tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTeasing Elderly Neighbor Ch. 03

Teasing Elderly Neighbor Ch. 03


Just thought I would share a bit more of my early experience teasing our old neighbor Frank.

Our "relationship" has now moved on a lot. This part relates to the next bit of teasing and more that I enjoyed.

As I have said I had enjoyed teasing Frank for a while . I have already shared the experiences about teasing him in my bathing suits and also on a trip to a local store.

I had decided to be a little more blatant with my teasing as I had been getting so worked up about it. On talking to Mike, my hubby, he agreed to letting Frank see a little more of me, providing I could guarantee his discretion and that I didn't go too far (basically full sex was a no no!)

I had decided I was going to make it obvious I was showing myself off in a blatant manner and see how things would progress from there.

This is what happened.

I had bumped into Frank on the stairs again and had made a comment about going into town to do some shopping for a new dress for my works Christmas night out. I had informed him I had some time off work and I hoped this would plant a seed in his mind.

On the day before I was due to be off, I again saw Frank as I came home from work and he asked if I was still heading to the local shopping center the next day.

I told him I was and as I expected he asked for a lift as well as he had some "shopping" to do.

I readily agreed and said I would pick him up in the morning.

That night Mike and I had a great fuck. I was really worked up and excited about the next day.

We fucked for ages and had a good long sex session. Mike plastered my face in his spunk, telling me to think of "good old Frank" as he showered me with his goo.

The next morning Mike left for work with a gentle reminder to me not to get too carried away!

I had decided I was going full out again, so I dressed as provocatively as I could for the weather and also as I was heading into a very public place!

I wore my black skirt, just a few inches above knee length without being a full mini.

This allowed me to wear a pair of my black hold up stockings as well. I also wore my black lacy bodice top and a sheer see through black blouse.

The look was topped off with a pair of my black patent stilettos and also some red lipstick and blusher, more make up than I would normally wear during a day trip!

I decided I could get away with no knickers! I felt so wicked and horny!!!

I also felt a bit over dressed for a simple shopping trip, but this heightened my feelings of sexiness, and I was sure Frank would feel it odd I was so "made up" and hoped he would get the message and maybe make a move.

I walked down to his apartment, my legs trembling and my cunt moistening with each step.

I knocked on his door and he quickly answered.

He seemed impressed. His eyes were devouring me ... I could feel him ogling my tits in the sheer top and as I turned to walk out to my car I could feel his eyes on my legs.

I made a display of getting into the car and my stocking tops were clearly shown on occasions.

I could again see him eyeing my legs up. We drove for a few minutes, chatting as we did so, and my skirt was riding up with each gear change.

Unlike the last time I did this I was now displaying a pair of encased stocking clad legs, and not bare ones.

I thought this may have been obvious enough as a bit of a come on to him ... I needn't have worried ... it was!

After a couple of minutes he simply turned to me and said, "God Anna you have the loveliest legs! Sorry for looking but I cant help it".

"Oh thank you Frank" I replied...

"Sorry if I'm embarrassing you, would you like me to adjust myself a bit?"

He simply smiled and said " Not at all, if you have no objection, just leave it as it is Anna. I saw a lot of your legs and a bit more when you where in mine the last time ... If you don't mind I would love to just look"

"Feel free" I said. " Just let me know if you like what you see".

"Oh I love it " was his response.

He made no attempt to touch me at all, he just sat and looked at my legs as I drove and as my skirt rode up and down with each gear change and breaking manoeuvre.

It took about 15 tense and exciting minutes to get to our destination. As we pulled into the car park Frank turned to me and asked outright

"Have you enjoyed showing me yourself today Anna?".

I decided this was the time to come clean so to speak!.

"Oh yes Frank and I hope you have enjoyed the view so far and all the other times you have seen me".

We chatted for a few minutes and he admitted to having watched me for a couple of years.

I admitted to him about my "teasing" and "accidental flashing" and how much it had excited me and Mike.

I was getting so damp down below now, as I explained how Mike and I would talk and fuck after my teasing episodes and how I used my toys, veg and fingers etc to bring myself off.

Frank admitted he had often wanked over me, thinking of me and remembering the glimpses of my legs and tits I had given him ...

He added he had got a great view of my "young shaven cunt" the time in the garden with my thong swim suit on.

This was getting me really worked up.

"Do you want to see it again?" I asked him.

"But this time fully and with no knickers or anything on?".

He just smiled and laughed.

"What do you think?" he chuckled.

With this I said to him I would show him it all, but Mike, at this point,wouldn't let me fuck anyone else,and that he could touch and we would maybe see how things went from there.

He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek saying how he understood and how it would be our secret and that he would not let anyone else know.

With this I leaned over and faced him and asked for a "proper kiss".

We met in the middle and I said he could "French me" if he wanted too, stupidly asking if he knew what I meant!

He laughed again and said "you young 'uns didn't invent sex you know!".

