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Tell Barbara


Hello, I am new here, so please let me introduce myself. My name is Barbara; I have been married for ten years to a wonderful man, Richard. We have two beautiful children and our life is comfortable. As you probably know, when you've been married as long as we have and there are little ones running around the house a lot of the romance fades. Love and sex are a catch as catch can thing and to keep it alive we must really work hard.

I love Richard very much and I want to manage our time so that we still have those intimate moments that created our beautiful family. But I also like to play around with him and keep things a little exciting and mysterious. So I came up with a plan to keep the love, joy, and happiness alive in our marriage.

It was just like any other weekend only now our second child was a little older and things were settling down somewhat. Finally, I had gotten the children on a schedule that gave me some free time. I was beginning to feel a little more like my old self so I decided to let Richard know that I was ready to put a little more romance back into our relationship.

The kids down for their afternoon naps by two-thirty. Richard was downstairs paying bills. I changed out of my jeans and into a new sexy but tasteful teddies from Katie's Secret Closet. It was white with lace trim, and came with a matching thong. Dabbing a drop of perfume between my voluptuous breasts to attract my prey, I went downstairs to entice my husband.

Richard glanced over his reading glasses as I entered the den. His pen dropped from his hand, his eyes were wide and his mouth dropped open. He was quite surprised to see me so scantly dressed but at the same time thrilled that we could have a little playtime while the children napped. Little did he know I had something a little different planned for our romantic encounter.

Taking his hand, I led him to our bedroom and locked the door behind us. I took his face between my hands and pulled him close kissing him hard.

"I think I'm going to enjoy what it seems you have in mind!" Richard whispered.

I eyed him from head to toe. The staff that was pushing against his jeans thrilled me. I walked slowly to the bed and lay down. In a commanding voice, I ordered him to undress and lie face up on the bed next to me.

Once he was lying there, I threw one leg over his legs, took out the baby oil, and sprinkled it over his cock. I saw surprise in Richard's eyes as the cool liquid dripped on his warm skin.

He also appeared shocked at my new aggressive attitude. However, he was clearly enjoying it. Especially when I leaned over and starting kissing him while stroking his rapidly growing cock, and slipping my tongue in and out of his mouth.

I allowed him to lightly stroke my now hard nipples through the shear fabric of my teddy but wouldn't allow him to lower my straps or expose my breast. All the while I lightly teased his manhood just enough to keep him hard and hot, but not enough to push him towards orgasm.

After a few minutes of making out like this, I whispered, “Honey, I need you to get off the bed and stand up for a minute.”

Richard did as he was told, and I swung my legs over the side of the bed. I faced his average-size cock and leaned over to give it kiss. Swirling my tongue over the head for a few seconds caused him to moan with pleasure.

Then I rolled off the side of the bed and walked past him to the dresser. I picked up my wooden handled hairbrush and returned to the bed slapping it against my hand. I sat down in front of him and smiled now l running the flat side of the brush over his thighs and cock.

I said, “Sweetheart, I know you're probably trying to visualize what’s about to happen, but there’s a serious reason for what I’m about to do."

“Once you’re over my lap, I want you to tell me all about your naughtiest fantasies, no matter how embarrassing they might be. I’ll tell you how bad I think each one is, then give you a spanking for it." I explained.

"I think we should start with some of the milder ones, and some of the ones you've shared with me in the past. Then we'll work our way to the naughtier ones and any that I’m not aware of. How does that sound?" I asked.

Richard spoke not a word but his head bobbed up and down in agreement. His eyes were wide open and he did not blink. There was a look of amazement in them and questions of how this might be happening.

"I may have some questions to clarify exactly what you fantasize would happen should these fantasies come true. We may also discuss just how naughty the fantasy is. Of course, the naughtiest fantasies will earn you the most spanks.”

As I explained this to him, I continued to lightly stroke his cock, and reached around behind him to massage his buns with the flat of the brush.

“There are several things this will do. First, I will learn all about your deepest, darkest desires. As your loving wife, I don’t want there to be any secrets between us," I explained.

