Teasing Faith


*Disclaimer: All of the characters and places in this story are the creation of Joss Whedon and his team. All I have done is insert my little story into his blank spot.


A dim light flickered within the small basement as he rested upon his knees, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead. His body shook a bit harder as he pushed himself; it was not time to finish, not yet. His hands moved down slowly to the sword that rested upon the floor and he sighed; he could barely stand. His entire body seemed to shake from the exhaustion that had taken him; the need to rest was great but he pushed on.

Raising the blade he began to move, his body shaking with each step; his arms felt as though the weight of this blade would tear the limbs from his form. Closing his eyes he sank his teeth into his bottom lip as he stepped again, the blade swinging with as much force as he could put behind it in his current state. He cursed himself under his breath as he fell again and sighed.

Shaking a bit he stood once more, nearly falling again his hands moved to use the sword for support. He was weak, but he shouldn't have been, he had only been training for four hours; he sighed. 'How time flew when he was having fun', he whispered under his breath with a soft laugh. This wasn't what he wanted to do, no it was what he must do.

Shifting again he began to move, pushing himself forward harder. His body shaking with each step, his eyes wide, his legs nearly giving way but he did not try to stop it, not this time. Taking in the room, he noticed something, the walls; were they always spinning like that? He couldn't recall.

His body fell, the sword gliding from his finger tips as it drifted along the floor, his form lurched forward as his mouth parted; he could not hold it back. His throat extended as he shook and he felt it, his lunch hitting the ground, he sighed and saw the pizza he had eaten; shaking his head he forgot that he had missed dinner.

Letting out a sigh he lifted up a mop and moved, cleaning up the mess and shaking his head; his form was coated in a cold sweat. His body was shaking beyond control and each step he took felt as though it would be the last.

Biting into his lip again he placed the cleaning utensils into the closet and stepped up the stairs, his arms holding onto the railing trying to support himself. Sighing once more he pulled his leather jacket onto his bare chest and reached into the closet grabbing a small canister before heading outside.

A soft splashing sound could be clearly heard with each step he took, the contents of the liquid splashing within the canister as he walked. Sighing he stopped at the gate within the cemetery and looked about, his eyes shifting, body shaking. He could sense it, someone ready to rise.

Shifting towards a fresh grave he stopped and bent forward reading the name Emily Jackson, a female; he hated doing this to women. Lifting the canister again he let the contents spill out onto the grave and stepped back; pulling a cigarette out of his pocket he placed it upon his lips.

The Zippo he kept close in his pocket came out in a 'Silver Flash' and the flame kissed the end and he inhaled deeply. He waited, knowing well that leaving the grave was a taxing experience and was quite disorienting to the newly undead.

Stepping back he let the ashes fall on the grass before he saw a hand appear digging out of the earth. Licking his lips he waited, watched, wondered and saw the head, then the torso. Turning he tossed the smoke away, it was only half used but he didn't care, he wasn't in the mood to finish it.

A scream could be heard coursing through the graveyard as the smoke hit the dirt, the gas that had been poured on the grave shooting up in a hot flash. The soft smile that had touched his lips curled into a wicked grin, he enjoyed this, loved it. He did not know why but there was just something arousing about it.

Grinning he began to move away and smiled, just listening to the sweet sound of her screams until they ended, he knew what was left, just a pile of dust. He let out a sigh; she was lovely, her beauty had been immortalized by her sire but he took that way. It was not something that he wanted to do but he did it anyway.

He was who he was, a lone warrior - a - what had Wesley called him, a rogue demon hunter. He let out a laugh at the comparison of him to Mr. Price, but he didn't care. It was time to go, time to head home, to get some rest; there would be another rising tomorrow and he intended to meet her with a warm welcome.

She sat within the graveyard resting upon a tombstone, her flowing brown hair drifting along her back as she smiled to herself; she was in the mood for a bit of fun. Hopping to the earth her eyes drifted, hands brushing a bit of dirt off the blood red leather pants she wore. Her fingers gliding up towards the halter top she was ready for a night of fun at the bronze. Her lovely form moved through the small paths, a smile touching her lips as she went; she had no fear.

Whatever hopped out at her, she was ready; she would always be ready. Her eyes stopped upon the earth, a hand, how lovely. Stepping towards it she locked her own small fingers about its wrist and gave it a tug, yanking the creature out from its grave. She wanted a fight and this one looked like he would do.

