tagIncest/TabooTeasing GranPa Ch. 03

Teasing GranPa Ch. 03

byWyden Long©

For proof of age, read Chapter 1

Frank's relationship with his granddaughter, Kimmie, had now blossomed to the point where they could play off each other in public as well as private.

"I'm taking my granddaddy upstairs to fuck his brains out", Kimmie announced to the dignified businessman sharing an elevator with them.

As the startled man watched in disbelief bordering on insanity, Kimmie traced the outline of Frank's suddenly rampant prick to illustrate to their traveling companion that she knew exactly where it was.

"He loves it when I play with his prick, but he has Alzheimer's and doesn't know what I'm doing, do you, Gramps?"

Frank faked a drool. He had no idea how an Alzheimer's patient looked, but he counted on the other guy's ignorance to accept his depiction.

"Listen to him grunt when I show him my titties." She slipped her peasant blouse down until her firm beauties popped out the top, pointing toward heaven, which as far as the businessman was concerned, was no further away than her nipples.

Frank's groan wasn't faked. Neither was their buddy's.

"Does your granddaughter suck you off, Mister?"

"Uh, n-no, she doesn't."

"Why? Doesn't she love you?"

"Of course she loves me, I'm her grandfather, but she doesn't do that."

"Wouldn't you like it if she did?" Kimmie was licking her lips and playing with Frank's zipper with one hand. The other was rolling her nipples between her fingers. Her eyes were locked onto their companion, daring him to look away at what he really wanted to see.

"Sure, uh, NO, of course not! What kind of person do you think I am? Certainly not! Such a suggestion is unthinkable."

"Well, my gramps really digs it. Don't you, lover?"

Frank dug deeper into his repertoire of fake expressions and came up with a big, goofy grin.

"See? See how much he digs it? If you think he likes that, wait till you see this!" Kimmie whipped Frank's zipper down and reached inside, but she had timed it just as the elevator reached the floor the man had punched. As the doors opened, she stood quickly and flipped her blouse back over her nipples, leaving the businessman to exit into a crowd of his fellow conventioneers, sporting a raging hardon and a huge wet spot on his trouser leg.

They grinned at each other and punched all the numbers, leaving the poor turd to work it out.

"Think his granddaughter is in trouble now?", she said.

"I just hope she's not underage", he replied as Kimmie unzipped him for real and licked all the precum off his dick before it got all over his pants like the other guy's.

"That was fun, Gramps. What can we do now?"

"What time is your mom's plane due in?"

"Around four. We have time for another scene or two. Got any ideas?"

"Give me a second. Wait! I know. Let's go to a movie."

"We don't have time for a movie."

"I don't intend to stay for the whole movie. Do you still have that vibrating egg in your purse? The one with the remote control?"

"Yeah. What's the plan?"

"Come with me and pick up on my tune. It's in the key of fuck-sharp."

"Some day I'm going to leave you, old man."

"By the time you're tired of me, I'll be in my casket while they try to get the lid closed."

"We must be in Iowa. There's way too much fucking corn here." =========================

"This movie will do. It's R-rated and starts off with some pretty sexy scenes. Two for the balcony, please. This is my granddaughter. I will vouch that she is over 17."

"Where should we sit?"

"Sit where everybody can get a good look at you."

"Ok. Oooh, I'm all tingly. What should I do first?"

"Wait till the girl in the movie starts to take off her clothes, then wiggle around a lot while you get out of your panties and hand them to me without trying to be too shy."

"Shy? What is that word?"

"Work at it. See if anybody is watching while I sniff them. My, our friend in the elevator wasn't the only one excited by that little scene of yours, was he?"

"Shut up and suck before all my juices dry up. Now what?"

"Put your knees on the seat-back in front of you and insert the egg. Take your time. Make sure you have enough spit on it to slide in easily. Wouldn't want to damage your tender tissues, would we?"

"Oh, Gramps. You must really love me a lot to worry so much about me."

"More than you can imagine, love. That's the way. We're getting a nice little audience now. Just keep watching the movie and time your reactions to it."

Frank gave her a few minutes to get her gig going. When she was beginning to groove on the role, he hit the fast forward button on the egg.


"Holy shit! Gramps! You nearly blew my mind."

