tagRomanceTeasing Rene

Teasing Rene


Karina Rene and I first met for about three minutes in which we didn't speak. Since that time we have grown extremely close, and I call her simply Rene. But it wasn't until we "met" online several weeks after our first encounter that our relationship began in earnest. We exchanged the usual jokes and innuendos, laughed together at similar things and generally just had fun learning about each other and flirting. One night she sent me a message that she just wanted to drive, to go somewhere else, to get away for an hour. I was in a singular mood in which I wanted to meet new people and experience the world all at once, so I offered to drive if she'd meet me. She agreed, as we all knew she would.

I drove her towards a tiny spot I knew well, hidden by a lake. She sat in my passenger seat with her blonde highlighted hair blowing in the wind from the open windows and seemed to relax. Her hazel eyes often rested on me as I drove, and occasionally I caught them with my own before she smiled and looked away into the night. She was a cute little punk rock kind of girl with long pale legs extending under my dash and a tiny little body barely filling the seat. I admit I chose a place where I hoped to explore that body as I had been exploring her mind and personality online.

We arrived in a hush, and the usual feelings of uncertainty crept into the air. When it's new and exciting, every look and breath of wind seems to have meaning, and into this over laden stillness we plunged. I took a blanket from my car and we sat on a cold metal bench overlooking the distant lake shore. Or trees. I'm not really sure what the view was of, with Rene sitting so near me. We tentatively broke the silence with what we were comfortable with, more questions. As I grew bolder I told her quite honestly that, though she had a boyfriend, I wanted her to cuddle up against me. For warmth, since there was only one blanket, that wouldn't break any rules. And so I found myself wrapped around her, snuggling in the darkness.

We moved on to sexual topics, growing bolder as the stars grew brighter. I told her all the things I wanted to do with her, to her even though she was off limits. The energy had to go somewhere, anywhere, and I started tapping my fingers against the bench. Any time I wanted to do something, I'd tap against the metal or her leg or arm, and she knew what it meant. It clearly turned her on just to know I wanted her and was yearning for her. We were so close and getting closer to breaking rules and crossing boundaries and nearing the inevitable point of no return before the police car rolled into the clearing and flashed its blinding light across us.

The mood was crushed, but I was determined. After dealing with the officer and deciding to lead a slightly shaky young woman back to the car and civilization, I had another idea. I took her back into the city and meandered through street light bright neighborhoods until I found an inconspicuous dark dead end. Our hearts had calmed and our confidence was somewhat restored. I managed to get her back onto the subject of sex and we spoke at naughty length about everything.

I began to tease her with ideas. Then, in an act of bold genius, I moved into her seat with her. I respected her and wasn't going to break any rules, but I was going to go as far as I could. I reclined her seat and her breath quickened as I moved between her legs. My cock screamed against my pants as I slowly eased my body against hers. Her perky breasts smashed against my chest and our faces came extremely close. I grinned and gazed longingly into her eyes. I slid my nose against hers and our hearts beat together. I put a single lip against hers and slid it off. After all, a kiss takes two lips and a sort of pucker, and if it's not kissing, it isn't against the rules. I touched my lips to her cheek near her mouth and again moved away. Over and over I teased her with my lips and with hers, her muscles tightening and releasing all over her body. Her fingertips drummed against the center console and the window. Finally, she broke.

She slammed her lips into mine in the most passionate kiss of my life. I froze for a second or two, and clearly scared her. She looked upset as she pulled away and sank into the seat. So I kissed her and pressed against her. We kissed for several minutes before she said, "Ok, we can't do that again." And then she kissed me and wrapped her arms around me. We made out in the passenger seat for what seemed like hours before breaking again, and she repeated, "We can't do that again." After another beautiful kiss, she breathily muttered, "After tonight, we can't do that again." And we lost ourselves in each other.

I dropped her off at her door as the sun was lightening the sky and my whole body tingled with her impact. We had only kissed, but I felt both satisfied and longing, a mixture of emotions ensuring that she was perfect for me. And challenging me to get more of her.

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