tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeasing Thy Neighbor

Teasing Thy Neighbor


Hi my name is Tiffany and I'm 23 years old. I've been told I'm hot and well, to be honest, when I get all dolled up, I do turn heads. I have long black hair down to the middle of my back. Men seem to like my shapely body. My measurements you wonder? 34D-24-32, so yeah I guess they have a reason to stare and I love it when they do. My neighbor Mike was under the impression I was some ice cold prude. He could not figure out why my husband married me, always commenting on how 'vanilla' and 'plain' I was. Mike did not realize, I had skeletons in my closet Hubby never knew about. I used to work at some bars and was considered a major tease, but I left that behind and never spoke of it, since my Husband was very religious and would never live down the embarrassment of my cock teasing days. I had had enough of being called a fucking prude though, my husband was going out of town for the weekend and I was going to make sure Mike never called me that again.

Once hubby left for his trip, I headed out to the mall and bought a few items to help me out, I had tossed out all my old clothes when I met my husband to be. I went down to the Costume shop and was browsing the items, a school girl outfit caught my eye. The skirt was most definitely too short it was made to show off a girls ass if she moved in the slightest bit. The top was simply a skimpy white top that came down just under my breasts and had to be tied closed, no buttons. That was a good start I thought, then I saw some gorgeous white stockings with bows on them. I giggled to myself thinking how hot it would look, I already owned some very nice 5" high heels white shoes that would go perfect with it all.

I headed home with my devious plan in my head. Mike, would have the biggest blue balls ever all due to me. I laughed to myself as I thought about it. Kinda hard to call the woman that made your balls blue a 'vanilla plain Jane', I put my foot on the gas a bit harder as I smiled, glancing over at my bags. As I was passing a 7-11 I grinned and pulled in, buying one of the king sized blow pops I went back home and got all dolled up. Taking the blow pop I put the stem through one of the bows on my stockings. Looking at myself in the mirror I giggled as my breasts shock in the tiny top. No bra really let my girls bounce a bit more. Applying a fresh coat of ruby red lipstick I headed over to Mike's house and rang his doorbell.

Mike opened the front door and I wear I almost fell over when he jaw dropped, his eyes bugging out.

Mike looked me up and down in amazement "Tiffany? Wow, what are you dressed up for?"

I tilted my head to the side and smiled "Oh I found some of my old clothes and decided to try them on, I think they are too small now, what do you think?"

Mike still gawking and eyed me from head to toe. "I think you better come inside a second, don;t want any neighbors telling Jim you were dressed like this."

I must have looked like a deer trapped in headlights as I thought about it, he was right my hubby would never understand what I was doing, or forgive me. That would mean an end to my Marriage and my cushy living style.

I looked then quickly decided he could use a bit more teasing, grinning at him "Yeah just for a minute then I have to go change."

I walked in and heard other voices, turning to my right I saw the others just as they seemed to shut up as all eyes locked on me. At first I was nervous, but then, then I saw I had all the power, they were puddles. They sat there gawking at me like some prized trophy, uncomfortably shifting in their chairs. I decided to take advantage of it and make Mike look bad to his friends, like he had done to me.

I pulled the giant blow pop from my stocking and pulled the wrapper off "Well now, looks like a little sausage party Mike." with that I slowly wrapped my lips around the blow pop and sucked it into my mouth, then with a little tug I pulled it back out making a 'pop' sound as it came free.

Mike eyed me up and down "Yeah, I would not call it little though. " he said as he tried to redeem himself.

I giggled as I looked all the men over: "Oh come on now Mike if it wasn't you'd all be out plowing some fine piece of ass. I mean you guys do enjoy that don't you?" I smirked then slowly slid the pop back between my lips and sucked it in, sliding it out to lick around the top with my tongue. I let the pop run along my bottom lip as I pouted,"You know, it's pretty hot in here, can I get a little water please?"

