tagMatureTeasing Tuesdays Ch. 02

Teasing Tuesdays Ch. 02


We had been playing "Teasing Tuesdays" for a month, when Angela stopped by my apartment.

"Greg," she asked, "would you please do me a special favor?"

"Sure, Angela, anything," I answered without hesitation, "What would you like me to do for you?"

"Well, it's Eric's birthday, two weeks from yesterday," she said, "and I was thinking about giving him a set of boudoir photographs, of me, as a gift." She continued, "So, would you, please, be my photographer?"

I was surprised by Angela's request, but, of course, I agreed to photograph her. She asked about the cost, and I said that I would do it for nothing, as a favor to a friend. We would, however, need to have a makeup artist on hand for the shoot. I told Angela that she could just pay for that expense. Angela was surprised by my desire to use a makeup artist, but I told her that if she wanted professional quality photographs, then that's what we should do.

I called my friend Scarlet, who is a hair stylist and a makeup artist, and asked her if she would be interested in working the photo shoot. Scarlet said that she was interested, and I arranged to have her meet with Angela and me to discuss the arrangements.

If I had to describe Scarlet in one word, that word would be "striking". Scarlet was a petite lady of 35, who stood 5'-2" in her stocking feet. Scarlet had the cutest little pixy face, green eyes, and the delicate, pale white skin of a natural redhead. Her most striking feature, however, was her hair. Scarlet wore her hair very short, in a crop cut, and had it dyed flaming, fire-engine red. Her flaming red hair, contrasted against her pale complexion, and the fact that she never wore anything other than black-on-black in public, made a truly striking fashion statement. I learned, at a later date, that Scarlet's tight, compact measurements were 34-24-30, and that she wore a 34B cup bra, on those occasions when she actually wore a bra.

During our meeting with Scarlet, we discussed Angela's wardrobe, and how I intended to photograph her. Scarlet was very enthusiastic, and made a number of excellent suggestions, including the possibility of giving Angela a new hair color and hair style, just for the photo shoot. Angela was thrilled with the idea, and we set it up for her to go to Scarlet's beauty salon, on the following Tuesday afternoon, to have her hair done. We arranged to all meet, that same evening, at my place for the photo shoot. "So, next week," I thought to myself with satisfaction, "Teasing Tuesday will be held right in my studio apartment."

Angela was the first to arrive for the photo shoot. When I opened the door and saw her, I was speechless for a few seconds. I, finally, managed to say, "Wow! You look fabulous, Angela! Come on in." I knew what Scarlet had planed to do with Angela's hair, but I hadn't expected the results to be so striking. The Angela that now stood before me was a platinum-blonde, with a classic Marilyn Monroe hairdo.

Angela beamed, "Why thank you, Greg! I'm glad that you like it! She added, "I'm glad that you convinced me to get a professional to do my hair and makeup for these photos." Angela used the dressing screen, that was set up in one corner of my apartment to change into her first outfit, while we waited for Scarlet to arrive.

Scarlet arrived, and a minute later, Angela came out wearing her first outfit.

Scarlet clapped her hands and squealed in delight when she saw Angela. "Oh, that is so hot!" Scarlet cried, "It's cute and sexy at the same time!"

Angela was wearing a classic French Maid costume. The ensemble started with a shiny black satin halter dress with a wide plunging white lace trimmed neckline, and a very short circle skirt. A short shiny white satin apron covered part of the front of the skirt, and under the short skirt she wore a matching very short shiny white satin petticoat. Under the petticoat, she wore a pair of shiny black satin panties with white lace ruffles. On her legs, Angela wore shear black back-seamed thigh-high stockings, that had a three-inch opaque band at the top, and were held up by garters. On her feet she wore classic black 3" high-heeled pumps. To complete the outfit, Angela worn a black-and-white frilly lace maid's cap, a shiny black satin choker, shiny black elbow-length gloves, and she carried a little white feature duster.

I applauded when I saw Angela. She was giggling and her eyes were shining as she showed off her outfit.

Scarlet got busy with Angela's makeup, while I double-checked the lighting and background arrangements for the photo shoot. We had decided to go with a naughty French bordello theme for Angela's boudoir photographs. I had put red satin sheets and pillow cases on my queen-size brass bed, and had draped the walls around the bed in red fabric. All-in-all, I was satisfied that my set, for the photo shoot, looked pretty damn good.

