Teen Intern Tells Sexperience


When he dropped his pants and I saw his cock for the first time I stood there frozen with my eyes wide open while biting my lower lip.

"Oh my god," were the words that came out of my mouth.

Never in my life did I see something so huge and so powerful. His cock was menacing to say the least. Seeing me look at his huge manhood caused a smug knowing look to come across his face. He didn't have to say a word because he knew form his vast experience that I had never seen a cock so big.

What amazed me was the sight of his cock and the appearance of it. Compared to my boyfriend or other boys my age he was massive; easily ten times their sizes. Not only was his cock massive, but his balls were also huge as they hung low in a sack the size of tennis balls. The freakish sight of his huge, hanging ball sack added to the frightening sight of his menacing cock.

As I starred at it hanging enormously between his legs I estimated that he was at least ten inches long and very thick and he wasn't even hard. I knew one thing and that was no matter how many times I would look at his cock it would always boarder on being a chilling sight to me. The second I took it in my hands I almost came as I felt the incredible power of it. It was so wide around that when I closed my hand around it my thumb was at least four inches away from my index finger.

I will never forget the way it proudly hung down his leg so long and so fat around with a maze of veins that ran through it, and also the rubbery texture it had. It looked like a huge log as it hung in front of me as it thumped like a beating heart. It was so different from my boyfriend's smooth vein less shaft. His enormous shaft had both a powerful and terrifying quality to it.

As soon as he stepped away from his cloths we were locked in a kiss that had his hands all over my ass caressing it and spreading it apart in a way my boyfriend or other guy ever did. As his hands separated my ass the scent of my sex was all around us. It was the first time in my life I ever had that musky scent. The combination of him being 62 years older than me and having a monstrous cock had me so turned on.

The way he spread my ass cheeks apart, exposing my pussy caused it to make these little popping sounds. It was because of me being so wet from the thrill of being with him; the trill of me being with such an older man. As we kissed I lifted his huge, overweight cock and began pumping it along my side. Lifting it, I was stunned by the heaviness of it.

As we kissed I was going crazy as I felt huge cock expand in my hands and when he was fully erect I almost couldn't hold it anymore as my thumb and index finger were inches away from each other. Something came over me that I never felt with my boyfriend or any other boy and that was the need to please him and his massive cock. I've given a blow-job to my boyfriend and a few other guys' but didn't enjoy it much. It was probably because they always came in a minute and that their dicks were nothing like the monster Jack had.

Seeing this freakish cock hanging down between his thighs in front of me was like a spell had been cast over me. Suddenly, the adoring need to please it washed over me as I squatted on my pumps and for more than five minutes just starred at his hanging monster in total astonishment and awe. It was both the most beautiful and most intimidating sight I had ever seen.

"So huge," I said looking up at him.

"It's big for you Stacey," he said with a smug look.

"Oh god," I groaned as my instincts took over and I began kissing it all over.

"Wonderful baby," he groaned as I kissed all over his massive shaft.

Never in my life did I do this to my boyfriend's or any other boys cock. I was so drawn to his immense size that the need to just kiss it fist was something I felt I had to do. It was as if I knew it was what a cock this huge deserved. Suddenly a bolt of electricity went right through me and as I held his enormous cock I actually felt my pussy tremble.

"Oh fuck," I groaned as I actually shuddered and came without even touching myself

"Wonderful," he said in a voice that let me know this happed with a lot of girls, and that it was more a surprise to me than to him.

"Oh fuck, "this never happened to me in my life," I groaned as I went back to kissing his massive flesh.

"Yes Stacey, it is a big cock, and as I said, it's big for you," he said in a deep, resonant voice.

"Oh god, I'm so excited that you want me," I said as I leaned forward and kissed his huge cockhead while grinning at him slyly.

"Oh yes, the second I saw you I knew this had to happen," he said as I groaned while I kissed his massive shaft.

"Oh god I'm so happy it did," I groaned as my lips went kissing up the side of his enormous, hanging shaft.

As I kissed up and down his enormous shaft and on his huge cockhead I would look up at him and grin in the slyest way as he looked at me with a confidence of knowing he was enormous. All I could do was kiss it. It was as if there was some kind of rule about huge cocks that had to be worshiped by kissing them first. I was so lost in the excitement of him having such an enormous cock that I didn't noting the mirrored wall a few feet away from my.