"Secondly, you are a wonderful husband and father, so no matter how perverse or naughty your fantasies are, I promise, you can tell me and I will still love and accept you. I fell in love with you eleven years ago and I still love the man you are. You can always tell Barbara anything.

“The third agenda of this confession and spanking is to relieve you of all the guilt you must have over thinking all of these naughty fantasies. Just knowing that you’ve been completely honest with me and shared all of the dirty, nasty details, no matter how embarrassing or humiliating is going to make you feel so much better!" I assured him.

“Now, I’m sure we’re not going to get through everything in one session. Your poor bottom probably wouldn’t stand it, even though I’m not really going to spank you very hard. Your real punishment is going to be the embarrassment of having to go over your wife’s lap and bare your soul about all of your perverted sexual desires." I giggled.

“You’re also going to get rewards for cooperating and being a good boy about this. One will be knowing that you and I have communicated with complete honesty and openness strengthening our love and our bond," I told him.

"The second will be some very hot sex when I think you’ve had enough for one session, but you should know that my orgasm is going to come first, then I’ll decide how and when you’ll cum.

“If all of this sounds like something you can agree to completely, I want you to nod your head and then lie down across my lap.

I smiled as Richard nodded and bent over my lap. He was lying across my lap halfway on the bed with his cock between my legs.

“That’s great baby, you’re doing great just like a good boy should. Everything is going to be fine. Just remember that you can tell your Barbara anything." As I spoke, I stoked his bottom with my hands and reached between his legs to play with his balls, and stroke and squeeze the base of his cock.

“So, let’s get started. Do you have a tame fantasy you would like to start with? Just tell Barbara, and everything will be okay.” I gently stroked his buns with the flat of the hairbrush as I spoke softy to him.

Richard replied “Well, sometimes, when we’re making love, I like to pretend that I’m a handsome stranger who is seducing you while your husband watches. I like to think that as you get excited and respond to me. In my mind, it's happening to another man while I watch.”

I smiled but he couldn't see my face. I said, “Well, that’s not too bad honey, but it’s still naughty, so I think you’ll get four light spanks,” I told him and gave him two on one cheek and then two on the other.

Whack! Whack! …. Whack! Whack!

“That wasn't too bad now, was it. I think I even felt that prick of yours twitch with enjoyment. Let’s have another fantasy, a little naughtier one this time please!” I requested. I stroked his buns, then reached between his legs to stroke his cock a little more. I felt precum on its head.

Richard thought for a minute then said, “Sometimes I fantasize that you’ve met some good looking assertive guy named Frank on line and have been flirting with him by email. You chat with him nightly," he detailed.

"You tell him that I know about your relationship and that it’s a turn on for me. Eventually he sends you a picture of himself and he’s very good looking. He’s also naked and lightly stroking a really long, thick cock while he smiles at you. You get turned on and show me the picture,” he admitted.

“Then he directs you to do two things if you want to continue chatting and emailing with him. First, you have to make yourself cum while your husband watches you while lookin at the picture he sent. Then you have to tell me what a hot body Frank has and how much you love his big cock, he explained.

"The second thing you have to do is have me take a series of pictures of you, with the digital camera, and send them to him. He has very specific instructions for how you are to be posed in each picture and what you are wearing and not wearing. He allows your face to be covered or blurred, but in the pictures you are wearing sexier and sexier outfits and lingerie until the last few have you in nothing but a thong," he told me in detail.

“After we follow both of his instructions and send him the pictures, Frank emails me. He tells me that you and he have discussed it and have decided that he’s going to fly in and visit with us for a few weeks."

"Also, that I should plan on sleeping in the guest room while he’s here, because he’s going to be staying in our bedroom with you. At your request, knowing how excited it would make me, he will let me suck his cock and then guide it into your wet and willing pussy," he continued.

"If I'm very good, he will also allow me to lick his manhood clean after he comes inside you, getting a good taste of his come mixed with your feminine juices. Frank warns me that if I became sullen or uncooperative about what is happening, he would pull down my pants and boxers and take me over his lap for a good hard spanking while you watched, ” Richard finished.

