tagRomanceTeenage Wasteland Pt. 01

Teenage Wasteland Pt. 01


Any and all erotic action is between legal adults (18+).

This is my first submission, and I'm writing it on a whim. No real planning has gone into it, and I probably won't have someone else edit it. If you see an error please don't burn me at the stake. I'll write a few of these chapters, and if I get good feedback I'll probably draw out the story and plan it out. Thanks for your time, and I hope I don't let you down!


"So? How does it feel?"

"How does what feel?"

"How does it feel to be legal? Do you feel the maturity just swelling inside you?"

"Shut up." Liam grinned. In spite of his lack of verbal affirmation, he did, in fact, feel different. While he didn't feel the sudden onset of maturity as his best friend, and co-captain, Daniel, put it, nor did he really care about voting or smoking. Instead, Liam looked on at his senior year with anticipation.

"Hurry up, fatass. I swear, if you don't lace up any faster, we will be late. If coach makes us run, I will whoop you," Daniel promised. Even though they still had a few minutes before practice started, he flipped Liam the bird as he jogged down to track, anyway, and assembled the rest of the team to stretch prior to the coaches' arrival.

It was August 1st, and official practice had commenced for Boy's High School Soccer. Unofficially, the boys at Central High had spent 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, from the time school had let out the previous year to now running strength and conditioning drills. However, as per high school athletics regulation, the coaches were not allowed to attend.

Liam caught up with the group just as they circled up.

"Nice of you to join us, princess. Why don't you lead us in our ritual?" Daniel laughed, along with a few of the other players. He then snapped a mock salute towards Liam as he moved to the center of the circle.

It was all in good fun, Liam knew. Take a look at any boy's high school soccer team and you'll find the same kind of grab-assery, and, under the false-homoeroticism, teasing, and name calling, a strong sense of camaraderie. With the exception of a few freshmen, many of these boys had played together for years. They had each other's backs, on and off the field.

"One, two, three, four..."

Liam counted off each static stretch the team did before leading them on a half-mile jog up, and back down, the long, gently-sloping hill the campus was built on. Daniel was, of course, right next to Liam, at the front of the pack. For all his false bravado, Daniel was an excellent leader. His athleticism, skill, and natural charm commanded the respect of the varsity, and JV, players.

The team arrived back on the field in a haphazard cluster, but they arrived together. As stated previously, they had worked hard through the hot months to stay in peak shape. They weren't the largest or most physical team, but every single one them had speed and strength belied by their seemingly innocuous size.

Head Coach Jon Reed and Assistant Coach James Watt were waiting for the team, and they took note of how Liam, and Daniel, easily controlled the rowdy group.

"Those two really do lead this team, in more ways than one," Watt said to his colleague. "I heard they also got every player to attend the off-season workouts."

"They've been together for years. Hell, they're closer to each other than a set of twins," Reed replied. He, too, was proud of the way Liam and Daniel had stepped up in the past two years. Reed and Watt had only recently been hired in an attempt to revitalize Central's soccer team. There, football was the main sport. It brought in the most money, so it got the most funding. Soccer was more of an afterthought, so it wasn't difficult for the overqualified Reed and equally seasoned Watt to get hired.

By then, the team had congregated around the two coaches, cheering, and jeering, all the while.

"Alright, we've got some housekeeping business to take care of before we can start," Reed explained. "Since our games start early this year, you boys can't miss a single practice to be qualified for our first matchup against Springfield in a little over two weeks two weeks."

With that, the boys groaned. The only thing worse than conditioning 3 hours a day for 6 days a week was practicing 3 hours a day for 16 days straight.

"Pull it together you, panzies!" Watt boomed. While Reed was soft spoken yet firm, Watt was most certainly coarse and very, very loud.

The team laughed, with Daniel being the loudest of them all. Reed hid a smile as well, for Watt's gruffness was part of the whole horse play dynamic of the team.

"Make sure you get your physicals done..." Reed droned on. Liam had started to zone out, for he noticed something rather interesting. Up in the stands, he could see what appeared to be a peer of his, though he couldn't recognize them at this distance.

"That's odd," he thought to himself. Soccer wasn't all the popular, and the crowd at even home games was limited to parents and the occasional female friend of a player. Having a spectator at practice was rather unusual.

"Is that alright with you, Liam?" Reed asked, noticing Liam's lack of focus. "I'm sorry sir. Could you repeat the question?" Liam replied, realizing he'd been caught with his pants down.

"I said we're gonna run a full-field scrimmage. Our team may not be large enough to cut anyone, but I would like to see where we stand. Let's split up, last year's Varsity defense against last year's varsity offense, and JV will fill the holes so we have an even match."

"Oh, right. Yep, sounds good to me, coach."

Liam saw that Daniel was already distributing pennies (practice jerseys so they could distinguish the two teams), so he walked over to his bag to grab his goalkeeper gloves.

The players took the field with Liam and the Varsity defense (and JV offense) on one side and Daniel and the Varsity offense (and JV defense) on the other. Since it was still midsummer, and they were on a heat-absorbing turf field, the players had taken off their shirts. Some still bore the always-smelly mesh pennies, but Liam's team was bare.

