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Teasing Ben


Note: This is my first story to submit to literotica, and the character Ben is not mine, he is the idea of ddwriter, who inspired me to write this.

Ben and I have known each other for a short while, we met on a nude beach we both frequented, and I decided that he was good-looking and walked over to introduce myself, being the bold woman that I am. "Hey there big guy. My name is Lily," I said, smiling up at him from my smallish 5'4 stature. Raven-colored locks framed my heart-shaped face and big green eyes stared unabashedly at all his features, as I knew he was looking at mine. Size D breasts and wide hips made me look a bit more heavyset than I actually was, but he found my curves quite enticing. We talked until the sun went down, and after passing around phone numbers, we promised to keep in touch. We talked about a whole lot of nothing most of the time, some serious subjects here and there: politics, religion, views on worldly things and laws. A few times the conversation had turned to my sexuality, but I expertly dodged his questions as to reveal nothing about myself other than I am heterosexual. He became more and more curious and his questions more and more frequent. One day after dancing around his questions (again), I invited him over for dinner and possibly a movie. Since I wasn't much of a cook, I ordered Chinese take-out. We agreed to meet at 7pm. I hopped into the shower at 6, mulling over our past conversations in my head. Maybe I should just tell him, I thought to myself. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Maybe he'll even like it...

Dressed in a simple black blouse opened just a little too much and faded jeans that hugged my ass just a little too tightly, I answered the door, my heart pounding. He took my breath away--still as handsome as ever...and he still had the same effect on me. My nipples tightened and thoughts of him strapped to my bed assailed my mind, making it difficult to concentrate. Oh, the wonderful things I could do to this man! We had Chinese take out and some Merlot I had been waiting to open, but never had the occasion to. All while he was eating his Kung Pow Chicken, I was imagining him blindfolded, strapped down, being attacked mercilessly by my feather ticklers, my lips, my tongue...I think my arousal was showing through my actions, because Ben seemed very interested in the way I slurped up my noodles and licked my lips ever so slowly. It seemed his thoughts had turned to where mine had been since he arrived--there was a bulge forming in his pants. I decided to make it worse by nibbling on the end of my chopsticks, absentmindedly sucking them, running them over my lips. A time or two I got up to get something, and "accidentally" dropped my napkin on the floor, bending over right in front of him, my black lace thong peeking over the top of my hip-hugging jeans.

Soon after eating, Ben got a serious expression on his face. "Lily, please. Why won't you tell me anything about your sex life? You know I won't judge you. You know I'm your friend. Why do you always dodge my questions?" I blushed a deep shade of pink and thought, well, I might as well tell him. But then a better thought came to me. Why don't I just show him?

"Alright, Ben. But you asked for it, remember that. Come with me." Looking a bit confused, he followed me into my bedroom. Here goes nothing, I thought, and opened up the door.

Ben took a good look around, puzzled, and asked me, "So, why the big secret? There's nothing in here out of the ordinary." I lifted a finger to silence him, then reached for my nightstand drawer. Inside the deep drawer were all kinds of things. I pulled them out, one by one, laying them out for him to see, narrating what each one was. "Fuzzy handcuffs--classic, under-the-bed ties, feather ticklers, vibrators, books on how to drive men wild, dildos, silk ropes, different kinds of lube..." Ben just stared at the things, dazed. "Wow." was all he managed to say.

"Ben, I do wish you would say something else. I've kinda laid myself out there for you." My heart pounded, my mind filling with all the wonderful, terrible things I could do to him with these toys of mine.

"Do you, uh, use these on your partner, or are they for yourself?" There was a movement in his pants, the cloth tenting up over his obvious erection. That's the price you pay for such a huge cock, I thought to myself, and then my mind did wonderful things with that cock...brushing it over my warm, wet lips, licking the tip free of precum, pressing on all the sensitive points...my panties started to dampen as I spoke, my voice getting a bit more shaky and aroused. "They are usually for my partner...I'm not into the pain of bondage, more the teasing and torment, waiting for your mistress to give you orgasm. You have to beg for your pleasure. Though I haven't had a partner in a while, most seem to run away scared when they see all this..." I gestured vaguely to the toys laid out on the bed. Ben's erection grew even more, once again astounding me with its size. He tried to press it down discreetly, but there was no hiding his obvious attraction. "Ben? Does that...do these...excite you?" There was a lust burning deep in his eyes that turned me on even more, my panties now on the verge of soaking. He wasn't even trying to hide his erection anymore, he just let it stand proudly, at least as much as it could in those confining pants. He only nodded, and I leaned forward, pressing my breasts together right in front of his face, and purred out, "Would you like a demonstration of how these toys work?" He let out a sigh and murmured "Yes" even as I reached for the silk ropes.

"Ok," I told him. "Strip down for me, I'll need you naked for this." He looked at me incredulously, like he couldn't believe what was happening, and didn't move. I pulled him up on his feet and pulled his shirt over his head, quickly reaching for his zipper, eager to free the cock I could feel throbbing underneath. I paused and lowered his zipper slowly, oh so slowly, my sensuous fingers stroking him through the fabric, loving the feel of his hard member under the fabric. I undid the button of his pants and his cock sprang forward, into my waiting hands. "Ben! You bad boy. Not wearing underwear I see. Well, no matter. It's just one less step for me to go through. After I pulled his pants around his ankles, I looked up at him from my kneeling position and smiled wickedly. Quickly I reached for my handcuffs, latching his hands behind his back, so I could touch and fondle and stroke him all I pleased, but he couldn't touch me. He looked at me with a bit of panic in his eyes, and also a fire of lust, burning deep and hot. "This won't hurt," I assured him, stroking him, letting him take in the full view of me on my knees as I took in the full view of his enormous cock. My left hand fondled his balls as my right slid over his shaft with an oh-so-light touch, teasing him with my warm fingers.

