Ted Online Pt. 01


He chuckled, "You were pretty amazing yourself, and humans do take longer, but I already care about you, if in an extremely shallow manner. I expect that won't take long to change, you're kind of perfect you know."

She blushed and kissed my chest, laid her head down on my chest, and then she said, "Staying in bed all day has a certain appeal, but I should make you lunch, and you should see what's available out there."

"Shower first."

She grinned, "I can just..." she waved a hand.

He shook his head, "Nope. Not after all you did to make this a realistic experience. The joint shower after sex playtime is important. You need to wash my back, and I'm looking forward to cleaning you up as well, thoroughly."

She smiled a bit naughtily and rubbed his chest, "Fine, I can't argue with your logic, you win," and she rolled out of bed.

He followed, and she enjoyed his attentions under the hot spraying water very much, or at least, it seemed so to him. He knew for certain he enjoyed hers, as she kept her word and took his third load of the day between her sexy pouty lips...

After lunch she kissed the side of his neck, and started giving him a massage.

"You're going to spoil me woman."

She chuckled sultrily, "I plan too, unfortunately some moderation is called for, otherwise I'd have tied you to the bed."

He shook his head, any doubts he had about her fucking him just because it was a needed parameter for his health were long gone.

"I suppose I should check out what's available? I've always been a gamer, but we can go out instead if you want, I find myself not wanting to leave your company."

Her hands moved farther down to his collar and upper chest, it felt really good.

"How about dinner tonight, and a walk by the beach? Besides gaming being a good distraction, it can sharpen the mind."

He raised an eyebrow and turned to look up at her, "Mental health again?"

She shrugged, "I'm going to contribute a great deal to that, both in and out of bed, I hope. But there is more to life than me and work. You need a hobby and time for yourself, for balance."

He nodded in agreement. That was true, but it would take a month or two before the newness wore off, but he knew if they spent all their time together he'd start to feel smothered. No matter how wonderful she was. Work, relationships, and alone time for hobbies needed to be balanced. Might as well start that balance now, rather than let things get to that point first.

He also thought once he got back in the real world it would complicate things, he could see himself falling for Mia easily, and hard, without any effort. He could already see a life shared with his sexy assistant, right now based on sex, but he knew that wouldn't be the only reason for long.

What happened if he met a woman in the real world, assuming there were any that would want a relationship with an android, even a human driven one?

He mentioned it to Mia, and she shrugged.

"A.I.s don't have jealousy, or other negative emotions like that. If you found someone else to share your bed, or even your love, I wouldn't mind, and would even join if I could or was invited. I would miss you more than I can say if I didn't get any of your time, especially after this morning, but that's not quite the same thing. I think we can manage some kind of balance, but how about we take it as it comes? No point in worrying, and right now you're all mine."

He smiled, "Yours huh?" he asked with faux skepticism.

She nodded, and kissed him, "Absolutely, my human with a magical tongue," she laughed and said, "No more procrastinating, to bring up your main menu, just think about it and it should pop up in an overlay."

He decided to do as she asked, although he was curious. Dinner out and a moonlit walk on the beach? He almost wished it was evening already, but he had to admit despite her obvious draw on his attention, and libido, he was curious about what games were available.

He brought up the command menu which was split into several sections. The first was his house automation controls which were very familiar to him. There was a phone app, and when he clicked on it all his contacts came up. He backed out and saw business next, which were a number of apps to do banking and investments, and check his overall finances.

Under that was entertainment, he chose that and it was split further. Television, movies, music, dining, city guide which had things to see and do, like the beach, swimming, golfing, or pool halls. Pretty much general entertainment. The last two were night life in the virtual city, and games. Curiously he clicked on nightlife, and there were subcategories of dance clubs, blues clubs, sports bars, and just about any number of other entertainment locations, including virtual brothels.

He backed out again and clicked on games. There was a huge number of subcategories, board games, first person shooter, and the list went on. He clicked on full virtual and went down the list. There were sports games, first person shooters, and others. He liked the fantasy games rather than anything with a single proscribed track, so he clicked on those.

There were several to choose from, and he chose the one that had the most human players in it. Perhaps their experience wouldn't be as good as his, but the VR rigs they had now were close to what he was at, so that might be a good thing, at least he could interact with people here, besides those he worked with and the A.I.s.

He wondered at that though, he was really enjoying Mia's company, and not just because of the looks and sex. Although he couldn't deny that was a big part of it.

The name of the game was Endless War. The setting was a modern city, post apocalypse. Kind of an angel verse demon thing, good against evil as they fought for the earth. He smirked, he was a fairly good guy in real life, at least he thought so, but he felt inclined to play on the demon side in a game. Still, he'd wait to see what both sides offered as characters first.

