Teenage Lust


Tim's giant cock was now halfway inside Becky's ravaged cunt. After a full five minutes of slow pushing and shoving, Tim reached the back of her womb. She cried in agony, but soon pleasure overtook the pain, until she reached her first climax of the afternoon with Tim's dick ten inches up her twat.

"Fuuckk! Oh shiiiit, shhiit!" she was delirious and swearing uncontrollably. "YYees, fuck me Tim, FUCK ME!"

And the boy next door, whom she barely knew, increased the pace of his pile-driving thrusts. He lifted her up and let her ride him for a while. Obscene noises of genitalia squishing and banging filled the room. For another twenty minutes, they tried many different positions, each one bringing another orgasm or two from Becky, who was sweating from the exhaustion of this sex marathon. Tim's frenetic pace increase while he was fucking her doggy-style and his balls turned purple red from the overheat. He was about to explode again.

Now with her face pressed hard into the bedsheets, her knees spread so wide that her pussy was resting on the sheets, Tim's powerful strong body behind her, holding her knees apart, spearing her young abused cunt over and over with his massive weapon, Becky could feel Tim's approaching orgasm. His shaft, already stretching her pussy lips until they were thin and pale around the veiny trunk, precum and pussy juices splashing everywhere with each thrust, each piston of Tim's cannon into her causing orgasm after orgasm to rip through her tiny body, was growing thicker and harder by the second. At this point, she wasn't able to open her eyes, form a coherent sentence or even think clearly, but deep inside her ravaged frame she longed to feel Tim's monster cock explode inside her.

As if he could read her mind, Tim's thrusts slowed, gradually reducing the speed and force of his assault on her sex, finally sliding from head to hilt in long, slow strokes. Becky could feel every single inch, every vein scraping her oversensitive pussy walls, all the while Tim grew thicker and harder as he desperately tried to hold back his orgasm as long as he could.

Finally he buried himself to the balls inside her, his overactive balls churning against her clit like a vibrator, his massively thick cock throbbing powerfully inside her, the head forcing its mass against her cervix. Like a nuclear blast that sent Becky's vision completely white, Tim lost control and unloaded inside her.

With his cockhead spreading her little cervix apart, the first blast alone deluged Becky's poor teenage womb full of sperm. She was barely big enough to hold Tim's cock inside her, so as soon as his inhumanly voluminous orgasm began to erupt, he unwittingly started forcing his huge cock out of her trembling opening. Suddenly his cock head popped free, a waterfall of creamy hot jizz pouring from her. The next couple of blasts erupted from Tim's cock just as he got his hand around it, striking Becky directly in her tight little virgin asshole so hard that a few gooey salvos forced their way inside, filling her untouched ass with sperm.

As Tim aimed higher, rope after rope of slimy jizz launched over Becky's little body, flying past her head and drizzling down from her hair to her ass over and over again, making her look like a sexy, sweaty, cum-covered little dessert pastry. She managed to turn herself over as Tim continued to unload upon her in great force and volume, repainting her stomach, tits, face and hair which had already been drenched by this godly cock earlier.

Becky reached up, dutifully and worshipfully cupping one of Tim's massive tennis-ball eggs in each hand, feeling their power and virility as she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and sucked Tim's erupting cockhead between her lips. After 5 or 6 full-mouthfulls of cum swallowed, Becky lost control of it and it dropped between her large drenched tits, spewing their last explosions down her front. She eagerly and happily licked the entirety of Tim's shaft, happily drinking the residue from her pussy and the hot fresh jizz remaining inside the cumslit.

As Becky opened her eyes and made smiling eye contact with Tim, the faint sound of heavy breathing and a gentle gasp caused them both to look towards the door and freeze in their tracks.

There was tall, muscular, gorgeous Tim with his fully erect monster cock still dripping pussy and sperm. Young Becky sat on the bed, both of her hands together unable to reach around his huge shaft, her entire body drenched and dripping with inhuman amounts of Tim's virile seed, more of it oozing from every orifice of her body. The walls, ceiling and furniture were innocent bystanders, but nonetheless there were distinct thick lines of sperm, old and drying or new and dripping, on almost everything in sight. The room smelled and looked like a 50-person gangbang had just taken place even though it was just these two heavily-oversexed teenagers....

...... and Becky's mother and father in the doorway, horrified.

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