tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeasing Neighbor

Teasing Neighbor


Lori Reyes came home from work that day with the intention of stripping, getting into the bath, and finishing the novel she had started earlier in the week.

As she made her way to her bedroom, a sly smile crossed her face. She so hoped her secret watcher was waiting for her.

Lori was good looking brunette in her forties. Curvy body, shapely legs. A sexy woman that drove the men in her office crazy with the short skirts she wore everyday. She worked out three times a week.

But she was still suffering from the after effects of a nasty divorce. Her ex had cheated on her with a friend: A FAT FRIEND. He left her and married the cow. Her pride had been wounded since. She now avoided all involvement with men and took extreme pleasure in torturing them in her workplace every chance she got. She really did not like the tight skirts and black pumps she wore regularly, but to see the look on their pathetic faces as the stared at what they never could have, gave her deflated ego a lift.

The only guilt she had was for the teenage voyeur next door.

Her bedroom window looked out to the house next to hers. The house had been empty until six months ago when a nice family of four moved in and took up residence. One of the four was a stocky boy of about seventeen that Lori gave no thought to…

Until the night she caught him watching her undress.

It was an innocent thing. She had been so use to no one next door that she had stripped down to her underwear when she noticed a face in the window next door. The boy was staring at her, transfixed.

She should have stopped. Should have given the pervert the finger and closed the blind. But she didn’t. She slowed down her movements and stripped until totally nude, and then closed the blinds. She never acknowledged she knew he was watching, and took pleasure in closing the blinds on him.

It had been like that since. Not every night, but she always looked to see if he was there. If he was there, she put on a performance for him. She once even masturbated, watching the boy do the same.

She felt guilty, but could not stop herself. If the boy got his adolescent thrills from this, let him. He was a stupid male anyway. Always thinking with their dicks. Tonight, if the idiot were there, she would use her vibrator and really give him a show.

Kevin, the stocky boy next door, was actually eighteen and was positioned behind Lori Reyes bedroom door waiting. He had broken in that afternoon after school (real easy: dumb bitch had left her backdoor open) and had spent the time going through her drawers and setting up the ropes on Mrs. Reyes’ bed.

Kevin was many things, but stupid was not one of them. Every since Mrs. Reyes had given him his first “show”, Kevin had made her his hobby. He found out where she worked. Found out about the divorce. Found out all he could about her.

Then he decided to rape her.

On Kevin’s computer were countless pictures and bondage and rape. He had always liked the sight of a tied up women. When he was sixteen, he had broken in to another neighbor’s home and tied and raped the woman who lived there. It had been his first sexual experience and he had kept the woman’s panties as a special trophy. Slept with them under his pillow.

Mrs. Reyes was twice as good looking as his first and he meant to punish her for teasing him.

Lori walked through the bedroom door and looked out the window. Damn, no boy.

A hand covered her mouth, and a knife was placed on her throat.

“Looking for me, Mrs. Reyes?” whispered a voice in her ear. “I figured since you liked to strip for me, I’d come over and enjoy it in person.”

Lori’s eyes were wide in fear. She felt the boy’s lips on her neck as he kissed her.

“Be good and I won’t hurt you. Understand. No screaming.”

Lori nodded eyes still on the knife.

Kevin took his hand off her mouth, grabbed her arm and spun her around.

“Please, don’t hurt me. I’m sorry. “ She smiled at him. “You really don’t want to do this.”

Kevin slapped Lori across the face. Lori staggered back. Tears of fear and pain appeared on her face.

“Strip for me, Mrs. Reyes. Just like before. Strip like the skank you are.”

Lori hesitated.

“Move, or I started slicing off parts of you.” Kevin stepped closer to her with the knife.

Sobbing, Lori stripped. First the blouse and the bra followed by the skirt. Fear welled up inside her as she saw the look in the boy’s eyes: a look of lust, and anger. A look that promised pain and maybe death for her if she disobeyed.

“Pull your pantyhose halfway down, Mrs. Reyes.”

Lori obeyed. She shivered with fear as the boy stepped ups to her, and passed the knife through the sides of her panties and yanked them off.

“Pull up the hose and kick off your heels, Mrs. Reyes.”

Lori obeyed. She shuddered as the boy leaned forward and sucked her nipples.

“I’ve wanted you for a long time, Mrs. Reyes. I am going to show you what happens when you tease someone too long. When you act like a worthless skank.”

“Please don’t do this. Don’t rape me,” begged Lori.

Kevin grabbed Lori by the hair and put the knife to her throat again.

“You need to be raped. If you had learned some respect, maybe your husband would have not left you for that woman.”