"Your mind? I don't think anyone in the balcony is watching the movie any more. Pull your skirt up, lean back and wet your fingers. See if you can tell when the next buzz is coming."

"I don't know about Buzz, but I'm cumming already. You got me with the first one."

BUZZZ!! BUZZ!!!! BuzzzzzzzzzYY!

"Damn, that thing is loud in here. It's a good thing we aren't trying real hard to be discrete."

"Well, you may not be, but I certainly am." He nudged her to look at his prick which he was holding alongside his leg while he very discretely squeezed it.


Kimmie was bouncing all over her seat, head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth gaping, finger on her clit, sliding down slowly, cumming back up, massaging clit in circles, wetness flowed, rubbing harder, rubbing harder, rubbing harder, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Thanks for the line, Stix).

Nobody in the balcony was making any effort to cover up what they were doing now. This wasn't some sleazy two-bit porn theater, it was a respectable mall complex, filled with salesmen and housewives. Oh, come to think of it_..

Kimmie slid to her knees in front of Frank and swallowed his sword in one smooth slide. She was getting very good at it now. She knew just exactly when to open her throat muscles and how much suction to apply when she started humming. She even knew his favorite tune. "He'll be Cumming Round the Mountain". It was over very quickly. Frank had been ready to go since the elevator trip and had held his load back only by pinching the tube while Kimmie was blasting off.

Her suction kept everything nice and neat so they were able to exit the theater looking totally respectable while their fellows were still struggling to get everything put away.

On the way out, Kimmie whispered to the manager. "Sir, I don't want to complain but that man in the checkered sport coat was playing with himself. That's why we are leaving early. He's sitting right down there. See his arm moving?"

They ran out giggling to each other as the manager ran down to deal with the klutzy salesman who hadn't put his equipment up soon enough.

"Here, Gramps. You drive. I want to moon somebody."

Kimmie mooned damn near everybody on the quick trip to the airport.


"Shit, Gramps. I almost forgot that my butterfly was still in. Should I take it out?"

"No, leave it in. I read a story about that on Literotica once that was pretty good. When security pulls you out of the line, I'll go ahead to meet your mom. We'll pick you up on the way back." (See "Ben Wa's Won't Pass Security")

"Ok, but leave it on low this time. I don't think I could do another full-blown one so soon after the movie."


"Like that?"

"That's great."


"Oh shit, is that me?

"Please step over here, Miss, and hold your arms out."

"But I don't have any metal on me. I don't hardly have anything on me. See?" Kimmie whipped the bottom of her blouse up over her tits and back down just quick enough to flash everybody in the security line. There were many appreciative smiles, but not from the security person.

"Miss, I'm afraid I must ask you to cooperate and stop treating this serious matter as a game. We are all professionals here and are not affected by your actions. However, we have the authority to arrest you if you do not follow our instructions in a serious manner."

"Ok, ok. Just trying to help."

Frank gave her a grin and walked on past as the security attendant tried to understand what that buzzing sound was and why her metal detecting wand was going off over Kimmie's crotch. By this time, she was becoming very suspicious that Kimmie was smuggling a gun or a knife between her thighs and took her into an examination room.

"Dad, Dad! Over here." Alice saw him first and was waving as she ran toward Frank. "Where's Kimmie?"

"Oh, just a little mixup at the security check point. We can pick her up on the way out."

"Well, how is everybody? Is she spending too much time at your house? Is she making a nuisance of herself? She said you bought her a car. You never bought me one."

"What kind would you like? Are you willing to do what Kimmie did for hers?"

"What Kimmie did? What did she do? Are you telling me_.?" Alice ran out of steam as Frank stood, quietly grinning.

"Oh, not much. She just agreed to be my sex slave for the rest of the time she is in college."

"Oh. Oh, I get it. Boy! You really had me going there for a minute. Ok. What was the real reason?"

"The absolutely real, true, honest reason I bought her the car is because she is my granddaughter, she wanted it and I love her. Isn't that enough?"

Alice seemed a bit embarrassed by the reasonableness of his answer after she had imagined all sorts of deviant sexual things going on between them. Granted, her father's extreme sexuality had never been a secret to her. She remembered trying to sleep many nights while the headboard on the other side of the wall from hers banged against that wall_again and again, over and over and over again until she was afraid that her finger would fall off before he was finished pounding her mom. They must have had a great sex life. She could still hear her mom's screams in her mind.

