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Teenage Succubus


"Turn off that damn alarm Jaz! Last day of school, get up and go girl!"

Groggily I reached over and swatted the off button to the alarm, my dad was something of a fix it genius, and had disabled the snooze feature sometime in my sophomore year. "Yea got it dad!" I literally rolled off the bed as I untangled the folds of sheets from my long legs. Scratching my head absently, I yawned and stumbled to the bathroom. I never really needed to brush my waist length blonde hair, for some fantastic reason it always seemed perfect, but I grabbed the brush and pulled it through the strands simply because it helped me wake up. Staring into the mirror I brushed my hair, then my teeth. Was it my imagination or were they a little whiter? As usual I stared at my own eyes in the mirror, they fascinated me. I had asked my dad once about my them. I looked normal I guess, but my eyes seemed almost Arabian, he had told me it was from my mother. I didn't ask any more than that. My father doesn't speak about my mom almost ever. I seriously needed an energy drink, a shot of adrenaline or something in the mornings.

After burning off a quick shower, I wrapped a towel around myself and did my makeup while I was getting dry. Damn I loved this pink lipstick! I gathered the clothes I had laid out and lazily slid them on. Today's ensemble: lime green panties, white push-up bra, white pollo, and a pink skirt that covered the required ten inches of my long tanned and toned legs for school. The white pollo was really form fitting, clutching my breasts in a way I hadn't noticed it doing before. Maybe they were growing? Cool. I tugged the pink skirt down to hug my hips. It fell into place almost naturally and I reveled in the ease of this morning's routine dressing. It normally took me ages to get everything just right. The skirt in place gave a slight show of my tiny midriff. Sure I was short, but I was all legs. Plus since I worked out constantly my stomach dipped in as my curves fell from my chest sharply and then flowed out to my small hips. Some flip flops completed everything, and I took a second to look it all over.

I was hot. Last day of school, and I actually liked what I had picked out. This was going to be a really good day. The flip flops didn't help with my height problem though, 5" 2' and no sign of getting any taller. But the white footwear made a stark contrast to the brilliant tan of my skin. I liked the way the shoes made my calf muscles seem to gleam.

"You're staring again Jaz. You're cute baby girl, but let's not push it." A voice said from my bedroom door.

"Thanks dad, great compliment."

"Happy eighteenth birthday. I've got to get to the plant, you'll have to walk again."

"It's only a mile dad, I'll be fine."

"Okay, I'll have you something whipped up tonight to celebrate your graduation and birthday. Be safe and learn lots sugar." My dad wasn't that bad of a guy. He meant well, just didn't have the words sometimes.

After he left, I snagged my bag for school then promptly tossed it realizing I wouldn't need anything in there when all we would be doing today was saying goodbyes. Walking to school was a norm for me, Jen would be meeting me outside in a few. Sitting Indian style on the sofa, I snapped on the television, and began to just surf with one hand while absently drawing invisible circles on my thigh with the other.

"That stuff will rot your brain you know." Said the purest voice I had ever heard.

Slowly turning and punching the power button to the tv, I saw a vision of mythical Greek goddess proportions. Sitting at the dinner table (we had a very compact little house) was literally that. "What are you?"

"I figured you'd be asking who I am. But that will do. I'm Lilith. The first woman."

"Um, I'm not real up on mythology but, your supposed to be bad. Your not gonna do something icky are you?"

"Wow you're taking this well. No I'm not going to hurt you. You're my daughter." With a incredible smile, Lilith rose up from her seat at the table and walked to the couch I was at. I had to move, this was bad. Of course I didn't believe her nonsense but playing along seemed sane at the time due to the shock of some wicked weird lady in my house. But I couldn't move even as she leaned over the couch, mere inches from me, her full mature breasts invading my space and her eyes giving no room for comfort. "Daughter of Lilith, my child, Jasmine, today is your eighteenth birthday. You were born fifteen seconds from now eighteen years ago. At that moment you will bloom, inheriting powers and control over them that many would kill for. Prepare."

It has taken exactly fifteen seconds for her to slowly speak those words. The instant she had finished I felt really good. So very confident. It was as if my body was taking on some explosive transformation while not actually changing at all. "What's happening to me? What did you just do lady?"

