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Teasing Me


I was a very horny teenager growing up. Horny, but nervous about girls my own age. I started to have a fascination about older women. I always envisioned any friend of my mother naked. I used to daydream constantly about my neighbors and would always dream up crazy fantasies where they would come on to me.

It was the summer after I graduated high school when things started to become more of a reality. Living next door to us was Mrs. Lafferty. She was a mother of three young girls and she was about 37 years old. She had brown curly hair, and a decent body with a nice tan from the Florida sun from which we lived under. She had decent c cup boobs with a respectable ass.

Every morning, my parents would leave for work and my sister for school, and I was left alone in the house. One morning at about 8:00, Mrs. Lafferty called asking for my mother. This seemed odd to me because she knew that my mother left before that for work.

Well she said that she had borrowed some wallpaper books from my mother and was wondering if she could return them. I said of course and she said she would be right over. Within 10 minutes, I heard the doorbell ring. I went to the door and there was Mrs. Lafferty wearing a bathrobe with her arms full of about 6 wallpaper books.

As I was about to grab the books, they suddenly fell out of her hands and crashed to the ground. I knelt down to retrieve them, as did she. She didn't actually kneel, but she squatted, which drew her legs and bathrobe apart. As I was picking up the books, my eyes were drawn to her position where her brown furry bush was peeking out from under her robe. I couldn't believe it. She sat there gathering the books and my eyes were locked on her bush.

From the way she was positioned, her pussy was clearly split open and I could see the pink folds peeking out. I was almost in a trance. After she had collected 4 of the books, she looked to me as she was making small talk and noticed the direction of my stare. "Oh my, oops!" And she abruptly stood up. "Excuse me Michael, I forgot about the way I was dressed". I pretended like I didn't know what she was talking about as she handed me the rest of the books and told me to tell my mother thanks.

I closed the door and couldn't believe my luck. I had just seen Mrs. Lafferty's pussy. My young dick was instantly hard and within seconds I was stroking to the vision of her pussy. I came in seconds, cleaned up and headed out the door to the gym.

I saw her many times over the next few weeks and she acted neighborly as usual. She was always friendly and we would talk about everyday things, mainly if I was ready for college to resume (I was a 19 year old sophomore). It became very uncomfortable for me to talk to her and it felt like she kept catching me stealing peeks at her nice C cup boobs or just envisioning her pussy beneath her shorts.

One day I was outside doing yard work with my father. Mrs. Lafferty strolled over and was talking about this and that with my Dad when the subject of spring/summer cleaning came up. She mentioned that her garage was a mess and they had a lot of things to move and get rid of. "With Bob's bad back slowing us down, I was wondering if Michael would be available to help us out? What do you say Michael? How does twenty dollars sound?"

Twenty dollars to a 19-year-old kid is decent money so I was more than happy to oblige. "Sure thing Mrs. Lafferty, when do you want me to start?"

"How about tomorrow? I have to bring the girls to day camp and should be back around 10am."

I was so excited. The next day was Monday, so my parents and her husband would be at work. I was nervous as well because I had to act like a gentleman so she wouldn't run and tell my parents about their perverted son. Since the flashing incident, she had not shown one inkling of a flirtatious manner. I was excited to be alone with her regardless. That night I had to beat off 3 times to finally be able to drift off to sleep.

The next day I showed up at 10 o' clock sharp. I soon realized that this was not going to be a stroll in the park as she had a ton of boxes to be moved to the curb. Then she had me reorganizing and stacking box after box. It was tough work, but I worked hard because I wanted to impress her with my strength. She wasn't doing close to as much work as me, but she was still working up good sweat. She had on a pink sleeveless shirt and some khaki shorts. I stole peeks at her every chance I could. She brought out some sandwiches at noon but we kept on working.

Finally at about 1 o' clock, we were about done. We were both drenched in sweat from the Florida sun. "Why don't we take a nice dip in the pool to cool off? I don't think anything would feel better right now," she said.

"Sounds great. I'll run home and put on my trunks."

"Don't be silly, I am not letting your mother wash those filthy clothes. I will wash them and you can wear a pair of Bob's trunks."

I wasn't going to argue so into the house we went. She soon came out of the bedroom with a pair of Bob's trunks and said," Go into the bathroom to change and then I will throw your clothes in the wash while we swim."

