tagGay MaleTechnical Difficulties Episode 13

Technical Difficulties Episode 13


I know this is another too-short chapter, but I wanted to at least post something, since it's been a while.


Previously in Technical Difficulties:

Ryan and Zach have been best friends since they were kids, and they've wanted to do perverse, BDSM type things together for years, but each was scared to tell the other. A few days ago, Zach got turned into a vampire, though he still doesn't know who did it, or exactly why. His severe allergy to sunlight brought an abrupt end to his brief career as a school teacher, and he went to Ryan for help and shelter.

When Ryan offered Zach blood, neither of them knew that drinking human blood would give him extremely accurate knowledge of his "victim's" emotions. Ryan tied Zach up in the basement (with his hands behind a pole) before giving him permission to bite, ostensibly just in case he got carried away and couldn't stop drinking. Zach discovered Ryan's lust, they finally told each other the truth. They just had their first kiss with a lot of tongue and a bit of fang.


When Ryan came up for air, he explored the texture of Zach's soft, closely shaven cheek with his lips, and nipped at his neck. Under the perfume of fresh soap, he caught his friend's own subtle human scent, and he breathed deeply. Thank God Zach still smelled like himself in spite of being a vampire. Ryan revelled in the perfect chemical compatibility that bypassed rational thought and said, mate with this one. As delicious as it was, though, it triggered a visceral feeling of unease.

He had rarely gotten close enough to smell Zach since they grew up, and it had always been bittersweet -- a brush with something wonderful he thought he could never have. There was a night last summer when they'd shared a pup tent on a hiking trip with some friends, and he'd rolled over so that his nose was almost touching the back of Zach's neck, and imagined they were lovers. Then there was the time when he helped Zach limp to the couch after their enormous friend Gary got drunk and accidentally danced on his foot. That memory gave him the sweet sound of Zach's breath hissing through teeth clenched in agony, and a soundtrack of other pained gasps and grunts that made their way into most of Ryan's fantasies. But even as those fantasies were turning into reality, he half expected to somehow be left wanting again - wanting so badly.

Zach tilted his head to the side, offering Ryan easier access to his throat. "Please..." he murmured.

The tiny submissive gesture made Ryan's stomach flutter and his breath catch in his throat. "You get to me so fucking bad. This is crazy." He nipped Zach again and sucked on the flesh that he caught between his teeth.

"Me too. I- oh!" Zach's words gave way to a moan of pleasure.

The sound of Zach's voice and the delight of tasting his favourite man inspired Ryan to suck harder, intentionally giving him a hickey. That'd look pretty later. Zach had beautiful smooth skin, like a blanket of freshly fallen snow that urged Ryan to come out and play. He remembered how sharply scrapes, welts, and bruises stood out against a field of pale, and he craved seeing it again.

Zach's moan of pleasure morphed into a cry of raw lust.


Ryan moved away, and Zach didn't understand what was going on. Those kisses had scrambled his brain. All he knew was that he didn't want Ryan to go. "What...?"

"I can't take you to bed without untying you. Sec." Ryan said as he circled around behind Zach.

"Ah. Right." Somehow, he hadn't thought the geometry through. He curled and uncurled his toes while Ryan worked on freeing him. Hurry up. You're too far away.

The ends of the rope swished through the air as Ryan yanked them down from the rafters. "I've changed my mind about lending you clothes." With a few efficient moves, he demolished the knot that held Zach's wrists. "Take them off," he said as the rope hit the floor.

Zach started to obey. His hands got as far as the hem of the borrowed t-shirt before he balked. Although he'd yearned for years to hear Ryan tell him to strip, and imagined following the order with zeal, it freaked him out in real life. Without blood or even a touch to reassure and distract him, he lost his nerve. It felt like a point of no return. What if he did it, and Ryan could never respect him again? What if...

Ryan interrupted the worry train by yanking Zach's sweatpants down to his knees. He grinned.

Zach's cock bounced out from under the loose elastic waistband and stood at attention. Standing there dumbly, frozen with pants around his knees, would be even more embarrassing than stripping on command. Zach peeled the clothes the rest of the way off, hyper aware of Ryan's eyes on his body. Did vampires blush?

When the clothes were out of the way, Ryan slipped his arms around Zach's waist and took two steps back, towing Zach with him. He leaned against the dryer and started making out with him again.

For a second, Zach wondered what ever happened to the idea of going to bed together, but then he got swept away. With Ryan's hot tongue in his mouth, and one hand holding him by the hair again, he couldn't think. All that warm skin pressed right up against him now that their chests were bare felt wonderful, too. He wanted more.


If this were one of Ryan's fantasies, Zach would be in big trouble by now. But this was real. In a fantasy, he could do anything, and the real Zach would be fine and still like him. Here, he still didn't know where the line was, and was afraid of crossing it by accident.

One thing was obvious, though: Zach was really hot for him. He worked Ryan's already unzipped jeans down over his rump, and played with his cock while they kissed. At first, Zach's fingers just explored and teased, but soon he wrapped his hand firmly around Ryan's shaft and stroked him in a steady rhythm. Ryan reciprocated, and realized they weren't going to make it to bed. In spite of all those years of elaborate fantasies, even the floor seemed too far away now. Ryan didn't want to stop even for a moment. They were too busy kissing and groping and getting each other off to walk up a flight of stairs.

"Can I bite one more time? Just a little?" Zach asked, getting the words out quickly between kisses.