Angela's lipstick was pinkish-red, and her fingernail and toenail polish matched her lipstick. Her eyelashes looked an inch long, and she wore a dark pearly eye shadow. In my opinion, Angela looked like a professional model. After I complemented Angela on her looks, and Scarlet on her great work, we got started on the photography.

We positioned Angela in a variety of poses. Scarlet worked with me to coax the expressions out of Angela that would make her poses work for the camera. All three of us had a lot of fun doing the photo shoot.

We had Angela pose leaning over the bed and looking back, as if she were making up the bed and was caught by surprise by a bordello customer. We had her lie on the bed, on her stomach, with her chin resting in one hand, to show off her impressive cleavage. We did some kneeling and standing poses, then we had Angela lie on the bed on her side, so that I could photograph her full-length. After all that, we took a break.

Angela changed into her next outfit, and Scarlet touched up her makeup. Angela, next, wore a classic black lace bra, panties, and garter-belt set. The bra was low-cut, and really set off her beautiful C-cup breasts. She wore a V-cut thong panty, that accented her hips, and a wide waist-cincher-type garter-belt. Again, she wore her shear black back-seamed thigh-high stockings, and her classic black 3" high-heeled pumps. To complete the outfit, Angela worn her shiny black satin choker, and her shiny black elbow-length gloves.

Again, we had Angela pose on the bed in a variety of positions. This time, however, we made many of the poses more risqué. For her last set of poses, Scarlet talked Angela into taking off both her bra and her panties. Scarlet convinced Angela to remove her clothing by first, removing her own tank top, to make Angela feel more comfortable, and then walking around topless, with her beautiful 34B cup breasts, and perky, rosy-pink nipples fully exposed.

Scarlet had started to remove her leggings, to make Angela feel even more comfortable, but I stopped her from going any further. "Scarlet," I said, "It's already hard enough for me to concentrate with two beautiful, semi-clothed, women in the room. Please don't make it any harder for me to work." Angela and Scarlet both laughed, and stole glances at the bulge in my jeans.

For her last set of poses, Angela covered her breasts with one arm, and her crotch with the other hand. That's when I learned that Scarlet had given Angela a full bikini wax, as well as the new hairdo.

Angela smiled seductively, and gave us her best "come hither" look, as I photographed her without her bra and panties. I thought that she looked hotter wearing the garter-belt, stockings, shoes, gloves, and accessories, than if she would have been completely naked. Angela shifted her poses from lying on her side to lying on her back, all the while, fig-leafing herself with her hands and arms. With Angela, for all intends, naked, and Scarlet running around half-naked, the bulge in my jeans was getting bigger. But, I managed to complete the photo shoot.

Angela was bubbling over with excitement, and thanked both Scarlet and me for making the photo shoot possible. She winked at me and said, "And my special thanks to you for giving me the confidence that I needed, to do this." She finished, "You made me feel that I was still attractive enough to be seen in my lingerie." That meant nothing special to Scarlet, but I knew that Angela was referring to our Teasing Tuesdays sessions.

I promised to edit and print the proofs by Friday evening, to give both Angela and Scarlet a chance to look and comment on them, before I printed out the final photographs.

Angela and Scarlet both came over to my apartment, on Friday evening, to look at the proofs. They were both very pleased with the results, and all three of us picked out the photographs that were our personal favorites.

In the end, Angela chose three photos to be printed and framed, and another dozen to be put into a photo album. She told us that she was planning to wear her French Maid outfit next Tuesday evening, so that when Eric came home from work she would give him a real birthday surprise. As an aside, Angela remarked that her outfit should get his attention, even if he had barely noticed her new hairdo.

On Saturday, I printed out the selected photos, framed them, and made up the photo album. I called up Angela and told her that she could come over and get hem, whenever she wanted. Angela came right over, and was thrilled with the finished photographs. As she was leaving, I laughingly told her that if I were her husband and she greeted me at the door in that French Maid outfit, that I wouldn't let her out of the bedroom for, at least, a week!

Angela phoned me, on Sunday, and told me that she had shown her boudoir photos to her two daughters and their coed friends that were there for the weekend. Angela said that the girls all loved her photographs, and now they wanted to have boudoir photographs taken of themselves, for their boyfriends.