Her body moved, her fist flew, she felt the connection, felt him fall back, then the rush as he came towards her. She only smiled and tried to move away but he wasn't as dumb as he looked. His movements turned; his legs pushed off a stone and he came back at her catching her off guard. She fell back with him landing on top of her. She could only smile that wicked smile

"If you wanted to be on top baby, why didn't you just tell me," she asked with a wink, grinding her hips up towards him before watching him lean in, his true face now visible.

Fangs became visible from parted lips, she shook a bit, loved this, the rush of it, the feeling of power. As he lowered himself towards her she smiled, and shifted a bit. Her wooden stake pierced his heart. The cloud of dust erupted where he lay and she sighed standing up.

"I hate it when they cum prematurely, I wanted to have a bit of fun with him." She shook her head and began down the path. Her hunger was now growing, as it always did after a good kill, but she did not want any food, no this was a hunger that could only be sated with a nice hard umph.

She grinned and began moving, hoping to find a nice guy at the bronze, - or maybe two. Who knows? She was feeling frisky today. She wanted to get in, have her fun, and get out. No names needed, they weren't ever needed really, just got in the way of the fun. Why know his name, you will be forgetting it tomorrow. 'Right?' she told herself as she headed towards the exit of the small graveyard.

A loud scream caught her attention though, the scream and the scent of smoke. Burning flesh, great another thing to slow her down; or was it just a bit more foreplay? She didn't really know but intended to find out.

Her eyes turned and caught the sight of the flames and she broke off into a quick dash; her body turned a corner quickly only to find him, an attractive male with a wicked grin, and the burning corpse of a vampire. Before she could say a word the flames were gone and he was moving, moving away. She smiled; he loved it, the kill, the joy of watching another life snuffed out, as much as she did. Was he a kindred spirit, another like her? Another one with the same lust for the kill, he seemed to be.

She took off towards him and called out "Hey wait up!" before grabbing hold of his arm to make him face her.

"What do you want?" came the deep voice of the man before her, his eyes as bright as the sun, a lovely gold.

"I'm busy, don't have time to sit and chat idly with some little girl looking to get her rocks off. Why not just run along and play, find yourself a boy toy."

His words were cold, his eyes showing a light that could not be seen within him. She stared at him, unaware of what to say to that. She liked it, and him. Her hands moved to his chest and she pulled him back.

"No way stud, think you can just get me going and run off?" Her hands moved and his buttons flew, shirt torn in two.

\"I could ride you at a gallop until your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up. I've got muscles you've never even dreamed of. I could squeeze you until you popped like warm champagne, and you would beg me to hurt you just a little bit more."

Her smile simply spread as her tongue darted across her lips. Taking in that wicked smile Arthur simply shook his head; the girl was a bit too foolish for her own good. But she would learn; oh she would learn.

His fingers danced gently along her cheek as he probed her thoughts with his own, a simple take for a telepath. He could work her up with a single thought but there was no fun in that. Licking his lips he half smiled and stepped away before he began.

The movement of his hand was a slow one, but each feather light touch was attached to a thin physic cord that shot straight down to her core. The softest brush of her cheek caused her body to shake uncontrollably but he made sure that it did not give her the satisfaction, the final nudge over the edge that would come much late - or not at all.

Smiling to himself he stepped towards her and brushed his lips along her neck, kissing down towards her pulse, feeling the quickened beating that rested below her flesh. His tongue darted past his half parted lips and caressed softly, tasting her for the first time and savoring it.

Reaching for her shirt he pulled upon it gently, pulling his lips back long enough to remove the fabric that covered her flesh before they once more found the sweetness of her neck. He could smell the mixed scent of perfume and sweat; the fight she had must have left her in this state and he would continue it.

He knew this slayer quite well, and how she acted. She moved without fear and acted upon desire; he would see just how far this desire could take her. Shifting slowly down her neck he let his lips gently brush, teasing them along her collar bone smiling to himself as he watcher her carefully, He made certain he did not break that physic link holding her at the brink of orgasm but never letting her fall, never letting her bathe within the sea of ecstasy.

Pulling his lips away he took in her form before he began to move again, kissing slowly down her chest, finding her bra covered breast, letting his eyes dart slowly across them. He licked his lips then began to slowly brush his tongue over one tit, teasing it with just the tip, before biting down, tasting both fabric and flesh.

