tagFetishTeen Teasing with Her Panties

Teen Teasing with Her Panties


Sitting in the stands, my camera trained on the basketball game, I felt a slight breeze on the back of my neck. I thought little of it, until I smelled the faintest trace of perfume. Her perfume. My little jailbait fantasy from a couple of years ago.

I turned, expecting disappointment; a kid's mother or something, but there she was. Big white smile, flashing dark eyes. A few years older, and they were good to her. I immediately noticed her breasts, the little mounds had flourished into a beautiful set of C cups, and her nipples were standing proud beneath her thin cashmere sweater.

I raised my eyes back to the beautiful face, the smooth clear skin, slight olive tint. The trace of Asian in the eyes, thin arched eyebrows. Fuck, she was gorgeous. "Remember me?" she asked softly, her eyes glittering.

Remember her? How many times had I fantasized about those thin young legs, that toothy smile, the sweet ass, always in the tightest jeans? She leaned forward, the breasts hanging in the sweater, braless? She hugged me, and I melted. I inhaled her sweet young scent, my nose in her hair, her breasts now lying against my shoulder. The hug was way more intimate than I would have expected from a college girl that I hardly knew.

"I kinda missed you, Mr. Hale," she whispered, her breath in my ear, boring into me, directing blood to my cock. By the time I noticed, I was fully erect.

"Really? That's sweet of you, Amy."

"I'm a sweet girl, you never noticed?"

Holy shit. I was ready to run, I knew that she was old enough that I wasn't flirting with jail, but she was still young. "Of course, sweetie, and I'm glad to see you're back from North Carolina."

"Looks like you're happy to see me," she winked. She couldn't have seen the bulge in my jeans, could she? And where did this come from? The last time I saw Amy, she'd been a coltish teen, really just becoming a woman.

"I'm sure we're all glad you're back."

"Who's we? You got a mouse in your pocket?" She giggled, "I'm sorry, that was bad. But whoever's in there seems happy I'm here."

That was it, I bailed. "Ok, well, nice to see you. Gotta run." And I did, using my camera as an excuse, I headed down to the floor.

My heart was pounding, and a slight sweat had broken out on my brow. WTF? I didn't know this girl! I barely knew her a few years ago, as a kid, and now she was practically licking my ear. I was confused, to say the least. I mean, we did have a lot of eye contact when she lived here and worked with the team, but we never even had a one-on-one conversation. I finally convinced myself that she was just fucking with me, flexing that female muscle for attention, probably doing it to everyone. After all, she'd bloomed and probably hadn't figured out the power she wielded yet.

I looked back to the stands, and she was still sitting there, alone, by my stuff. She waved and smiled. I reddened and gave a half wave back. She was really smoking now. My mind started working, I couldn't help it. I didn't know what was really going on, but what I'd give to get in her panties. What do you think she's wearing? I'm picturing boy shorts, thong, maybe nothing? Leaking right into those tight jeans. I shuddered a little. What a little dream girl.

Now I could think of nothing else. By the end of the match, I just wanted to get home and rub one out, find pictures of a look-alike and dream of her. She was gone when I went back to pick up my gear. I was disappointed and relieved.

As I approached my car, I saw her getting into hers. She smiled huge, and blew me a kiss. I looked around, but there was nobody but my son and me. I hoped the kid didn't see it, but he said nothing.

Big fantasies followed. I couldn't concentrate on driving home, does she shave her pussy? What would she look like on all fours? Her O face? She followed me into my dreams that night, but I didn't have any delusions that it would ever come to anything.

But the next day, digging out my camera, I saw something in the bag. My heart lurched. Panties. Had to be hers. Pink thong, white lace edges. Before I could even think I lifted them to my nose. Her scent. Perfume, but a little something more, an edge to it. I looked in the little crotch panel, and was overwhelmed to see a little yellow streak, dry and a little powdery. I breathed into it, and it opened up into a full-blown gift. Her pussy, dripped this just for me.

How could she know what power the scent of her cunt held? How did she know the effect a young lady's panties had on an old guy like me? Did this girl read my mind? Back in the bottom of the bag, I saw a little note. Pink note paper, of course, floral handwriting. "Think of me."

