Teasing Mom


I shuddered as his dirt encrusted fingers first touched me around my belly. The old man's hands moved down the sides of my hips to the thinnest part of my thongs. Gripping them tightly, he snapped the material apart in two places, and tossed them onto the floor. Then he moved to the end of the bed and climbed on, in between my legs. As his hands rasped their way up my nylon covered calves and then thighs, I could see that his dick seemed to be getting even harder.

With his arms outstretched on either side of my head, the vagrant let the tip of his prick find its own way to my pussy lips. He used his hips to get it into just the right position, and then, almost to my surprise, he rammed it hard into my soaking wet honey pot. It caused me to cry out as I took the full length and girth of a real man for the first time in ages. I guessed it had been even longer since my dirty, old lover had buried his meat into a woman, because he pumped me with enthusiasm that I hadn't expected from one so old. As he lowered his face down to my breasts, he used his lips and gums to pull down my half-cups and expose both nipples completely. His rough, unshaven chin caused my skin to redden and chafe as he feverishly sucked on my two hard teats. I completely abandoned the inhibitions that any normal woman would have had as the old man tried to spear me even deeper with his manhood. But I had enough presence of mind left to remember why I was doing this in the first place. As I moaned, groaned and banged my fists on the bed in genuine enthralment at my situation, I took care to turn my head towards the hole through which I knew my son was watching me being used.

I wondered how Jason felt in the room next door. Was he pulling himself off? Was he wishing he could take the place of the old man on top of me? Was I wishing that it was really my son, and not the old man, on top of me? To be honest, at that moment I didn't care who it was fucking me as long as he didn't stop. The old man continued at a pace that was going to get me into a climax very quickly. I was breathing heavily and noisily. I raised my hands to the sides of the tramps head and pulled him up to my face.

'Kiss me, you filthy bastard.' I commanded.

As the old man moved his face towards mine, I saw his lips part and a pink tongue slipped out. Soon, that same pink tongue was in my mouth, exploring everywhere and anywhere it wanted. I could smell and taste the residue of cheap alcohol on his breath. The pressure of this mouth to mouth contact, combined with the noise of our slapping hips each time he gave me his full length, was the final straw. I cried loudly as my entire body wracked in orgasm. My legs wrapped tightly around my old lover's waist as I refused to let him go until my needs were sated.

It must have been the way my vaginal muscles contracted during orgasm that finally got the vagrant's own juices flowing. No sooner was I coming down from my own high, than I realised that the old man was about to empty his load into my belly. With his tongue still probing away in my mouth, and his saliva trickling down my throat, the old man gripped my shoulders with his long, claw like, nails and growled like a pig as I felt his hot liquid hit the walls of my womb. Whilst there was still some of his muck to come out, he released his mouth from mine, raised himself on his outstretched arms, and looked down to watch as his slippery dick slid in and out of my comparatively young sex hole. I had never let a man old enough to be my father have me before this, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good he performed.

When he had emptied his balls, the old man let his shrinking dick plop out of me, and rolled over and lay down by my side. After a few minutes, we were still both breathing heavily, and I ordered him to go down on me. His age was showing now as he struggled to move his head towards my pussy. But as soon as his tongue flicked at my clit and I began to massage his head, thus encouraging him to go deeper and faster into me, the old tramp's libido seemed to return. I turned my head to the hole in the wall and gave another dreamy stare to my son peeping on the other side. I could feel a second climax approaching as the vagrant licked and sucked feverishly at my cunny, his hands fondling my legs and long nails causing my nylons to run in several places. I bucked and screamed as he took me to the high point again, yet, even with all of my thrashing, he still managed to keep his mouth doing just the right things.

As I was calming down, I saw the old man stand up and move to the side of the bed. His tool was like a flagpole again. He took hold of me under my arms and effortlessly pulled me up the bed so that my head was flat against the headboard. Then, his old, thin body was straddling my breasts and his hard, purple knob was pointing right at my mouth.

'Open wide, lady.' he commanded.

I did as I was told and parted my lipstick smeared mouth. Steadying himself on the wall above the bed, the tramp eased his body forward. The smell of his musk seemed stronger than ever, but with my secret audience on the other side of the wall hopefully still watching, I wanted the sex to be the dirtiest possible. I raised my hands to the old man's hips to have some control of how deeply into my mouth I would take his dick. The dried on cum that I had seen earlier when I first pulled back his foreskin, had now all disappeared, leaving his hairy manhood glistening at the tip. To tell the truth, giving head is not especially pleasurable for me. Swallowing semen is like downing a cup full of snot as far as I'm concerned, and I never even let my ex-husband ejaculate in my mouth. The more cynical of you reading this may assume, probably correctly, that this may be the reason why he left me for an eighteen year old.

It was important not to let my peeping tom of a son see the disgust on my face as the old man's prick entered my mouth. It would have been bad enough had it been smooth, but having to suck on the moist pubic hairs that covered his penis made the experience even worse than normal. At first, he tried his hardest to thrust the whole thing into me. I had to use all my effort to keep his hips back as far as possible. When I felt I had him under control, I began to use my tongue on the hard, smooth and tight skin of his helmet. I rolled it around my mouth, gently biting on it first, then flicking my tongue into the slit. I stopped pushing back his hip with one of my hands, so that I could take hold of his meat and pull him off. But as soon as he sensed that my hand had gone, he slid his body forward towards me. His dick went to the back of my throat, causing me to gag a little. The old man took the initiative I had inadvertently given him, and grabbing both my arms, held them securely above my head, leaving him free to fuck my mouth just as he liked. He went easy on me for the first few strokes, allowing me to stop gagging and get used to his size. But then his tempo began to increase and soon my mouth was being used just like a pussy.

