tagMind ControlTelepath King Ch. 01

Telepath King Ch. 01


This is a total work of fiction. The people, places and events are fake, not real, don't exist(except New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut, Las Vegas). I made this story up to satisfy my need to control things and people. Call me sick, whatever, this is a story of fantasy. Comments are welcome. Enjoy!


Chapter One - Saving a Life

I had been sitting in the park a while. Contemplating suicide. I just couldn't see a reason to go on anymore. I was alone. My girlfriend of five years had called off the wedding and took up roost with another man, my best friend Dave. I hated him, I hated them both. I wished either they were dead or I was.

I couldn't call my family, Dad had basically all but disowned me. Mom, well she did what ever Dad said. My siblings were no use either. Mark was serving aboard the U.S.S Ronald Reagan and was out to sea for the next three months. My sister Angie was now married and raising her own family living in California. I had no one really to talk to about this.

I had begun to pull the .45 Colt out of my jacket pocket when I noticed a couple girls slowly making their way towards me. Of course they were just following the path in the park and it led next to the picnic table I was seated at, but if afforded me one last fantasy, one last illusion before I ended it all.

They were walking hand in hand, obviously lovers and chatted lovingly towards each other. I had pulled my hand out of my pocket and placed it on the table. The pistol was still in my hands. I hadn't even realized I pulled it out. I thought I had let it go. I watched in fascination as the two grew nearer.

The taller one was gorgeous, long blond hair that hung down way past her shoulders, almost to the tops of her ass cheeks. She was built! Big breasts on a tight slim frame that narrowed even more at the waist and flared out nicely to a smooth set of hips. And her legs, damn! They started at lovely sandaled feet and rose perfectly shaped to make that sexy ass of themselves. Her beauty was movie star or model quality. Her friend, not as hot but still beautiful

She was more of the plain Jane type. Brown hair, combed to perfection and hung to the middle of a gently curved back. Her face wasn't like her friends, she wasn't as pretty with a slightly large nose that set above a pair of lips that when painted would look luscious. Though she didn't have makeup on, she was still pretty, but not like her companion. Body wise, they were both somewhat similar, only the brunette was shorter. Her tits were smaller and compact. Her hips flared out more.

I watched them as they got closer, admiring their tits as they swayed bra-free back and forth in their tight tank tops. Their skirts were long and flowing, not tight, just loose and free. They got to about ten feet from where the bench sat and the blond noticed the pistol and jerked to a stop suddenly, surprising the brunette.

The blond stared at the gun, not taking her eyes off of it. When the brunette looked at her, the blond whispered to her, "he has a gun!" The brunette then looked at me, noticing me for the first time. Her face took on a mask of fear as well.

I looked at them, realizing their fear and then looked down at the table. When I saw the gun, I cringed in my own skin. I smiled weakly at the girls.

"Don't worry, it's not for you." I said softly.

"Who is it for?" The blond said, her fear gripping her to the spot. I looked down at it then up at them. I sighed.

"For me." I said. I wanted to die even more for the fear that I had brought them. I was so careless. I was useless. Barely a man anymore. The brunette seemed to invigorate her step as she walked towards me instead of running away. She sat down opposite me and motioned for her girlfriend. The blond moved slowly, her fear gripping her. I looked at the brunette like she was crazy.

"Don't. Don't do this." She said as she motioned to the gun.

"Why not? I have nothing to live for anymore." I said simply, my resignation to my demise set solidly.

"Death awaits you when you get old. Not when you're young and full of life." She said, trying to talk to me as a hostage negotiator would a criminal.

"You know nothing about me. Why would you even care?" I asked. I looked at her with curiosity now. There was something about her, something different. She wasn't afraid now. "Why aren't you running away in fear?" I asked her.

"Because I was once where you are. I wanted to take my life too." She said as she looked to the blond, who gazed back at her adoringly. "I bet you didn't know that did you Lisa?" She said to her. Lisa shook her head and tears formed at her eyes. The brunette patted Lisa's hands in comfort.

"And why didn't you? It looks like you have everything you need now. What changed?" I asked her. Wondering if the same thing would work for me, but feeling desperate enough to know that nothing would.

"I meet a woman. She talked to me as I am you. She told me that there was nothing or no one worth killing yourself for. She helped me, she even introduced me to Lisa. We've been in love, partners in crime now for three years." She said. I smiled.

