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Teenage Runaway


Standing at the side of the road with her thumb hanging out timidly, Amy waited for a ride with an anxious expression on her face. She was 18 years old and leaving home for the first time. Her mom's new boyfriend had moved in with them a few weeks ago, and when her mom wasn't around he kept making passes at her, feeling up her round tits and tight ass every time he had a chance. Then he kept trying to talk her into bed, so she figured it was time to move on. She had no idea where to go or what to do, but she was heading south, in the direction of Florida, where she hoped to get a job waiting tables or something. She had been on the road only for a couple of minutes when a pickup truck stopped for her. A tall, muscular guy about 30 in jeans and a dirty t-shirt jumped out of the passenger side holding a beer in his hand.

"Hey there pretty woman, we're going your way. Hop on in!" he yelled enthusiastically. She didn't like the looks of these guys, but she didn't how to refuse without offending them, so she just smiled and said "thanks." He was standing there holding the door for her, so she was forced to sit in the middle of the truck seat. When the guy got in after her, he pushed up uncomfortably against her thigh. The guy behind the wheel was wearing a red plaid jacket and a baseball cap backwards. These were just the kind of local yokels she was trying to get away from, but here she was, trapped in between them and hoping they wouldn't try anything.

"Hi," the driver said. "My name's Wayne, and this here is Garth."

"Just like the movie," Amy thought. They were grinning, and she could tell they were putting her on, but what could she do?

"What's a pretty little girl like you doing out there all by yourself?" Garth asked.

"Nothin," she answered. "Just tryin to get away from here."

She didn't like being called a "little girl." She was 18, even though her baby face and cute, turned-up nose made her look younger. Amy had long thick red hair, which she kept in a single braid in back. Her breasts were nice sized, not too large and not too small, young and firm like two apples swelling out beneath her flannel shirt. Right now she wished they were a little smaller, since these two clowns were staring at them hungrily. Her lips were full and red, and her skin was white. She had large almond-shaped green eyes and long thick lashes.

They offered her a beer, which she accepted and started sipping slowly. Wayne was driving way too fast for the mountain roads they were on, and at every curve, she was thrown up uncomfortably against either Wayne or Garth. Garth put his hand on her thigh, but she was too shy and afraid to say anything. When she didn't stop him, he started sliding his hand up her thigh to her crotch, and she squirmed uncomfortably. When he had his hand right over her pussy and started rubbing, she finally took his hand timidly and pushed it away.

He laughed and put his arm around her shoulders, drawing her close to him. Reaching his hand down past her shoulder, Garth felt her firm bosom and started massaging it slowly. She sighed and hoped that they would turn soon and let her off. Unfortunately, however, her nipples started to become hard, and poked through her thin bra and shirt visibly. She tried to squirm away from Garth, but there was nowhere to go in the small truck cab. Wayne turned the country western music up loud, and she was relieved that she didn't have to talk.

Suddenly Wayne turned off onto a side road and they plunged into a thick dark forest.

"Wait a second," Amy yelled in panic. "Where are we going?"

"Don't worry little girl," Wayne replied. He put his hand on her thigh and squeezed. "We're just going to have a little break. We've been driving all day, and we need a rest stop. We'll get you on your way in no time."

Amy wanted to scream, to jump out the window of the truck, to run and never come back, but she was trapped. She wished she were home, or anywhere except in this truck with two horny guys, one feeling up her tits, and the other with his hand on her thigh, and rubbing up and down, a little higher each time. They drove for about 10 minutes over a dirt road through the completely deserted forest, until they came to a little clearing with a fire pit and a picnic table.

They piled out of the truck, and Wayne went out to look for some firewood before it became completely dark. It was a warm summer night, but the sun was setting and soon it would cool off. She was left alone with Garth, who put down the tailgate of the truck and invited her to sit down with him. She noticed that Garth was probably in his late twenties, about 6 foot tall and well-built, brown hair and eyes; he probably worked as a lumberjack or in construction. He put his strong arm around the shoulders of the petite hitchhiker, and she suddenly felt very small and vulnerable in comparison to this stocky young man. He was so much stronger than the young and inexperienced young runaway.

