tagLoving WivesTeasing the Neighbor

Teasing the Neighbor


Catherine reached down and curled her slender fingers around her husband Bob's thick cock. He moaned with pleasure as she started a slow jacking of his shaft. His weight shifted from leg to leg as he tried to resist thrusting his hips in time with her up and down strokes.

"So..." she purred "you like to watch me, don't you?"

Bob nodded agreement, his eyes trained on his gorgeous wife's expertly manicured hand as it pumped his shining cock.

"I thought so" Catherine said, her hand continuing to slide along his slick shaft. "You like to watch my long, slender fingers stroke your hard shaft, don't you? You can make all the noise you want, nobody's here."

Bob tilted his head back as her hand pulled faster and faster on his hard cock.

"Ughhhh" he grunted, nodding "I'm getting close."

"Not yet, you're not" Catherine answered, slowing, then stopping her motion to play with his heavy balls. "These are really full, but I'm not going to empty them just yet. Let's play a little game."

"Ok" grunted Bob, knowing that Catherine's little games usually ended up with him blowing a load all over her pretty face.

"The girls were talking the other day, and well, you know Ken Dirks that new guy who runs the newspaper down the road? Well Debbie said that she heard he's really hung..."

Catherine toyed with her husbands' balls, palming them one after the other, as she looked up submissively at him.

"Yeah...so what?"

"Well" Catherine continued, "If you'd like to watch maybe I could arrange to give Mr. Dirks a really hot handjob?"

Catherine felt her husband's cock spasm at the thought of his pretty wife jacking off another man while he watched.

"MMMMmmmm" acknowledged Catherine, "I thought so."

"How..." started Bob, but Catherine silenced him.

"Just leave it up to me...." She smiled and wrapped her fingers back around his now throbbing shaft and started to pump him once again. "C'mon, shoot your hot cum all over my face...." She groaned as she felt the first contraction of his orgasm building in his balls.


The summer sun was still high in the sky when Ken Dirks arrived promptly at 7 PM. Catherine answered the door on the second ring.

"Hi there. Its Ken, right? Come on in."

"You're Catherine" he started, his eyes quickly roving down her body.

Catherine had dressed in a tight black cocktail dress with a low cut front exposing a good portion of her luscious tits. She wore 4" heels, no stockings, no bra and a black lace thong. Her long blonde hair was pulled up and clipped. A few stray strands hung down across her face.

"You're not quite what I was expecting." He retorted.

"Sorry" Catherine answered looking at herself. "I'm not dressed up for you, I was planning on going out with some of my girlfriends after we're done. Bob, my husband, is away and the girls asked me out for some fun. What do you think?" she asked, pirouetting for Ken to see all of her.

Ken stared at her and was thinking up some witty response when she interrupted him.

"Come on in and have a seat." She motioned to the couch. "Can I get you a beer?"

"Sure" Ken responded.

Ken was the new editor of the local newspaper and Catherine had invited him over under the guise of discussing the possibility of her becoming a volunteer editorial assistant. She had lots of experience from her university days when she worked for the school paper and she had told him it might be fun to rekindle some of those old interests.

Catherine retuned with the beer and leaned forward over Ken's shoulder and looked at the copy of the paper Ken had laid on the coffee table. She had dotted her cleavage with some nice lightly scented perfume.

Ken shifted to one side to give her more room to see and also to sneak a sideways glance at her gorgeous breasts.

"God, she was some kind of fox." He thought. "Probably 35, but she doesn't look a day over 25. Great tits, and man, what an ass!!"

Catherine pretended to absentmindedly fondle the neck of her beer and seductively ran her lips and tongue around the rim as she listened to Ken.

"You've got experience, right?" Ken asked.

"Mmm-Hmmm, lots!" affirmed Catherine, giggling, her tongue still toying with the rim.

Ken looked up, now somewhat flustered by her blatant flirting. "Working on the newspaper I mean, right?"

Catherine smiled. "Yes, that too."

Ken shifted his weight on the couch.

"Want another beer?" she asked, motioning towards his hand.

"Sure, but don't you have to go out?" "Oh, yeah, but that can be later. Right now, we're busy, right?" She responded over her shoulder as she walked out to the kitchen to get the beer. Her firm ass swayed seductively from side to side as she walked down the hallway, her heels clicking on the ceramic floor.