I laughed and said, "Send the girls right over, Angela."

"Stay away from my daughters," Angela laughed.

"Well, then send over your daughter's girlfriends," I replied.

"Good bye, Greg," Angela said pleasantly, and hung up the phone.

I had no reason to expect a Teasing Tuesday session on Eric's birthday, and I didn't see, or talk to, Angela again until the day after her "surprise party". I couldn't resist calling her, on Wednesday, to find out how her husband had liked her special gifts. Unfortunately, Angela was very upset, but would only say that things did not go as planned, and that she really didn't want to talk about it.

After knowing how excited Angela had been about her special birthday present for her husband, I really felt very badly for her. I sent her a bouquet of flowers, to, hopefully, cheer her up a little bit. I had the card read, "For The Angel Who Lights Up My Life - Your Secret Admirer".

On Sunday afternoon, to my surprise, Angela knocked on my door. I could immediately see that she was upset, and invited her in. Angels thanked me for the flowers, then told me what had happened on her husband's birthday.

Angela told me that when Eric saw her in the French Maid outfit, he acted more anxious, nervous, and embarrassed, than anything else. He complemented her profusely over the boudoir photos, but rushed her through supper. He told her that a very important client was going to be at his poker game that night, and then he left. She said that, like on most Tuesday nights, he didn't come home until around 2:00 AM.

Angela went on to say that things had not been right between Eric and her for a long time. She had suspected, for some time, that he was seeing another woman. On Wednesday, she had called a private detective agency, to have her husband followed, to verify whether or not her suspicions were correct. Angela said that on Thursday evening, her husband had asked her to put on the French Maid outfit, again, for him. This time, however, she told him to go to hell.

Angela said that her suspicions about her husband were correct, as the detective had called and told her that he had just taken pictures of her husband with a local exotic dancer, at a private apartment. She was going to have the detective continue to follow her husband for a few more days, to get some more pictures, but there was now no doubt about what Eric was doing.

There wasn't much that I could say, after hearing Angela's story. But, I told her that I was very sorry, and that she deserved better treatment from her husband. I added, that I thought her husband was ten kinds of a jerk, to be ignoring her and chasing other women. Then, I held her while she cried on my shoulder. When Angela finally stopped crying, she kissed me on the cheek, thanked me for listening., and left.

After all that had happened, there was no Teasing Tuesday that week, and I didn't see Angela again until Thursday. She told me that the detective had verified that her husband was with his dancer girlfriend on Tuesday night, rather than playing poker with the boys. She said that his girlfriend was actually younger than their two daughters.

I asked Angela what she was going to do, and she said that she was going to file for divorce, within a couple of weeks. Again, I told her that I was very sorry, and that I didn't understand why her husband would cheat on a beautiful, caring woman like herself.

At that point, I thought that our Teasing Tuesdays were completely over. But, as I was working at my computer on the following Tuesday evening, I saw that guestroom light go on again, out of the corner of my eye.

When I looked out, I saw that Angela was walking around in her new guestroom wearing her French Maid outfit. I could, also, see a large sign propped up on the bed. "O.K." I said to myself, "what now?"

Without even bothering to turn out the lights, I took my telescope, and looked at the sign. It read "Boudoir Maid Services - Call for Special Appointment". At the bottom of the sign there was a telephone number.

I was shocked, but then I thought, "Hey, what the hell!", and called the number.

Angela turned to face the window when she answered her phone. In a playful voice she said, "Boudoir Maid Services. Would you like to schedule a special appointment, monsieur?"

"Yes," I stammered, "Yes, I would." I continued, "Would you please send your most beautiful, sexiest boudoir maid over to my apartment A.S.A.P.?" I finished, "I would prefer that she be a platinum-blonde with a great figure and a beautiful smile, if it's at all possible."

"Oui, monsieur," she answered, as she smiled and waved to me, "As you wish." Then, she walked over and closed the shade.

A few minutes later, I watched from my window as Angela walked across to my apartment building wearing a rain coat. I got up and quickly closed all of my own window shades, and soon heard a knock on my door.

Angela was standing there with a big smile on her face when I opened the door. She said, "You called for a boudoir maid, monsieur?"