Lori’s eyes widened.

“How do you know about that?”

“I know everything about you, Mrs. Reyes. You have been my hobby.”

Kevin traced the point of his knife around Lori’s nipples. He enjoyed her cry of fright.

“ I tracked him down. He told me everything. Told me you were a lousy fuck. I wanted to see if that was true. Are you a lousy fuck, Mrs. Reyes?”

Lori didn’t answer. Her anger had risen at the mention of her ex.

Kevin hit her in the back of her head with the knife handle. She saw stars.


“NO I AM NOT!” Lori yelled back. Her anger surprised her.

“Then lets find out. Get on your knees.”

Lori did as she was told. A feeling of humiliation started to creep across her. She had just told the boy about to rape her she was good in bed. My God, could it get any worse, she thought.

It did. Kevin grabbed the back of Lori’s head and shoved his stiff cock into her mouth. Lori’s arms flayed at her sides as Kevin raped her mouth with brutal strokes. He pinched off Lori’s nose and panic set it. He was going to kill her. She was going to die with his penis in her mouth.

As suddenly as the attack started, it ended. Lori fell over on her side gasping for air.

“Well, you can suck cock Mrs. Reyes. I’ll give you that,” said Kevin with a chuckle.

“Fuck…you…” gasped Lori.

Kevin kicked Lori in the side. Lori screamed in pain.

“I like a girl with spunk, just not that much.”

He kicked her again. Another scream escaped Lori’s mouth.

“Don’t say that again, Mrs. Reyes. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand. Please leave now. Please stop this.”

Kevin grabbed Lori by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

“Still have to test your pussy, Mrs. Reyes.”

Kevin dragged her to her bed. Lori could see ropes hanging from each of the bedposts.

“No. Please don’t do this. NO!”

Lori started to turn and run. Kevin grabbed her around the waist and threw her on the bed. Lori tried to roll off, but Kevin got quick control of her with two solid punches to Lori’s stomach. Lori’s breath left her. Kevin quickly bound her spread eagle to the bed using the four ropes.

Kevin kneeled over her, hands kneading Lori’s breasts.

“You are a handful, Mrs. Reyes. I am going to enjoy raping you.”

Lori cried as Kevin lick down her belly to her thighs. She was helpless. She was at his mercy.

Kevin started to lick Lori’s clit through the pantyhose. Lori gasped.

“Bet your husband never sucked your pussy, Mrs. Reyes.”

With that, Kevin tore open the crotch of Lori’s pantyhose and buried his face into her crotch. Lori bucked against the ropes. He had been right, her bastard husband had never done this. Never pleasured her.

“OH GOD…I AM CUMMING….” Lori screamed as her orgasm washed over her. She was still climaxing as Kevin mounted her and drove his stiff cock into her.

Kevin raped her with slow long strokes. Taking time to kiss her neck and nipples as he took her. Lori was frightened and ashamed as this boy gave her second orgasm in a row.

Lori was…disappointed … when Kevin pulled out and began to untie the ropes holding her legs to the bedposts.

Her disappointment became fear and pain as Kevin tied the ropes the same bedposts where her wrists were tied. Her legs were now pulled above her head.

“Please stop. It hurts. YOU ARE HURTING ME!”

“Time to see how tight your ass is, Mrs. Reyes.”

“No. Don’t. I’ve never…NOOOO!”

She screamed in utter agony as Kevin entered her virgin anus. Kevin was not gentle this time. He raped her ass with hard strokes. Punishing strokes.

“Like that, worthless skank? Time to pay for teasing me, Mrs. Reyes.”

Kevin reached up and slapped Lori’s breasts as he sodomized her. He pinched her nipples determined to inflict as much pain before he came.

Lori stopped crying. She lay there letting the boy abuse her. What else could she do? She had teased the boy. And now she was paying the price.

She was still inert when Kevin came, filling her ass with his cum. He stayed in her until he softened, then rolled off her.

Kevin untied Lori and then kissed her cheek. He placed his knife on her jugular.

“Your husband was wrong: you are a fine fuck Mrs. Reyes. Now be good and don’t mention my visit to anyone. I really don’t want to kill a fine piece of ass like you. Understand?”

“Yes…I understand,” said Lori in a quiet voice.

Kevin smiled, kissed Lori’s lips and gathered all her clothes and left.

Lori passed out form exhaustion.

The next morning she called in sick to work. She took a hot shower, dressed, packed and went to a hotel. There she called a real estate agent to sell her home as quickly as possible.

Kevin placed Lori’s clothes next to him and slept with them like a child with a teddy bear….

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