"Oh, Frank! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Ram that big fat dick all the way up my cunt. Tickle my tonsils with it. Slam your balls against my ass. Ooh, I'm cumming again. Bite my nipples! That's it! That's it! Cum all over me. Oh how I love your cum. Let me clean you up so we can go to sleep. Oh, you taste so good."

Alice had laid there every night for years, trying to imagine what they were actually doing. She could only imagine it because she had never seen anyone, even in movies doing anything that sounded remotely like the activity going on in her parent's bedroom. It wasn't until she was married that she began to have a true appreciation for what her parents had shared and she envied them so much. She and her husband had sex on a regular basis, but never the wild, loud, uninhibited fuck me, fuck me, fuck me kind of sex she had grown up listening to.

Eventually her need to experience this part of life had led her to experiment with a coworker. Some people are able to conceal affairs for years. Alice's husband caught her after the very first time. He came home early for the first time since they were married and arrived just after she had returned from her tryst. She was on the toilet, wiping her lover's cum from her wet pussy when she looked up to see Jim standing there watching. He never said a word_just turned and walked away. He sent for some of his suits and had the divorce papers delivered to her at her office. No accusations, no hysterics_just no husband.

The succeeding few years had been taken up with getting Kimmie through school. When she left for college, there was a gaping hole in Alice's life that she had tried to fill with sex, but nothing had ever come close to the experiences that still rang in her ears. Now the person responsible for those sounds was standing next to her and had just triggered her memories of those times with his comment. For the first time, Alice realized that she hadn't merely hoped to find someone to make her feel that way. Her fantasy had always been to take her mother's place with the same man who had made her mother feel so wonderful.

She suddenly realized that her panties were soaking. Her father's arm around her waist as they walked felt so comforting and so strong that she wanted to stop right there in the airport lobby and kiss him. So she did. In her younger days, she would have immediately repressed the idea as foolish and would have worried about public reaction. Fuck public reaction! That was what she had been learning to think, lately. Why let what others might think control your life?

Alice moved in front of Frank, forcing him to stop and threw her arms around him. "You didn't kiss me hello, Daddy". She lifted her lips and closed her eyes, hoping that he would go along with her.

By the time she broke from their embrace to catch her breath, she felt as if all the buttons on her ticket had been punched. The rush of emotion she experienced as her father's tongue entered her mouth and played against her palate almost made her nipples give off a "sproing" sound as they popped out. Her hairdo was a mess, she was breathing heavily and her skirt was twisted halfway around. Now her panties were really soaking!

"Wow! For an old man, you still remember some of your tricks, don't you?"

"Old? I'll show you old. After we pick up Kimmie in security, I'll race you to the parking lot and I'll carry your bags."

Alice's mind raced with plans for seducing the old fart. If he could make her feel like that with a single kiss in public, what would he do to her in private?

Kimmie was waiting for them at security, under guard.

"Kimmie, honey! What's wrong?"

"It's ok, Mom. I was a bad girl and did not properly respect the laws and procedures of the United States Government Airport Security Service. I have been arrested. (Did I do that right, Sheilah?)"

"(You did just great, Kimmie. Thanks for letting me keep the egg.)"

"May I go now, Ms. Russell? This is my grandfather and my mother. They will vouch for me."

"You may go, but remember, security is no joke. Your little prank could have diverted attention from someone who posed a true security threat, allowing them to gain access to an aircraft. Your relatively small fine will be much easier on you than if something had happened because of your antics that led to loss of life."

"I'll remember, Ms. Russell. Good bye."

"(Give me the remote, Gramps.)"

"Are you all right, dear?" Alice was very concerned about the security woman. She had nearly doubled up and there was a faint buzzing sound."

"It-it's nothing, ma'am. Just a little cramp." Sheilah grabbed the remote out of Kimmie's hand and palmed it before anyone else could see. The buzzing noise stopped.

"Ok, old man. I don't know what's going on here, but I probably never will, so let's get on with that foot race you promised me. You said if I beat you, I get a new car, didn't you?"

"Maybe, but what if you lose?"

"How many slaves do you need?"

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