tagRomanceTed and Lindy Ch. 02

Ted and Lindy Ch. 02


Sitting in the tub finishing our bath Lindy had whispered in my ear to put a baby in her tummy. As we dried each other we paid extra attention to the erogenous zones. I think I dried her breasts and vaginal area three times before I was satisfied, she in turn spending an inordinate amount of time on my penis and scrotum. My cock was so hard walking to the bed I figured if I fell I'd just pole vault across the room.

Lindy had ahold of my dick, again leading me like her personal pull toy, which in essence I suppose I am. My eyes were feasting on that little bit of swing she had to her hips and the tiny jiggle of her ass as she walked. I was excited I would be behind her once more, pounding against those sweet cheeks, watching her ass waves as I drove home every bit of cock I possessed. Hands on her tits from behind, slamming her body back into mine with every stroke, the moans and sex sounds I'd gotten used to.

Then like two frenzied animals in heat we would explode internally. Her hips convulsing, her tummy spasming, her hips gyrating back and forth as I grunted and groaned. Her blood engorged pussy lips slobbering all over my cock, trying to suck every ounce of cum I might be able to deliver. Her Kegel muscles squeezing my dick, milking my balls dry, my soldiers trying to find their way through her cervix, scouting the womb for a fertile egg. In my mind I was exhausted, and we hadn't even gotten in bed yet.

Before making love we lay together talking about our day, her engagement ring, how it will be so nice to simply announce we're engaged and do away with all the work site speculations. Lindy wondered if I had paid for the ring outright or on a payment plan. I told her I bought it outright.

"Teddy, can we really afford that? Do you have that kind of money?"

"I have that kind of money Melinda. As soon as we're married I'll apprise you of my finances and make sure you are on a joint account with me. I'm not rich according to todays standards, but we will live comfortably."

"You mean I won't have to worry about rent or utilities or clothes or any of that stuff?"

"None of it Lindy. I'll take good care of you. There come some demands with this information. You cannot discuss our finances with anyone, and I mean anyone. Not your brother, not your closest friend, no one. If you'll let me, I'll show you how to live lucratively without being flashy. How to be kind and generous with what we have, but always making more as we go forward."

"Shit Ted, none of this stuff went through my head at all. You thought about it though, didn't you? No wonder you were so apprehensive about a relationship, not just with me, but with anybody,"

"This will sound arrogant, but Barb and I built a small empire and I'm not going to throw it away on a frivolous romance. If I wasn't convinced your love for me is sincere, you wouldn't be here. By the way, I noticed a Degree of Marketing hanging in your hallway. What's that all about?"

"Just what it says Ted, I have a degree in marketing, for what it was worth to any of my former employees. I have several ideas I think can add to the bottom line of the store. I'd been shut down so many times in the past I was afraid to tell you about them."

"Tomorrow we sit down and go over those ideas. Tonight, I want you on your hands and knees, your sweet ass in the air, I'm going to try and send some soldiers through your cervix in search of a fertile egg."

"Wrong time of the month. Let's practice anyway."

As I scooted behind her aiming my cock at her beckoning entrance I declared, "If there are no fertile eggs, we'll send them through the cervix on a scouting mission."

Lindy was laughing as I tried to shove my dick in, "Ted you are one strange mother fucker. Get busy and fill mamas pussy, I need a load of your babies in my tummy to sleep with."

With one stroke I was balls deep, Lindy let out a small eek and then pulled away in preparation for an incoming stroke. As I was pushing in she was slamming against my groin, I was enjoying her ass wave time itself perfectly. It would flow toward her hips as I hit bottom and be ready to do the same with every stroke. I call it a wave, but her ass was little enough it was more like a ripple.

Lindy had dropped her front to the bed and was concentrating all her efforts at cramming as much of my cock into her as possible. I was doing my best to oblige. As soon as her dirty talk started I knew it wouldn't be long.

"Oooo Teddy, fill mama's cunt with baby juice. Send it into my pussy. I want to feel your warm creamy goo when it hits bottom. Fuck her Teddy, cum with me."

