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Tell Me Your Secrets


This story is based on the true habits and desires of one of my readers. Contact me if you want to tell me YOUR secrets.


Going through emails was normally quite tedious when you owned a website. Joseph's website, however, was a niche site that only attracted specific viewers, so the emails he received were very specific, and much more interesting.

He scanned the list until he found the one that interested him. It was from Marie, his current client. She confirmed that everything was a 'go' for tomorrow night. Joseph smiled. Marie was a hot and horny one. This was going to be fun.

His website catered to husbands or wives who needed help telling their spouses about their secret sexual fantasies. Joseph would devise a plan to expose the deepest, darkest desires of, say, a wife to her husband.

His last client was a young girl named Gloria who had an exhibitionist streak. She was too shy, and ashamed, to tell her husband about her wish to be seen naked by other people. That was until the scenario that Joseph had provided. As he and the husband had chatted at an outdoor cafe under a false pretense, Gloria emerged nude, except for heels and an elaborate mask, from a limousine. The limo driver honked the horn repeatedly, until everyone around was watching Gloria strut first across the public plaza, to the cafe, and up to the men's table. She had then spread her legs and rubbed her pussy briskly for all to see, while twisting a hard nipple. As Gloria reached a squealing orgasm, she ripped off the mask and fell into her astonished husband's lap.

The limo had pulled up to the cafe, and the three of them hurried into it just before it sped off. Joseph had then thoroughly explained Gloria's dirty desires to her amazed husband, while Gloria blushed and masturbated. When she came again, Joseph exited the car and explained that the limo would drive for two hours. Gloria was already opening her husband's pants when Joseph closed the door. For that he had collected his $3000 fee from Gloria, prepaid.


It had started simply enough. Joseph had spent a weekend with a group of old friends two years earlier. He was single, they were all married. As the first night wore on, and the drinks flowed, all three of the women had told him about their sexual frustrations. Joseph had questioned them individually, and coaxed out their secret desires. One had wanted to be tied down and fucked in the ass, another wanted to be spanked hard while she played with her pussy. The third had always wanted to suck off her husband while another man fucked her from behind.

The next day, Joseph gathered the three women and told them his plan. Keeping it secret, they had convinced their men to allow the girls to lead that evening's entertainment. The husbands had separately agreed with their wives not to interfere, no matter what happened.

Long story short, that night Joseph tied Connie to a picnic table, fucked her in the ass, and rubbed her clit as everyone watched. He spanked Kathy's ass hard, first with his hand, then with a ping pong paddle, while she came over and over. Then he fucked Andrea from behind while she sucked off her amazed husband, both men coming inside of her at once as she shook in orgasm.

As he loaded his car to leave the following morning, the group convinced Joseph that people would pay good money to have someone help them realize their deepest fantasies. What started as an enjoyable sideline had turned into a full-time, lucrative business.


Everything was prepared for tonight's session with horny Marie and her unknowing husband, Rob. The warehouse space was rented, and the needed equipment was in place.

The scenario that Joseph had settled upon was, as usual, a ruse. Marie was bringing Rob to the warehouse to see the opening of a modern art exhibit being put on by a friend. Joseph had carefully gone over the details of the story with Marie, and she was ready to act her part.

"Are you sure this is the place?" Rob asked as he shut off the car. "They can't be having an art show here."

"This is the place." answered Marie, "Come on, lets go in and find my friend Joseph." They walked across the parking lot toward a lighted door way, Marie pulling Rob by the hand.

Joseph watched them approach through the window. Marie was a girl that any man would desire. He knew that she was 5'4" tall, although her heels made her seem taller. Her long, blond hair hung past her shoulders and onto her chest, She wore a V-neck black sweater that clung to her large breasts, and a short black skirt that showcased her very slim waist, curvy hips, and tight bottom.

Rob was 6'1", handsome, trim, and fit-looking. He looked sharp in casual slacks and a button-down shirt. Joseph met them as they came in the door.

"Hello, Marie! Thanks for coming. And you must be Rob."

"Hi, Joseph," Marie leaned in for a kiss on the cheek from her host. "Yes, this is my husband, Rob. Rob, meet my friend Joseph."

"Nice to meet you, Joseph. Marie tells me that you do some interesting work." Rob was looking Joseph straight in the eye, They were the same height, but Joseph was a little broader in the shoulders. Rob guessed Joseph to be in his mid-forties.