As I got into the stride of things, I began to realise that this must be a really sexy sight to my son. I mean, how often does a boy get to see his mom get screwed by an old down and out, then take it full in the mouth like this. I knew at that point that exhibitionism was something that really got me going, and began to wish that I had allowed myself to take part in threesomes all those years ago as my ex had often suggested. As the old tramp's sweaty, grimy body slapped against my face, I raised my eyes to his face. His lips were drawn back revealing the few teeth he still had left, and he looked like an animal. Just at that moment, the bedside alarm clock rang indicating that his hour with me was up. His eyes looked down and caught mine.

He shook his head from side to side.

'Not yet, lady,' he began, 'I'm not there yet.'

He had me well pinned against the wall, so I couldn't stop him anyway. My mouth was beginning to hurt now that it had been open so wide for over ten minutes. Suddenly, the old man began to groan loudly. At the same time, I caught a quick glimpse of his hairy balls tightening up. Then, almost immediately, his hot spunk was flowing into my mouth. Coming from this piece of human excrement, it tasted even more vile than I remembered. I felt it slide down my throat like half a dozen oysters going down at once. The old man took hold of his prick and made sure he'd shaken every drop out. I sensed that some of his muck had leaked out the side of my mouth and onto my chin. I didn't lick it off. I'd let it stay there. It would come in handy later. As he pulled his prick out from between my lips, a thin strand of cum made a bridge between us. The old man saw this and rubbed his bell end against my right cheek to clean it off.

I put my blouse and skirt back on as the old man got dressed. He never once took his eyes from me.

'I know what you said at the beginning lady, about this being our one and only time, but I'd sure like to fuck you again.'

'I'll bet you would.' I replied, with sarcasm. 'But there are a lot of men out there to get through.'

'What if I were to introduce you to this friend of mine.' he enquired, as I sat down on the bed and crossed my legs teasingly. I asked him why he thought I might be interested.

'Well, this friend of mine, he's about my age I suppose. He's big, if you know what I mean. And he's black. You just strike me as the kind of woman that would like to try a little coloured meat.'

I must admit that the thought of it was already making my mouth water. The vagrant could see it too. He had the sly, leering grin of someone who held the upper hand.

Again, talking loudly enough for my son to hear, I told the old man that he and his black friend could spend an hour with me the following Tuesday. I instructed him to get here at three o'clock, as my son wouldn't yet be home from college. In my mind, I wondered how Jason would manage to make it home in time for the show. Well, that was his problem, but I was sure he wouldn't miss the chance of seeing his mom getting well and truly laid by two old geezers, especially as one of them was black. It was just at that point, that I heard my son's bedroom door open then gently close. I smiled inwardly.

The old man and I walked silently through into the living room, where Jason was sitting in an easy chair pretending to read a book. My son never looked up as I thanked the tramp for helping me and said goodbye. Closing the front door, I sauntered over to the couch, still wearing my high-heeled ankle strap sandals, and sat down opposite my son. I crossed my legs and made small twirling movements with my raised foot. From the corner of my eye, I could see that Jason was giving my legs appreciative glances from the corner of his. Teasing him this way was making me as sexually excited as I had ever been before about anything. If he had been a normal son, then by now he would have remonstrated with me for allowing myself to be used by a dirty old man. Of course, if I had been a normal mom, then I wouldn't have been so indiscreet. We were both taking part in one of those 'I know he knows I know' type games, and for the time being it suited us both to pretend that the other didn't know.

For about fifteen minutes I sat opposite my son teasing him with the amount of thigh I was showing. In all that time he never once turned over the page of the book that he was pretending to read. Moving around in my seat, I could allow my skirt to, 'accidentally', ride up a little higher. Eventually, it got so short that the lacy reinforced tops were visible, hinting to Jason that if I let my skirt move up just a touch further, he would be able to see the bare flesh above. At this point, his glances became longer and less camouflaged. I decided to give him one final tease before leaving to have a long, hot soak in the tub.

I pretended to suddenly notice that each of my hold ups had runs in them.

'Look at these,' I said to Jason, standing up in front of him, parading my legs. 'You might have told me that my nylons had run.'

Now that I had given my son the all clear to look at me openly, he became quite shy. Fortunately for me, one of the runs was down the back of my left leg. So I felt it was a legitimate move to turn my back towards Jason, lift my skirt up so that the bare flesh above the hold ups was just visible, and ask him if the run went all the way to the top.

My son squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, trying to hide the bulge in his pants as he told me that the run did go all the way. His voice was almost inaudible. I was just so excited at the thought of showing myself like this to my own son in my own living room, and knew that I would have to get to the bathroom quickly and bring myself off again. So, sliding my skirt down to its proper length, I told Jason that I had had a very hard day and was going to take a bath before bed. Before I left the room, I bent down to offer Jason my right cheek to kiss. It was the cheek that still bore visible traces of the old man's dried on semen. As my son brought his lips to my face, I felt the slight touch of his tongue as he tasted the white powdery film. I wondered how much he was wishing that it had been his juices over my face.

But then, as I slipped out of the living room, leaving my son to think about what he had seen during the past couple of hours, I wondered how much I wished they had been his juices over my face.

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