At that point her head flew back, her back arched and she slammed her pussy against my body with such force she damn near knocked me backward. I matched her with my next stroke and we climaxed together. It had been an exhausting fuck, I was still recuperating from the weekend for crying out loud.

"Teddy, I have never been so thoroughly fucked in all my life. Between the past weekend and tonight I'm beat, no one has ever worn me out. It took a 52 year old man to shatter that record."

"Baby, can we sleep tonight? This old man just doesn't have any more to give."

We took a quick non-erotic shower to wash off the sex and climbed beneath the covers.

Five o'clock came much too soon. Having showered the night before saved us precious time in the morning. Lindy was a coffee right away gal, I tended to wait until around 8 to have it with my donuts. She liked the McDonalds coffee black. Since Barb had as well I knew where the closest Mickey D's was and swung in for her first cup of coffee. One large coffee, black please, and we were on our way.

On the way I told her if she'd like I would pick up a Keurig for home and she could buy whatever kind of K-cups she'd like. Then she'd have coffee at the house before we left. She liked that idea, we made plans to stop on the way home. The Hub City Foods truck was waiting at the loading dock when we pulled in. The driver informed me that route changes meant he was going to at the store earlier than the normal 7 o'clock. I enquired what time, he answered 6.

Fortunately, Leon was early that day and could check it all in as it was unloaded. One of the things I liked about Leon is that he never allowed the drivers to rush him. He went through every item on that invoice before he signed it. With Hub City delivering two times a week I was going to need to work something out. Talking with Leon he said he wouldn't mind starting earlier if he could get off earlier. With a newborn in the house it would give him more time to help with the baby and kids after school. Melinda and I talked it over and felt it was time to increase his hourly wage. I hate twenty five or fifty cent raises, if you're gonna give them a raise, then dammit give them a raise worth their merit.

We informed Leon he would see an increase of a dollar an hour on his next check, beginning with today's date. Since we paid by merit I explained to each employee when I hired them that no one knew what their pay was except me and them. We encouraged Leon to keep the raise to himself at work.

Lindy had gone immediately to the bakery talking with Meredith, making sure all was going well, and she had everything she needed. She also brought up the possibility of moving into the upper apartment once it was finished. Lindy said she broke down crying, her apartment building had been purchased and the new renters were raising it so high she couldn't afford to stay. Those who weren't going to stay would have to leave at the end of their lease. Hers was up in two months. Not having to pay rent or utilities she was willing to take a little less in wages.

Lindy followed that up with a visit to the meat counter. Thanking him for keeping the meat area clean and odor free. Unwashed surfaces and rotting meat trimmings can ruin any shopping experience. Next was produce, followed by a visit to deli. I was so proud of my girl, she took her new position seriously and was going to make sure everyone knew she/we cared.

We didn't mention her ring, until one of the new checkers noticed. News traveled through the store like wildfire. Lindy was smiling and excited, yet reserved and professional at the same time. I mused, all this girl needed was a chance and someone to believe in her, she was blossoming before my eyes. Lindy really took a liking to the older checker she'd recently hired. She was always early, her drawer always checked to the penny or she knew why, her attitude on the registers was always responsible and polite.

Lindy had been in charge of checkers before I promoted her to store supervisor, so the position was open. Lindy came into my office and closed the door.

"I'll be glad when Terry installs those blinds, my ass is telling me it wants to be on your lap, but until we can keep it to ourselves I'll park it in this chair. The lead checker position is open, I'm leaning toward the new hire, the 28 year old. She's more than qualified and she possesses the right attitude."

"What about Aisha, she's been here longer. Is this going to start a shit storm?"

"Ted, Aisha is going to piss and moan no matter what we do. Honestly, she isn't qualified, she hasn't displayed an interest in anything more than working her hours and collecting her check. We'll set her up for failure if we put her in that position."

"What if she leaves?"

"Bye, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. Ted I can pull a dozen applications out of that stack who will do better than she ever will. If you'll back me I'm going to put Abby in the lead checker position."

"Of course, I'll back you. We may disagree about something after the fact, but I will never throw you under the bus. I will always back your decision, therefore make wise ones."


He really knows his shit. I can learn a lot from him. Not only do I love this guy, I get to have him as a mentor as well.