When I glanced to my left I groaned out loud from the sight of me squatting in worship of his huge cock. Seeing his incredible cock in the reflection of the mirror made me shudder. I could not get over how sexy I looked and how naughty a scene it was.

"That's right. Look how sexy you are Stacey," he said as he watched my eyes travel along my own body.

Seeing me in black high heel pumps anchored to the floor and my long legs in tan thigh high stockings then my narrow waist with my large 34D breasts sitting high on my chest made me so hot. I had to admit I looked so sexy and so very naughty, which was exactly how I felt right then.

Looking in the mirror at his freakish cock and seeing the almost grotesque maze of wide, protruding veins made me groan out loud. It was without a doubt the most powerful sight I have ever seen. I remember thinking to myself how my boyfriend and a few other boys I have been with, and how their penises stuck straight out like little twigs while Jack's was like a gigantic log that hung down and rested above his knee.

I than went back to kissing his massive cock as I would look to the side every few minutes to take in the incredible sight of the two of us. With each kiss sparks went deep into deep into my pussy, making me so wet. I remember how I would just kiss all over his huge cockhead and look up at him as I groaned hotly while seeing his look of confidence and the pride he had for having such massive manhood.

"So sexy," he said as he glanced at me in the mirror.

"Oh god," I groaned as I looked at myself and saw my reflection.

"You like hearing how sexy you are, don't you Stacey," he said in a deep voice.

"Oh god yes, especially when I hear you say it," I groaned as I pumped his massive shaft.

"You stroke it wonderfully Stacey."

"Oh god could do this forever," I groaned. "I could pump this huge assed cock forever. I love feeling the power of it in my hands," I said in a throaty voice I didn't recognize.

After half an hour of worshiping his massive cock with my soft, popping kisses I began to run my tongue across it.

"Ohh yessss," he groaned while looking down at me.

"So huge," I groaned as I licked all over his massive cock.

For the next hour I kissed and licked all over every inch of his enormous shaft. Almost as if I was in a trance, the tip of my tongue went up one side of his huge, thickly veined shaft to the top of his huge cockhead where I flicked my tongue at it and kissed all over it until I took the head in my mouth and sucked on it while I pumped his massive shaft with both hands.

His cock was so huge and so fat around that the most I could take in my mouth was his enormous head, and even that was a struggle. While I sucked on his giant cockhead with more lust than I ever had, my hands pumped up and down his shaft twisting and turning in desperation to please every inch of him. Even the way I was stroking him was a surprise to me. With my boyfriend or other buys my age it was up and down with no extra motions, but with this monster cock my palms were making a cork-screw motion all over his colossally, fat shaft.

I lost count of the amount of times I looked up at him with a sly grin and praised his huge cock, telling him how huge and how beautiful it was and how much I loved sucking it.

"Oh god. I love sucking and jerking this huge cock," I groaned as I was so turned on to the power of it.

I continued licking and kissing it my deep groans told him I loved worshiping every inch of it. As my tongue traveled over the thick protruding veins, sparks were shooting deep into my pussy from the excitement of him having such an enormous cock. Sucking his huge cockhead and hearing him groan saying,

"That's wonderful baby," turned me on like crazy.

"Oh God, so huge. I want to make love to it. I'll do this all night just to let you know how special you really are," I said looking up to him with lust before going back to licking, kissing and pumping his massive shaft.

As he watched intently as his newest, sexy beauty worship his massive cock, he knew she was mentally comparing it to her boyfriend or any other boy she fucked. Even though he absolutely knew how 'special' he was, he loved hearing a sexy teen express her enthusiasm over him having such a massive cock.

"Enjoy my big cock Stacey. I'm quite sure you are thinking how much bigger I am than your boyfriend."

Groaning, because he was reading my mind I looked up and grinned slyly at him then said,

"All of my boyfriends," then flicked my tongue across his huge cockhead as he groaned,

" Ummm, so sexy and so naughty."