I drew a long breath through her undies. The smell of her went straight to the core of me. I would have paid the girl a thousand bucks for these, but it seemed she had some sort of game to play with me. And I had no idea where this all came from.

Later that morning, I put on the jacket I'd worn the night before, and could smell a trace of her perfume on it. Hard, immediately. As I reached into the pocket, I found another pink scrap. "Don't be scared, I just want to play. Could you help me with my homework some night this week? Call me!" And her digits. Then "P.S. I'm 19 now, I'm not a girl anymore."

19. Fuck, I'm 3 times that. But that doesn't seem to bother her. I wondered if this was an elaborate prank, a colossal tease, a setup. My ego wasn't so big that I thought this angel really wanted to get physical with me. But I could hope. And, boy did I hope. It's all I could think about. Every time I sampled those pink panties, wondering if she'd been wearing them while we were talking, my mind went in circles. I could picture myself undressing her, licking her sweet ass like an ice cream cone, bringing her off, spanking her pussy, and fucking her.

I looked at the note all the time, but didn't have the balls to call. I certainly wasn't going to text or email, I wasn't stupid enough to leave evidence. Even a call could be recorded, so I had to be content rubbing her silky used panties on my always-hard cock whenever I could.

A couple of days later, I dropped the kid off for practice. As he entered the gym, Amy came up behind me, and rapped on my window. "Hi Mr. Hale!" Big cheerleader smile. I noticed that she was wearing a skirt, and it was amazing to see her legs, all the way up to mid-thigh. Smooth and tan. Flawless.

She saw me looking down, and giggled. "Did I drop something?" I looked up at her teasing smirk, and felt my face redden. Before I could answer, she looked around quickly, and reached up under her skirt, bunching it up until I could see all the way up her thighs. White, frilly boy shorts. I choked. Still looking around, she hooked her thumbs into the sides of them and slid them down to her knees. I didn't get a view of her pussy, too quick. She stood up and put her hand to her mouth. "Oops! I guess I did drop something!"

She wiggled her ass and her legs, and the panties slid down her legs, to pool around her ankles. She had on white chucks. The contrast between the kid tennis shoes, and the very sexy womanly panties was mind-blowing. She stepped out of them, leaving them on the ground.

"OK, gotta go! See ya later!" and she was gone. I watched her dance away into the gym. In that short skirt, her pussy open to the breeze. I looked down, her panties were still there! I opened the door and snatched them up. Warm. I held them to my face, felt the warmth of her crotch, inhaled the musk of her cunt. And I licked them, actually tasting my little temptress's nectar for the first time. I pulled my cock out, and rubbed the delicious fabric over the head, feeling it slide over my oozing member. I couldn't move fast enough, drove to a dark side street, and let myself go, totally intoxicated by her smell, and taste. I could end up in jail, for sure. I had no control over myself with her magic.

When I went back to pick up the boy, she was in the gym across from me. She sat on the floor, straight legged. Still wearing the chucks, tapping her toes together with the music. She saw me and gave a big smile and a little wave. Looking around, she seemed to feel unnoticed, and slowly raised one knee. Looked again, and began to sway that leg with the music. A little more, still checking to make sure nobody noticed. Well almost nobody.

Now her legs were opening and closing, more, a little more. And she was flashing me. I couldn't make it out across the room, but the dark shadow was enough. I could barely tell, but she wasn't shaved, she had enough coverage to tell. I couldn't break my gaze.

Suddenly, she snapped them together, back to the mat. One of the moms came up behind me, and spoke, breaking my trance. Amy was looking away, and covering her smile as she laughed at me.

Practice over, the kids headed to shower, I was waiting in the hall. Here she came, bouncing up to me, big hug again. "Hi Mr. Hale!"

"Hi Amy, listen I think you dropped these by my car by accident." I pulled them from my pocket.

She grinned and looked around, "not really by accident, but it's ok, I have plenty. You can have them if you want." She leaned close, "They're really comfortable, you ought to try them on sometime."

I throbbed. "You know, I'd love to, but my wife might not be thrilled with the idea."