Once in the bathroom, I peeled the dirty clothes off and pulled up Bob's trunks. This guy was big and must have had a 40" waist. That was a lot bigger than my 32". With the trunks tied as tight as I could make them, they still hung low with a little bit of my pubes showing. When I came out of the bathroom, Mrs. Lafferty was waiting in her one piece. Her eyes immediately went straight to my pubic hair peeking out. "The suit looks a little big, but it's O.K., it's just us here."

She didn't have the best body in the world, but she looked damn good. Her boobs looked pretty big with a lot of cleavage showing and it looked like her nipples were hard. Her ass looked good and there was a definite "puff" in the front from that big bush. She threw my clothes in the washer and we headed for the pool.

As soon as I dove in, I knew I was going to have some trouble. My suit came down to my ankles. I quickly had it back in position before I came up for air. I don't know if she saw. We both floated around and relaxed for a while, but every time I looked at her tits, my dick got a little harder. I wanted so badly to go over and start touching her body, but if she wasn't down with it, she could tell my parents and I would be literally killed by my parents.

Soon she got out of the pool to throw my clothes in the dryer and grab us some lemonade. When she was on her way back out the condensation on the glass caused it to slip through her hand and it crashed to the concrete ground. It all happened so fast that her momentum carried her into it and she stepped on it. She shrieked out as the glass sliced the bottom of her toe. She immediately began hopping on one foot and sensing the urgency, I jumped out of the pool to offer my assistance.

I got out of the pool so fast that I didn't even notice that my trunks were around my thighs until I reached her. I was embarrassed as my half hard cock was swinging in the wind, but the moment was tense so I just pulled up my shorts and steadied her. "Carry me inside Please!!" She said.

I lifted her up and cradled her in my arms and started toward the house. Her body felt so good against mine and my cock was definitely coming to attention. I had a full-fledged boner after a few steps and it was rubbing on the small of her back as I carried her.

I brought her to her bedroom and laid her on her bed. She had calmed down considerably by this point now realizing that it wasn't that serious. My dick didn't calm down however. After I laid her down and stood up, I realized the only thing keeping my trunks up was my hard dick.

She directed me to get a towel for under her foot as well as some Band-Aids and disinfectant. As I was searching around, I was trying to talk my dick down, but it just wouldn't go.

I returned with all the materials and a boner and I was still dripping wet. I propped up her foot and cleaned the cut. It was pretty minor. I couldn't help looking down her leg to her pussy while I tended her foot. Her bathing suit was very snug against her pussy lips with a little hair coming out on both sides. This wasn't helping my dick. She was looking at my dick and I think she was finding it somewhat humorous. I applied a band-aid and the emergency was over.

She asked me to keep her foot elevated to stop the bleeding. I held it up and that just spread her pussy more. Her foot being raised also caused her suit to creep into her ass. She now had a clear view of me as both hands were on her foot and my dick was still holding up my shorts. My shorts were slowly starting to slip. I didn't know if I should let my shorts fall down or if I should release her foot and grab my shorts.

I held on to her foot and my shorts dropped. I was now very embarrassed and also very excited. My dick had never felt harder and I thought it was going to explode. She just stared at my cock.

"Michael, I am so sorry. Don't be embarrassed. Please hold my foot up a little longer. I had no idea that I was causing you to get that way. Do you have a girlfriend that takes care of that for you?" "No. I have never had a girlfriend."

"Do you masturbate to make your penis go down?" "Yeah, sometimes."

"I feel bad that you got like that from helping me. Why don't you put my foot down and relieve yourself."

I put her foot down and started to head to the bathroom. "No Michael. You can do it here. I want to watch you touch it. Is that OK?"

I walked to her side and started to stroke my dick. She just stared at me and watched as my hand blazed away. "Will this help you at all?" She said as she lowered her top to reveal an awesome pair of boobs with nipples that must have stuck out almost an inch. I didn't even know that nipples stuck out like that. She started to rub her boobs and pinch her nipples.

"Pinch my nipples Mike." I reached out and barely touched her left breast. She put her hand on mine and directed my hand around her chest. I started to pinch her nipples and it was making her body jump a little. That did it. I leaned forward and dropped an explosive load on her chest. I couldn't believe what just happened. I was starting to come back to reality. She reached over and grabbed some Kleenex and wiped up her chest.

"Let me clean you off. Come here." I approached her and she reached out for my cock and wiped it clean. Within 30 seconds I had a full-fledged boner again. I wanted more but then she just dropped it and that was that.