"What's your name, little girl?" he asked her.

"Amy," she answered sullenly, still annoyed at being called a 'little girl.'

"You sure are one hot chick, Amy. You must have lots of boyfriends," Garth teased her.

Amy laughed out loud. The boys were always trying to get into her pants, but that was it. "No. I don't care for the boys I know. That's why I'm on the road."

"Well you know what guys always expect from a girl hitchhiker, don't you Amy?" Garth said menacingly.

Amy wanted to run, but there was nowhere to go. "Well," she answered, "I don't want to have sex, if that's what you're thinking." She tried to act bravely, but she was visibly trembling with fear, and her insides felt like mush.

C'mon, Amy," Garth replied, "You know you want it, and I'll take good care of you." He reached over and started unbuttoning her blouse.

Amy pleaded helplessly, "Please don't." She tried feebly to brush away his hands. Garth took her thin wrist firmly in his large calloused hand and twisted it just slightly, enough to let him know his strength. She started to cry, but Garth just ignored her tears. Afraid to move, Amy sat still as he unbuttoned her flannel shirt. She let him peel off her blouse and throw it in the back of the truck. Now her thin white satin bra and inviting cleavage was revealed to his eager eyes and hands. He reached around to unhook her bra, and her young ripe breasts sprang out. Her nipples instantly hardened in the cool night air. He caressed her breasts, and when he placed his warm wet mouth over her erect nipple, she couldn't help taking a long sigh of relief and pleasure. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Her breasts had always been extremely sensitive, and when a boy wanted to get her into bed, the easiest way was to manipulate the firm flesh of her ample knockers. Unconsciously, she pushed her tits forward to give him easier access, and leaned back on her arms thrust out behind her. Naked now from the waist up, she looked down at the bushy head of the man sucking on her breasts. She was disgusted with this stranger, but even more at herself. Why wasn't she resisting more? Screaming and kicking and trying to escape? But she knew there was nowhere to go. They were miles from the nearest home or city, all alone in the wilderness. The only way out was on Wayne and Garth's pickup truck, and they demanded her body as payment. She didn't want them to hurt her.

She wasn't surprised when Garth reached down and undid the top snap on her tight jeans. He felt his way down into her panties to her bush. When his finger reached her tender love hole, he found it wet and tight, just like a teenage pussy should be. After he fingered her for a little while, he stood up next to the tailgate, and pushed his pants down to his ankles. Standing in front of her, inbetween her legs, he commanded her bluntly, "Take out my cock."

She bit her full lip anxiously, and looked down to see his long schlong outlined against the thin fabric of his boxer shorts. Not knowing what else to do, she pulled at the waistband of his underwear, pulling them down to his knees. As she did so, his cock came uncomfortably close to her face, and she sprang back a little, satisfied that she had obeyed his command.

"OK, now touch it Amy," he rasped harshly.

When she hesitated, he grabbed her wrist again with his strong hairy hands, and pulled her hand down to his cock. With her wrist firmly in Garth's grasp, she felt her fingers and palm brush up against his swollen cockmeat. Hesitantly, she closed her fingers around his penis and squeezed it gently. His cock became even harder and longer, and he let out a groan of pleasure.

"Yea, baby. That's the way. Now stroke it, like a good whore."

She hated being called a whore, but she obliged him. Amy squeezed and pulled on his cock, back and forth, until it reached its full length and width, about 10 inches long and over 2 inches across. The circumcised head was like a huge plum, and she hoped he would be satisfied with a hand job, because she knew there was no way she could take such a monster in her tiny pussy.

But Garth, after eyeing Amy's gorgeous body, especially her cute little teenage ass, wanted more. After Amy had stroked him for a few minutes, he grabbed an old army blanket and spread it out in the back of the truck behind Amy. Then he pushed her down onto the truckbed so she was lying flat on her back, her luscious tits sticking up toward the sky, and her long thin legs hanging over the tailgate. He ordered her roughly to take off her pants, so she pulled her pants down and off her shapely teenage legs, but she left her panties on, afraid to expose her tight slit to Garth. He grabbed her panties, eased them down off her smooth legs, and then tossed them into the bushes. She was completely naked now except for her white cotton socks. He spread her legs to reveal her reddish blond pussy and her tight slit.

