tagInterracial LoveTed and Lindy Ch. 01

Ted and Lindy Ch. 01


This is not the standard boiler plate interracial story of black dominance or cuckolded sissy's. It is a romance between a white widower and a black girl from the ghetto. Thank you for all of the great comments I've received on other stories, I trust this will be to your liking as well.


As I stood in front of my dresser struggling to put in cufflinks, I felt her soft wet arms slide beneath mine hugging me, her warm wet breasts pressed into my back. I picked up one of her hands and kissed it. Barb had just stepped from the shower, almost dried off. Walking around in front of me she took the cufflinks and with her dainty fingers had them in instantly.

She reached her arms up around my neck and whispered, "You're sexy in that shirt and tie."

I responded, "If you hadn't had a knee replacement 4 months ago I'd tell you to get on your knees and prove it."

She fell against me as we laughed, asking if I'd like to watch her dress. With a smile I nodded.

With my back against the head board she teased me with no mercy as I watched her dress. I know damn well she could have dressed in half that time if she hadn't been so intent on keeping my dick hard.

When she reached for my hand to pull me off the bed she noticed my very erect cock pushing against my slacks.

"Oh honey" she cooed in my ear "I like the way you say thanks. Make sure you have more of that after we return from the dinner party.

It was more an award ceremony than a dinner party, with Barb and several other realtors being recognized for such high sales the previous year. After dinner was the customary malingering and schmoozing along with an enormous amount of bullshit. One younger rather inebriated fella thought he'd make a pass at Barb, with me standing next to her, my hand lightly resting on her ass.

"You have to be shittin me Don, I'm standing next to my husband and you hit on me." She said loud enough for everyone to hear. What she did next floored even me.

With her left hand she reached across me, grabbing my cock, and stated, "No thanks Idiot, I'm going home for some of this."

A few people laughed, a few had mouths hanging open, and we walked toward the door headed home.

What a wild piece of ass she was that night. I think we screwed in every position we could think of. After having cum in her pussy she sucked me back to life thirty minutes later and demanded I fuck her deep from behind. I was afraid it would hurt her knee, she told me to stop whining and fuck her like a man. Who was I to argue.

We slept in each other's arms all that night, something we hadn't done in years. It was as if something inside both of us knew we needed that intimacy. That was the last time we made love. Next day she had a root canal, the following morning she was cold to my touch. My bride of 31 years gone in a flash. The ME did an investigation and determined the dentist had done nothing wrong, for whatever reason Barbs system reacted negatively to the pain killers.

We were grade school and high school sweethearts, we married at 19, just out of high school, struggled together to get each of us through college, raised 3 kids having watched the last get married just a year ago. We had never cheated on the other, nor did we even think in that vein. We were all the other needed, physically, emotionally, and lovingly. As a 50 year old I sat on our bed sobbing, the girl I'd held hands with since 7th grade had been stolen from me.

Two of the kids lived near by and I saw them a lot, actually too much. After a few months life tapered off and everyone was back to their routine. Barb had been a realtor, a very successful realtor usually making more a year than I did, which is a sizeable amount. Barb and I owned three gas station/convenience stores. Two I had inherited from my dad, the third we purchased some years later. The two original were what was now considered to be in the "seedier" part of the city. It wasn't the ghetto with all the gangs, but it was within 10 blocks of that activity. The third was in the burbs.

I had a '57 Ford Fairlane convertible that Barb and I would ride in parades or take to car shows. The only thing not original was the top. The rest was left as is, if existing parts needed changing they were replaced with a like part, I didn't upgrade at all. Barb had been gone almost a year when on a warm summer Saturday afternoon, the two oldest grandkids and I took a ride in the old Ford, top was down, they were grins from ear to ear. Barb and I had been raised in the same area the two oldest stations were. It was just another neighborhood then. I decided to show the kids where we grew up, our childhood houses had been less than a block apart. As we ventured further along I showed them the gas stations, our grade and high school, places like that.

As we rounded the corner onto Walnut I thought my eyes were deceiving me. Vern's Grocery/Meat Mkt was still open. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I pulled up and stopped in front of the store, closed the top and locked the doors as we went inside. Vern was no longer alive his son Tim was now running it. Tim was a few years behind me in school, but he remembered me. I enquired how things were.