Her eyes closed as her body shook, she could not understand what was going on. She felt the familiar shaking within her flesh, he was arousing her she knew that much, but what she did not understand was why she seemed to be at the breaking point in almost an instant. His every touch, every caress was driving her insane and yet she could not seem to break the spell.

She pushed at him but her arms did not seem to budge him, he wasn't that strong, what was causing her to lose her strength so quickly. The smile that spread upon his lips simply grew when he felt her hands pushing at his chest, he knew she loved to be on top, but this time the slayer would have to sit back and enjoy. His hands reached around her, a soft flick of his fingers had her bra falling from her ample bosom. It wasn't hard to see that she was aroused; she could cut more then glass that was sure.

His lips curled into a soft smile as he spoke a simple phrase; a cooling spell wrapped about his crimson lips and he wrapped them about her nipple, sucking as gently as he could. Pulling back he whispered again, and watched as his lips glowed once more, coated with a blazing light. He could feel the flames that rested within them.

Grinning he touched her nipple again and watched as her knees nearly buckled. Her hand shot out in an instant to grip into his shoulder, he was driving her insane, she could barely stand, and had no idea what was going on. His lips had changed from cold as ice to burning hot in a matter of seconds and the sensations went straight to her core. She knew she was drenching the thong she wore today and silently cursed herself for putting it on.

She had met his type before, the kind of guy that loved to tease, and he would take his time with it. Biting into her bottom lip she tried with all that she had to stop herself from letting out a moan, tried to sink her teeth in harder but if she bit down any more she knew that she would draw blood.

Hissing out in a slight bit of pain she let out a scream as her body shook; he was going to pay, she knew that. She just didn't know what she was going to do to get him back. The smile that spread across his lips was a wicked one, and he knew that it would not be leaving his face anytime soon. His lips finally pulled away from her nipples to be replaced by his fingers and he smiled more broadly, a gentle smile that hid what lived behind those piercing golden eyes

His tongue dashed past his lips and began to move, gliding down along her stomach, swirling once about her belly button, the tip caressed her skin as it explored. He moved it lower so very slowly, brushing it gently along the edge of her leather, teasing it before his fingers found the button. Pulling it apart he lowered his lips, never letting his eyes move away from her own.

Grinning he sank his teeth into the zipper and pulled it down as slowly as he could, finding her just the way he wanted, soaked through. Licking his lips he brushed his tongue slowly along her thighs, pulling the tight fitting leather pants down lower, inching them down her legs, giving her thighs the softest of bites as he added each piece of clothing to the pile he had began.

His teeth sank into the tender flesh and he once more began to suck, grinning as his tongue caressed the flesh just below her core; the scent of it drove him wild. Her fingers found his hair, and locked within it tightly, holding him in place. She wanted him to move up, to feel the caress of that tongue along her lips, to feel them part her and drive deep within her core.

Her eyes closed and her lips parted, she was nearly begging but she could not do it. She was the slayer, she was faith. How could she ever beg anyone for anything? Biting into her lip she pressed her hips forward and tried to reach for that tongue, but it was all in vain.

He wasn't going to give in easily, and she was going to have to suffer and wait. His hands moved up towards her core and began their gentle teasing, the softest of caresses could be felt as he parted folds and looked at her core; she was damp quite damp and he felt his own hunger beginning to grow.

Moving his tongue he rolled it slowly along her lovely lips and dipped it into her before stopping and pulling away. His teeth sank into her soaked through panties and he pulled them down along her legs. His fingers began a slow teasing lick. His tongue darted slowly tasting her, watching her body react.

He was still holding her there, keeping his mind locked upon her own, not letting her fall into that sweet sea just yet. He curled his tongue and brushed it gently along her g-spot, brushing it a few more times before his fingers gave her clit a soft pinch.

The combined effect of his thread and tongue were getting to be too much to handle. She was going insane. Her hands rested within his hair, they pulled at it, trying with all her might to get him to move, to keep him there. She tried to do anything but couldn't; she was going to scream.

Her eyes closed and her body shook and then she felt nothing, nothing at all. No tongue, no, body, nothing. She opened her eyes and looked around, trying to find him but he was gone, disappeared into the night, and with him he took her clothing. She swore under her breath and wanted to kill him but knew that she wanted to do something else first...

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