She took them from me and held them open, then bent over to step into them. Her shoe caught on the leg hole, and she teetered. I grasped her upper arm, to hold her steady, and that brought another smile. "Thanks, hey you mind holding these for me? Tough to get on with the sneakers." She handed them back.

I looked around and listened. Playing with fire now, parents, coaches, kids all around the corner. But who was I to say no? I crouched down and opened up the panties. She started to step in, then absolutely floored me by pulling up her skirt. Her pussy. Her creamy thighs tapering at the crotch to clear the smooth clean mound. A little mat of wispy black hair, fine and straight. Just a hint of her lips peeking through.

"Jesus, Amy, you have the prettiest pussy I've ever seen." I said it without thinking, without trying to be cool, or flippant. Just had to tell her, as though I was complimenting her dress. She giggled, then stepped in with the other leg. "Thanks! I love it too!" She took my hands and pulled the panties up to mid-thigh. Softly she whispered in my ear. "Would you like to give it a little kiss before you hide it away?" She placed one delicate hand on the back of my head and pulled it towards her. I closed my eyes and inhaled her womanly aroma. Heavenly. Her pubic hair tickled my nose, and I reached for her with my tongue.

But noise around the corner, I yanked the panties up and jumped back. Just in time. A bunch of guys came around the corner, luckily distracted by their conversation, and didn't seem to notice us. How could they not notice this goddess, smoothing down her skirt? How could they concentrate on anything?

She seemed to read my mind. "These boys don't seem to appreciate gifts like older men do."

The door opened and two of the moms came in. "Amy!" They hugged and laughed. Chatting away. "Mark, doesn't Amy look great?" She arched an eyebrow as if to say, "Yeah, don't I look great?"

I would have loved to say, "Even better with her skirt up around her waist," but I had enough trouble with this situation already.

After the mothers had left, Amy looked at me with a very serious expression, and stepped slowly towards me, not stopping until her breasts were touching my chest and her face was inches from mine. "In case you didn't notice, my panties are wet again. You know what that means, don't you. It means my pussy is dripping wet, so wet." She brought her hand down between us, and the back of it rubbed against my erection. She lifted the front of her skirt, and slid her palm down into her panties. Then brought her hand up between our faces. I could smell her, I throbbed and moved to press my cock against her tummy. She smiled, and licked her finger.

"Would you like the other side?" She stuck it between my lips, forcing it in, and began to slowly move it in and out, fucking my mouth with it. Her other hand slid under my t-shirt, inside my jeans, and pushed down on my jockeys until the head of my cock popped out the waistband. Very lightly, she caressed the head, making it pulse with desire. Then switching hands, she took the saliva from my mouth and rubbed a tiny circle on the head of my cock. Her eyes never left mine. "I bet," she held up one finger to my nose, "I can make you cum with my little finger."

She took her hand from my pants, and slipped it inside her panties, then returned it with a glob of slippery oil, warm from her pussy. She smeared it around on her fingertips in front of my eyes, then reached for me again. I felt the lightest touch on the crown of my cock, and she started circling it again, with what must have been her little finger. So slippery. From her slit to mine, she began to explore the hole, then began to lightly enter just a little, fucking it. My mouth dropped open, and my head tilted up as my body exploded in pleasure. I grabbed her wrist and began to fuck her hand as I shot a blast of cum all over it. Laughing with delight, she gripped me and held still as I fucked her hand, cumming more and more, covering her with it, and feeling it drip down my shaft. She pulled my face to hers, and slipped her sweet little tongue inside my mouth, licking and sucking mine as I shuddered with the last of my orgasm.

"That was just my littlest little finger," she purred.

"Just think what I can do to you with my pussy," licking her dripping hand. "Just think what I can do with my mouth." She got up on her tip-toes and whispered in my ear, "and maybe even with my little butthole."

If I never had another orgasm...

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SWEEET. Nice please write more.

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Need more

Hot story needs a second one or more.

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Really hot story. I hope she panties him.

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10 stars

That was the hottest little story ever! Great Job!

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Another great one

Love how she teasedhim

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