Ken admired her almost perfect body and realizing his cock was starting to stiffen at the thought of nailing this hot housewife, he adjusted his trousers to hide the rising tent in his lap.

Catherine returned with the beer and passing one to Ken, sat down beside him. She could smell the musty smell of male sexual excitement and for the first time, she felt wetness in her cunt.

She leaned over to turn the paper more towards her and brushed her firm breasts against his forearm. His skin felt warm and strong and she let the touch linger so that she was sure he knew it was not an accident.

He turned to face her, and bringing his far arm across reached out and cupped one of her soft white tits. Looking down, he pulled the neckline of the dress down, exposing her now erect nipple, and taking it between his thumb and forefinger, gently stroked it.

"Mmmmmm... that's nice" moaned Catherine, turning to face him, pulling down the other side of her neckline giving him full access to both breasts. "Pull on my nipples" she moaned as Ken took the other nipple in his other hand.

"Oh yeah, honey. That feels so nice." She purred as his hands continued to tease her tits.

Ken leaned in and took the closest nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the stiff nub. He looked up at her as he suckled her breast.

"Oh, fuck. Yeah baby, that's it. Suck my tits."

As she spoke, Ken pulled back. "Look. I'm not really quite sure what's happening here. Maybe you can fill me in. We're both married and, well, while this sure is fun, where's it going?"

"Why does it have to go anywhere?" Catherine responded. "I like you. You clearly like me" she giggled, pointing down at his now obvious erection. "Lets have some fun!"

"I barely know you" Ken responded.

Catherine stood up and turned to face him. She placed one hand on her hip and asked. "Don't you think I'm sexy?".

Ken couldn't help but admire her pretty face and gorgeous body. Her heels accentuated her already long, slender legs and he tits, now peeking above the neckline of her little black dress, were perfect.

She leaned down and kissed him full on the lips, letting her soft tongue swirl deep into his mouth.

"Geez" Ken laughed nervously as he pulled back, "I'd hate to see what would happen if you really liked somebody!!"

"Actually, come to think of it, I REALLY like you." She responded in a submissive tone.

She pulled the table away from in front of Ken, and pushed his legs apart and slid her shapely legs between his.

Kneeling down between his legs she motioned to his crotch "Why don't you show me what you've got growing down there?"

Ken looked around. "What about your husband?"

Catherine laughed, "It's a bit late to worry, isn't it? But, don't fret, he's not here. It's just you and little old me."

She started to pull him up from his seat and tugged on his belt.


From his vantage point at the garage door, Bob could see his beautiful wife kneeling expectantly in front of Ken. His heart pounded as he anticipated Ken's massive cock springing into view and his wife wrapping her soft hands and later, her warm wet lips, around his throbbing organ. His own cock was as hard as steel and he pulled it back and forth as he watched his wife prepare to unleash the huge cock.


Ken helped Catherine with his belt and slid his pants to the floor. Catherine admired his strong, muscular legs but as he reached into the waistband of his shorts, she pushed his hands away. "I'll do those." She whispered, looking up lustily at him.

Ken stepped out of his pants and watched Catherine's hands reach forward and her fingers slip behind the waistband. Her hands were soft and warm and he admired her long, nicely manicured nails.

Although not fully erect, Ken's massive cock was straining at his undershorts and as Catherine slipped them down, his cock sprung up like a coiled spring.

"Oh, my." She blurted out as the thick red cock before her throbbed in the dim light. Taking the huge mushroom-like head between her thumb and forefinger and holding it up to see, she traced another finger along the thick shaft down to the base. "Its HUGE."

Ken smiled. Her hands felt good on his cock. He felt like his legs were going to give way under him.

Catherine cupped one of her hands under his balls and hefted them up to her face.

"They feel awfully full to me" she cooed, shifting them back and forth in her hand. As she fondled them she started to slide her other hand up his hard shaft.

Looking down she giggled. Her small hand could barely reach halfway around the thick shaft.

"I just love it when they're so big and hard." She purred. "I think I'm going to need both hands to jack this monster. You agree?" she asked, looking up at Ken as she brought up her second hand from his now aching balls and started to pump him with both fists.

Ken could see clear precum already pooling on the head of his cock. Catherine noticed it too and as she did, her soft slender tongue snaked out between her lips and slurped across the taut skin of Ken's swollen cockhead, swiping the thick liquid from his slit.