I answered, "Yes, please come in." I added, "Allow me to take your coat, mademoiselle."

I took her coat, and turned to face Angela. She looked at me for a moment, and walked up and kissed me gently on the mouth. I embraced her, and we held that kiss a long time.

"And to what do I owe this pleasure, mademoiselle?", I whispered.

Angela smiled and looked into my eyes, and said, "I decided that it was time to wear this outfit for someone who would actually appreciates it."

"Oh, I definitely appreciate it, especially with you in it!", I said as we kissed again.

"Perhaps it's time for my sexy little boudoir maid to serve us some champagne," I said.

"Oh, I'd like that!" she squealed in delight, then kissed me hard.

I happened to have a bottle of local champagne in the refrigerator. I opened it, and Angela served us on the sofa. After we toasted each other, I said, "Now, I think that you should come over here and sit on my lap, while I think about what I should have you do around here."

Angela smiled her cherub smile, climbed on my lap, and said, "And just what do you have in mind, monsieur?" We kissed and made out like teenagers.

I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue against her lips. After a moment's hesitation, Angela accepted my tongue, and we French-kissed for a long while. With one arm around her shoulders, I began to run my other hand over her beautiful body. Slowly and gently I caressed her lovely breasts, feeling their firmness through her clothing. I slowly ran my hand over her stomach, ass, and legs while Angela hugged me, and we continued kissing.

After long minutes of fondling, I place my hand on her bare inner thigh, and slowly moved it towards her crotch. Angela moaned, and spread her legs wider to accommodate me. I reached her frilly panties, and Angela moaned again.

I repositioned Angela, so that she was lying lengthwise across the sofa with her shoulders resting on my lap. With one arm around her shoulders, I continued to fondle her with my other hand. I ran my hand slowly and gently over the crotch of her panties, alternating between up and down strokes, and small, circular motions. Angela's reached up to kiss me, and her breathing became heavier. Soon, her moans became louder and more frequent.

"I think that it's time that you turned down the bed for the evening," I said.

Angela smiled up at me and gave me a slightly puzzled look. Then, she remembered that she was my boudoir maid for the evening and said, "Oh, that's my job, isn't it?" She slowly got up, took my hand, and lead me towards the bed.

"Oh, but where are your red satin sheets," Angela asked.

"They're here in a drawer," I answered, "Do you want to put them on the bed?"

Angela hesitated for a second, then said, "Oh, yes, Greg, I do! It will be just like in my photos!" She added, "That was so much fun! Yes, let's use the red satin sheets again!"

"O.K.," I said, "but making up the bed is the maid's job." I handed her the sheets and continued, "Here you go. Get to work."

Angela smiled and stuck out her tongue, but she quickly changed the sheets. When she had finished, I kissed her, picked her up, and laid her on the bed. I removed her shoes, then kicked off my slippers, and laid down beside her. We continued our slow foreplay.

We were both very aroused, so I gently rolled Angela onto her side, and unhooked the halter of her short French Maid's dress. I rolled her onto her back, again, and slowly pulled down the bodice of her dress. I admired her beautiful breasts for a moment, and then began to caress them with my hand.

Angela's breasts were a C-cup and firm, with reddish-brown areolas that were about an inch in diameter, and thick swollen nipples that protruded out almost half an inch. They looked absolutely succulent. I fondled her breasts, alternating between them, and tweaked her nipples with my fingers.

I leaned over and softly kissed her breasts, and sucked her erect nipples into my mouth, one at a time.

Angela moaned softly, held my head against her bosom and said, "Yes, kiss my breasts! That feels so nice!" I kissed and fondled her breasts for a long while, before finally moving back up to her mouth.

After tongue-kissing her, I gently pulled Angela up into a sitting position and said, "I think that it's time to take this off," as I slowly pulled up her short halter dress. Angela lifted her arms over her head to allow me to take the dress completely off.

We both laid back down on the bed, and I kissed Angela on the mouth, and slowly ran my hand down her breasts, stomach, and over her very short white satin petticoat. I gently caressed her pussy through her remaining clothing for a short while, before slowly pulling the petticoat up to her waist.

I ran my hand slowly over Angela's black lacy garter belt, and down to her black satin panties with the white lace ruffles. She moaned with renewed arousal as I gently ran my hand over her pussy, though her damp panties.

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