tagGroup SexTeasing Builders at Home Pt. 02

Teasing Builders at Home Pt. 02


Once the teasing of the two builders had stopped it was time for some real action.

Having won the bet and having presented myself as first prize, it was time for the cocky, joke telling lad to claim his winnings.

Dressed in the utterly slutty nurses outfit, stockings and heels, I paraded over to him, telling him I was his, as long as he shared me with his hunky friend.

All pretense of anything was now over. My fucking cunt was sopping wet and ready for some serious shagging.

"So you ready for me then?" I asked them as I walked and paraded around, showing my bare cunt and arse to them both.

I had now popped my tits fully put of the front of the nurses costume, undoing several of the poppers that held it together.

"Fuck yes!" came the reply. We have been ready for you since the first day here Anna!"

"Well let me see what I get then!" I blatantly said. "Show me your fucking cocks as I get myself opened up again for you both."

I walked over to our small garden bench and sat spread legged for the admiration of my two hunk builders.

My red, high heels spiked into the ground as my stocking clad legs were spread as wide as they could to allow easy viewing and access to my dripping wet snatch.

I took my purple vibro and slowly began teasing my pussy lips and clit with it.

I switched it on and the audible hum started as I wanked it up my cunny, first slowly then a bit more rapidly.

My nurse's hat shook on my head, my cunt now juicing up even more, flowing it's frothy slime around the vibro as it plunged up and out of me. Coating it with my creamy batter.

"That is fucking hot," the joke teller said as he was stripping out of his jeans and overalls.

His mate was way ahead of him, now stark bollock naked in front of me, a cock standing to attention like a baton.

"Come here gorgeous," I said as my vibro worked away on me. "Give me your prick. I want to suck it."

With this instruction I was fed his rigid tool right into my willing mouth as joke boy took over ramming the vibro up my cunt for me.

I ran my tongue up and down the length of the cock in front of me then greedily gobbled on it in rhythm with the fucking my pussy was receiving.

My vibro was removed still buzzing away and coated heavily in my juices and slime.

Joke boy took his place between my spread, stocking covered slut legs. He used his tongue like a trooper on my clit and lips, sucking, nibbling and lashing my pussy expertly.

I became increasingly wet from his licking and from the hard cock that was now slipping and sliding into my mouth, utterly covered in drool and pre cum.

After a few more seconds of delicious cunny lapping from joker I was gagging for more.

"Get a fucking cock up me as well then," I managed to garble in between gobbles.

Joke boy positioned himself in front of me. I slid to the end of the bench, allowing him to slip his hard tool against my wet lips for the first time.

He teased me by sliding it up and down my sopping gash for a few lengths.

"Oh fuck yes I love it!" I urged as I readied myself for his hard cock.

"Fuck it, fuck me please!" I literally begged in between sucks on his mates hard, throbbing cock at my face.

"Beg for it you tart," he laughingly said

I was past the point of slut now. Way past it.

"Please, please fuck me. Please can I have your cock up me?" I pleadingly asked.

I was creaming heavily on his shaft as it sloshed up and down my slit.

With the final begging he smiled and flowed it hard right up my spread cunthole in one strong, harsh movement.

"Take it then you bitch he said to me."

His rampant, hard cock plunged easily up my hole, I was so wet and splayed from my teasing, from my toying and from sucking on the hard prick in my mouth.

"Go on fuck the tart," his mate urged on.

I garbled agreement as I slid his cock in and out my mouth, my spit having coated his full length and as I withdrew it from my gob, rivulets of spittal hung from his throbbing gristle.

"Fuck me hard I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum so fucking hard on your prick,"

I said as my orgasm began to build on his pounding.

He sped his thrusts up, sending my hat flying off my head, me tits shaking and wobbling like jelly.

"Oh shit yes, yes," I screamed aloud as my waves of climax crashed.

I'm gonna spunk too he shouted as his banging became even more frenetic and furious.

"Christ yes!" I screamed. "Spunk me, spunk it up my cunt. Jesus fucking wept I'm cumming."

I was cumming massively, my legs shaking and tits aching, simultaneously as joke boy creamed my cunny.