"Unghhh" he grunted, thrusting his hips forward. "Fuck, that felt good. Do it again Catherine."

"This?" teased the sexy blonde as she scooped the precum up with her tongue a second time, but this time, twirling it around and under the purple, distended rim.

Ken grunted a second time. A thick drop of Catherine's saliva hung from the head of his now throbbing cock as she pulled her lips away.

"Does your wife suck your cock?" asked Catherine innocently looking up at him and gently, teasingly stroking his turgid shaft, her fingertips just barely grazing along his hot skin.

"Sometimes" he whispered.

Catherine giggled. "I'll bet you wish she did it all the time." She continued toying with his cock. "I can just tell by how excited you got when I started to suck you."

"Is she as sexy as me?" Catherine teased him.

Ken hesitated.

"She's not sexy?" Catherine responded, now tracing one of her bright red fingernails across the swollen, shining head.

Ken's cock was now as hard as a rock. Catherine could see the muscles in his groin flexing as he fought to contain his rising lust.

"I don't think I've seen a cock this big and hard in quite a while. I like them big you know?"

Catherine could see the veins in Ken's cock pulsing with anticipation as she continued.

She very slowly and lightly started to stroke him some more. The pause hadn't been long enough. He was moaning softly. His balls were boiling and his cock was hard as steel. It felt as big as it had ever been. One more time she stopped just as he was positive he would explode. Precum flowed freely from the tip and his balls were contracted nearly up into his stomach, but he didn't get off. He groaned loudly and looked pleadingly into her eyes.

"Ken, you haven't said anything. You're obviously turned on, but is it me that turns you one or just the fact that your cock is being stroked?"

Ken moaned something unintelligible.

"Want me to suck on your balls?" she asked, looking up to meet his eyes.

Not waiting for an answer she pulled one of his heavy balls away from the base of his cock and sucked it deeply into her mouth. As she did, she snaked out her tongue and probed at the very base of his scrotum then swirling it over the rough skin.

She continued to lick at his balls, as she looked up. "Want me to suck your cock now, or can I still tease you a bit longer?"

"Suck it" Ken grunted, almost as a command.

"But this is fun" she giggled, still tonguing his quivering sac.

"Please suck it now." he grunted. "I can't take much more of this."

At that, Catherine lowered her face towards his straining cock and swirled her tongue around the flared rim.

Ken grunted in lust, threw his head back and leaned back against the couch.

Ken watched mesmerized as the pretty housewife plunged her lips down over the head and upper shaft of his huge cock. As she bobbed her head up and down, she sucked in and out, swirling her tongue in time with her pumping motion. Both her hands were grasped firmly at the base of his shaft, pointing the massive cock directly into her willing mouth. Ken placed one hand behind her head and wrapping his fingers in her hair, pulled her back and forth on his swollen cock, driving it into her eager mouth.


Bob's heart was pounding wildly as he watched his gorgeous wife slide her stretched lips back and forth along the huge red shaft of Ken's cock. Fuck, she was hot. Dressed only in a little black dress, the front pulled down to expose her full tits, here she was, sucking him off like a porn star. He loved it when she did this....and she knew it.

His hand pumped his own cock furiously as his wife brought their new neighbor closer and closer to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Suddenly, he heard a noise from the side garage door. Slipping away from the door into the house, he saw Debbie in a bikini top and shorts, one if his wife's friends slip inside. Debbie raised her sunglasses off her eyes and letting her eyes adjust to the dim light, inched quietly along the wall until she was positioned right on the other side of Bob. She couldn't see him because of some boxes but he could see her and the action taking place in the house. Debbie peered through the crack in the door and Bob heard her gasp as she caught sight of Ken's massive cock. She reached down into her jean shorts and undoing the zipper, slid aside her bikini bottom and started fingering her clit.

As she stroked her cunt, her breath came in short gasps and her chest heaved as she gasped for air. Bob heard her moan with lust as her body shook violently with her first orgasm.

"Oh fuck, what a cock." She moaned, continuing to finger herself as she watched Catherine toy with the monster organ.

Bob couldn't hold back any longer. His wife was outside on her knees sucking a huge cock and her gorgeous best friend was here three feet away fingering herself to a second orgasm.

