Teen Ravage


I got off the bus and headed down the street to my house. Thank God that I wouldn't be riding it anymore! I finally convinced my mom and dad to buy a car for me. I turned eighteen four months ago and got my driver's license two years ago. After years of pleading and arguing, they decided that I was mature enough to own a car. I'm a good student and I never get into trouble, so it wasn't too hard to convince them. My best friend Chris and I are getting together tonight to look through the paper and find just the right car for me.

Chris is two months older than I am. She has long black hair and is very pretty. Chris always attracts the guys at school. She and I are both considered very attractive and often get asked out by boys, including seniors. My parents will not let me date, so I haven't had a lot of experience with guys. I have kissed a couple at parties and I once let a boy rub my breasts through my shirt. I have long bond hair and my breasts have started to fill out.

I think about boys and sex a lot lately. Chris and I have had several discussions about different boys and what sex with them would be like, for that matter, what sex would be like period. I have played with myself in the bathtub a couple of times. My pussy is covered with a small amount of soft hair and I find myself stroking it and spreading the lips of my pussy with my finger. I have tried to press my finger up inside, but I get afraid of the feelings that start going through my body. I don't want to lose my virginity by masturbating myself. Chris and I have decided we would wait until we get married before we would lose our virginity. Chris told me that she had an orgasm by rubbing her pussy from the outside. I may try that the next time I take a bath.

I reach my house after a short walk and unlock the door to let myself in. My parents are out of town at some kind of convention and wouldn't be back until tomorrow. I go up to my room to change my clothes before Chris comes over. I take off my dress and underwear and look at myself in the dresser mirror. I think I have a great body for an eighteen-year-old. My breasts are getting fuller and the nipples will stick out when they rub against a shirt or when it's cold out. My ass looks nice and firm. I can see why boys are attracted to me. Although I will wait until I'm married before I lose my virginity, I still like to tease boys and plan to experience as much as I can once my parents start letting me date. I slide on a pair of white panties, a tee shirt, and a pair of cutoffs and go down stairs to wait on Chris.

I get the paper and a coke from the kitchen and notice that the door was left unlocked. That's strange since my parents are very strict about locking the doors before they leave the house. Maybe this is something I can use against them later. It never hurts to have a little leverage to use against your parents. I walk back into the living room and turn the television on and start watching MTV. I'm lying on the couch flipping through the car advertisements when suddenly someone grabs me by my hair and jerks me off the couch. I let out a surprised scream and feel an arm go around my throat from behind. My attacker is holding me from behind and has an arm around my throat, while pulling my hair with their other hand. I struggle to pull loose and start screaming. The arm around my throat tightens and I hear a deep voice say "Shut up or I'll break your neck!" I keep struggling and the hand holding my hair lets go. The next thing I feel is some type of instrument held against my neck. A sudden surge of electricity shoots through my body, making the muscles in my entire body contract. The stranger keeps the stun gun shooting electricity into my body until I lose consciousness.

When I regain consciousness, I am disoriented and at first don't remember what happened. I'm lying on my stomach and my hands are tied behind my back. My eyes are blindfolded and my mouth is gagged. I start struggling with the restraints and I hear someone say, "Lay still and keep quite and you won't be hurt." I lay still and start crying. I can't believe this is happening to me. This something you would see in a movie. I can hear the stranger going through the house; he is obviously a burglar and I think that if I can keep quite, maybe he will leave soon. I can hear him searching through my parent's room, and then I hear him coming back downstairs. He picks me up off the floor and carries me upstairs and drops me on a bed. "I'm going to remove your gag, but if you start screaming I'm going to hurt you!"

"Understand?" the voice, says. I nod my head yes and feel the gag untied and pulled out of my mouth. "Where are your parents?" he asks.

"They will be home in a few minutes." I lied. I hoped that this news would scare him into leaving.

"Don't lie to me bitch!" he warns. Just then the doorbell went off. "Are you expecting company?" he asks.

"It's just my friend, she will go away if we don't answer the door." I know that it was Chris at the door and prayed that she would walk away if I didn't answer.

No such luck, I could hear Chris open the front door and yell "Stacy, where are you?" The stranger grabs me by my throat and whispered "Call her upstairs and don't say anything else."

I call out "Chris, I'm in here." I can hear Chris coming up the stairs as the gag is shoved back in my mouth and tied tight. I'm pushed back on the bed as I hear Chris come down the hallway. "What are you doing in your parent's bedroom?" she asks as she comes to the bedroom door. When she sees me lying tied up on the bed, I hear her let out a gasp.