Ryan took his hand out of Zach's hair and pressed the side of his palm against his lips. "Yeah." He wanted to bleed his hunger into Zach's mouth and let him taste it.

The bite barely hurt at all this time. Zach's hand bumped up against Ryan's mouth, and it took him a second to understand that he was offering his own hand to bite. Ryan took the hand gently between his teeth, resisting the urge to chomp down hard. He worked Zach's cock with renewed energy, channelling all his desire into the effort to make him come. It stiffened that tiny bit more, letting him know that Zach was close. So was Ryan.

Zach whimpered and pressed his hand harder against Ryan's mouth.

Ryan ran out of willpower and bit hard. Zach made a sound that was a cross between a grunt of pain and a moan of pleasure. Ryan had been waiting for years to hear that, and it pushed him over the edge into a dizzying orgasm.

Zach came in his hand a moment later.

Aftershocks tingled through Ryan's body and his legs felt weak. If Zach hadn't been leaning on him, pinning him against the dryer, he'd have slid bonelessly down to the floor. They propped each other up for a while.

"Want to go upstairs and lie down?" Zach suggested.

"Are you going to carry me?"

"No. I guess that means you're not going to carry me either."

"Guess not." Ryan rested his head on Zach's shoulder.

They held each other a minute longer before Zach stepped back and touched the pole to catch his balance. He had a smear of blood on his cheek.

Ryan wondered why he didn't find it particularly sexy or gross to see his blood on Ryan's face. Shouldn't he have some reaction? Maybe he was just too dazed. Was it the orgasm or blood loss?

Upstairs, the phone rang -- not something that typically happened before dawn at Ryan's house unless there was a crisis of some sort. His friends and family knew the hours he kept, which rarely involved waking up before noon.

Zach looked puzzled. "That's weird. You wanna answer it?"

Ryan shook his head no. "Nah. Either it's a wrong number, or they'll leave a message and I can call back after you pass out. Bed." He shifted his weight off the dryer and tested his legs. They worked. Ryan started up the stairs, and Zach followed.


Zach flopped down on Ryan's bed, face down on top of the covers, and then turned his head to look at Ryan. He didn't feel pathologically shy anymore. Tasting Ryan's blood in the heat of the moment and feeling all that passion had snapped something inside him. He couldn't imagine anymore that Ryan might not be as interested in him as he was in Ryan, or that he might lose respect for him if he were too willing to take abuse.

Ryan climbed into bed beside him and rested a hand on his ass. "God, you're gorgeous. It's nice to be able to look straight at you instead of checking you out in the corner of my eye." He propped himself up on his elbow and let his gaze wander over Zach's body.

"You too. And to be able to do it and not have to think about ducks." Zach wiggled a little and enjoyed the heat from Ryan's hand.


"Well, thinking about baseball just gives me a mental image of you in tight pants."

Ryan giggled. "Ducks."

"Yep." Zach grinned. "Sometimes geese, for variety."

"I hope you can get out of the habit of thinking about water birds every time you see me naked."

"Shouldn't be too hard. It's not like I have a shortage of other things to think about."

Ryan laid his head down on the pillow and his tone turned suddenly serious. "Like what? Here we are in bed not wearing pants, so tell me what you want from me."

"I want you to burn your name into my skin." He felt a burst of joy, hearing himself say some of the words aloud that he'd whispered to himself in the dark so many times.

Ryan's eyes widened. "Seriously?" He studied Zach's face. "Where?"

"I don't know. Somewhere you'll see it when you fuck my ass." Yes! The curse was broken, and Zach could say anything he liked to Ryan.

"We'll have to pick a favorite position." Ryan glowed with excitement, and his hand wandered down to knead Zach's inner thigh.

Zach checked the alarm clock over Ryan's shoulder. They had over an hour left before dawn. "Want to start working on that tonight?"

"Yes." He reached between Zach's legs and caressed his balls with a couple of gentle fingers.

Zach spread his legs and felt himself start to get hard again.

Ryan kissed Zach's forehead and rolled over to get something out of the night stand drawer. He hesitated. "Since you just stuck your teeth in me repeatedly and drank my blood, d'you want to forget about condoms?"

Zach didn't feel like thinking about it, but he forced himself to consider the question for a moment. Ryan had a point, and he suspected that vampire physiology was different enough that it wouldn't matter anyway. "Sounds good." He let the annoying subject drop out of his mind and watched Ryan's nude body as he rummaged through the drawer. The muscles on his thighs and his butt were really well defined.

When he rolled back over to face Zach, Ryan held a tiny bottle of baby oil. "Just stay like that." He put a few drops of oil on his fingers, and slid them between Zach's ass cheeks, eagerly watching his face as he did it.

Zach babbled encouragement and lifted his hips toward Ryan's hand.

Ryan paused, with a finger poised to slip inside Zach. "Tell me what else you want from me, besides a brand. If you keep talking to me, I'll play with you, but if you stop, so will I."

"I want you uncensored." He squirmed against Ryan's fingertip. "If you want to hit me, do it without thinking twice. If you want me to leave you alone, say so. If you want me naked, tell me to strip. The only thing I really don't want you to do is ask."

"So if I told you to... hmm..." Ryan eased his finger into Zach - just half an inch while he considered what to say.

That half inch felt really significant to Zach, though. If the tip of one finger could make him feel so opened up and taken, Ryan was going to totally own him in a few minutes -- which was exactly how things should be.

A car pulled into the driveway out front, crunching over the strip of gravel at the end.

Ryan paused and frowned. The car's engine shut off. "What the hell?"

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