"That's nice. I'm glad things have worked out for you. But you don't know my situation. You don't know anything about me. Why stop to talk to me?" I asked her.

As I listened to her talk, I gazed upon her features. She was lovely, truly a diamond in the rough. Her features exuded confidence as she spoke, certain her words would impact me somehow.

"I was dating a guy, for two years. I loved him with all my heart. He broke it. He slept around on me all the time and I didn't know it, and those that did, even my closest friends, didn't tell me. He took all the money I had saved for a house and stole it to buy a new car. The same car he used to drive to Florida with, with his new girlfriend." She said, hesitating to look at the table and the gun.

"So, what changed you?" I asked, her story captivated me, now I was feeling for her as she felt for me.

"I couldn't take the pain and loneliness anymore. One night, I went to the roof of my apartment building and stood near the ledge. With no more will to live, I slowly stepped up onto the ledge and was ready to throw myself over, to give my self to the gods of pain. They could have it all back." She said as she sighed and looked to Lisa.

"Yet, you didn't jump. Again, why?" I asked, wanting desperately to know why.

"From behind me, a woman came out of nowhere. She talked to me in a voice that was soothing and gentle. She asked me the same questions I'm asking you now, only her responses weren't as mine. She had never tried to kill herself, she had her own pain, but someone had helped her through it as she wanted to do for me. And now I do for you." She said as she looked at me with a smile. It was inviting, contagious. I did smile until I looked down at the gun.

"Yet, you are happy now. Why stop here and risk you're death again? I'm suicidal. Suicidal people don't care if they take someone to their deaths with them. Why risk it?" I asked her. Lisa took on a look of fear again. The brunette calmed her.

"Don't worry Lisa, he wont kill us. He's not that kind of person. There is a lot of love in him, he's a good man." Lisa started to say something but the brunette held up her hand.

"Why do you care?" I asked, slumping back into my despair. I should have been happy, elated that these two women even though they were afraid actually stopped and sat down with me, but I wasn't. I still didn't see the need to go on.

"What's you're name?" The brunette asked. I smiled. Why the hell would she want to know let alone care? I told her anyway.

"Tommy." I said simply. She smiled sweetly.

"Tommy, I'm Andie. Would you like to come to our home and have dinner with us?" She asked. I could see the fear gripping Lisa. Andie just held her hands tighter and waited for my response.

"Why? Why do you care? I don't understand!" I said, trying to wrap my mental fingers around her.

"Because someone took an interest in me when I was at my worst. Its time I returned the favor." She said. She looked at Lisa, patted her hands and then looked back to me. "So, how about it? If you're gonna do this, at least get you're belly full before you do." She said as she waved her hand at the gun. "Lisa is a really good cook. She can whip up anything Italian. You do like Italian don't you?" She asked with a smile. I loved Italian. Why couldn't I have met either of them before I met that whore than ran away with my best friend?

"Okay. Fine, I'll go home with you for dinner. I'll give you the chance to change my mind, no one else cared to try." I said with a resigned smile. I put the gun back in my pocket and stood with the two girls. Lisa seemed to relax, but kept her distance.

We walked on through the park to the far end where the Brownstone apartments were. One of them was well to do, these weren't cheap apartments. We talked the whole way, me doing most of it, as I told her my story. I didn't leave out any of the details, it was what I thought about all the time anymore. How I found that bitch and my best friend in bed together.

I mused how I hadn't wanted to move to New York City, but that she said we'd at least know someone. Dave. The more I thought about it with my head clear, the more I saw the obvious signs. She was more into Dave than me. All the times we spent together, Dave always getting me drunk so I would pass out. It started to make more sense to me. It only pushed my shame deeper. Andie saw this and changed the subject quickly.

We arrived at the door and Lisa unlocked it and let us in. Andie took me into the living room of their beautiful apartment and had me sit down.

"I'll go get us some wine. I promise though, I wont try to get you drunk!" She said with a smile as she whisked away into the kitchen. I watched as her full ass swayed, making the skirt sashay with the movement of her hips. She seemed to be doing it on purpose. I could hear Lisa speaking low but couldn't make out what was being said, obviously voicing her opinions and her thoughts on bringing me to their house. I heard Andie quell her protests with one simple word. Slave. That got my mind working and forgetting about all my problems. When she returned, she had a bottle of chilled wine and two glasses. I could hear Lisa busy, working on dinner.