Bob stepped out from behind the boxes. "Some show, eh?"

Debbie jumped back, pulling her hand out of her shorts and trying to do up the zipper.

"I...I... wasn't expecting anyone." Said Debbie, gasping for air.

"And neither was I." Bob answered.

"She really knows how to suck cock. Did she tell you that?"

Debbie smiled. "Yeah, she brags all the time about how good she is. So when she told me she was going to suck off Ken, I said I'd love to see that and so she told me to come on by. What're you doing here."

"Well, she told me the same thing, but I had no idea you'd be here as well."

They heard a loud moan from outside.

"I think she's deepthroating him." Bob moaned lustily pressing his face back to the door.

"I've gotta see that..." whispered Debbie and brought her face up beside Bob's.


Catherine resisted his encouraging hand and slowed her bobbing motions.

"Okay, now try and hold still, its awful big, but I'm going to try" with that she cupped his balls in one hand and put her other hand so she was pushing down on his stomach to hold him still and keeping his massive dick sticking straight up. She slowly slid her lips over the head of his cock and was licking and sucking at the same time. Ken was trying to hold still but couldn't. Catherine kept pushing down hard to keep his movement to a minimum. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down and back and forth all at once. The head of Ken's cock was being stimulated so much it was pulsing. Once again she had him racing toward an orgasm. To his total amazement Catherine let almost all of his cock slide out of her mouth so that her lips were just kissing the very tip of his cock and then she began to slowly slide it back in, but this time she didn't stop when she had the whole head in. She kept engulfing the shaft as well. No woman had ever been able to take this much of Ken's cock in her mouth. Catherine had almost half of it in. Ken could now feel the very back of her mouth and still she managed to take in more. She had about two thirds of it in and Ken could tell that the tip was actually slipping into her throat. He couldn't believe it! Slowly she slid back up his pole, when her lips were just at the base of the head so that only the now throbbing head was in her mouth she started back down. As she slowed down she tried on each successive stroke to take more and more of his massive cock into her mouth. Eventually, as her lips descended further each time, she could feel him pressing against the back of her throat. Finally the huge head slipped into her throat.

Ken watched entranced as every last inch of his huge cock disappeared into Catherine's eagerly receptive mouth.

"WOW" he panted, as she pulled off him. "Do that again."

"OK" she smiled, and once again fully engulfed his throbbing organ in her warm mouth.

Ken could feel his knees start to buckle as she pulled off and plunged her tightly stretched lips repeatedly over the rim of his cockhead. As she continued to stimulate him with her amazing deepthroating skills, he could feel his muscles straining and he knew his orgasm was near.

Catherine anticipated this as well and suddenly stopped sucking him just as he was about to cum.

"What..." he grunted, both hands now entwined in her hair. "SUCK IT...."

"I've got a cramp in my jaw." Catherine answered. "Give me a minute."

As she waited for the imaginary cramp to disappear she pumped his shaft gently with her fists.

"This isn't going away." She said. "And I really want you to cum in my mouth. Maybe we can do it again later? " she asked, a mischievous twinkle in her eye, her hands still pumping. "Bob's away tomorrow night and if you come back then, I'll let you shoot a nice big load down my throat."

Fuck, thought Ken. He desperately wanted to cum. "How about a handjob right now?" he asked, wanting her to bring this to an end. "Look at me. I've got to cum right now!". He moaned, pointing down at his almost purple shining cock, dripping with a viscous mix of her saliva and his precum.

"No" smiled Catherine. "I think you'd like to come back tomorrow night. You don't realize that right now because you're so hot and bothered and just desperately want to cum. You'll thank me tomorrow for this."

"Please" muttered Ken.

"Please what Ken? Do you want me to put it in my mouth again? I really don't think I can handle any more of that right now. You aren't one of those guys who would want me to do something that I wasn't even enjoying are you? I'd be really disappointed if you are."

Catherine stood up and slid the straps of her dress back over her shoulders and turned away. "How about 7 o'clock again and we'll finish this off?"

Kens balls ached with desire and his cock continued to throb in anticipation, but he was stuck. Clearly this slut was not going to suck him off and whatever her little mind game was, if he wanted to cum, he'd have to come back tomorrow night. Christ, how he wanted to blow a hot load all over that gorgeous face.

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