tagNonHumanTechnology is Your Friend

Technology is Your Friend


Abby hated her job. It was inconceivable that anyone could make someone sit for nearly eight consecutive hours at a computer; typing, clicking, typing some more. The damned flickering of the screen, the obnoxious hum of the fans. Abby hated her computer because it was the symbol of her job.

She had been working as a medical receptionist for three years every weeknight. Abby was a college student and needed the evening hours and the pay. That was the only thing keeping her where she was. Money and the need for money. Every day at one o'clock she went into Dr. Harris' office and sat down at her computer. She turned the computer on. She waited. She signed in and clocked on. Then she pulled a file from the stack beside her monitor and began to copy it into the system. Then she saved it. Then she picked up another file and began to copy it into the system. Then she saved it. On and on, from one till nine she typed. She took a half hour lunch break in the office, usually at the desk. When she was finished, she clocked out, signed off, and then left after locking up.

It was not fair! Abby was pretty, young, sociable, and entirely normal. As a twenty one year old she had no desire to be stuck behind that damned monitor listening to that damned hum. By the time she was home, her friends were already out doing what she should be doing. Instead she read her text books, exercised, and went to bed. Routine. Everything had been the same for three years. Nothing changed except for the patient, her classes, and her clothes. Abby was beginning to go insane- she wasn't sure she could take any more of the mundane life she led.

Monday afternoon, Abby arrived promptly at work and pressed the power button on her computer. She waited. She signed on and clocked in. The humming started, the monitor flickered. She took a file from the stack beside it and began to copy it into the system. Then she saved it. At about three o'clock, her eye twitched involuntarily. Abby didn't notice it, but then it did it again a few seconds later. Abby paused and rubbed her eyes, hoping any mental damage wouldn't be permanent. The thought was a bit sarcastic, but laced with truth. Then she picked up another file and started again.

Dr. Harris and Susan, his medical assistant, said goodbye at five. Then Abby was alone with the computer. Just as she picked up her next file, the computer froze. And then a little blue box popped up- "Fatal Error: Unknown operation. Windows must restart". Then blip!, it was gone. One hour of work and repetition and now nothing.

Abby's eye really started twitching now. Her blood boiled and her veins popped and her muscles clenched. The cute twenty-one year old receptionist was replaced by a technology-hating, anger filled, bitch. And her left foot wanted the computer to know it. One good kick to the side of the tower and it stopped restarting and powered down.

The anger quickly cleared and Abby realized that perhaps Dr. Harris would not be understanding of her breaking the thousand dollar piece of equipment and losing hundreds of patient records, even temporarily. Abby frantically kicked out her chair and crawled under the desk, searching for some quick fix. She reached back to the surge protector and flicked the glowing red button to "Off" then back to "On". Nothing happened. Next Abby tried flipping the master power switch on the CPU itself. Still nothing! Then she tried hitting the reset button, opening the tower tray, closing the tower tray, unplugging the monitor. Nothing!! She unplugged, replugged, and unplugged again. Nothing!! Abby was really worried and realized that she was in serious trouble. She pushed herself out from underneath the desk and dropped back into her chair. She picked up the phone and slowly dialed Dr. Harris' cell phone number.

Just as the phone started to ring, the computer fans hummed back into action and the light on the front of the monitor switched to on. Feeling divine intervention, Abby hung up the phone quickly, not wanting to disrupt Dr. Harris at home or outside of the office. Feeling her heart beat start to slow she pulled into the desk, feet tapping anxiously. The monitor went to the startup screen and then blinked to a blue background. Fearing another reset, Abby clutched the lip of the desk. Instead, something else happened.


Abby read the single word blinking at the top left of the screen repeatedly. What? Who programmed this thing?

Shouldn't have kicked me bitch.

What? Was this some sort of practical joke, the young coed wondered. Someone must be setting this up.

Now you owe me bitch.

Abby started looking around for the hidden camera show or Dr. Harris' laughing face. But no one came popping out from behind the file cabinet.

Whatcha looking around for bitch? You stupid or something? Bitch.

Abby decided that she would show the smack talking computer and pressed the power button with her toe. The monitor blinked, momentarily, but nothing changed.

Dumb bitch. You can't control me. I'm not your mindless automaton. You're my bitch. Bitch. Remember that. You're all mine.

Abby was fed up! It had to be a show, and she was pulling the plug. She kicked back from her seat and dropped to her knees and crawled once more beneath the desk. She grabbed the power cord and realized- it was unplugged! The computer shouldn't be operating.

Suddenly the blue glow emanating from the side of the computer turned to a sinister red. Abby was beginning to get a little unnerved with the strange computer activities. She started to back out from under the desk, when the power cord in front of her snaked to life. Abby really was scared and tried to stand, but only ended up hitting her head on the table above her. It gave the animated cord an opportunity to hook around both of her wrists and yank them tightly together. The cord pulled her wrists out from beneath her with a strength that was nowhere evident in the small black wire. Abby dropped painfully on her elbows as her hands hit the rear of the desk. She began to scream for help, hoping that whoever was arranging this bizarre occurrence would reveal that it was all a hoax at any moment. But no help would come and no one heard her cries.