"Here we go!" Andie said as she handed me the bottle and a glass, giving me the opportunity to pour the wine. I took it and poured her a glass, filling it halfway. She smiled and held her glass out again, wanting me to fill it full, which I did. I filled mine halfway and set the bottle on the coffee table. Andie sat next to me on the other side of the couch and started asking me questions. "So, offing yourself seemed like the only way to make the pain go away huh?" She asked with a bemused smile. I didn't know how to take this but I didn't want to insult her in her own home.

"Actually, yes. I felt as though my soul had been ripped from my chest. Dave had stolen everything I felt was pure in my life. I went to work everyday like normal, and I just couldn't do anything. I sat there day after day, doing nothing. Finally, they fired me for lack of productivity. I was due to be evicted out of my apartment this weekend and with no where to go, I figured having lost everything, the only thing that was left was my life." I said as I sipped from the wine.

"Hhmm. Well, I see that it's a good thing we happened by. You're jobless, homeless and I'm guessing you used the last bit of you're money buying that gun. We have plenty of room here, you can stay here for a while." She said as she took a large gulp of her wine, ingesting over half in one shot.

"Andie, there's no way I can ask you to do that." I said. She smiled.

"I wasn't asking you to. I'm not asking you to stay. I'm telling you to stay." She said. She lowered her glass and looked at me in the eyes. Her gaze was burning through me, seeing to my very core.

"Why?" I asked. She smiled again, that infectious smile.

"Because, I believe there is hope for you and I know a way for you to get over all you're fears and doubts and thoughts of killing yourself." She said. I looked at her in disbelief. "Really, I promise. If you will be patient, and allow me to try something with you, you will forget the pain, and if you wish, forget that you're heart was ever broken." She said as she finished her glass of wine, taking it all in two gulps. I was impressed.

"I still don't understand why you would do this for me." I said as I took the remaining wine in my glass and poured it over my teeth. It tasted wonderful. Since I found out about Dave and "her", I quit drinking. The wine tasted so sweet to my tongue, and warmed my belly up good.

"Tommy, I like you. You remind me a lot of me when I was feeling that way. I promise you, I can make the pain go away. And, since I feel we are kindred spirits by having to go through the same thing, I'm willing to do something else for you as well." She said as she handed me her glass. I refilled it and handed it back to her. The wine was already starting to have an affect on me and I didn't dare drink anymore. She however, drank it as though it was water.

"Okay. I give. Tell me what you're talking about." I said as I set my glass on the table. She smiled.

"You have to drink with me Tommy to find out." She said as she drank from her glass, more sparingly this time.

"Oh, no. I can already feel the effects its having. I'd rather not if its okay. I'd like to keep dinner down!" I said with a smile. She smiled back.

"No, drink. It'll help, I promise you and don't worry about dinner, Lisa's the best cook ever. You wont have a problem keeping it down." She said. She smiled and added, "You want me to help, I want you to drink with me." She said as she gulped down the remainder in her glass and offered it to me.

I took her glass and filled it full and then filled mine full. If I was gonna be drinking, I might as well do it like she was. She smiled as I poured my glass full and set the bottle down. This was her cue and she moved closer to me on the couch, close enough that as she sat back down, she crossed her legs under her, making her left knee rest upon my thigh. She was so close and I could smell her, her body's natural scent. She was intoxicating, of course the wine wasn't helping me much. I always got horny when I drank wine, that's why I normally stuck with hard alcohol of just beer. I looked down and noticed a lump starting to form in my lap. I decided to mentally not notice and see where things would fall.

"So, how do you plan on getting me to forget everything?" I asked her. She smiled.

"Well, if you truly want to know. I want the gun. I don't want you offing yourself in my apartment." She said. I smiled and set my glass down. I stood and took the pistol from my jacket pocket and handed it to her, butt first. I removed my jacket and laid it on the floor next to the couch.

"Okay, now what?" I asked as I sat back on the couch. She moved closer to me and looked me in the eyes.

"I have just one more request before I tell you anything more." She said as she laid her hand on my thigh.

