tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeenage Boredom Ch. 2

Teenage Boredom Ch. 2


…The two boys moved over her, hands and fingers exploring the curves of soft, young flesh, sighing as their hands came into contact with her beautiful breasts. She wriggled and squirmed under their touch, to no avail; the binds held fast and she was still open to their gaze. They untied her briefly to strip her completely, each of them helping to hold her down so she couldn’t escape, and turning up the volume of her music to muffle her protests.

Dave stood to one side, occasionally stroking his semi-hard cock whilst the other two played with Jenny. She twisted her head away from them to watch him, silently pleading him to help her. He merely smiled and watched as the other two got increasingly horny; it always turned him on to watch his friends fuck a beautiful little girl. Nick moved further down the bed between her splayed legs, and flicked his tongue over her clit. Despite herself, Jenny felt her body involuntarily pressing harder into him, enjoying the gentler sensations of his tongue lapping against her cunt. Meanwhile, Tom was sitting over her and sliding his huge cock between her breasts, holding her head down and instructing her to suck the head as it pushed up to meet her mouth.

As Nick lifted his head and positioned the tip of his cock at her entrance, feeling how wet she was, sliding his cock against her lips. He was so gentle that Jenny started to relax, feeling quite turned on as his cock massaged her slit. Suddenly, without warning, he pushed forward firmly and quickly, sliding the full length into her, causing her to cry out in surprise and pain. He quickly withdrew again before plunging deep into her, repeating the motion of nearly pulling all the way out before sliding fully into her, again and again, harshly and without caring if he was hurting her. Her legs still pulled relentlessly apart, all she could do was lie under him as his cock pushed deeper and deeper into her. Whilst he fucked her, Tom moved down and stroked her clit, muttering that she ought to start enjoying her first gangbang.

Nick was still fucking Jenny remorsefully, showing no signs of abating, and Tom was getting restless; he wanted a piece of her beautiful body too. He moved down and muttered something in Nick’s ear, and they both laughed. Jenny was furious. She couldn’t hear what he’d said, and from the look in their eyes, they had something more planned for her yet. Dave still stood a few feet away, his cock now fully erect, and drops of pre cum glistening at the tip.

He smiled as the two boys untied her legs and sat Jenny up. She thought perhaps they’d finished with her, but they had other plans…

Nick lay back on the bed, and motioned for her to straddle him. Jenny tried to get away but the two boys held her firmly in place, spreading her legs and placing her over Nick. Nick slid his cock against her slit, spreading her juices over him, then moved his finger a little further back and started to press against her hole. Jenny screamed and tried to pull away, shaking and crying for him to stop. Nick just grabbed hold of her tiny waist and pulled her closer with one hand, whilst with the other he positioned the head of his cock at the tiny puckered opening.

He motioned for the other two to push her down, to help him press his cock completely into her depths. As he slowly pushed his way in he moaned..

“Jeeesus, she’s so fucking tight I can hardly move”

In response, Jenny just sobbed as the boy violated her second hole, robbing her of her second virginity of the night.

Nick had now buried himself into her, and was lying groaning as she contracted her muscles around him, beginning to accommodate him more easily. But now whilst Dave retied her hands, Tom was straddling her, spreading the folds of her pussy with his fingers, and stroking her clit. She didn’t understand; surely he wasn’t going to try and fit into her at the same time?

The next minute her worst suspicions were confirmed, as the boy pushed his cock deep into her newly broken cunt, stopping only when his hips were pressed against hers, and he was in her fully. Then the boys started fucking her in earnest, timing it perfectly. Whilst one slid in, the other slid out, then vice versa, feeling their cocks through the thin lining, and she began to gasp, not sob.

Dave watched the little girl begin to enjoy herself, and decided that it was time she learnt how to please them all at once; his dick really was getting too hard now and he wanted to see her sucking him. He made sure she was tied properly, then stood in front of her, his cock level with her face. She looked up at him, timidly.

“Well then?” he asked her, harshly.

She looked at him meekly, unsure what to do or how to please him. He couldn’t wait any longer. He pushed his cock to her lips, sliding into her mouth, telling her gruffly to suck him, to make him cum, and to enjoy it. She opened her lips and pressed her tongue against him, intrigued by the new taste, probing around the tip to discover what he liked. Then, to his surprise, she opened her mouth completely and allowed him to slide his cock into her completely, taking him into the top of her throat. He gasped: no one had ever managed to suck him completely, and it was a mind-blowing experience. He nearly came straight away, but held back.

As the other two fucked her alternately, her mouth pressed against his cock, sucking him harder now, more confidently, making little noises of appreciation as she ran her tongue over the length of his dick. Eventually he couldn’t stand it any longer, and, choking out her name, he thrust one last time into the back of her throat and came, his cum gushing down her throat, Jenny swallowing it all as quickly as she could, only allowing a little to leak out of her mouth and down her chin.

Nick and Tom started to increase the pace, banging her little body furiously, their excitement mounting. Nick looked over – “ready?” – and Tom nodded his agreement. They both started to come inside her, her body being thrown from side to side as they both used her for their own enjoyment. Jenny was so horny by now that the feeling of their hot cum splashing the insides of both her cunt and her ass pushed her over the edge, and she came too, thrashing about between the two, her muscles contracting around their cocks and milking the last drops of cum from their balls.

She lay limply between the two, exhausted, bruised and covered in sweat and cum.

The boys smiled. They were exhausted, but there were still plenty more guys downstairs who they knew would be interested to join in the fun…

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