"You'll get to judge it for yourself soon. I asked Marie to bring you in a little before the show begins so that I could show you something new that I'm working on. Please, follow me."

Joseph led the way down a hallway, around a turn and finally to a door which he unlocked and pushed open. "This is my workshop. I've been commissioned to build some special furniture that I promised to show Marie."

Joseph led the young couple inside and over to what appeared to be some sort of chair. It had a heavy base with a foot rest, thick arm rests, and was padded in black leather. "This chair was ordered by a rather unique individual. There's more to it than meets the eye. Rob, could I ask you to demonstrate? Please, sit down."

Rob looked skeptical. "What does the chair do?"

Marie answered, "Come on, babe. Joseph told me all about this thing. You'll love it. Sit down and put your arms on the armrests and your heels on those small metal plates."

Rob looked at his wife for a moment, then nodded. "Why not?" He settled himself into the chair and put his arms and feet in place.

Joseph smiled, then flipped a switch on the back of the chair. With a snap, spring-loaded clamps closed around Rob's wrists and ankles, holding him tightly in the chair. Rob looked in surprise from Marie to Joseph. They both wore smiles.

Joseph spoke. "Don't struggle, Rob. This is something that Marie requested. Please, don't talk, just listen and watch."

Suddenly, Joseph moved behind Marie, reached around her head, and pushed a red ball into her mouth. Hanging from it were two straps, which he quickly attached behind her head. Marie didn't move or struggle, but she looked nervous. She and Joseph had rehearsed the restraining of Rob, but that was all. She didn't know what would happen from here. She felt excited and a little afraid.

Rob pulled against the chair restraints. "Leave her alone, you fucker! Let me out of here!"

Joseph ignored him as he pulled a pair of padded hand cuffs from his pocket. He reached around little Marie and quickly snapped a cuff onto each of her wrists. Stepping around her, he grabbed the cuffs and tugged her a few steps until they were underneath some sort of winch. He pushed a button and a chain with a large hook at the end descended. Joseph roughly pulled Marie's arms up, looped the handcuffs onto the hook, and pushed the button to raise the chain. Marie's arms were pulled high enough that she wouldn't get loose, but her feet were still on the ground.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Rob was angry as he continued to struggle. "Let her go! If you hurt her, you sick son-of-a-bitch, I'll break your neck." Again, Joseph ignored him as he calmly pulled a chair up next to Rob and sat down.

"Settle down, Rob, and let me explain."

"Fuck you! Let us go right now!"

"Very well, I can do that. But as I told Marie when she paid me, the $10,000 fee is non-refundable."

Rob was stunned as he looked from Joseph to Marie. There was drool running down her chin because of the ball gag, and she was shaking. "Did you pay this guy $10,000 to tie us up? What the hell?" Marie nodded and held his gaze. She had a fiery look in her eyes that Rob recognized. Lust. Was this turning her on?

Joseph stood and began pacing. "Rob, if you let me continue, I'll explain everything. Please, don't talk, just listen and watch."

"As you've probably guessed, there is no art show. I'm no furniture designer, but I am an artist at what I do," Joseph continued as the young couple looked on. "What I do is help couples like you to find out each other's deepest secrets and fantasies. And, Marie has told me hers. We've been exchanging emails for weeks now, although we've never met until tonight. I know every sexual thing about her. And a little about you."

"Rob and Marie, both twenty-four years old, married at twenty-one after being high school sweethearts. She tells me that you treat her like a princess, She tells me that you have sex every night during the week, and twice or more each weekend day. But, there is more to Marie's sex life than you know."

Joseph walked to a table and picked up a pair of scissors. He approached Marie and slipped a blade of the scissors into the v-neck of her sweater. Marie looked at the scissors with fright as Joseph sliced the material downward until he cut through the bottom hem. Pulling the sweater front open revealed Marie's transparent black bra, her light pink nipples showing through.

"You of course know, Rob, that your sexy, little wife is multi-orgasmic. The lucky girl can cum over and over again. When you two make love, she always comes more than once, isn't that right Rob?"

Rob opened his mouth to speak, but Joseph cut him off. "Did you know that little Marie needs more? Did you know that she plays with her little pussy three, four, even five times a day?"