Squatting on my pumps had my pussy so exposed. I felt tingly all over as I played with his enormous cock and made love to it in a way I never did to my boyfriend or any other guy. Hearing him groan and tell me how sexy I was made me want to please him in the most desperate way. At times he would run his hands through my hair as he told me how sexy I was. Time was standing still as my hands and tongue made love to his enormous cock.

From his huge shaft I went to his hanging ball sack. His balls were huge and seemed matched to the size of his cock as each one was the size of a tennis ball. I was groaning like crazy as I sucked on each of his balls while my hands lovingly pumped his huge shaft. As I looked up at him with a sly grin as I saw him look right into my eyes with the most penetrating stare. Through my groans I actually felt my pussy shudder and cum because of how turned on I was sucking something so massive. I felt so hot when he told me I was incredible and so sexy.

At times I would stop licking his huge cock and look right at it as if was a work of art. It was my first huge cock and I wanted to worship every terrifying inch of it. When I put my tongue on his cockhead and tried to lift it I could not believe the staggering weight of it. Even when I ran my tongue along the side it was almost impossible to move to the side. I loved opening my mouth wide and sliding my pouty lips across his massive shaft. It was as if I was using my lips to jerk him off then reaching his huge cockhead and using the tip of my tongue to travel along the wide, protruding veins.

"That's wonderful baby," he groaned every time I did that to him which made me do it over and over again.

After the hour of sheer bliss; as I made love to his huge cock with my hands and mouth and tongue he said,

"It's time to fuck you Stacey."

"Oh god yes," I said in a deep throaty voice. "I want this huge cock deep inside me so bad," I groaned as I kept stroking it as I looked up at him slyly.

My body was on fire. I was tingling all over in anticipation of being fucked by him and his huge cock. The thought of being fucked by such an older man had me climbing the walls, and the thought of being fucked by such an enormous cock added to the fire in my pussy.

He took me by the hand and led me to the bar stool where he stood behind me kissing my neck as he told me that all he could think about all day was fucking me. I was moaning like crazy as I felt him line his massive cock up to the mouth of my steaming pussy. Looking back at the staggering sight of his huge cock at the mouth of my pussy I nearly died at the frightening sight of it.

"Oh god," I groaned over and over as he slowly inched his gigantic cock into me.

For the next hour he slow fucked into me in a way that had me groaning and cumming at the same time. As each inch spread me out wider and wider apart I began to slowly and surprisingly adjust to his massive size. I was never wetter in my life and although my pussy was aching from being stretched so far apart the thrill of fucking a cock so massive had me cumming like a rushing faucet. As he continued to spread me open, determined to bottom out deep inside me he pinched my aching nipples and kissed my neck as he told me he loved my pussy.

"Such a sexy pussy Stacey,' he whispered in my ear as he leaned over me and continued to slow fuck his monster cock into me.

"Oh god. You're stretching me out so fucking wide," I groaned out loud as I felt the large protruding veins along his enormous shaft rub against the walls of my insides.

"Easy baby. There's no rush to fuck. I want you comfortable and excited before I start really fucking you," he said as he leaned over me and kissed me.

It took me over an hour to adjust to his enormous size. As he fucked into me I was so relieved that he was going very slowly and using different angles to help my pussy stretch and adjust to his freakish size. It helped so much by the way he ran his hands up and down the sides of my stockings of when he took me by the waist to help guide me along his monstrous shaft and especially when he would whisper in my ear how sexy I was or how much his big cock loved my pussy.

When he finally bottomed out I saw stars as I came in a flood all over his giant cock. At this point I was delirious and could not believe I was taking his entire cock. I never felt so stuffed, so stretched out and pried apart as I was just then.

"I'm all the way inside you Stacey. Deep into the back of your cunt," he whispered in my ear.

"Oh god, your cock feels so incredible. I've never felt anything so huge and so incredible inside me," I groaned as I felt it expanding inside me as if it was breathing.

After bottoming out we kissed hotly as I felt his enormous shaft pulsating inside me. Every time it expanded I could feel my pussy spreading wide apart. After kissing for ten minutes he began to fuck me in a steady rhythm that had my ass meeting his every slow and very deep thrust. The next hour was purely mind blowing to me. As he slow fucked me as I matched his movements with my ass. I could not believe I took his entire giant cock. I was so proud of myself and just wanted to please every inch of his mammoth shaft with my pussy.