Her forearms were pressed firmly against the rear desk panel and she tried squirming backwards, hoping she could break free of the cord. Out of nowhere she saw the mouse lunge passed her, narrowly buzzing the side of her head. It dropped to the ground and darted back between her legs. The mouse distracted her just long enough to allow the keyboard cord to loop beneath her chin and around her neck. Her head was immobilized and Abby was incapable of pulling farther away without cutting off oxygen.

Now she was really panicking and her free legs kicked back and forth as she sought to free herself from the freakish situation she now found herself. The mouse began to encircle her leg at the knee and the small roller on the bottom traced up the inside of her thigh. Abby responded as any young woman would; she clenched her thighs hard together stopping the molesting mouse where it was. A high pitched whine emanated from the fans of the computer beside her. To Abby, it genuinely sounded like a cry of frustration. It stopped quickly and left Abby to wonder what was going to happen next.

Yet another peripheral of her computer kicked into motion, although Abby could not tell what it was. In the quiet office, she heard a tap-tap crossing the desk above her. It was proceeding toward the ledge and suddenly, it stopped. Abby tried pivoting her head backwards to see what was coming next, but the keyboard tightened its grip on her throat, reminding her that it was not allowed. Abby's tearful eyes stared ahead at the pale particle board backing of the desk as the nightmare unfolded. Something wrapped around her ankles and hoisted them into the air, forcing her legs to bend at the knees and carrying them up against the underside of the desk.

Abby was now pinned, her lower back and ass tucked underneath the desk and her legs painfully bent over the top. Her elbows were the only portion of her body still in contact with the ground. They bore little weight as the bulk of her body was suspended by thin possessed cords. Abby felt the desk cutting into the soft flesh of her lower thighs as they were inched apart, leaving her legs spread and her pink panties exposed to the air conditioned air of the medical office. Abby had not realized that the parasitic mouse had gone along for the ride and now seized the opportunity to move back towards her exposed crotch. The wire was pulled nearly taut and was beginning to pull her skirt farther up her legs, until it was against her waist. The mouse moved into position over the center of her crotch, its small rollerball positioned perfectly in the center of her pussy.

Only a thin barrier of the silk panties protected Abby's cunt. The mouse began to roll back and forth, the warm underside of the device pressuring the sensitive lips of her twat. To Abby's embarrassment she felt a small warmth began to build inside of her stomach. How could she be aroused by this techno-rape, Abby wondered. The pace of the rubbing increased, to a near frenetic pace. Abby felt a warm moisture beginning to spread over the material as her body responded to the stimulation. What the hell, she thought, I'm being raped by an inanimate object.

Her thighs and calves were aching slightly from the tightly bent position they were forced into, but the more rubbing the mouse put into her, the less she cared. The mouse apparently had its fill of the dry humping it had made her endure and decided to go for a more direct approach. It slid back down to her exposed thigh, its underside now wet with her pussy's fluids. It slowly wormed its way underneath the elastic edges of the underwear that kept the skimpy silk fabric in place. Abby's eyes widened as she felt her own fluids being rubbed over her upper thigh, then the small area of skin over her cunt.

Once the perverted mouse was inside of the underwear it began to repeat the same motions as before, just skin to plastic. Abby was finding herself terribly aroused by the fantastical eroticism of the situation. Who had ever been raped by a computer before? The keyboard had loosened its noose on her neck and she was able to look back down her body as she partially supported herself with her elbows. Her breasts were practically hanging out of her low cut blouse from the odd tilted angle and her skirt was hiked well above her waist. Abby enjoyed her body and knew that many of the guys she had dated did too. Her thighs were a nice golden bronze and smooth- no cellulite and not overly muscular. She could see the grey cord of the mouse as it wound up her thigh to her hot spot. She couldn't see what was holding her legs apart and over the desk. Probably the goddamn monitor or speakers.

Her momentary evaluation of her exposure ended as the mouse decided it wanted to go internal. It turned on end, its smooth rounded front sliding easily into her outer pussy lips. It began to frantically teeter back and forth as it sought to force itself deeper into her hot pussy walls. The small little center roller was driving her wild as it applied alternating pressure to the sensitive skin within. Abby was moaning uncontrollably now as the three inch long by eight inch round mouse wormed its way into her. It was an exquisite sensation- it was like a living dildo. Her pussy was able to accommodate the length, but the width and odd features of the shape were what was providing special stimulation. When the mouse was well inside of her, the cord would tense and pull back, before it started its teetering again. Abby caught herself yelling dirty encouragement to the plastic toy within her.

"Fuck me you fucking computer. God! Fuck me! Unghhh."