Mia said, "You might want to lie down in bed for this, or at least on the lounge chair."

He nodded, "Good idea," and went into the bedroom and laid down on the bed. He was a little surprised when Mia crawled in and laid against him again, was she going to stay there the whole time?

He supposed it didn't matter, and he was her responsibility so it kind of made sense. At first he thought it a little clingy, but if that was the case she wouldn't be pushing him away toward a game.

He hit the logon button and felt dizzy for a second. He found himself standing in an empty room, with the game logo floating in front of his face, and a start button. He hit it, and a screen opened up displaying him as a naked being. There was also a content warning, he scrolled to the bottom and accepted, and then the screen changed.

His name was already filled in as Ted, and the sex was already filled in as male. That was interesting, but more than fine, he'd never played a female before and hadn't intended to start now. He knew a few guys that did that shit because females got more help and attention than guys did from the more experienced players. He'd always preferred to figure things out on his own.

He took a few minutes to read up on classes and races. Player characters were either half angels or demons, and the demon or angel type inclined the player toward certain abilities that might affect what class they took. It wasn't all that complicated. He wasn't interested in a straightforward fighter or mage type, he liked to have options, so he chose cambion as his race, which was the offspring of a human and succubus, or incubus.

They weren't as heavily inclined toward magic as an imp was, or as hard as a demon warrior would be in battle. They had a mix of skills that way, a small bonus to strength, intelligence, and wisdom. They were also part incubus, so they had a huge bonus to charisma, which could come in handy when dealing with NPCs.

He had a couple of good choices after that as to class.

He could be a demon knight, which amounted to someone who could summon demons as followers, cast some offensive spells, and even fight directly if the situation called for it, though the demon summoning was obviously the key ability there. He'd never be more than mediocre in the other two abilities.

The second class that would work well with the cambion was demon illusionist. Their strengths were in sneaking around, with spells to aid in such, and bonuses for surprise attacks against enemies.

He considered that for a while, and decided the general boldly leading his troops was more appealing than slinking around, and chose demon knight.

His body was suddenly covered with black leather armor, gloves, and boots. He also had an ebony staff in his right hand, and a satchel around his shoulder.

A new popup appeared.


*Endless war Stats:

*Name: Ted Race: Cambion

*Lvl: 1 (TNL:0%) Class: Demon Knight

*+att/+dmg: 1/2 Str: 12

*Mana: 120 Int: 12

*Health: 100 Con: 10

*Summon limit: 1/0 Wis: 12

*stamina:100 Dex: 10

*Popularity: +6 Cha: 16

*Gold: 0 Silver: 5


Continue with these choices? Yes or no.

He said, "Yes."

The overlay faded away, and he appeared in what looked like a basement, lit with candles and filled with shadows. An overly ripe and sensual woman appeared before him, with leathery black wings, horns, and a forked tail. She also seemed to misplace her shirt and he was trying not to stare at her tits, though she was wearing a thong. It was so wrong, but he was kind of turned on by the image.

"Welcome Ted, to the endless war. I am Genevieve and can train you in the demonic arts as you gain levels and experience."

He nodded slowly, and managed to look at her eyes, which were two dark pools of black.

"What are my options, can I learn anything now?"

She smiled a bit evilly, "Oh," and looked down at his trousers, "I think I can teach you a thing or two."

She looked back up to his eyes, "You can learn two spells to start with out of the following. Summon minor Demon, Charm, and Fiend Fire."

She went on to explain summon minor demon summoned a demon from hell, either an imp, succubus, or warrior, at the casters level. He could summon one demon for every ten points of wisdom. When he asked about the second number, the zero, she told him that was for advanced summoning, which was one creature every forty points of wisdom, and the spell itself couldn't be learned until level twenty anyway.

Charm was like hypnosis, it made someone take your suggestions, but the spell would be broken if they were about to die, or asked to do something to far out of character. Fiend fire was like a small fireball, and did damage based on wisdom.

"I'll take summon minor demon and fiend fire," he decided. He could always learn charm later.

She smiled, licked her lips and then walked toward him. He was so surprised when she entered his personal space that he didn't move, and the demoness kissed him, it was a really good kiss, and he found himself kissing her back, and then she chuckled evilly as she groped him and then stepped back.

He considered that maybe he should have read the content warning before agreeing.

There was a couple of popups.

You can now cast Summon Minor Demon!

You can now cast Fiend Fire!

He cleared his throat, and turned toward the door, and took the stairs that led up into the street...

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