"Not so good Ted. An awful lot of theft, hard to find good help, don't know how long I can hang on."

After a little chit chat and a bottle of pop the kids and I headed home. I couldn't get that store out of my mind. He was only using a third of the space his folks had, he'd let his butcher go and the baking oven hadn't been operational in a decade. I know it's a dicey neighborhood, but where can you go that isn't at some point or another? Bad guys don't care where you live.

That store kept gnawing away at me, I grabbed the pickup and drove back there. Tim was working the cash register, I asked him where his checker was.

"I fired her today, said she needed off because her baby was sick. I've heard every lying bullshit excuse there is."

"Tim, I'm here to ask something of you. What number do you need to sell this place to me? Don't throw some asshole number at me, my wife was a realtor, I'll have the place checked out. So, give me a decent number."

"I've said from the beginning, anybody who'll buy it as is for one fifty and pay the latest grocery shipment, I'll gladly put the keys and deed in their hand. City wants the land, but only want to give me a hundred, I told them to pound sand."

"How much is the last grocery shipment?"

"$7000 and change."

"Tim, I like that number and I like the idea of owning this store. A lot of memories in this building. Consider it tentatively sold, I'll get back to you in two days if I can swing it."

"Okay, but living around here is a real shit hole. Just giving you fair warning."

"Do you live in the apartment above the store?"

Nope, hasn't been lived in since '74 when grandma died."

My mind was racing all the way home. The next day I was elbow deep in the financial books. I could easily sell the station in the burbs for over 400, Murphy Oil wanted that corner badly. Barb and I had just over 300,000 between savings and 401 K's. If push came to shove the other two stations would bring in at least 300 each and would sell quickly if I was so inclined. If I bought the store outright, paid for all the upgrades needed, I'd be debt free and still have enough money to run it until it started showing a profit.

Long story short. I bought the store, sold the station in the burbs and one of the others. Turned out that two different entities wanted the properties and I got more than my asking price on both. I kept the limited stock that had been in the store, so there was at least milk and bread in the area. The oven was repaired and operational again

The refrigeration company I had used for the convenience stores came in and went through all the cases that were running, then got those that hadn't been running back on line. Electricians replaced all of the old fluorescent overhead fixtures with 4' LED's and painters had the place bright and shiny within days. I hired a butcher and tasked him with getting the butcher shop back in operation. He could do what he needed to do, he just had to talk it over with me before spending over $500 per item.

I didn't bother to advertise, I hung a help wanted sign in the front window and had over 100 applications in three days. Wanting to hire leaders from the local area as much as possibIe, I focused on two black ladies with years of grocery store experience, a younger black man who had worked as a stocker previously, then I lucked out and found the lady who'd run the bakery before it shut down. My starting wage was going to be $11/hr with some benefits, I gave them $13 an hour with full benefits and let them hire who they thought were the most qualified in their respective areas.

To say we had an eclectic mix of races and ethnicities is an understatement. The neighborhood was excited to have a fully stocked grocery store again. I used Leon's (head stocker) knowledge of the area and culture to order what the locals bought, and to not order things the food suppliers pushed, but no one in these neighborhoods bought.

The greatest draw was the bakery. Fresh bread still warm would be ready every morning by 9 and people would line up waiting some days. The pastries were always ready by opening time and were a big hit as well. I had a standing order for the girls to save me two cake donuts with frosting to have with my coffee. We were open from 6:30 until nine every day except Sunday when we closed at 7. All three registers were busy most days.

The store had been functioning about 8 months, showing a profit and helping the neighborhood. One of the leaders I'd originally hired seemed to be showing an awful lot of interest in me. To begin with I blew it off, no good looking 30 something lady wants anything to do with my crumbly 52 year old white ass. Yet standing in my doorway at the end of the day shift was 36 year old Melinda.