Amy looked down between her spread legs to see his long thick cock pointing at her vulnerable little cunt. Her knees were raised, her legs spread wide, with her pussy almost to the edge of the tailgate ready to be fucked. She closed her eyes in shame, not wanting to witness what was coming next.

He rubbed his cock against her soft young pussy until it was rock hard, and then he leaned forward and split open her tight slit with the fat head. It was very tight, but already so juicy that he was able to push his way in slowly. With each thrust of his horse-like cock, he bulled his way another inch into her tender young vagina.

The pain made Amy aware that his huge cock was way too big for her small pussy. Never had she felt such a thickness or length before. "Wait," she pleaded, with tears in her eyes, "it's too big. Stop! I can't take it!" She tried to close her legs, but it was too late. He was firmly inbetween her thighs, his cock pinning her down to the bed of the truck. She opened her eyes and looked down to see inbetween her white thighs a burly working-man leering down at her with no pity or sympathy.

He pushed again, harder this time, and after several hard shoves finally he drove the entire length of his 10 inch dong into her wet tight pussyhole. He grunted with satisfaction, and ground his hairy pubis against hers. He pulled out except for the swollen tip of his cock, and then plunged back in again viciously, all the way to the hilt, grinding against her pubic mound with each thrust of his mammoth penis. Amy looked down to see with horror his hairy thighs banging against the white skin of her inner legs again and again, as he cruelly took his pleasure with her defenseless body.

Amy put her hands over her eyes, unable to watch Garth violating her so mercilessly. His massive penis stretched out her pussy painfully, but gradually she began to get used to his wide girth. Garth looked down at the helpless Amy, her white thighs spread wide for him and her firm young breasts bouncing in time to his thrusts. Down between her legs, he could see his purplish, swollen cock swingeing in and out of her delicious reddish blond pussy. Her wet pussy clamped his cock like a satin vise, and he could feel the sperm starting to boil in his balls.

Amazingly, he could feel her starting to respond to his thrusts, her hips moving back in response to his hard thrusts. Garth put his hands on her breasts and massaged them. Instantly, she moaned out loud, and he kept pinching and pulling on her cherry nipples as he fucked her.

Her pussy became even more wet, and he felt the muscles in her vagina walls squeeze his cock as she helplessly responded to his fucking. Amy felt her pussy all full and wet and warm, and a delicious pressure started building as she realized with shame that she would be cumming soon. With each thrust of his penis, his swollen balls bounced against her tender young ass.

Despite her shame, she couldn't help crying out when a huge orgasm started to overwhelm her lithe body, centered in her pussy, and spreading out all over her body, her breasts, her thighs and everywhere. Amy's conscious thoughts were completely burned away in the raw lustful pleasure such as she had never felt before in her innocent young life. "Yes, yes," she moaned, overcome with passion. "Do it to me. Fuck me. Don't . . . . . stop. Oh, Oh, Oh, I'm coming." Her toned white legs wrapped around Garth's pounding legs and body, as she pulled him in tightly against her body.

The sight of the teenage hitchhiker squirming and writhing in orgasm before him, the feeling of her tight young pussy squeezing his swollen log-cock was way too much for Garth. He couldn't hold back any longer, even if he had wanted to. His cock swelled and exploded in her warm wet love hole, sending his hot sperm swimming madly up into her fertile womb. His warm cum rapidly filled her up and spilled out of her pussy and down her perfectly rounded ass.

Just then Wayne arrived back in the camp with a big load of firewood in his arms. Amy felt terribly ashamed for anyone to see her naked and having sex.

"Hey, couldn't you guys even wait for me before you started the party?" Wayne asked jokingly.

"Don't worry Dude," Garth replied. "There's plenty to go around."