My white stockings had been slightly pulled adrift from their suspenders, my red slut high heels still on my feet as I took the pounding from my lover.

His spurts of cum began flooding my quim and seeding my womb.

"Fill me with your fucking spunk," I said in between more licks and sucking on his mates cockend.

He finished off his spunking, sending the last spurts deep up my pussy tube and leaving my cunt well fucked and filled.

"Let me have your cum too," I said to the stiff cocks owner I had been slurping on for the past ten minutes or so.

"Sit down and let me suck you off till you cum," I said to him.

He took my instructions and sat on the garden seat. My vibro lying beside him.

Joker boy picked up my nurses hat and popped it onto the seat beside us.

I was now on all fours, my cunt still gaped and signs of spunk leaking onto my red, swollen lips.

I began to work on the red, engorged cock in front of me again.

Bobbing my head up and down. One of my pigtail had become loose and my hair hung down, swinging in motion to my sucking of the cock presented for me.

Joker then picked up my whirring toy and began to slide it back up me.

"Oh fuck yes," I swore as its head penetrated my sloppy, frothy gash.

It slid up me easily, my squelchy cunt taking almost the full eight inches of its length up my creamed hole.

I was now working the balls in front of me. Heavy and hanging like plums, I licked on them and took them into my mouth to suckle on.

Groans of delight could be heard around our garden.

Groans of the guy whose cock was being pampered, sucked, licked and toyed with by me.

Groans from me as the vibro was now back fully up my gash. The sounds of it slurping and sloshing up my already spunked cunt were a delicious treat.

I slowly worked my way done to the lads arse and began to rim his little brown star. Working my tongue along the crack and worming it up his open arsehole.

"Dirty bitch!" he spat the words at me as I licked at his hole.

I moaned in pure filth heaven as I rimmed his arse and was loving probing it with my tongue, then licking around his heavy balls and crack. I then began to work my tongue slowly up from his anus and back to his prick shaft.

I really began to work on him, I wanted cream. I wanted my reward, some hot, salty fucking spunk and I could sense he was getting close.

Joker sped up the fucking up my pussy with the vibro and I could smell the sex and cum emanating from my quim.

"Oh fuck yes, don't stop, fuck it!" I said as another orgasm began to build. My climax surging forward.

I was wanking the cock really hard now and as I did so the first jet of spunk shot up into the air.

It missed everything, flying like a glistening rope onto the seat beside us.

The next jet was better directed by me and splashed against the side of my face, the third, fourth and fifth all landed fully on my face and hair.

"Shit yes!" the lad said as he finished coating my face and splashing my hair.

Joker kept up the frantic ploughing of my fanny, sending the orgasm washing over me. My cunt leaked heavily onto the toy, sending spurts shooting onto the paved patio, Globs of his spunk also fell out of me and joined in the river of filth spewing from me.

We ended that session once we had all calmed down and recovered. I was dripping in cum, from my fanny, from my face and also from my hair that had been well coated.

My toy was switched off and placed beside my nurses hat on the bench. it was absolutely covered in spunk and fanny juice.

"Leave it out here for Eric to find when he comes home," I said to them. "That will get him so fucking turned on and I will be in for a treat!"

The lads tidied themselves up. I had licked the guys cock clean after he had spunked up. Once dressed they resumed there work and I had a shower and changed out of my crumpled and used nurses outfit.

During the last two weeks of them working on the chimney repair I would fuck these two again: in our bed to make it even more slutty. Both of them fucking me that time, spitroasting me and ending up with me naked except a pair of black boots and being spunked on all over my tits and stomach by them both. I left it on me to dry in and Eric screwed the life out of me with the cum stains on me and our bed that night.

I teased the others too and had a snogging and finger fucking session and sucked one of the others off, letting him spunk heavily in my mouth in the kitchen as I made them all cuppas.

I was dressed in a blue mini skirt, no knickers and a white crop top. He flooded my mouth with his thick cream and I fucking loved every second of it! Two them were engaged and didn't want to play at all so they settled for glimpses of me tarting about and teasing.

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