Mikes eyes were locked on my lips and the pop and one of the guys smacked him "Get the girl a drink asshole." I laughed seeing that my plan had worked and his friends had turned on him. Mike stumbled into the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. A he stood there eyes fixated on my breasts, I smiled and licked the pop all the way around"God, I just love to suck on things that last so long, best part is once I suck it enough I get my mouth filled with a new flavor" I winked. Taking the water from Mike I decided I teased them enough, well almost. I pretended to fumble the glass as it spilled all over my top. To be honest, I did forget I had no Bra on and was just as shocked when I looked down and saw my breasts clearly through the flimsy top. I blushed and then turned and hurried out the door.

Seeing the look in the mens eyes, I realized it was my time to leave, I was sure they were all hard and aching "Oh my looks like I have to go."

I ran back to my house and sighed in relief, then burst out laughing knowing I just left every guy in that house hard and begging for some ass. I was still leaning against the front door laughing when the door bell rang. I looked through the peephole and saw Mike and his 3 friends standing outside, smirking ear to ear.

I opened the door and started to say "Can I h....." before I could get out help you Mike and his friends had walked in and sat down in the living room. I slammed the door, forgetting about my soaking wet top and stormed after them "What the hell are you doing Mike, get the hell out this isn't amusing now."

Mike looked me up and down and smiled"No, we won't be leaving, not anytime soon really. That is unless you know a magical way to make us all cum or want a divorce." They all laughed as Mike started to play with his phone.

My eyes bulged as my nostrils flared with anger "What the fuck did you just say to me? " I stomped my foot as my breasts bounced in my wet top.

Mike laughed and walked over to me casually his phone cupped in his hand "Tiff, Tiff , Tiff" he said smirking "I said, either you know a magical way to make us all CUM, or you want a DIVORCE. Then me and the boys will be being entertained for a while here." He mad sure to emphasize the words cum and divorce.

I was getting even more furious, "Mike, I'll excuse this due to you being an ass when you're drunk. Get the fuck out." As I said it he pushed the phone up in front of my face and pressed the play button. He had captured my entire cock teasing routine on video, with closeups of me giving the blow pop head. My eyes bulged as I stood there speechless.

Mike laughed and looked over to his friends "See I know Tim would never , EVER, forgive you for this, so embarrassing for him and his family. So here is what is going to happen. Either you'll be taking of that wet top and get on your knees ready to handle all these cocks you made hard, like a good little slut. Or I'll send this video to Tim and his family and let the divorce commence. My eyes bulge, nostrils flaring as I went to speak, Mike placed one finger to my lips and showed me his phone, his email open, Tim and his parents emails in the recipient line and the video attached. The subject was 'your wife's a whore'. I wanted to slap him, I wanted to kick them all out, I wanted to scream. I wanted to do all of that and more, but Mike was right.

As soon as I realized Mike had me, that I would lose everything over one stupid prank. I untied my top with my fingers trembling and pulled it open as the wet fabric slid down my arms and fell to the floor with a wet thud. I looked over to the other men, hoping one of them would speak up, as they sat there licking their lips. My heart sank as I dropped down on my knees, looking up to Mike for some form of pity.

Mike smiled down at me and started to unzip his pants then stopped, a glimmer of hope springing into me, then he laughed and said "You can take it out yourself whore. If I offend you by calling you a whore, too fucking bad, tonight you are a whore. If you behave you can get back to being the stuck up married bitch when Tim gets back." I reached up with my fingers trembling and unbutton his pants, then slowly unzipped them. Grabbing the waste I pulled down on each side hooking his underwear with them and I slowly pulled them down still hoping he would stop. As I pulled them down I saw his hard throbbing cock hanging down waiting for it to be free of the pants and spring out, I waited, and waited, until I pulled it down enough o give it room and his cock sprung free. It was thicker then Tim's and longer, 9". I thought to myself "Holy shit' but either Mike read my mind or I mouthed the words, because he laughed and then said "Suck it slut"

I closed my eyes trying to put myself in a different place, to make this easier on me as I eased his cock in my mouth. I was brought out of it as I felt his hands grip my head and start to fuck my mouth like some type of fuck toy. As he shoved it all the way in and I gagged, my eyes popped open and I saw cocks to each side of me. All of them 8-10" in length.