"Stacy! What's going on?" she cries. The stranger comes out from behind the door and grabs Chris by the front of her blouse and punches her hard in the stomach. Chris lets out an "oomph" and falls to the floor with the air knocked out of her. I can hear her thrashing around and the sound of tape being unrolled. I feel Chris's body dropped on the bed next to me. I assume she is tied up the same as me. The stranger unties the gag from my mouth and I let out a loud scream. He smacks me hard across the face with his open hand and I fly back against the headboard. "Do that again and I kill your friend." He warns. "Now, tell me again when your parents are going to be home, and don't lie because I found a note in the kitchen giving you emergency contact numbers."

"They won't be back until tomorrow." I tell him. "Excellent! Now we have plenty of time to get to know each other." He says. "What do you mean?" I ask. "Well since you don't have much in the way of cash in the house, I guess I'll just have to make up for lost time by fucking you two fine looking girls!" he laughs. "Please don't!" I cry. "I do anything, just don't do that, please!" I beg. I feel my legs grabbed around the ankles and he pulls me down onto the bed, flat on my back.

I feel him reach up and unsnap my shorts. He pulls them down and off my feet, dragging my panties with them. He then grabs my hair and sits me up. He pulls my tee shirt up and over my head, leaving it bunched around my tied hands. I am now lying on the bed totally naked. I hear him stripping the clothes off of Chris. I can hear her sobbing through her gag and I start crying again. "You both better stop crying and accept the fact that I'm going to rape the shit out of both of you." He says. I feel his hands on my breasts, squeezing and twisting them.

"Nice tits blondie." He says. I can feel his mouth covering first one then the other tit, licking and sucking my nipples until they get hard. He grabs the nipples between his fingers and pinches them, while rolling them back and forth. I can't help but let out a yelp. "Feels good, doesn't it?" he says. "Please stop!" I cry. He presses his mouth over mine, kissing me hard. I feel his tongue trying to force it's way into my mouth. I try keeping my mouth shut and turn my head away. He grabs the nipple on my left breast and twists it hard.

"Keep resisting me and I'm going to keep hurting you." He says. He kisses me again, this time I let him slide his tongue into my mouth, and it feels huge. He sucks hard on my mouth, pulling my tongue into his. I feel his hand sliding down my stomach to my pussy. His fingers stroke my pubic hair and massage the lips of my cunt. I start squirming and he slaps my bare leg. His finger is sliding up and down the slit of my pussy. I can feel it getting wet in spite of my resistance. He tries inserting his finger into my cunt, but it's too tight. "Damn, you have got one tight pussy!" he says. "I'm going to have to get you nice and wet before I fuck you."

"Please stop, I'm a virgin, don't do this to me, I'm begging you." I cry. "I haven't had a virgin in years!" He says. "Don't worry, I'll make your first fuck something you will never forget!" He laughs.

I feel him move down my body, pausing at my breast to suck and lick on them once more. He then moves his head down between my legs. I gasp as I feel his mouth pressing against my cunt. He slides his tongue up and down my slit, licking and sucking on my cunt lips. I squirm against his mouth, trying to pull away. He grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me against his mouth. He sticks his tongue into my cunt hole, fucking it with his tongue. My pussy is getting wetter and wetter. I feel hot and can't help moaning. I can't believe that I'm about to have my first orgasm with this rapist. He continues sucking and licking my pussy. My clit is erect and he chews on it. I gasp as I feel him stick a finger up into my pussy. He slides it back and forth as he continues to lick and suck. I feel numb as my first orgasm washes over me. I can't help but press my cunt against his face as my pussy juice flows into his mouth; my legs are wrapped around his head. I know he can feel me cumming, but he continues slurping my cunt juices. "Ahhhhggh, suck it suck it!" I whimper. He continues finger fucking and licking my cunt faster and harder, another intense orgasm contracts my pussy and more juices squirt into his mouth. "Ahhhhhh!" I moan. "Enjoy that did you?" He laughs. He moves up and kisses me. Smearing my cunt juice on my face. I can taste myself on his tongue as he sticks it into my mouth. "Now it's time to feel your first cock." He says. I can hear him removing his clothes. He climbs up onto my body and starts rubbing his cock against my pussy lips. It feels hot and hard. He uses the juices from my orgasm to lubricate the head of his cock and slides it into my pussy. It's huge!