Pausing, I thought for a few minutes then said, "Dear, that’s very, very naughty, but I’m glad you told Barbara everything.” I could feel that Richard’s cock was rock hard, pressing against my thighs.

“There are so many naughty things going on in this fantasy that I think we need to take them one at a time. Let’s start with your desire to know that I’m flirting with an attractive man. That’s a little naughty, but not too bad, so four medium spanks for that.”

Whack! Whack! … Whack! Whack!

“Now, this business of you taking pictures of me in various states of undress, especially showing my naked breasts and nipples, and sending them off to another man for his enjoyment, that’s really pretty naughty. How many spanks do you think you deserve for that, dear?” I asked.

Richard shifted on my lap for a few seconds, then softly replied “Six good ones, please.”

I smiled that Richard had said “please”, acknowledging my control of the situation and his naughtiness.

Whack! Whack! Whack! ... Whack! Whack! Whack! The sound of the brush seemed louder.

Richard’s bottom was starting to turn a faint pink where the brush had landed, so I gently rubbed it with my hand, surprised at that warmth the spanking had brought out in his skin.

Continuing I said, “Now the rest of this business, where you become a willing cuckold and enjoy submitting to this dominant man; letting him take over our marriage bed and actually helping him enjoy my sexual favors whenever he feels like it… it’s just very, very naughty. Don't you think? Especially the part about sucking his big hard cock beforehand and then licking it clean afterwards while your well fucked wife looks on!"

"You got really excited thinking about that part, I could tell.” I scolded him. I found myself getting more than a little wet thinking about playing with a virile, well hung stud in the manner Richard had described.

“So, how many spanks do you think you deserve for all that?”

“Eight?” Richard meekly replied.

“Oh no!” I smiled, “that’s worth at least twelve good hard ones! But don’t worry dear, once it’s over you’ll be completely forgiven and happy, knowing you’ve confessed everything and have been punished for it.”

Knowing that many slaps with the brush would make him move around as his bottom got sore, I reached between his legs with my left hand and took hold of his balls and cock to keep him steady.

Whack! Whack! Whack! … Whack! Whack! Whack!

Whack! Whack! Whack! … Whack! Whack! Whack!

By the time I finished with the punishment, Richard was moaning and squirming a little, but not too much due to the hold I had on him. He also enjoyed the pleasure of the stinging on his butt.

At this point I decided that he had been punished enough for one night. Any more fantasies would have to wait for the next session.

I was also very horny after thinking about my husband’s fantasies, so I pulled Richard on top of me and to get off her my lap.

I had him lie down on his back and I slipped out of my teddy and thong. I climbed on top of him and rubbed my wet pussy up and down on his hard cock until my body racked with the pleasure of the orgasm that consumed me.

I decided that it was time for him to come too, so I pulled him on top of me and said, “You better enjoy this dear, because you won’t be getting any of this after Frank gets here and makes this HIS pussy.”

Just the thought was enough to send Richard over the edge, spurting his hot cum up into my wonderfully, hot and sexy pussy. I felt it spilling out onto the sheets and rolled over and raised my legs to keep it deep inside of me.

I heard the kids running through the house. I got dressed and Richard went back to the bills. I wore a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Any time the kids rattled me, I just thought of the thick cum that was keeping my pussy wet.

Richard became a little friskier after that afternoon. He would sneak up behind me and plant a light kiss on my neck while I prepared dinner. Sometimes he would sneak in the bathroom during my shower and climb in behind me.

I had been selling things that I would find at flea markets on C-bay to make a few extra dollars to help out around the house. That was about the only thing that I had used the computer for to this point. The income from this little venture had bought us a new washer and dryer last year.

After my little game with Richard, though, I thought maybe I would see what was available out there on the internet, not that I was interested in finding another man, but it might be fun just to talk to some different people. It didn't have to be men.

I looked around a bit and found some places where I could put some information about myself out there and just maybe I could find some friends to talk to about the kids and the grind of being a stay-at-home-mom. I thought talking to other women about things like potty training and temper tantrums would make life a little less stressful.