Mike laughed at my expression "Don't look all shocked, you're in for more then a mouthful whore. Use your hands and stroke a couple cocks." he demanded.

My hands were quivering as I reached up and grabbed the warm pulsing cocks, gripping them, I closed my eyes as I started to stroke them, long smooth strokes, my fingers trembling around them. My eyes popped open as I saw a flash of light through my lids. I went to pull back and object but Mike gripped me harder and said "You just keep sucking my cock and everything will be fine." He flipped his phone down to show me, he caught a picture of me, eyes closes, hands wrapped around cocks and one sliding in my mouth, my cheeks sunken in to show I was sucking it.

He laughed as he thrust in my mouth casually "A picture is worth a thousand words huh guys? Oh by the way Tiff, Tim actually knew about your past and did not care." He shock the picture in front of me "This however, sucking and stoking 3 unidentifiable men, he never will", so why don't we stop playing shy and you get up, and strip off that skirt and those panties. "

I stood up my knees shaking "Wait, you tricked me!" Once again furious, I looked around the room as my own saliva dribbled out the corner of my mouth form sucking Mike's cock.

Mike laughed at me again "Tricked you? You're a fucking cocktease, you tried to trick us. Except, now you're not a cocktease, you're our whore." he showed me the picture again. "See that pic, you'll be our whore tonight or everyone will know you were a whore. Either way you're a whore. So your choices are, be a public whore, or a private whore? Trust me me and the boys plan on filling you up 100%, so you'll either be riding us all, or this pic goes viral. So tell us to get out, or take you're fucking skirt and panties of like I told you to bitch."

I stood there for a moment. Looking between the four men, first their faces, then their hard cocks standing erect. Then looking at the picture long and hard, I knew what I had to do, sadly the picture showed me looking like a complete whore servicing 3 cocks at once. That was not the worst part, the worst part was I could feel how wet my panties were just thinking about it, I could feel my clit pulsing. I looked back up at Mike.

I gulped hard and tilted my head slightly to the left as I asked "And if I'm your whore for the night? No one will ever know?" I grabbed the belt holding my skirt on and looked at the men.

Mike: "You'll love it, and no one will ever know you got gang banged by us, I promise as long as you're a good girl and do what we want."

I blinked a couple times but knew my body actually wanted it, I wanted all the cocks using me for the night. I wanted to be used like a whore. I yanked on the belt holding the skirt and let it go, the tiny mini skirt falling down my legs and resting on my feet, I stepped out of it with one foot then kicked it across the room with the other. Standing in front of all the men naked, except for my shoes and stockings. I looked down at the 5 cocks , staring at them for a moment. Then sank to my knees until they were all eye level.

I grabbed a cock in each hand, grabbing one to either side of Mike's pulsing member. Then I leaned in and let my tongue start to slide along the head of Mike's cock, as I started to stroke the other men's cocks. After a few seconds, I started to make my rounds, swapping a cock in my hand, into my mouth as my lips wrapped around it and gave it a few stabs into my throat. As I did this, Mike had lied down next to me on his back. I glanced down and saw his cock standing erect as I serviced the other cocks to my best ability, judging from the moans I was doing well.

Without missing a beat with the cock in my mouth, I sucked it in hard and managed to shimmy myself over and straddle Mike's legs. He wasted no time it positioning me over his cock, as I felt the head on his penis separate my pussy lips, he grabbed my shoulders and yanked me down, I offered no resistance as I sank down, taking his entire cock in my pussy with a moan echoing in my living room. My legs started to vibrate as I felt his cock pulsing inside me now. My pussy gripping at him as he started to thrust into me, as I bounced up and down on his cock, first slowly, then faster as my breasts bounced harder and faster. It felt fantastic, my head flew back as I moaned loudly , having an orgasm and covering his cock with my juices.