"Please don't, it's too big!" I cry. He presses forward and I feel the first couple of inches slid into my cunt, stretching my pussy lips wide open. My legs are spread wide as I try to accommodate his dick. I feel the head of his cock pressing up against my cherry. He moves back and forth slowly, fucking the first couple of inches of my pussy. "Ready?" he asks. He suddenly rams his cock up inside me hard, ripping my cherry and filling my cunt with his cock.

"Oww!" I cry. It hurts!" He continues fucking my cunt, sliding his cock almost all the way out, and then ramming it back into me. I can feel his balls slap against my ass. His cock feels huge inside me. He fucks me faster and faster. I can't believe this is happening. I can feel my pussy getting wet, I know I'm going to have another orgasm; the thought of having a dick in me is turning me on. I start moving my hips to meet his thrust; my legs are wrapped around his waist, pulling him deeper into me. My pussy feels like it is on fire. He starts grunting and moaning.

"Get ready bitch, I'm going to fill your pussy with a load of cum.!" He says.

Please don't, I don't want to get pregnant!" I cry. He slows his thrusting, and I feel his cock slide almost all the way out of my pussy, just the head is in me. I think he is about to pull out, but he suddenly rams his cock up inside me, deeper than ever. I can feel his cock swell as he lets out a grunt. "Ahhhh!" he moans. I can feel his cock pumping its' juice deep into my pussy.

"Noooooo!" I cry. His cock continues pumping out its' load of cum. Finally he pulls it out; my pussy is dripping with his juice and feels empty. He rolls off of my body and slides up to my face. "Lick the cum off of my cock!" he orders. He grabs my head by the hair and smears his cock all over my face, leaving strands of cum and cunt juice on it. He presses his cock against my lips, "Open your mouth." He says. I open my mouth and he slides his cock into it. I can taste a mixture of cum, pussy juice and blood. I start gagging and he slaps me hard.

"If you puke, I'll make you drink it." He warns. I lick and suck on his cock until it is clean. I can feel it start getting hard again. He continues fucking my mouth until his cock is hard as a rock. I can barely get my mouth around it. "I had this in my pussy?" I wondered. It was hard for me to believe. He tries sliding his cock deeper into my mouth; by this time it is hard as a rock and feels huge. "Suck it!" he orders. I lick and suck on the head. He grabs my head and rams his cock deep into my mouth; I feel it sliding down my throat. I can't breathe and it makes me gag. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and I gasp for air. "What's the matter Blondie, don't you like the taste of my cock?" he laughs. I start crying, "Please stop, I can't take anymore." I sob.

"Maybe your little friend will give you a break." He says. I hear the sound of tape ripping and then Chris screaming "Help!" I hear the man slapping Chris. "Shut up you little cunt!" he says. "Please don't hurt me, please don't rape me." She begs.

"Maybe you would rather give me a blow job instead of being fucked." He says to Chris. "Yes, just don't hurt me, please." She cries. "Let me hear you beg to suck my cock." He orders. "Please let me suck your cock." She says. "I don't know, you got a nice looking pussy." He says. I hear Chris gasp and feel her squirm on the bed. "Please stop!" she cries. "I'm just feeling how tight your pussy is." He says. "I think you need to experience an orgasm, I think you need to feel what it is to cum.," he says. He grabs me by my hair and pulls me across the bed. The rapist undoes the tape from around my head. When my vision clears, I see him standing naked next to the bed. The first thing I notice is his cock sticking straight out. It must be at least 12 inches long and 5 inches in diameter. I can't believe that it was up inside of my pussy. He is removing the tape from Chris's head and she looks around with a shocked expression on her face. "I'm not worried about you identifying me, since I'm leaving town tomorrow." He explains. "I want you both to be able to see the fun we are having."

He pulls me over to Chris's body and presses my face into her crotch. "Suck your friends pussy, and do it good." He orders. "If you don't make her cum, I'm going to stick my cock up your ass." He warns. I start licking Chris's pussy, slowly sliding my tongue up and down her slit. "Chris is crying and begging me to stop. "Shut up you little bitch he warns her. "I'll twist your tits off if you don't start laying back and enjoying yourself." He says. I keep licking her pussy up and down; I can feel it getting wet. Her pussy is small with a soft patch of black hair above her slit. I see her pussy lips opening and I stick my tongue into her cunt. The rapist gets down behind me and starts massaging my pussy and ass from behind. "Make her cum or you're getting my cock up your ass."