At times he would take me by the waist and pull me on to him when he wanted me to adjust to his speed or the angel of his massive cock. As he held my narrow waist we would kiss. It was so hot to fuck him and kiss him. At times I was groaning like crazy and turned my head to the side and we met for a fast kiss. The single popping sound that filled the air had such a naught quality to it.

I felt my body totally submit to him as he instinctively knew I needed to cum. When he told me to cum, I instantly burst all over him. I went wild from the way his hands would hold my waist then travel up the sides of my thigh high stockings then to my breasts where he rolled my excited nipples between his thumbs. As he fucked into me with long slow strokes he would groan and say,

"You're an incredible fuck Stacey. An absolutely incredible fuck."

Hearing his words made me go crazy and groan as I turned my head and kissed him hard as my tongue collided with his. There was nothing in the world that excited me more than hearing him say I was an incredible fuck. It truly felt like an honor to me, knowing that he was a man that fucked so many teens.

Every time he said it, it drove me wild. His hands were all over me as he fucked me. He absolutely knew what he was doing with his hands. As he fucked into me with his monstrous cock his hands roaming over my body added to intenseness of the endless amount of orgasms I was having, especially when he played with my engorged clit while he fucked into me with that log-sized cock of his.

He had me in a constant groan as he whispered in my ear saying he loved my body and my pussy and that I was a wonderful fuck.

"Oh god don't stop fucking me," I groaned out loud as I felt my pussy building to a thunderous climax. "Keep fucking me with that huge assed cock," I groaned as I looked back at him with a contorted expression of lust on my face.

"How could any man stop fucking this magical cunt of yours Stacey," he said in a deep, resonant voice as he held me by my waist and continued to send his huge cock way up into the depths of my sex starved pussy.

"Oh god, such an enormous cock. I've never felt anything so huge. I love fucking every inch of it," I groaned as the excitement from being fucked by such an enormous cock had me right on the edge of exploding again.

Sensing I was about to explode he stood still and held my waist so that I couldn't fuck him back.

"Oh god please fuck me lover. You know I have to cum," I groaned.

"Yes Stacey, I absolutely know when you are about to cum," he said in a confident tone.

"Oh god, you fuck all the time don't you," I snarled as I looked back at him. "Fuck, you know when every pussy you fuck is gonna cum,"

He didn't respond, but did grin slyly as he continued to his massive cock into the gorgeous 18 year old whose body and especially her pussy were at the very top of his first choice fuck list, so much that he knew he had to fuck this one again, and on an going basis.

She was without question correct in assuming he fucked constantly, sometimes two and three sexy teenage girls at a time and up to five days each week. These were teens who worked as interns for him or daughters or granddaughters of his employees who he had met at large parties he hosted. Stories of him having an enormous cock with a reputation of knowing how to fuck were spread throughout the offices of his world-wide business.

This week alone he had three different teenage girls; two were 18 and one 19. One of the teenage girls was 18 and came from High School each day as part of an intern program. She was chosen because she had an incredible high IQ and was very studious with a tenacious ability to see all details.

Looking at her and her appearance there wasn't a person who knew the distinguished Jack Travers that would have said she'd end up in his bed. Coming to work each day in pigtails and very conservative long skirts that came down to her ankles and loose fitting sweaters with flat shoes, without ever wearing make-up and having the shiniest of braces made her extremely plain. Add to that a large pair of framed glasses and the palest skin with freckles all over her face and arms and she was absolutely nerdy.

She was very shy with an ultra-conservative personality coming from a very religious family and community in the mid-west, but she was extremely proficient in doing her internship, in fact she was responsible for catching an ordering error that could have cost his company 15 million dollars.

Wanting to reward her for catching the error her 80 year old boss invited her to dinner at his Penthouse. She was living with a roommate who was 19 and a design major at a well know college in the city. She had heard all of the stories about him having an enormous cock who fucked constantly and had shared all of those stories with her roommate. Once she told her roommate that she was going to her bosses Penthouse for dinner her roommate dressed her for her date. What the roommate knew was that she had an amazing body.

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