"And that would be?" I asked as I looked at her hand and then up to her. Her eyes gazed into mine. I could see the pulse of her blood as it flowed through the veins in her neck. I looked up over her neck to her chin and to her lips. They were wet from the wine, giving them a dark tint. My eyes trailed up and finally rested on hers. She was looking at me, her pupils large, taking in everything about me. I smiled gently and she bent forward and placed her lips on mine.

Gently we kissed, not touching other than our lips. Softly and gently, we pressed our lips together, kissing lightly. It was her lips that parted first, her tongue snaked in between mine, pushing my lips open. I slowly pushed my tongue out to meet hers. Together, our tongues danced, something I had not felt in quite some time. My mind was racing now, thoughts flashing before my eyes as I couldn't move. I was planted firmly to her, I didn't want to move yet I knew it was only the longing I held for my ex. The passion I had was intended for her, only stolen by Andie. And I was okay with that. Andie was beautiful, and different. And I needed that and this as much as I needed anything else.

Andie moaned into my mouth as I brought my hands up to hold her face. She was getting excited more as our tongues licked at each other, tasting the insides of each others mouth.

The wine was definitely having an effect on me as my own lust grew. I wanted her. And that sudden thought made me pull away. Her eyes snapped open, the lust glaze was very visible.

"Andie, wait. Just give me a second. This is happening kinda fast." I said as I pulled back. She smiled and sat back on her tucked under heels.

"Tommy, it's okay. I understand." She said as she picked up her glass. I grabbed the bottle and filled both glasses.

"I'm sorry. It's just been a long time. And, I just... What about Lisa?" I asked. Andie giggled as she sipped from her glass.

"Lisa? Oh, well, let me put it this way, she wont mind." She said with a devious smile. I looked at her, a look of shock must have covered my face. "Tommy, I wasn't always a carpet muncher. But since I've met Lisa, I've longed for it. Wanted a nice hard cock plowing me. It's been so long for me now, I can't remember what it was like anymore. I need to feel that again." She said as she moved towards me. Her words were vulgar and I liked it. They seemed to slap me and entice me at the same time.

"If this is you're way of keeping me from killing myself, I couldn't have asked for a better way." I said with a smile. She smiled back and leaned back in, planting her lips back on mine. This time, it was me moaning into her mouth as her hand slid up my thigh to rest on my hardening cock. As she felt it, feeling it's length and width, it was her who sucked in and shuddered a sigh as she started to melt into my arms.

We kissed passionately as Andie fell into my arms, laying across my lap now. I was bent over, kissing her as I placed my right hand on her stomach as my left held her by the shoulder, gently rubbing it and moving to her neck. I massaged her muscles, feeling her relax as we kissed. I could also feel, and I know she could too, my cock trying to break free of my jeans as it poked her in the back. She was moaning into my mouth consistently now, her excitement was rising quickly at the thought of having me inside her. I slid my hands up her flat stomach and found her heavy breasts, pushing out with their hard as marble nipples. She moaned passionately into my mouth and I gently squeezed first the right then the left. Her hips rose and fell in time with my squeezing. My own passion was rising as thoughts of suicide left me, the only thing I could think about was Andie on my lap. How I wanted her, needed her. I could think of nothing else but her. Then my thoughts turned to Lisa.

Lisa stood in the doorway of the living room, her eyes glazed over like Andie's. Dinner was done. She came in to tell us and found us on the couch, embraced passionately and feeling each other as our lips continued to be stuck together. Her hands out of instinct moved to her breasts. She pinched each hardening nipple and sighed at the pleasure it gave her.

I could feel myself being watched. I knew it wasn't Andie, her eyes were tightly closed as she moaned from my manipulations of her breasts. I looked up and found Lisa staring at us, more Andie. Lust had taken her over and she was cupping and squeezing her tits, alternating in pinching her own nipples.

I smiled at her as I pinched Andie's nipple, causing her to moan and Lisa to glare hatefully at me. I looked down at Andie and watched as she pulled her skirt up. Exposing her sexy legs and soft sensuous thighs. Farther still she pulled, bunching the dress up over her belly as she exposed her naked pussy. She hadn't been wearing underwear the whole time. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra, but I was shocked to learn about the lower undergarment. Before she slid her hand down to her pussy, I lifted my hand off her tit and to her face. I pulled her face to me, looking into her eyes as she opened them.

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