"I am your mother, you are my daughter. I have only ever had daughters, you are the newest. You my dear are now a Succubus."

Yup, I passed out right then.


There was a slight tingle across my lips as I woke. It was erotic, powerful, and addictive. I later learned she had cursed me.

"Daughter of mine, wake."

I couldn't resist. Her voice captivated my attention and forced compliance. I opened my eyes to see her part my lips with hers, instantly giving me the resounding feeling of addicting power again. "That's gross." I murmured.

"Daughter, thank me for now you are as close to immortal as any may become."

That damned voice! "Thank you."

"Go to school. Live your life. Create happiness as you see fit."

With that she was gone, and with it my dumbfounded self. I panicked, lurching from the couch and zipping out of the door. Straight into Jen I might add.

"Where the he'll have you been girl! Wow, what did you do? I, you, wow you look good today Jaz."

Suffice it to say I was stunned, and in shock. "I do? Oh yea, maybe cuz I met my mom. She does that." no no no! I don't believe that! She wasn't there! Oh my god I'm going insane!

"You met your mom? Jaz when did this happen? Oh wow! Congrats!"

"Yea, thanks. Let's go before I freak out. By the way, you're the only girl I know who can pull off wearing five inch heels to high school, not get called a slut, and not be one."

"Yea I'm wicked talented aren't I?" Apparently feeling great after the odd compliment, and maybe from taking my news about my mom positively, she dragged my nutty self the mile to school.

As we pushed open the double doors to the main hall of our one and only Washington High, Jen gave me a retort to my earlier comment. Laced with sarcasm and humor, she gave me her best valley girl voice. "Oh, about the heels, ya know you're like the only friend I've got that can wear a 'fuck me' skirt to school and like not get dragged to the principals office for 'punishment.'" Yikes! Maybe she caught the jab after all!

"Pssh, I've got this school wrapped up so tight the principal would bend over for me if I asked!"

"Excuse me?"


"Once again, you're not to be tardy, and quit with the foul language." Apparently our Principal Jordan didn't have our good humor and had also decided to stalk us at the door. We kinda tended to be late a lot.

So, with my shock of having a mental breakdown earlier over, I spun and put on an Oscar worthy performance. Pouty lips, fingers locked behind me, chest out, and one leg cocked out to slight perfection, "yes Mr. Jordan, we promise to be good little girls. At least for today, because after it's over, we're all grown up!"

Glaring at me, "My office, now."

Well that did it, pops would be pissed. Sparing Jen a farewell glance I spun off making sure my skirt floated up for a second just to piss the authority figure off. Good thing the office was right next to the entrance huh? No one would see me get dragged in there.

Sure enough the usual crowed was present in the office, seated on the uncomfortable plastic blue chairs. "Sup John, Max, Charles, Mary, Dean. Late too?" Well the daily routine was complete. Ushering me into his office Mr. Jordan closed the door and looked at me. Weird.

"You turned eighteen today."

Shit. Why me? "Um, no. I faked em. I'm still underage."

That didn't stop the click of the door lock to fall into place and his hands to gruffly steel themselves on my shoulders. "A very bad girl." Oh how I had fantasized about this. Not with him though. Some movie star or built marine. I could feel his breath on my throat as he leaned over my frozen stiff self. Sliding his thumb just inside the band of my skirt, I instantly felt myself light up in flames between my legs. Oh God, I am such a horrible person. But when he kissed me, forcefully I might add, the heat at my junction got so hot it practically hurt. I had to sate this. I had to make it stop. He was a man right? A little old, but fit at least and wouldn't tell a soul I'd bet. So I gave in.

Throwing a leg up to bind it to his hip, I heard him moan. Damn it I couldn't keep my legs closed. The heat there was just so damned unbearable. It was searing through me, not only the sensitive flesh of my core but my entire middle. Almost in a panic, I took his hand that wasn't playing with the band of my skirt, pushed it up my skirt, and planted it firmly on the center of my universe at that moment.