As soon as Lindy announced Abby would be the new lead checker Aisha went ballistic. Cussing, yelling, being as belligerent as could be. I stepped out into the store and beckoned her to my office."

"Fuck you Ted, you can kiss my ass."

"Aisha you have two choices. Come to my office and we'll talk, or I call the cops and you'll be removed in cuffs. What's it going to be?"

She begrudgingly walked toward my office, as she entered Melinda walked behind her closing the door.

She saw Lindy and screamed, "Aw no, we aint havin this bullshit. That cunt is outa here or I walk."

I looked her in the ye, "Melinda, open the door so our friend can leave. If you leave without talking to me realize you'll never be in this building again except to shop."

That deflated her quickly. We went back and forth about hours, respect, possible racism, and that's when Lindy stepped in.

"What the fuck are you talkin about wench. No one in leadership has ever shown you disrespect or acted in a racially negative way. You're the one who can't seem to get rid of the ghetto even though you don't live there anymore."

Aisha puffed up, "What you talkin bout bitch?"

"I watch how you behave when one of your old homies comes through your line. You juke and jive and fist bump and act like the pimps over on 3rd and Greenfield. Thank God you don't grab your crotch every five seconds. It takes you three times as long to check them out as anyone else."

"We got shit to catch up on."

Melinda had enough, "Then do it after work, we don't pay people to shoot the shit and catch up. As much as I hate to do this Aisha, you're done. I'll follow you to your locker, you can clear your stuff and I'll escort you to the door."

"The fuck you will bitch. I'll kick your ass."

I had dialed the police when she got all puffy earlier, I left the phone open and the cops heard everything. There were two officers standing outside my door listening to her rant. When I signaled they walked in and offered to escort her to her locker and then out of the store, or she could leave in cuffs. She chose the escort. It also made several others who had been taking their job for granted see that none of them were indispensable.

It had been a stressful afternoon. Lindy asked the day workers if they could all stay an extra half hour ... with pay. We met in the break room, Lindy explained the situation, what had happened and apologized that they had to witness it. At that point I stepped in.

"Those of you who may not know, I asked Melinda to marry me and she has accepted. Her word will be as if I am talking to you from here on. She's college educated, she's mature, and she knows this store as well as I do. If anyone doesn't think they can live with that tell me now. I'll cut you loose and give you two week's severance pay."

The room was silent until I shrugged my shoulders as if I needed an answer. Nearly everyone in unison agreed they would be comfortable with Lindy as a supervisor. After thanking everyone for staying we ventured to my office. Lindy immediately sat on my lap kissing me.

"I don't care what anyone might say, you're my fiancé and I'm damn well going to kiss you."

I suggested we eat at Perkins then go to the mall. I felt she needed a more professional look for a person in her new position. We did just that. Getting her a couple of nice business outfits, some quality jeans and tops, shoes that wouldn't kill her feet standing most of the day. I could see a difference in how she carried herself and she didn't even have any new clothes on yet. We chose to go back to the store and have a meeting with all the second shift people.

Lindy explained the situation with Aisha and what the outcome had been. We again asked if anyone had a problem with Lindy as supervisor and I offered the same severance to anyone who wanted it. Aisha's closest friend was considering it when she decided that was nuts. Aisha and her big mouth got her fired, nothing else.

In the car Lindy didn't say ten words, just held my hand and told me she loved me. Walking into the house from the garage she turned the minute I had the door closed and sank into my arms. She was blubbering and crying. I held her and let her cry it out. At one point I gave her my hanky, so she didn't get snot all over my shirt. After regaining her composure, she kissed me and sank into a chair.

"Teddy, I did the right thing didn't I? She wasn't a friend, but I've known her since high school."

"Lindy, she gave you no choice, and where there is no choice, there is no problem. No one went looking to fire her, she chose that herself. Had she been contrite in the smallest way I'd have given her a second chance, but not after the way she behaved toward both of us. Nope Lindy, she had to go."

It was already near ten and neither of us was in any sort of amorous mood. By the time we got ready for bed it was 10:30. We were getting used to sleeping together after years of sleeping by ourselves and had a much better night sleep.

