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Tell Me Your Fantasy


Hands: How are you feeling?

K: Horny.

Hands: Then why don't you go upstairs and put a pillow over your face while the rabbit fucks that hot pussy?

K: I could.

Hands: Yes, you could.

K: I might.

Hands: No, you need to just do it. March yourself upstairs and get yourself off.

K: You do realize it's you I'll be fantasizing about while you do that.

Hands: Yes. You can tell me all about it afterward. E-mail me and tell me your fantasy. Are you going?

K: Yes.

Hands: Good. ttyl.

To: Hands

From: K

Subject: My Fantasy

I DP'ed myself. I put in a butt plug and lay on my back so I could fuck my pussy with the rabbit. I think I'd rather try that with a butt plug and a cock, or a cock in my ass and the rabbit in my pussy, but this was pretty damn good too.

When I started to slide the rabbit inside my pussy, I begged you to fuck me. (Very quietly... I am capable of being quiet, believe it or not.) The sensation of having something in my pussy and my ass at the same time was intense. And then I started to fantasize:

You move the rabbit in and out of my pussy, like the night you gave it to me. As you fuck me with it, you slide your cock between my lips. I lick and suck your cock, and the feeling of the rabbit inside me makes me moan and gasp. I handle your balls while I suck you.

The vibration of the rabbit and the excitement of hearing you as I suck you soon make me come. You withdraw the rabbit from my pussy and change position so that you can go down on me while you fuck my mouth. Your tongue finds my clit then you close your lips and suck my clit. While you lick and suck me, you take hold of the butt plug and fuck my ass with it.

I lick up and down your shaft, then down to your balls. You release my clit and slide your tongue along my slit, to thrust it inside me. After a couple minutes of this, I come once again. I take your cock back into my mouth and suck harder, wanting you to come in my mouth but at the same time hoping you don't, because I want you to fuck me now. If you come, I would suck you back to hardness, but that would take time, and my pussy aches to feel your long, thick cock fucking hard now!

But my pussy will have to wait a little longer, as you release your hot cum into my mouth. You lie on your back and wait for me to clean you and make you hard again. I start to remove the butt plug, but you stop me, telling me, "Leave it in so you'll be ready when I fuck your ass."

I stroke your cock and it twitches, beginning to harden again. Lightly, I lick it, and it hardens more. "Suck me," you tell me, and I do, taking your cock in my mouth again. I feel it grow as I suck.

Finally it's fully hard, and I beg you, "Fuck me!"

"What should I fuck first?" you ask. "Your pussy or your ass?"

"My pussy. Please fuck my pussy!"

You kneel in front of me, my legs on your shoulders, and with one hard thrust you bury your cock inside me. I'm filled again, your cock in my pussy, the plug in my ass, and the sensation brings me almost to the edge. But you tease me, fucking me with long, slow strokes that feel incredible but don't allow me to orgasm. "Harder," I say. "Please, fuck me harder!"

You oblige, pulling your cock almost completely out, then ramming it back in so hard I gasp. As you keep fucking me hard, I moan and whimper, feeling my orgasm build until I finally explode with pleasure, crying your name. You pull out of my pussy and tell me, "Turn over."

I get onto my hands and knees, and you pull the plug out of my ass. Your cock is soaked with my juices, so wet you barely need lube, but you use a little on my asshole anyway to ease your passage. You start to slide your cock in, slowly so that my ass will open for you, since your cock is bigger than the plug.

But once you're fully inside my ass, you fuck it hard, as hard as you fucked my pussy. It feels strange to me, uncomfortable, but so pleasurable I barely notice the discomfort. "Play with yourself," you tell me.

I reach down and finger my clit as you keep fucking my ass. You pick up the rabbit and push it back into my pussy; I can feel it against your cock through the membrane that separates them. The double penetration is so intense I scream; you respond by fucking me even harder, until I come so hard I feel like I'm going to black out. Again I scream your name. A moment later, you fill my ass with your cum.

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