That got the kissing to stop. Breaking it, he glared at me, eyes glazed over and then just lost it. Spinning me around he bent me over the small filing cabinet next to us and ungracefully removed my panties. God help me if I'm lying but the heat down there got hotter. I was so very damn wet as well, a trail of the natural lubricant led from it's source to my right knee. I felt a tear run down my face, I swear the heat was that intense. I didn't care that I was in this situation. Not at that moment. I just had to make the furious burning stop. When I felt the rigid tip of himself pierce me, I yelped. "Shut up" was all I got for it. Clamping my hands over my mouth, I felt my temperature burn and burn as he poured gasoline on my fire. The thrusting was so intense. The slap of his flesh on my taunt, perfect skin was torture. The friction he caused made my toes curl and my feet to lift off the ground. Only supported by the cabinet, I petted his legs with my calves while he slaughtered me. "Are you on the pill?"

Not skipping a beat, "Yea, it's good for acne."

That's all it took, a split second later I felt a rush of hot semen being blasted into me. I could feel the scorching, sticky substance launch and impact with the back of where he was buried. It pushed me over the edge, the convulsions racking my body violent enough that my back arched up so fast it popped. My legs straightened, locked up, and gave out.

Lungs depleted, heart rate finally slowing. I looked back and saw him pulling out of me as if it was painful to him. "When you're ready you may go to class." That was it. He pulled up his pants and went to his desk. Just leaving me bent over the cabinet panting like a fucking dog. Sated like a bitch too though. God I had needed that, especially after this morning.

Pushing my chest off the hard metal with my palms, I collected myself. My legs were still rubbery, but at least the burning had ceased. Stretching my body out, I realized I felt good. Like, really good. Not just sated after sex good, I knew that feeling well. I felt powerful, more alive even. Kneeling to pick up my discarded panties from where they lay atop the paddle in the corner of his office, I noticed something else. Mr. Jordan was out like a light. I studied him for a few moments. It had been inevitable that this would happen I guess. Jen and I had provoked and teased him since we were freshmen. Damn I must be good. Remembering the violent punishment I had just received made my legs damp with anticipation again, thankfully the scorching heat didn't return. It had happened many times before. I knew of only one way to end it. Jen had tried to help me out once, it had only made things worse. Sparing another moment on the mirror I fixed myself up. Sliding the panties back on I was careful not to touch myself. I could get myself started, but I had never been able to finish it.

Sneaking out of the office through the teachers lounge I somehow managed to make it to class and end up in my seat. English wasn't hard, but my teacher Mr. Stallings was. I had gotten there moments after the giggling had started. Jen had apparently turned her final homework in on his desk with a flashy show of her gorgeous legs and tempting eyes. She wasn't legendary hot like I was to the school, but she was definitely the closest to me. It had all served well to get me into my seat without anyone noticing my flushed face or still heaving chest. Well, except for Jen of course.

Giving me a look over Jen taunted me with a whisper, "Was he good?"

"What are you talking about?" She knew, Jen always knew somehow.

She humphed back into her seat, winked at Mr. Stallings, and crossed her legs to give him a show of her open toed fuck me I'm such a slut high heels. "Story time later on then."

She wasn't really a slut. In fact I was pretty sure, still am, that she was waiting for "the right guy" to come around and sweep her off her feet. Yea right.


Lunch couldn't come any faster. I raced down the hall as fast as I could. I was starving. Lunch was based on schedules. And Jen didn't have the same second class as me so we had different lunch times. As such I normally used this time as I pleased. And while Jen wasn't really a slut, I was queen.

I had picked out my target for this years blessing as I called it. I had a habit of bagging a new varsity football guy every end if year. A guy that as of the next year would be in the big leagues. I hadn't done that yet this year and couldn't let it end without the ritual. I had been working on Joseph, a nice guy that went to church way too often in my opinion. He definitely needed a wake up call. Varsity was all parties and working out. He wasn't much of a partier but after I got finished today he would forever be trying to duplicate the experience.

Still high from my adventure that morning, my confidence was great. Why not just bag him? No need to wait for him to make a move right? "Fuck it imma do it." I finally found him out in the parking lot by his truck, some sort of big thing with a lot of chrome.

"Hey there, you not at lunch?"

"Oh, um, I wasn't really hungry. I was actually going to come looking for you to talk."

I just stood there, looking as innocent as I could. He couldn't take his eyes off of mine, and I gave him no reason to try.

"I like you Jaz, I've wanted to tell you for some time now." he blurted it all out. And the shock of doing it registered immediately on his face.