We kissed for a while, his hands touching my legs and playing with my stocking tops, our tongues poking and lashing around, in and out of each others mouths,we snogged for ages licking each others lips, ... all the time my pussy getting really moist

At this point I received a text message from Mike asking how things were going.

I told Frank it was Mike asking how things were going. I then simply replied...

"Very well ... he is looking at my stockings now and I have snogged him already. His tongue has been down my throat for the past 5 minutes!"

Mike texted back almost immediately and as I texted him back, Frank sat playing with my now well parted legs, his hands straying up to my fanny area ... he let out an audible gasp as he realized I had no knickers on!

I let Mike know via text and said I would obey the rules and not to worry. Frank was now shaking.

"Oh fuck Anna, you dirty fucker, you've got no panties on"

"Oh that's for you Frank" I calmly said.

"You can get to see it all today and have a good fucking feel of me as well"...

"I've wanted you to get a good fucking look at me for ages, go on get your hands on my fucking soaking young married cunt Frank."

Again I hitched up my skirt so that it was now merely a crumpled waist band. I sat in our car in the car park with this old man acting like a fucking brazen tart.

My skirt all the way up, legs spread and my legs in stockings and heels..

"Go on Frank have a good feel of me, get a finger up me and tell me how wet I am for you" ...

He didn't need telling twice, a finger shot straight up my sopping pussy, as his thumb played with my rock hard clitoris ... He quickly entered a second finger up my hot, frothing gash and was mumbling to himself...

"Speak up" I asked..." Don't be shy Frank"

"Tell me what you think of it"...

He looked at me and said "Lovely Anna, simply lovely, your'e gorgeous. Thank you.Thank you".

I let him finger fuck me for a little while and then said to him.

"Don't hold back Frank, I love to hear naughty talk and I hope you don't mind me swearing?".

I looked at him and reassured him by really spreading my legs, lifting my arse up to pull my skirt right up and pushing my seat back as far as it could go.

I hooked a leg up onto the steering wheel for good measure. I poked my tongue out and running it over my lipstick covered lips ...

I then looked into his eyes and said. "You like it?"

"You like my shaven cunt? Mike loves to fuck it and he loves to get his whole fucking fist up me Frank ... I love being told how I turn men on"

He then began to tell me how hard his cock was getting and how he had watched me for ages...

He was really heavy breathing now as he continued. "Showing me your legs like a slut, flashing your cunt at me in my front room, like a dirty fucking bitch."

He went on as he brought me off with his two fingers up me and I frantically rubbed my clitoris at the same time..

"I've always guessed you were a cock teasing bitch and I bet your a right dirty fucking slut in bed as well aren't you, you sexy cow"

"Oh fuck yes Frank I'm a total whore in bed" I quickly and dirtily replied.

"I let Mike fuck my arse, cunt, mouth and I love to suck cocks Frank" ...

I came off heavily on his fingers, making them really sticky. I squirted my filthy juice as I climaxed ... I then put them to my mouth to suck off my cunt juice and he also had a taste of them as well.

"Are we going shopping today" he asked.

"I can come back later its not a problem" I replied. "Would you like to go back now or a bit later?".

He simply said "Oh fuck Anna I want to see you so bad"

(We agreed to go back another time together and arranged it for the next week ... I let him hold my hand as we went shopping together and also tried to get him to see some glimpses of me as I tried on some dresses etc)

I didn't bother straightening myself up, I just drove back with my legs out and my cunt on full display for him. All the journey he was toying with me and I was loving it.

After we got back to our flat we went inside. I had straightened myself up in the car before we got out and looked semi respectable again!

Once inside I contacted Mike via text to let him know we were home. He asked how things were progressing and I replied " nicely"

He again reiterated that I wasn't to get too carried away, and the no fucking rule, but he told me everything else was up to me.

Once I had finished I turned to Frank and could see he had a massive hard on ...I commented on it and asked if he wanted me to do something about it?

He of course said "Yes please Anna" and I got onto my knees in front of him.

I slowly undid his flies and let out a very nice looking cock. About 6 inches long and very well shaped..." Oh I can't wait to suck this Frank. Have you spunked lots thinking of me?"

He told me he had and that he had dreamt of seeing more of me and being able to touch me.

"Well you can touch away" Frank I said...

"Let me get you to spunk up in my mouth ... how would you like that?" ...

He gasped his reply "Oh fuck Anna I don't think I will last too long for you"

I told him not to worry and that I would get his cock hard again afterwards and that he was mine.

"You're going to shoot more than one load today", I added.

I let his cock out and began to lick it slowly, up and down his full knobbly length and then took him into my mouth fully.

I managed to fit the full length of his hard prick into my eager mouth, and began to suck him off properly.

I pouched him into the side of my mouth, slobbering all over his knob and looked up at him as I did so ... I then began to wank him in and out of my mouth and within a few seconds he was oozing delicious, sweet precum and then he began to spurt into my mouth.