Joseph turned and swiftly cut Marie's sweater to shreds and ripped it off of her. He continued, cutting through the front of her sexy bra, then slicing the shoulder straps and pulling it away. Marie's large breasts bounced free.

"A lovely C-cup, and such sexy nipples. You're a lucky man to have these to play with, Rob." Joseph placed his hands on the bottom of Marie's tits and lifted them up, squeezing gently. "But, Rob, do you know how Marie would really like you to treat her tits?"

Joseph gently grabbed a nipple in each hand and turned to Rob. "This is what she wants." Joseph squeezed each nipple very hard while lifting and pulling her tits. He nearly lifted her off of her feet as she screamed in pain through the gag. Joseph let her down but kept a tight grip on her nipples. "Is this what you want, slutty Marie? Tell me. Tell Rob."

Marie's body was shaking hard as she looked first at the man pulling her nipples and then at her husband. She was still whimpering as she nodded her head. She yelled through the gag, "Yes!" Joseph released her and stepped back, than began walking in a slow circle around the dangling, topless girl's body.

"Rob, deep in her sexy soul, you're little princess is a dirty slut. And she wants to be treated like one. Let me tell you how she has signed some of her emails to me. She calls herself Cum Slut, or Dirty Little Cock Sucker. She calls herself Masturbatress, or Cock Whore."

"Would you ever send a text message to Marie that began 'Hello Cum Dump', or 'My Slutty Dick Swallower?' Of course not, you wouldn't say that to your little princess. But I guarantee, if you call her something like 'My Nasty Little Fuck Toy' it will make her pussy wet and her clit tingle. Isn't that right Marie?"

Joseph had stopped in front of Marie and was looking into her eyes. She just stared at him. Joseph raised his right hand and firmly slapped her left tit. "Tell Rob what you are." Raising his other hand, he slapped Marie's right tit even harder. Saliva had dripped onto Marie's chest, and drops of it flew from her swinging tit.

A muffled screech turned into barely understandable words. "I'm a cum slut, I'm a dirty cock sucker." Marie turned her gaze to Rob. She was blushing and shaking.

"Marie can't get enough sex, Rob. She reads dirty stories and watches porn videos while rubbing her horny clit. She sneaks away and masturbates. What do you think she's doing when she jumps in the car to run an errand? Why, she drives to the grocery store and pretends to be on the phone, sitting in the car rubbing herself. A quick, sneaky orgasm, then back home like nothing has happened. She told me that she does this often."

Rob stared at his wife. She was blushing, looking back at him with eyes wet from shame.

"That's just the tip of the iceberg. I'll bet you love the fact that Marie likes wearing tight jeans because they make her ass look so good. She likes to wear them for another reason. She told me that in tight jeans she can cum while driving without touching herself! Can you imagine your little princess sliding her ass back and forth on the car seat and squealing through an orgasm?"

"If a handsome guy at work flirts with her, it turns on your sex-crazed wife so much that she sneaks into the bathroom and masturbates. She's even masturbated right at her desk, with four other people in the room. Many times."

"Here's one you'll know. Remember Marie's birthday party at your house last August? You had about 20 people from the neighborhood over? Well, two of those husbands, Jake and Don, hit on your provocatively-dressed wife. It made her so horny that she slipped away to the master bath, rubbed her clit and came hard, then re-joined the party. I'll bet you had no idea."

"And, no idea that after you have sex at night she often rubs herself to another orgasm or two while you sleep beside her. Marie thinks about sex all the time, every day. She'll bring herself to orgasm four or six times every day, fuck herself to a few more at night with you, then stay awake and rub out another two. I think you'd agree with me that Marie is indeed a cum slut. She's a slave to her greedy pussy and clit."

Joseph was behind Marie now. He unfastened her skirt, slid it over her hips, and let it fall to the floor. "Has this conversation made you horny, Marie? Are your panties wet?" Pulling the scissors from his pocket, he quickly snipped the sides of her black silk panties. The sides dropped, but the panties stuck to Marie's wet pussy. Joseph reached down, pushed Marie's legs apart, and slowly pulled the cloth from her pussy. He and Rob could see strands of her juices stretching between the panties and her clean-shaven pussy. Joseph pulled the panties free, walked over to Rob, and dropped them on Rob's leg. Rob looked at the soaked panties, then at Marie. Both men could smell her arousal.