Before he had the chance to bail, I spoke up. "Um, okay. Well do something about it then. I like you too." Oh yea I was so good at this. Fake it or take it I was the best.

"Do something about it?"

"Yea, like this." I slowly walked to him, sliding my flip flops off as I neared him, and pressed my body against his. "Touching is a good way to show affection Joseph."

"Oh, okay." It didn't take much encouragement after that as he carried me, stooping over to pick up my flip flops and took me the fifty yards to the dugout of the practice field for the softball team. He was quiet as he set me down, sliding his hands over my slight form as he did it.

"May I keep touching you?"


Yea he was touching me alright. He had such a light touch. Towering over me he grazed my breasts, pausing to linger over my nipples. After that I immediately felt the heat building up again. Just as it started to burn, I noticed the same glazed look in his eyes that had been in Mr. Jordan's. He changed, his face becoming placid as he took his clothes off, revealing a sculpted body that in itself had me inching my legs apart again to allow myself to cool off. He just stared, and waited. I wasn't sure what he wanted but I had to do something it seemed. So I took off everything, slowly too. I piled everything up on the bench, bending over and arching my back as I did it. I turned around, and nearly face planted into his rock hard chest. Picking me up by my sides, he wrapped me around himself, even bothering to check and make sure i had locked my ankles behind him. Grabbing both of my ass cheeks while I latched on to his neck, he spread my ass wide enough to make my eyes do the same. He lowered me down onto himself. Impaling me I realized my folly. I was about to be fucked. Really fucked. Like thrashed by a horse fucked. The man was massive. He lowered me slowly, torturing me with the experience of feeling my flesh pull and stretch to accommodate his size. I tried to pull away, to gain some relief but he kept pushing me down, and down. Eventually I felt him push against my womb. He still didn't stop. He kept going, pulling my ass cheeks farther apart as he forced my body to take him. "No reprieve, no mercy." How many times had I heard him yell that on the field? He must live by it.

I whimpered, moaned, and left my mouth gaping open all at the same time. Something about it must have triggered a response, because he then ripped himself out of me by sort of tossing my ass in the air. I came crashing back down on him from gravity, he didn't catch me. He kept his arms wide and rocked back to plunge up as I came down in time to be delivered a punishing blow. He had finally gotten himself entirely inside me for a brief moment as our bodies collided. My gut lurched up and my lungs lost everything. I couldn't breath, I couldn't scream. He didn't stop. He kept repeating it. Over and over. Bouncing me off and driving in. I went limp, and thankfully he caught me. Too bad that glazed look was there because he just flipped me over and laid me on the bench. Not giving me a chance to recover from the acrobatics he plunged into me again with a grunt that was such a turn on. He drove in repeatedly again and my body wouldn't respond. I was too little, he was too big. I just seemed to flop around as he destroyed me. Accidentally he pulled all the way out and when he plunged back in it was literally my ass this time. That hurt, damn it hurt. My back lurched up, off the bench and into his chest. My arms flung up as well and I tried to push off to get him out. His grip on my waist was unbreakable. He flexed the long throbbing slab of meat inside of me, inside of my ass. It stung a little, but wasn't killing me anymore. It wasn't more than a split second after I had began to relax again as he jerked out and back in. A single pump and I screamed as he was suddenly buried up to what felt like my lungs again. My legs were quivering uncontrollably again, my feet scraped across the slick concrete floor and my normally deft hands struggled for coherency.

He was slowly pulling out and pushing back in finally. It was worse. I could feel and experience my sensitive skin stretching far more than it was supposed to. I looked back at him with a pleading, wide eyed stare. He gave me one more quick thrust, pulled out, and then teased the edge of my core with his head. Rubbing the slick tip over my swollen bud, my ass muscles clenched, and my legs spread farther in anticipation. I was too weak to protest when he then laid me flat on my stomach upon the bench with my arms bunched up beneath my breasts, my legs tight together and lined up. Straddling me he pushed into me from behind again, peeling my cheeks apart to make room with a practiced gruffness. I tried to spread my legs again, but his steel like legs were a vice on me. His hands pushed down on my back, creating a kneading sensation on my breasts as he pounded me again, the lurching made my breasts struggle for freedom against my pinned arms and back. I couldn't move, save to flex my leg muscles and curling toes.

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