Mocha complexion, long coal black straight hair, lovely almond eyes and a smile that could light a room. I figured 5'7", maybe 135-140 lbs, breasts that weren't oversized for her body, in fact I thought they were just perfect. Relatively flat tummy, who other than the ultra skinny and exercise nuts has a perfectly flat tummy? Slender waist, shapely hips, nice round ass but not a bubble butt, with long slender legs I imagined having wrapped around me as I pile drove into her hot pussy. As I looked at her I imagined what type of panties she might be wearing under her dress.

"I was wondering Mr. Ted. Why don't you have someone living in that apartment upstairs? My aunt used to do laundry for Vern's mom when she got too old to do it herself. Haven't been up there for years, but what I remember it was nice. Why don't we go look?"

"Won't your husband be expecting you?"

"No, I chucked his ass about 6 years ago when I caught him fuckin the babysitter. And we didn't have any kids. Figure that out."

Not being used to women cussing like that I was a little red faced. I grabbed the key and we trudged up to the apartment. 19 steps, no wonder nobody lived up there. The interior was aged, but it wasn't full of bird crap or rodents. You could see where there'd been a mouse nest in one of the stuffed chairs, but who knows how long ago that was.

"You should have this brought up to standard like you did the store and have somebody live here. Then there would be someone present at the store all the time."

Damn, she had a valid point. "I don't know anyone who remodels."

"My brother lives across the alley out back, that's his business. Want me to talk to him?"

"The place with the construction vans and equipment? Yes, please have him stop in, I thought he only did large projects."

She walked ahead of me stopping on the landing as I locked the door, she then stepped within 6" of my body, her face looking up into mine.

"How bout you Ted, you ever get lonely, you needin a tune up? I been watchin you a long time. You're a gentleman, you don't chase the young girls, you're always polite and show respect to everyone, you're the kind of man that turns a woman's head." "Ted."

We both chuckled at her play on words. Then she stood on tippy toes and kissed me softly, pulled away and started down the stairs. Dumbfounded I stood there watching those elegant hips swish down the steps.

At the bottom she turned. "You comin Ted, or are you gonna stand there and hold the door in place?"

"Let's go see my brother, come on."

Her brother said he'd come by the next day around 5 to look at the apartment. Melinda (everyone calls her Lindy) and I headed back to the store. At the door she said she was going the other way down the alley and she'd see me in the morning. Poof, she was gone.

My daughter and family came over that evening. She'd been on me about not working so much, maybe meeting someone to share my time with. Junk like that. I told her a lady kissed me that afternoon.

"What, are you joking daddy? Who is it, where did you meet her?"

"Her name is Melinda, she's one of my head checkers. Very pretty, nice lady."

"Wait, dad, are you dating one of your employees? Aren't most of them black?"

"Not dating her, no, but I wouldn't be averse to the idea. She really is a lovely lady. And yes, she is black, your point?"

"I'm cool with that dad, I'm cool."

"Oh, you just thought you'd mention it because I might not have noticed? Little girl, I'm having a hard time believing you just said what you did. Your mother and hired and worked with black people all your childhood. Where did that drivel come from?"

"You're right daddy, I apologize. I hear it from the women at my Wednesday lunch group."

"A bit of advice for you dear. Find other people to have lunch with."

Next day Lindy was again leaning against my door during her lunch break, talking smiling.

"It's been a long time since a woman other than my wife paid me any attention Lindy, much less a pretty woman. Be honest please, I'm not very good at hints, are you flirting with me? Because if you are, I'm flattered."

She chuckled, "You noticed. Yes, I'm flirting, something tells me there's someone very exciting under that façade. I've made up my mind that I'm going to find out who it is. Oh, you're buying me supper at the Pancake House after my brother leaves."

"Maybe I need to get home to my wife."

Lindy looked at me with sad eyes. "Mr. Ted, I know your wife died, it's sad, but there isn't anyone or anything to keep you and I from having a meal and some conversation after work. Suck it up

buttercup, you're taking me to supper."

She flashed that radiant smile, flipped her skirt and swished away. I swore her hips swayed in a way I'd never noticed before. This woman was getting under my skin in a good way.

Lindy's brother looked over the apartment, gave me an estimate and completion date. If he ran into hidden issues we would discuss them if they occurred. I told him to schedule me and stop by for the down payment anytime it fit his schedule the next day.