"Oh Anna", he moaned as I took his full creamy load into my mouth ... I swallowed eagerly and after his third violent spurt he was almost finished cumming ... One more small spurt and my throat had received all his load.

I licked my lips and looked up at him.

"OK Frank, lets get ourselves comfortable ... I will show you how dirty I can be and give you time to recover ... and then I want your tongue up my cunt and I want your prick back in my mouth"

I stood up and walked into my bedroom, telling Frank to get fully undressed whilst I got my vibrators.

When I got back he had stripped off naked and was sat on one of our armchairs. I stood in front of him and lifted up my skirt to show my stockinged legs and shaven pussy.

I then proceeded to pose around the room in various positions, flashing my arse and cunt to him. As I did so, he was commenting on me and telling me where to pose next.

"Lift your leg up Anna, Bend over and show me your arse, pull open your arse cheeks a little ... Oh fucking hell you dirty cow!!"

He went on for a while getting me into various positions and watching me using my vibrator and a candle to fuck myself in front of him ... I posed in all manner of ways and was absolutely soaking wet and had cum off twice whilst fucking my aching wet fanny with my vibrator.

At this point Mike rang on his mobile.

He had left his work and was in his car ...

I spoke to him as I sat and played with my cunny for Frank ... my vibrator humming away in me...

"Can you hear it love? ... Can you hear my wet cunt being fucked by our toy?? You can oh good ... Oh Frank? He is sat in front of me ... I sucked him off a little while ago ... Oh yes a lot".

I turned to Frank and said, "Mike was asking if you spunked much."

I then put the phone on loud speaker as I got up and began to undress myself ... I gave Mike a running commentary as I did so.

"Yes I'm getting naked now love ... Yes I will leave my stockings and heels on ... Are you gonna fuck me in them when you get home?"

Mike was responding from his phone.

"Show him what a slut you are darling"

Frank was getting stiff again so I walked over to him and fucked my pussy with a candle inches from his face...

"You fucking like it Frank? You like seeing my young cunt stuffed ... You wanna taste it, you want to get your fucking tongue up my soaking fucking cunt?" ... I was virtually shouting so that Mike could hear me acting like a whore for our old neighbor.

Frank stood up and spoke..." Oh yes you little fucking whore ... I am going to lick you fucking dry you slut.".

He was really joining in and was loving it judging by the state of his prick.

"Mike I can't thank you enough for this ... I love your wife and fuck she is such a slut!"

I smiled. This is what I had wanted for ages.I wished I could have had his old cock up me but at this time Mike said that was not allowed.

I got onto the floor telling Mike what I was doing all the time ... Frank joined me and we got into a 69 position.

I greedily gobbled on his rock solid cock. Slurping and moaning as much as I could to let Mike hear me.I was so turned on and my pussy was heavily leaking a load of cunt cum.

Frank used his tongue and fingers on me expertly. Using his 70 years of experience well.

I was cumming heavily on his tongue and he had 3 fingers up me fucking me vigorously with them as I bucked against his fingers ...

I shouted to Mike on the phone, letting Franks hard knob plop out of my mouth as I carried on wanking him slowly

"Oh fuck I'm cumming ... I'm cumming Mike ... Frank is fucking me so hard with his fingers and his tongue is lapping my sticky clit and cunt ... He's fucking great darling ... I want to be his whore, his fuck and suck toy ... Oh Mike I love you and I love Franks fucking cock in my mouth"

Frank was moaning and gurgling away underneath me at the same time...

"Your wife's cunt is fucking tasty Mike ... what a slut ... what a fucking cock loving little slut".

I came off heavily at this point flooding Franks mouth and smearing his face as squirt after squirt from my shaved quim jetted out. Frank then began to spunk up as well.

"I'm spunking now ... Oh fuck Mike ... I'm gonna spunk on Anna".

He was clearly loving telling my husband how he was enjoying me and how he was loving treating me like I how to be treat ... as a cock lover!

He shot off. The first spurt flying in the air and landing beside me ... the next three spurts where guided by me onto my face and into my hair ... All the time I was telling Mike how much Frank was spunking up and where it was going...

"Oh fuck its all over me love. He's fucking shooting so much, christ hes creaming everywhere ... I'm fucking covered..."

We lay together for a while as Mike said "cheerio" and how he was going to enjoy his reward when he got in later.

After we got up and tidied ourselves up, me wiping all the cum off my face, we relaxed together on our settee.We had a little kiss and cuddle and agreed this was going to be fairly regular occurrence from now on.

Mike and I had a magnificent fuck that night and took some pics of me dressed in the same outfit and using the same vibrator and candle on myself again.

Since then I said goodnight to Frank most nights by going downstairs in various states of attire.

The very next night I went totally naked except for a pair of my heels to him and Frank brought me off with his fingers at his doorway.

I will add more about how things developed with Frank...and some of his old friends!

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