He reminds me. He slips a finger into my pussy and finger fucks me as I eat my best friend's cunt. I can't help but get turned on. I keep licking and sucking her pussy, pulling her pussy lips into my mouth and gently chewing on them. I see her clit sticking out and I gently suck and chew on it. Chris starts moaning and pressing her hips toward my mouth. The stranger starts finger fucking me faster, slipping two fingers into my cunt. I can feel my pussy getting hot and wet. I press my ass back toward him, helping him finger fuck my cunt.

"You like that, don't you?" he asks. I keep licking and sucking Chris's pussy. I can feel her getting wetter and I know she is close to cumming. "Cum for me Chris!" I whisper. "Yeah Chris, cum for Blondie, unless you want her to get fucked in the ass." He laughs. I feel the man probing at my asshole with his finger, the juices from my cunt making easy to stick the top of his finger into it. I suck harder and harder on her pussy. Chris is squirming and raising her hips toward my face. "Ahhhhhgggh!" she shouts. I can feel her cum oozing out of her cunt and I lap it up.

My pussy starts contracting around his fingers, an orgasm washes over me and I feel the juices dripping out of my cunt. "Well, well, it looks like your friend has saved you from an ass fucking, for now." He says. He pulls his fingers out of my pussy and my ass and drags me off of Chris and back up onto the bed. The stranger grabs Chris by her hair and pulls her off the bed. Chris falls over onto the floor and the man pulls her up onto her knees. He stands in front of her, holding her by her hair. "Now, just like you said, suck my cock." He says. Chris is crying, tears running down her face. Her face is still flush from the orgasm she just experienced. I can taste her juices in my mouth. My own pussy is throbbing; I was so close to another orgasm when the stranger's fingers were pulled from my cunt. I can't believe that I am wishing he had finished finger fucking me to another orgasm.

He pulls Chris close to his cock and starts rubbing it all over her face. He slaps her with it, leaving red marks on her face. "Open your mouth!" he orders. Chris opens her mouth a little and he presses the head of his cock pass her lips. His cock looks huge in her mouth. Chris's mouth is forced wide open to accommodate just the head. "Lick it up and down, slide your tongue around the head." He tells her. Chris is licking the head of the cock. I can see her leaving trails of spit around the head. I am getting turned on watching my best friend being forced to suck this stranger's dick. He grabs Chris by the hair with both hands and slowly starts fucking her mouth.

At first only the head is moving back and forth into her mouth, but he starts increasing the length of his strokes, sliding more and more into her mouth. I can tell Chris is struggling with the size of the cock. She tries to pull back but the man will not release her head. "Breathe through your nose." He says. He stops moving his dick for a minute until Chris can catch her breath. "Relax your throat and tongue, just use your mouth to suck on it." He directs. I watch in fascination as he slowly slides his cock deeper into Chris's mouth. Her cheeks are moving in and out as she sucks it deeper. He slowly slides his cock deeper, until Chris's nose is pressed against his belly, buried in his pubic hair. I can see the outline of his cock down Chris's throat. He slowly pulls his cock all the way out of Chris's mouth. Her mouth makes a smacking sound as the head of his cock leaves her mouth. Strands of split and pre-cum juice drip from the end of his cock. He smears the juice around her lips and across her face. "Use your tongue on the slit in the head of my dick, suck on the little cum hole." He orders.

Chris tongues the head of his cock, pressing her lips on the tip and sucking on his cum hole. He is pumping his cock with his hand as Chris continues licking and sucking on the head. I can hear her making slurping noises with her mouth. She seems lost in what she is doing. The man starts fucking her mouth again, making long strokes in and out, not going down her throat, but fucking her mouth with steady strokes. "When I cum, you keep your mouth open, understand?" he asks. Chris nods her head up and down. He is fucking her mouth faster and faster, making grunting sounds, I know he is close to cumming and I am fascinated by what is happening. I can't wait to actually see a man cum. My pussy is tingling and I feel flush. I can't believe how turned on I am by what's happening. The man pulls his cock out of Chris's mouth. "Open wide, stick your tongue out!" he shouts. Chris opens her mouth wide, her tongue laying flat along the bottom of it. "Ahhhhhh" the stranger shouts.

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