"Wow, you really had to get that stuff out didn't you? Thank you for carrying me in here and taking care of my foot. I think I will be ok, but would you mind helping me change?"

"Sure", I said, as I was still totally naked in her room. The cut was not bad at all and I knew she didn't really need help, but I wanted to stick around as long as possible.

She directed me to her dresser drawer and I took out some panties and a bra. I walked back to her bed where she was lying with her one piece around her waist.

"Michael, can you help me pull down my suit? I will scoot down towards you." She slid a little down to the foot of the bed where I stood. Spreading her legs, I stepped in between and grabbed the suit on each side of her hips and began to wiggle it down. As her pubic hair came into view I must have had my eyes as wide open as saucers.

Her bush was thick brown and actually quite long. As I pulled the suit further down her legs, her legs came together and straightened toward the ceiling. I took the suit over the feet and dropped it on the floor. She rested both of her feet on my shoulders and said, 'It really feels good to have my foot up like this. I hope you don't mind. I hope I am not embarrassing you by sitting like this, but it just feels better."

"No that is fine. I will stay like this as long as you would like." I was feeling more comfortable and began to look under her legs and saw those two big lips pressed together. My dick was still pointing towards the ceiling. I didn't know if she knew it so I leaned forward a few times so that it would touch the bottom of her leg. I was a young guy and my dick was no bigger than 6 inches, but that thing got hard at the drop of a hat.

I wanted to touch her pussy so bad. I could see a little bit of moisture appearing on the slit. Now this was starting to get to me. She had a simple cut on her foot and she was acting like her foot had been cut off. She must want me I am thinking!

I couldn't resist so I stuck out my hand and ran my finger along the slit.

"Michael! What are you doing? I understand that this is an awkward position, but you cannot touch me there. I have a husband and that would be cheating. I apologize, if I am being misleading but we simply cannot do that." What was this ladies deal? I jerk off on her chest and now I am holding her naked legs, but I can't touch her pussy? I was confused. As I look back, I realize that she was just a huge tease.

I figured the gig was over, so I asked if my clothes were ready to wear home. "Oh, shoot," she said. " I haven't put them in the dryer yet. Let me put an arm around you and we will hop down to the dryer."

So I helped her up, put her arm around me and we hopped naked down the hall to the dryer. I still was hard, and as frustrating as this was, I still liked being with my first naked woman.

She had to lean over the washer to fish my clothes out and that ripe ass was presented to me again. I leaned in a little bit and my cock brushed her ass and pussy. She just kept digging around but said nothing.

She got my clothes and transferred them to the dryer. She was now leaning over the dryer and once again I backed in. I had my cock rubbing the bottom of her pussy but not entering it. Once again, she didn't act like a thing.

It was like she was acting like if she couldn't see it, it wasn't happening, therefore it wasn't cheating. I could play it that way.

She had to reach up to get dryer sheets and when she came back down, I had my dick pointing straight up. She came right down on the head and began to address the amount of sheets to put in. I slowly started to work my dick in and she spread her legs a bit to allow it.

Once I broke the entryway, it slid right in. Oh man did it feel good!! I had never felt such a smooth warm thing in my life. I started to pull it in and out and she acted as if she still didn't even know. She was reading the box and really acting like nothing was happening.

This was a totally new feeling for me, and to be honest I was quite unsure with my initial movements. I just kept sliding my dick in and out. She leaned over the washer and placed her elbows on it. I could see those tits with the pencil eraser nipples swaying so I reached out and cupped them. I had both of her nipples between my fingers and I just kept pinching and pulling them. Everything felt so good to me I really was having trouble comprehending what was going on.

I put both hands on her hips and really started to piston in and out and she began to bounce back into my thrusts. I looked down and saw her brown hole looking back at me. I had heard about people sticking fingers in their girls asses but it always grossed me out. Now, I wanted in that ass!

I started to touch her hole and she really started to move around. After about 5 minutes, I felt this incredible warm rush, so I pulled out and came all over her back like I have never come before. She reached down and handed me a towel to wipe it up.

She then walked out to the kitchen, her foot miraculously cured and began to look in the fridge. She acted like it didn't even happen. She didn't say a word.

Pretty soon my clothes were dry, and we both got dressed. She thanked me for helping her and handed me twenty dollars. I was very confused, but I grabbed the money and walked home.

What a day. She never let me hit it again though. They moved shortly thereafter.

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