Liam looked back to the bleachers, but by now the sun had over the top of them, so he still couldn't make out the lone figure. "It's probably just a trackster waiting for us to clear the field so they can access the field equipment," he thought to himself.

Coach blew the whistle, and the game was on. Liam pushed all other thoughts out of his head, and he focused on calling shots for his team. It was about twenty minutes before Lim saw any action, though. The midfield had done a fine job of shutting down any attack opportunities that Daniel and his wings had put up. Now, however, Daniel was streaking towards him, with naught but two defenders in between him, Liam, and the goal.

Normally, a one-on-one between a striker and a defender was a 50/50. Half the time, the defender would get beat, and Liam had to stand alone, or the tackle would be made, and the play would swing back to the other half. Daniel, however, was a truly exceptional player and thus an exception to that rule. While he wasn't the largest or most powerful forward on the field, Daniel was perhaps the most skillful. His technical skills were unrivaled, and his ball handling was the stuff of legends.

The two defenders never stood a chance.

With nothing more than a small hesitation, a small feint with his feet, and the first man started to change direction. That was all Daniel needed to spin the ball between the defender's widening legs and bear down on the second one. In a grab for style points, he pinched the ball between his feet and flicked it over the second defender's head. He neatly settled the ball with his left foot (supposedly his "off foot," but most people believed he was ambidextrous with how he handled the ball), and lined up for a shot.

While that transpired, Liam hadn't been idle. He slid to the left, mirroring Daniel's progress in order to best prepare for a shot. When that shot came, Liam was ready. He saw Daniel's head go down in order to strike accurately. He saw, as if in slow motion, the ball rise up and to his right. Liam used his outside foot to push right, giving him direction, and he shoved off with his inside foot, giving him air.

As the ball rocketed toward the upper-left corner, Liam's left palm just barely got under it and knocked it up and over the goalpost. Daniel's fantastic run and beautiful shot came crashing down with Liam's perfect flying save. While it ended with Liam sprawled on the ground and a corner-kick awarded to Daniel's team, it truly was a perfect save, for tipping the ball over the goal meant no rebound and no chance for another shot.

"Fucking show off," Daniel mumbled to Liam as he helped him up, cracking a smile. "I could say the same about you," Liam replied with equal mirth.

While the rest of the scrimmage was far from boring, Liam's defense maintained a fairly solid wall, so he only had to perform a few minor saves.

Liam was rubbing his side as he walked off the field with his team. As it turns out, diving on turf kind of hurts. He looked up and noticed Emily, his classmate (and coach Reed's daughter), walking down from the stands. She met Liam at his bag, and openly appraised his glistening body as he walked up.

Liam stood just at six foot, and he had a body to be proud of. Even though he wasn't sporting large, rippling gym muscles, he had a tight core (complete with a six-pack) as well as a muscular frame. He wasn't burly, but his long hours on the field were clearly displayed on his hard body.

"That was an excellent save you made out there!" Emily gushed to Liam. They had been classmates for 12 years, and she'd had a crush on him for all 12 of them. It had little to do with just a good bod, though, for he'd only recently acquired one.

Liam, being the ultra-suave and outgoing young man that he was, coughed out a "thanks." Emily had crushed on Liam for 12 years, and Liam had been clueless and shy around her for 12 years.

"Oh for fucks sake!" Emily thought to herself. While she had dated other boys, it was mainly a ploy to make Liam jealous, and she was tired of waiting.

She decided to step up her game.

As Liam tugged off his gloves and cleats in preparation for his customary post-practice run, Emily pulled off the tank top she'd been wearing.

Liam choked on the water he'd been nursing. "What in the hell are you doing?!"

"Relax, I'm was just going to go for a run. Care to join me?"

"Well, she IS wearing a sports bra," Liam thought to himself. He glanced at Emily and was startled to realize she was attractive. More than that, she was full blown hot. She had long legs, tanned and toned from summer workouts, that seemed to go on for however. They were only interrupted, it appeared, by her round and firm ass perfectly highlighted by running shorts. His eyes continued moving upward, taking in her tight stomach, only to stop on her rack. She didn't have monstrous tits or anything like that, for they were probably a large C cup, maybe a D. What made them stand out was actually the rest of her body. While Emily wasn't petite, the lack of fat on her body made her round, smooth boobs pop out.

"Sure," he finally choked out, after what seemed like an eternity. He realized suddenly that he had been ogling Emily, and he glanced up to her eyes to see if she had noticed. It seemed like he was in the clear, he realized with relief.

She jogged off, and he had a hard time unglueing his eyes from her swaying hips and bouncing ass.

When he finally caught up to her, she noticed how flabbergasted and discombobulated Liam was, and she smirked to herself. "About damn time," she mumbled.

"What was that?" Liam asked.

"Oh nothing."

She didn't want to push him, though, so when they finished, she went her separate way. She was content to wait for school to start. After all, she had waited this long.

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