

You joined me a moment later in your robe and we sat and giggled together through a show or two. I knew you had things to do but I so desperately wanted to be at the top of your "to do" list. After breakfast you went off to shower and I sat with my laptop to read a few erotic stories in bed.

Clean, shaven, and smelling like shampoo you sat down to play on the computer in your robe. I looked over your shoulder for a bit to see what mood you were in, my fingers trailing along your neck. You kept shooting looks at me like you were trying to read what was going on in my head. Every few minutes I would lean down and nibble or kiss your neck or reach around and caress your chest. A few times I even slid my lips along your ears before wandering off to do my own thing.

I found a great story and came out on the couch to read it to you while you made your latest mix. I could tell it affected you by the way you kept shifting in your seat. Then I skittered off to the basement to start some laundry, your eyes following me as I went.

In the basement I let myself play with myself for the first time and I was already wet from the lascivious thoughts I had been having. I loved teasing you, especially when you seemed so in control and then you slowly began to show your desire, too.

When I got back up to the kitchen you had turned up the music a bit and were pouring yourself another cup of coffee. I silently dropped to my knees in front of you and began to stroke your thighs. I parted your robe and finding nothing beneath I took a deep breath in and gave a big sigh bordering on a moan. I rubbed my face against your hips, thighs and crotch – breathing in your scent and letting my soft hair caress your skin. After a few moments of this, I started to get up and you looked overwhelmed.

Your face was flushed and your cock was starting to stir. I knew I had you. You were totally and completely mine.

"What are you playing at?" you asked me in a hoarse whisper. You reached out and took me by the waist, drawing me in to you. You covered my mouth with yours and your hands cupped my breasts through the thin material. Pushing me up on the counter you trailed kisses down my throat to the tops of my breasts and slide the shirt down to expose my nipples. Brushing your lips lightly across them, you sense my shivers and close your lips over one. I am trembling and breathing a bit harder by now. You stand back up and run your hands through my hair and tell me I have been a very bad girl.

You see the light in my eyes, and smile at me. "Do you need to be punished?" you ask me. "I think I do, sir," I whisper quietly.

You take me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom. "Get me your paddle," you order me, and it's in my hand in an instant. "Lay down on the bed – stomach down and head at the edge of the bed."

I do as you ask and squirm against the slightly rumpled bedding. You strip down and come to the edge of the bed, your cock hard by now, and say "such a naughty, naughy girl."

You stand near my face, my mouth level with your cock, and you reach down to push my yoga pants just off of my ass. One of your hands caresses me then you bring the paddle down hard against both of my cheeks in a sharp crack. I wince then grind against the bedding.

"You have been such a naughty girl to tease me all morning. You have no idea what kind of dreams I have been having about you. But now – I want you to suck my cock, bad girl."

You press it against my moist lips and slide it into my mouth with a few deep strokes. At the depth of each stroke you give me a swat with the paddle and I increase the pressure of my sucking and keep up with your tempo. I moan against your shaft as you push into me, and I press my fingers against my sex as I grind on the bed.

"God yes, suck me. I love it when you're bad. I love punishing you. I love the way your mouth feels when you take me in nice and deep. God damn I have wanted you all morning. My sexy woman."

Your words, my fingers, the sharp cracks on my ass and your hard cock in my mouth are too much for me, and my muffled groans let you know I am coming. I take you in deeper as I moan against you and my body tenses then relaxes as I find my release.

"Mmm...you're even naughtier than I thought. Now it's my turn."

You direct me to slide off the bed and lean over the edge so you can take me from behind. You reach around and cup my breasts above the top. A few light pinches and I feel your cock slide into me. Your hands tug the top off of me until it's tangled around my wrists and you lean your weight against me as you thrust deeper and deeper into my now very wet sex.

Holding my arms over my head with one hand you now reach down to touch all over my breasts, wait, and then reach down to stroke my sex a few times. I push back against you as you stroke into me, and I feel you lose control with a groan. Your thrusts intensify and I can feel you coming – filling me. Your teeth biting down a little bit as you come.

We stay like that a moment, and you whisper in my ear again.

"You know I love you when you're naughty. You make me want you. But you like that don't you – making me lose control? Bad bad girl."

You pull me up onto the bed with you and I rest my head softly against your shoulder. You hold me tightly and promise you'll get back at me. I can hardly wait.

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