In my ecstasy, I made one mistake. I forgot I was still needing to service 4 other men, but I was quickly reminded mid orgasm. My head was quickly grabbed and slammed back onto on off the cocks. I gobbled it up hungrily, twisting my mouth around on the cock with each thrusting movement. Mike slammed into me even harder making me moan hard into the cock in my mouth, my hands quivered as I stroked to other cocks. Mike grabbed my his, moving me up and down on him, as the other moved themselves back, making me lean over further to service them. I followed the cocks like a starving whore. The more I leaned the more my back arched and the move my ass raised itself as I was pumped by Mike's cock.

I felt something push against my anus, I started to try and turn but the man fucking my mouth gripped my head tight and pushed it all the way it, making me gag on his cock. I felt another set of hands replacing Mike's on my hips. Then, my ass opening, as the bulbous head was pushed into it, opening it wider and wider as my body trembled and I tries to cry out into the cock muffling my voice. With firm hands my hips were held fast as he yanked on my hips and thrust into me. My eyes flew open as I felt my ass invaded for the first time ever. The man was relentless and yanked and pushed forcing it deep inside my shaking body.

My head was spinning as every hole was filled to the top. 3 Cocks gliding in and out , my hips rocking to try and meet their pounding thrusts. My head bobbing hard on the cock in my mouth, I kept swapping and popping a different cock head in between my lips, getting the ones I was stroking nice and wet before returning the the one I had been sucking. My legs started to quake and quiver as I found it harder to keep up the movement, my entire body was on fire as I felt them pounding me like some whore. I started to pant harder and faster, my moans growing as they pushed harder and faster. Finally I felt myself exploding,my head started to fly back as I cried out in ecstasy, but it was quickly grabbed and stuffed fully onto the cock in my mouth. My cries of pleasure muffled by the thick piece of meat that was fucking my mouth. As I climaxed, trapped between the cocks filling me, they pounded thrashed inside of me, pounding my holes relentlessly.

Mike, must have loved seeing my quivering body being triple filled. He started bucking harder as he moaned out and pumped into me. I met his thrusts as best I could, panting myself as I came to another orgasm, my ass ready to take it in after being stretched, the cock slid in and out of me with ease not. As Mike came in me, I started to pivot my hips in a rocking motion between the two cocks. Yanking and sucking on the ones in from of my face. I swapped, popping one cock in my mouth and grabbing the other 2 in my hands, gripping and stroking them harder as I felt Mike's bucking.

The before Mike had a chance to finish the man fucking my ass, started to jerk harder, I knew he was coming to as I felt the liquid pouring into my ass. I stroked the saliva covered cocks harder as I deep throated the one in my mouth. Feeling it start to twitch as the 3 men in front of me started to moan in unison. I first tried to shove all three heads in my mouth. But the men had other plans as one of them yanked on my hair forcing my head back. Mike and the other man steadying me and keeping me from moving. Suddenly, I felt warm cum starting to squirt on my face. At first a few drops, then as I felt it come from other directions it was getting in my eyes, my hair and covering my lips with their sperm. I licked up what I could and had no way of opening my eyes.

Sitting there with my face dripping come on my breasts, I was lifted up to my feet as the men sighed in relief after cumming in and on my body. I was a quivering mess and barely kept myself standing.

Mike laughed and I could hear the others sighing in delight as someone patted me on the ass , Mike said "Go get yourself cleaned up, you did great you little whore."

I blindly stumbled to the bathroom, and cleaned off the cum and towel dried myself, wrapping the towel around me, I was embarrassed to go back out and I was hoping they would just leave after getting what they wanted.

Mike called out "Tiffany, come here." My legs were still trembling as I made my way back to the living room, shocked the men had not gotten dressed yet. Even more shocked to see so far 4 of the 5 cocks were rock hard again. Mike laughed and looked at me "You did not think you were getting off THAT easy did you?"

I grinned back as I headed back to the middle of the group and dropped my towel and said "I was hoping not." as I reached down and grabbed a cock, bending over and licking along the top of the shaft.

( To be continued maybe ;)

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