I gave my ad the title "Looking for More Excitement!" and told about my family and the pleasure that my children brought me. I said I was just looking for friends to talk with when all was finally quiet.

Then the baby started screaming. I logged off and forgot about it in the excitement of our everyday life.

A week later, I got online to add some pictures to my C-bay account. I checked my email to see if there was anything interesting there. A letter from my sister in Maine, telling me how she and her husband were going to Spain for a second honeymoon. That made me envious. Someone wanted to buy my Care Bear cross-stitch pattern for a hundred dollars. That was a good sell! Then there were forty letters from people I had no idea where they came from.

I opened the first one. It was a note from a guy named Carl. He wanted to know if I would move to New Mexico and help him with his kids. He said I had a beautiful smile and that we had a lot in common.

Another was from Philip; he wanted to talk to me about the humdrum of daily life. He had some ideas that he was sure would put a smile on my face and the children would be happier as well.

The seventh email I opened shocked me. His name was Frank. He lived in Colorado and he was looking for a wonderful lady just like me. He didn't care that I was married; he just wanted someone to talk to. He was lonely too. Would I please write him back? He didn't have children as a matter of fact he was divorced.

I read his profile and he sounded like a nice man and maybe someone I would like to get to know. I thought, 'I'll just write to him and say hello.'

I wrote a short note saying that I would like to talk with him. I told him that I was married to a wonderful husband and about my two beautiful children. I encouraged him to please write back and let's be pen pals.

I deleted most of the other emails. They all seemed to be interested in finding ways to take away the woes of motherhood that had nothing to do with friendship.

I was so excited the next day that after Richard went to work and the kids had been bathed, fed, and put down for their afternoon nap, I was back on the computer checking my email. There were many more responses from my ad but the only one I wanted to read was from Frank.

He said that he was glad to hear back from me and wondered if I had instant message ability so that we could talk one on one. I told him that I did and sent him my ID. Within minutes, he popped up asking permission to add me to his list of friends. I accepted the invitation.

Then, for the first time, I saw his words. I was really excited. He said, "Hello, I'm glad that you answered my note. I have been lonely and lost for a long time; I just wanted friends to me through the long days and nights."

We seemed to share a lot of things in common. I told him all about my children and Richard. I shared with him a lot of the things we had done since we've been married. He would laugh at my stories and share the happy times he had with his wife while they were together.

The kids awoke and I had to say good-bye but promised to get online again tomorrow and that maybe we could talk then. He said he would like that and we logged off.

We talked every day at naptime. He was so nice and he listened to the smallest of my complaints. He seemed to understand how I was feeling about my life. He made me laugh and he told me his dreams.

One night about a week after we had started talking, I decided to tell Richard about Frank. I had brought a new teddy, a black one this time. I showered then dressed and entered the bedroom. I walked over to the dresser and took my brush in my hand.

Richard was reading in bed with only the table lamp on. When he realized I was in the room, he looked up and seeing me he laid his book on the nightstand.

"Are you going to make me tell you my fantasies again tonight?" he smiled.

"Yes, sweetheart, I am. I think it's time, don't you?" I answered as I sat on the side of the bed.

He stood up and walked around to my side of the bed and stood in front of me. "Richard, it is time for you to tell me more of your naughty fantasies. I want you to be good now and tell me some of the more detailed ones. We must rid you of these secrets you've been keeping from me," I explained.

I pointed to my lap and he lay across it. "I want to hear your nasty fantasies, tonight Richard," I told him.

"One that I have had lately, is it's Franks first night with us, and I've made the three of us a fine dinner," Richard started. "While I clean up, you and Frank go into the living room and start making out on the couch. I move quietly to where I can watch you. I think you notice me watching, but I'm not sure. Frank kisses you hard and my heart melts as I see you flush and respond to his tongue probing your mouth. His hands explore your breasts through the silk blouse you're wearing and your nipples harden immediately at his touch," he admitted.

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