The Pancake House was three blocks from the store. Lindy said it was quicker to just take the back alley as she hooked her arm in mine. As we were walking there were a few looks, a couple of indistinguishable comments, but nothing threatening until we were just before the back door of the restaurant. Out stepped three young guys, hoodies over their heads talking trash.

"So Lindy, you with a white boy now huh? Can't handle dick from the bruthas no mo bitch? Got to do a white boy with a little dick? An old one."

Lindy was taking none of their lip. "Let me tell you Rodney, yes I know it's you, and Albert, and whatever your made up African name is hiding in the shadow. I know all your mama's, they'll rip you a new one when I tell um what you doin in this alley. This kind gentleman is taking me to supper and nothing you gonna do bout it. As for your black dick, my 6 year old nephew got more than you do. I talk with your girlfriend, why you think yo nickname is Shorty? Now move your scrawny asses or I'll put a cap in um."

She puffed up and got loud, "I said MOVE muthafucka." To which they scattered. "Sorry about the lingo, but it's all those morons understand. Shall we dine?"

During the meal we laughed and talked about life in general. I told her a bit about Barb, how we'd dated since 7th grade, married at 19 and had three children. It brought tears to the eyes of this otherwise hardened woman. I was in a booth seat, she got up and sat next to me putting her hand on mine as a matter of comfort. She felt so soft and delicate. I could smell her perfume and the soft vanilla scent of her hair. I imagined what it must be like in her arms making love, my head next to hers listening to sweet nothings, my dick stroking her slowly but deep. It had been so long.

"Hey Ted, you left me for a moment."

Before I regained my thoughts I spoke, "Sorry, I was just imagining what it must feel like to be in your arms."

Then I caught myself and pulled my hand away. Lindy looked at me intently, staring into my eyes.

"Well holy shit, I thought it was just me. I like ya and all Ted, but I aint ready to spread my legs just yet. You gonna hafta win me over first. Mind you, I am winnable."

"Lindy, do all women from around here talk like that? It catches me by surprise every time I hear it."

"Truth be told Ted, I never talked like that until I moved to this area with my deadbeat former husband. Guess I let it seep in a little at a time. Tell you what Ted, you keep treating me like a lady and I'll keep working on my vocabulary."

"How far away do you live? Can I walk you to your house?"

"No, it's not a good idea for you to be walking through my neighborhood alone after dark. Why don't we go back to the store and you can drive me home?"

She lived about six blocks away in a smaller two bedroom house, both the house and the yard looked well kept. I walked her to the door, said goodnight and was ready to leave when she grabbed the collar of my jacket and pulled me in to her lips. She kissed me long and hard, then pulled back."

"Damn boy, you know how to kiss, I'm gonna enjoy getting to know you. That's it for tonight though. Drive safe, see you in the morning."

Before letting her go I asked if I could take her out some Saturday morning soon for breakfast. She liked that idea, we'd talk about it at work tomorrow.

The rest of the week it was employee/employer behavior as it should be. Lindy would stop in my office during break or lunch, otherwise it was business as usual. We went to a Perkins near by for supper twice during the next two weeks. The more we were together, the more we liked being together. Though it was early fall, the weather was supposed to be clear and warm the next coming Saturday. She wasn't working that day, we made plans for me to pick her up at 8, she was ready and waiting on the stoop as I arrived. I'd brought the '57, she was all smiles.

"Can we have the top down?" She asked. I told her yes.

"Then I'm going to go back in and change my hair, won't take but a minute."

Her hair is long and straight with a little natural wave. I thought most black ladies hair was real curly, but not hers. She'd had it hanging naturally before she went in, now it was pulled into a pony tail sticking out the back of a ball cap. I had the top down, held the door for her and took a seat behind the wheel.

"Where would you like to go Lindy?" She responded she'd like it to be my choice.

We talked as I drove.

"There's a place called Charlene's not far from where I live, she only serves breakfast and lunch. Barb and I ate there quite a bit, the food was always good."

"That won't be an issue for you? Taking another woman to the same place you two went."

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