It did not take Abby long to orgasm from the mouse's assault. Once her pussy clamped down on the mouse it couldn't go anywhere and her intense spasms kept in locked in place. Abby was once again writhing beneath the desk, this time out of pleasure. The mouse's cord began to whip across her erect clit, the sharp stinging sensation only lashing her into more of a frenzy. Her groans and screams were guttural and nonsensible. Abby watched voyeuristically as her juices soaked her panties and trailed down the cord. Once they accumulated there, they begin to steadily drip to the commercial carpeting of the office. For a moment the mouse went still, allowing her to catch her breath and recover from the orgasm which had ripped through her.

She wondered, ever so briefly what the computer was going to do next. Her answer came in the form of a network cable that shot from behind the tower and zipped straight down her blouse. Abby could tell that it was beneath her bra as she felt the cold plastic tip touch her collar bone and various portions of her stomach. Once it had reached her waist line it shot back towards the floor and looped back the way it came. The lasso tightened quickly, causing the buttons on her blouse to pop free and her bra to tear right between the cups. The network cable was not yet done and did the same thing with her skirt, which tore down one of the seams on the side.

Abby found her upper body fully exposed except for the hanging remnants of her blouse and bra; while her lower half was wide open to the air. Her fluids which had flooded her panties were cooling bringing a new and arousing sensation to her still burning cunt. Once her clothing was sufficiently removed, the possessed rapist CPU went back to work inside of her. The mouse repeated its quick fucking motion, flooding her pussy with refreshed sensation and more juices. Abby tried working her hips as best as possible on the mouse, but it merely enhanced the mental eroticism of the experience.

The network cable rose up from in front of her and slipped beneath the back of her torn blouse and slid slowly down her spine. It produced a tingling sensation that sent chills down her back to her toes. The cable found its way inside the back of her panties and lazily flicked back and forth over the soft flesh of her ass. Then it settled between her cheeks and went back door diving. The cable was small, but for the tip, and fit fairly easily inside of her ass hole. Abby had never experienced something back there before and was delighted with the sensation. The little cable curled and rubbed and whipped and stroked within her. Combined with the whole-batteried fucking she was receiving from the wayward mouse, she quickly found herself thrashing into another powerful orgasm.

This time the computer had had its fill. It released its prisoner's legs and throat, dropping her spasming body to the floor. The mouse was still inside her, along with the cable. Abby lay there on the floor, lightly rubbing her clit and teasing her nipples savoring the last pulses of her technology induced orgasm. Once she was satisfied she fished the cable out from her asshole and then went to work on the mouse. Her pussy was still quite wet, so it slipped fairly easily from her twat. Abby took stock of her clothing. Her blouse's buttons were mostly still attached to the shirt. Only two had torn free- the others had simply pulled through their holes. Her bra was ripped however and was useless. Her underwear was intact, but her skirt was split down a seam. Abby, being resourceful, used some bobby pins kept in the office to get it put back together. It would at least get her home. Once she felt satisfied with her repairs she returned to her desk and sat for the first time in her chair. She was exhausted and extraordinarily satisfied with her job now. On the screen, the blue still glowed. The previous text remained momentarily until the CPU added something new.

You liked that didn't ya bitch. Don't ever think you can treat me like you are the one in charge here. I run the show and don't you forget it.

Then the screen blinked out of existence, leaving Abby alone in the office with a computer that was finally starting up properly. Abby tried to finish her work, but left with a large stack of files beside the monitor. When she got home, she went straight to the shower and fucked herself silly with the pulsating shower head.

The next day when Abby entered the office at her usual time, she was unsure of what to expect. Dr. Harris briefly asked her about why she hadn't finished her work and she had told him she wasn't feeling well. He had been fine with the explanation and did not press her any further. Abby sat down at the computer and nervously pressed the power button, half hoping she would receive some symbol of its recognition. She waited. She signed on, then clocked in. As she opened her email in box, a sent message notification popped up and receipt acknowledgement followed. Abby nervously opened the email. It had originated from her desk and had gone to Dr. Harris. It contained one file and four words.

I am your bitch.

Abby began to panic and opened the file. A full-screen video began to play. It contained her moans and cries of pleasure as her pink panty-covered bottom writhed as if fucking the air behind it. The mouse cord trailed out from one side and down her thigh. Abby stared as the erotic and blatantly pornographic act ran on. There was no outward signal that the mouse was moving within her. Just the soaked panties, her tanned thighs and ass, and the glistening cord. Dr. Harris, she realized had just received the email and was undoubtedly viewing it. Abby clicked the red X at the top of the screen and raced to Dr. Harris' office. She threw open the door and went stumbling in. Dr. Harris looked up, a dark grin on his face. "My bitch, huh? If you are going to be skipping work to put on performances like this, then you are free to do so." Abby realized a little too late, that his exposed cock was rock hard and his hand was wrapped tightly around its length.

And there we shall leave our little heroine for this tale: standing in her boss' office, watching him masturbate to the graphic film of her shameful erotic encounter with her computer and its peripherals. This is a lesson to all of us- don't forget to appreciate your technology. It makes life so much easier!

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