In the dense fog of lust and pleasure that pulsed through her brain, the implications of Garth's words sunk in. They were going to share her! As if she was some cheap whore!

While Garth finished coming, Wayne was waiting for his turn. Amy was resigned now to giving them whatever they wanted. It was her only way to escape. Wayne put a blanket on the ground and positioned Amy on her hands and knees. Then he got behind her and rubbed his stiff cock up and down against her wet slit a few times before he plunged into her wet hole. Amy had never had sex before in this position, and it felt like his cock was going so much deeper. It felt so animalistic, to be on her hands and knees, with a strange man ramming her ass like a cheap whore. She felt completely dominated and humiliated, nothing but a receptacle for a stranger's lust.

Wayne grabbed her thick braid of red hair, and pulled her head back, as if riding a wild horse. Her plump breasts swayed in time to his ferocious fucking. It felt so good, she couldn't help pushing back in response to his pounding, trying to increase the stimulation to her tingling cunt and make his cock go even deeper.

As Garth watched the incredibly sexy sight of his friend fucking Amy's heart shaped ass, he felt his cock becoming hard again. He got down on his knees at Amy's face, and shoved his cock at her face.

Amy had her eyes closed, completely engrossed in the fucking she was received, so she was surprised to feel a cock brushing against her cheek. She opened her eyes to see Garth's engorged penis right at her nose and lips, and she could smell his come and her own juices from their recent sex. Nevertheless, she opened her mouth as wide as she could to take in his engorged penis. As she sucked it in, it grew even larger and harder, and she felt her lips and cheeks stretched with his grotesquely swollen meat-sausage. She had to admit that she loved the dirty smell and taste of his stiff penis, so long and hard and filling.

Amy was being pounded now from both ends, an incredibly sexy feeling that she had never felt before. Garth's thick cock plunged down her throat until she almost gagged; when she backed up, Wayne's long penis forced its way up her tight vagina and up against her womb. She swayed back and forth between them; first one way and then the other. She was ashamed to be used in this way, but she had to admit to herself that this was the best fucking she had ever had. She felt herself building to an intense climax, and as the pleasure washed over her entire body, she found herself moaning loudly even with her mouth still stuffed with cock.

The feeling of Amy's tight wet mouth sucking hard on his stiff rod, and the sight of her cute little red haired face stuffed full as she worked her head up and down, was too much for Garth, and soon he felt himself coming again, this time right into her eager mouth.

Amy was surprised to feel his hot salty semen filling up her mouth, as she had never let a boy come in her mouth before, but she knew she had to please these men, so she swallowed it down as best she could; there was so much that some of his white cream spilled down her lips and chin.

Then she felt Wayne's cock in her teenage pussy grow even larger, his fucking became harder and harder, and soon she felt his cock explode in her cunt, filling it with another load of warm sperm juice, and running down her ass and thighs. Unexpectedly, she took Garth's cock in her hands and pumped out the last of his come onto her firm white breasts and cherry tits. Amy was practically covered now with come, her lips and face, her ass and legs, and now her firm ripe tits.

They used Amy like that all night long, and she let them do whatever they wanted with her. She got on top and rode them to a climax, sucked and fucked them in every position they could think of, taking it doggy style, missionary position, and with her on top. She sucked hard on their cocks, taking it down her throat as deeply as she could, and swallowing their come when they came. What she couldn't explain to herself was the way she came almost as many times as they did, the way she seemed to enjoy being used, even as she told herself that she was being forced against her will.

The next day they drove her to the nearest town and dropped her off, dirty and tired and far away from home. As she stood on the street corner, wondering what to do next, her mind wandered back to the night before. She couldn't help remembering the way that the two men had spread her legs wide and plunged their huge cocks down her wet pussy, the way that she had wrapped her legs around their hairy asses as they rode her to climax, the way they had forced her to suck their thick penises until they came in her mouth. As she stood there remembering, an old chevy camaro with the stereo blaring loudly rolled to a stop in front of her, and a young man leaned out the window to offer her a ride.

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