Joseph walked back to the table, this time returning with a pair of sturdy clamps attached together with a short chain. He squeezed and twisted Marie's left nipple, which was already hard and swollen, then opened a clamp around it. He smiled at Marie, then let the clamp snap shut on her nipple. His hanging captive screamed through the gag, thrashing wildly. Twisting and pulling the other nipple, he let the second clamp snap shut as Marie screamed again and tried to pull away. Joseph held the chain firmly and pulled her back into position. Marie was crying and wailing as Joseph tugged the chain up and down, finally pulling it high, holding her stretched tits up to her chin. Five hard slaps fell on the underside of each tit as Marie sobbed and wailed. Joseph then put the chain between his teeth and used both hands to slap and roughly squeeze Marie's distended tits. Suddenly, he let the chain drop and stepped back.

Marie was breathing hard and whimpering. "Don't speak," Joseph said to her. Reaching around Marie's head, he unfastened the strap, then gently pulled the ball from her mouth. Marie flexed her jaw and tried to lick up some of the saliva that covered her cheeks and chin as she stared at Joseph through teary eyes.

Still staring into her eyes, Joseph brought his hand up and touched Marie's wet pussy. She jumped and gasped. "Good girl, Slutty Marie. You may cum once." Joseph immediately started a firm caress of Marie's clit with two wet fingers. Her knees buckled, and Joseph wrapped his free arm around her waist, holding her up.

Marie looked at Rob as she started to shake. She could see the bulge of his cock pushing against the front of his pants. Joseph rubbed faster, and Marie moaned loudly. Suddenly, her eyes flew open wide as she screamed and shook violently. Joseph kept rubbing as Marie's body bounced like a puppet on a string, her cries drowning out the sound of the rattling chain and handcuffs.

She came long and hard, then finally slumped, hanging from her wrists in Joseph's arms. Joseph pushed the button that lowered the chain and pulled the cuffs from the large hook. He picked up Marie's shaking body, carried her to a small bed set off to the side, and laid her down. The cuffs were still on her wrists and the clamps still pinched her nipples.

"I'd free you now, Rob, but this next part will be, well, a little more physical. You might be tempted to try and stop me. Please be patient, you'll get to fuck your slut wife soon."

Joseph turned to the still-quivering girl and removed the handcuffs. He pulled four wide leather cuffs from under the bed, wrapping then buckling one around each wrist and ankle. Pulling Marie to her feet, he led her back into position under the winch. This time he lowered two hooked chains, one about four feet from the other, until they were level with the top of Marie's head. He hooked each wrist cuff to one of the hooks.

Retrieving another item from under the bed, Joseph returned with a thirty-inch wooden dowel. The thick dowel had hooks at each end. Kneeling before Marie, he removed her heels, pushed her legs apart, and attached an ankle cuff to each hook. She tried moving her legs and realized that there was no way to close them. Joseph stood and pushed the buttons to activate the winch. Marie's arms were pulled up until her feet were just touching the floor. Joseph smiled at his captive, then unexpectedly gave her three hard slaps directly on the pussy. Marie howled. Joseph laughed.

"Too noisy, slut." Joseph picked up the discarded ball gag, spit on it, then forced it back into Marie's mouth and secured it.

Rob snapped out of his shocked haze. "Do you have to be so rough with her? I get it, she wants me to slap her tits and pull her nipples harder. Why don't you let us go? Keep your money, just let her down."

"Because, Rob, we're not finished. Think about it, Marie molests her little clitty any time she can get away with it. What do you suppose she thinks about when she masturbates? You? The guy next door, or the guy at work? Is that enough to make her cum six times while you're away at work?"

"Let me describe the videos and stories that Marie loves the most. The thoughts that fuel her lust for orgasms. The nasty secret that Marie is dying to tell you."

Joseph turned to Rob. "What turns this little cum slut on? Stories and videos about being tied up and whipped until she cries. About being slapped and abused and spanked. About being restrained and harshly fucked while she has no control. About the indecribable feeling of pain mixing with pleasure. These are her darkest fantasies."

"Marie knows that she's a dirty, masturbating slut. She knows that she's a bad girl, hiding hundreds of orgasms from you. What Marie craves is to be punished. And punished HARD. Like the girls in the stories she reads. Like the girls in the videos she watches. Well, tonight she is going to get her wish."

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