My lips slid agonizingly slowly over his cock, rubbing against the sensitive tip over and over, bringing him intense pleasure. Taking my time, I continued my oral explorations while he stood there, helpless, his knees threatening to give out under my ministrations. Smiling wickedly, I unlatched the cuffs and ordered him to lay down on the bed. I picked up the silk ropes and tied each limb to each of the four posts securely, spread-eagled, but not too tightly. I paced around the bed, stopping here and there to brush my hands over his inner thighs, to toy with his balls, to lick at him. Bit by bit my clothes came off, first my shirt, then my jeans, all while Ben watched intently. My bra quickly followed, and I tossed it away and jiggled my breasts a bit, loving the freedom my nudity offered. All that was left was my panties, which I stripped off very slowly, watching the hunger in Ben's eyes burn hotter as I wiggled my hips to let the little bit of lace fall to my ankles. I picked it up with my foot, tossing it carelessly onto his chest, letting him inhale the scent of my arousal. My tongue swept slowly over the curve of his ear, and I heard him take a sharp breath and moan a bit. "I've imagined doing this to you for a very long time, Ben." I gently nipped his earlobe. "Ever since I saw you on the beach, I've wanted you. And now, I'm going to make you want me." I slid into bed, next to him, picking up my favorite feather tickler. I ran it over all the sensitive parts of his body, his ribs, his stomach, his inner thighs, his balls. He arched up as much as his bonds would allow, his body begging for more friction, more firmness, but all he could manage were a few moans and whimpers. The feathers brushed over his shaft and he managed to form words. "Lily...please..."

"Please what?" I asked, repeating the motion.

He only gasped and thrust his hips upward. I pulled away for a moment, letting him wonder where I was. I moved to the foot of the bed, climbing between his legs to firmly grasp his cock at the base. I began to stroke him, watching precum leak from the tip, licking it away every now and again. I could feel he was getting closer to orgasm, feel the cum rise from his balls into his shaft. After another good stroke, I released him, his hips still pumping the air, begging for one more stroke, one more touch. I decided to resume the tease, so I crouched over him, straddling his waist on my knees, as to not apply pressure to his body at all. Reaching over him for my vibrator, my nipple brushed his lips, sending a shock of pleasure through my whole body. "Ooh," I murmured, repeating the action. "Yes, I like that. Go on, Ben, take it into your mouth, I know you want to suck on it." He complied quickly, flicking his tongue over my nipple while I arched against him. Grabbing my vibrator, I quickly rubbed it against my clitoris, feeling my pleasure spiral higher. Soon I was in the throes of an uncontrollable orgasm, crying out and frantically pumping my hips against him. He looked up at me, desperation covering his face as he took in the sight of me at the peak of my pleasure.

"Oh, Ben..." I murmured, once I caught my breath. "Poor thing. You probably want to come too, don't you?" He nodded frantically, struggling against his bonds. "Well," I said thoughtfully, "I'm still quite aroused...I bet I could come again."

I lowered myself down onto his cock, facing away from him, so he could see my lovely ass as I sank down on his throbbing member. I could feel him struggle against his bonds, reaching for my hips. I loved the way he stretched and filled me. I wasn't able to take all of him, but I took as much as I could. His breathing increased as he pumped his hips, trying to get some friction. I didn't help, just sat there on top of him, letting him move as much as the ropes would allow--which wasn't much. Again the vibrator went against my clit--I had enough stimulation for another orgasm in that toy. I couldn't say the same for poor Ben, who was struggling for friction underneath me. I masturbated myself with the vibrator and his cock, milking him with my inner muscles. He flexed inside me, adding to my pleasure, sending me over the edge again. I quickly began thrusting my hips up and down, trying to extend my pleasure.

Much to Ben's dismay, I'm sure, I stopped just before he got his pleasure. I felt him harden even more inside me, signaling his approaching explosion, and after one more thrust, I stopped. He cried out his protest, a mixture of moans and pleas for release. I lifted off of him, giving his cock one final squeeze.

"Oh...Lily, please, please, I have to come, I have to, I can't take any more, please!"

"Ooh, you're so cute when you beg!" I said, firmly grasping his cock in my hand. "Go on, keep begging."

He continued to plead for release as I stroked him, enjoying his desperation thoroughly. Using my two handed technique, one hand on his shaft, one on his balls, I brought him ever closer to orgasm, debating as to whether or not I should actually let him come. His balls contracted; he was close.

"Lily...I'm so close. Please let me come, please, please, I need to come, please let me..."

To his relief, I finally let him come, stroking him through his orgasm as he spurted all over my hands, his stomach, and his chest. I quickly moved to release him from his silken bonds, not wanting him to become stiff and sore.

I handed him a soft cloth to clean himself off with, and after I wiped my hands clean, I cuddled into his chest. His arm went around me possessively, and we slept.

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