At morning break Lindy sat on my lap.

"Got an idea, tell me what you think. Ever notice how many people come in for just the staples? Milk, bread, eggs, maybe bacon or burger, but not an entire shopping. What I've noticed is they must go to several different parts of the store to get those few items. What if we took what used to be the pharmacy and use it for what I'd like to call, The Convenience Corner?"

I had put my hand under her skirt and then covered it with her skirt. I was gently rubbing across her mons when she grabbed my hand.

Hissing at me, "Stop it you horny old man, I'm trying to be serious."

"Well so am I, I can't think of anything more serious than my hand on your muff. Unless it would be my face in your muff."

"Damn it Ted, listen to me honey. I need to know what you think of my idea, not how much you want to fuck me."

"I like it Melinda, I like it a lot. It already has an outside entrance, we could add a door into the main store for daytime use and then lock it after 5. If we could hire the right people I think it would be good to keep that section open until 11. Let's bring Leon and Julio in to see if it will be a logistical nightmare for them."

Within a week we had formulated a plan to implement Lindy's idea. She put the word out for people to fill that position, opening it up to our present employees if they were interested. Within a day she had 9 applications. We got ahold of Terry about doing the construction we needed in the store as well as the upstairs remodel. Lindy invited he and his wife over for dessert Saturday night. We discussed in detail what needed to be done. Terry said he had a crew that just finished a job, but the next one had been bumped out two weeks waiting on others. He was willing to move two crews into the building beginning Monday, one for the apartment, one for the Convenience Corner.

We intended to have it stocked and fully operation in three weeks. Lindy began advertising it in that manner, open in three weeks. The feedback we received was nothing but positive. I really liked Terry's crews, with a master plumber and electrician it was more like a mechanical company than construction and remodels. They were hard at it both upstairs and in the store. He ran into old galvanized plumbing in the apartment, recommending we switch over to PVC drain lines and PEX water supplies. We agreed, that was forward thinking and went ahead with it. The electrical panel had been upgraded in 72, so all the wiring was copper, we decided to replace the receptacles and switches, adding GFI's to the bathroom and kitchen.

We installed a 4-door glass cooler in the convenience corner with a remote condensing unit. We could stock milk, butter, some burger and bacon, a small assortment of pop and other soft drinks to start with and see how inventory changed after opening. There would be bread, a small amount of feminine hygiene products, paper goods, chips, some candy, apples, bananas, simple things like that. There would be no tobacco products or beer, those would still need to be purchased in the main store. We kicked around the idea of fresh coffee and some pastry items, choosing to wait and see how things fleshed out.

While Terry was working in the building he installed the blinds and new lockset for my office. As he was packing his tools Lindy walked in. Terry spoke with a big grin,

"Never thought I'd see the day my big sister would be screwin the boss, you trashy thing."

Both were laughing, he gave Lindy a brotherly slap on the ass as he walked past.

"Do they work", Lindy asked. I showed her how the remote worked on the curtains and door lock.

"Now, close those blinds and lock that door. I have a dick I want to suck. Unzip and pull it out big boy."

There was a cushion on one of the chairs, she spun my chair sideways, put the cushion on the floor and knelt between my legs. My cock was ready and willing, standing at attention like a good soldier.

"Just so you understand Teddy, when I'm ovulating every ounce of sperm you have goes in my pussy, but that won't be til next week, I want your cum in my mouth today."

Being a tease, she slowly licked around the head, slobbering and licking the pre cum off the tip. When she got a little too much of the head in her mouth to quickly pull away, I put my hand on her head and gently pushed it onto my cock. She came up smiling, licking her lips.

"Okay daddy, I'll quit goofin around and suck your cock like a good girl. Just be sure I get a full load."

And suck my cock she did. I'll never get over how she can make her mouth feel so much like her pussy. Within 5 minutes I was beginning to breathe deep and my legs stiffen. She pulled off long enough to say.

"Cum for me daddy, put that load in my mouth."

Two minutes later I was grunting and groaning as she sucked my balls dry. She continued to suck lightly even after I stopped squirting. I finally had to stop her, it was just too damn sensitive.

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