tagBDSMTemper, Temper

Temper, Temper


Every time I'm sarcastic, you look at me with your eyebrow raised and shake your head. My stomach churns and my pussy drips, thinking about what you want to do to me. You're holding me in suspense; letting it all build up until you lose your temper and give me what I deserve.

Then one day it happens. You order me upstairs and I laughingly concede, still trying to goad you even more. Once we're safely tucked away in the bedroom you stand so close to me that I can't help but try to back away. You're calm, telling me what a little snot I am, and that I am about to get what I deserve. I look up at you seductively with wide innocent eyes and ask in a whisper what you mean. I get no reply to that, just the order to lay over your knee as you sit on the edge of the bed and beckon to me with one slow finger. Hesitating, I feel myself gulp down the lump in my throat, wishing I could be gulping down your come instead, so that I could cuddle up with you afterwards.

"You're a naughty little girl, and its time for you to get punished," you say as you pull me by both wrists over to you.

In an instant I am over your knee and my skirt is bunched up at my waist. I feel the warmth of your hands on my ass as you caress my cheeks.

"Such a nice ass," you murmur. "But so, so naughty."

I squirm a little under this scrutiny and you tighten your grip saying, "See? What a bad girl."

I feel my thong being peeled down, sticking between my thighs, wet with juice. Your hand glides through my damp thighs, then teasingly over my quivering slit and I feel you hardening as you sigh. A small moan escapes my lips and turns into a whimper as you withdraw your fingers.

"Are you ready to be punished?" you ask.

"Yes,... I've been so bad," I breathe, giving in.

Within that moment, I hear a loud crack and feel a sharp jolt across my cheeks. It's louder and harder than I'd expected; I try my best not to squirm, but I do. Your arm squeezes my waist closer to your body and you start spanking in earnest. I have no breath as I try to wriggle away, and no control as I futilely kick, my legs restrained by my lowered panties. I try to hold on, not wanting to beg. I want to stay strong and take it like a good girl. But as my skin starts to burn, I find myself whimpering to you to stop, to please let me go, that I'll behave, that I won't be snotty anymore. The only response I get is "You know you need this," and continued spanking. In between slaps you stop and smooth your palms over my throbbing bottom. My thighs are sticky now with moisture, and are slightly chafing as I kick for release; I'm not going down without a fight. Finally I hear a sigh and your voice, "I guess we'll have to do this the hard way."

My stomach knots as I try to picture how this could get worse, and I instantly regret being so defiant. My thong around my knees, and my skirt tucked up into my waistband, I stand awkwardly when you order. I can't bear to look at you, and I feel my face flush as you turn me around to inspect your handiwork. I'm frozen as I hear your bag unzip and the bed creak. Finally, after what seems like hours, your voice commands, "Turn around and lay on the bed with your ass up."

As I comply, you grab both my wrists and bind them together, attaching them to a soft rope tied to the bed frame holding the mattress. My panties are rolled slowly down and off my body, then my skirt roughly pulled off, and finally my legs stretched apart. Soft ties encircle my ankles and I realize they are tied to the bedposts. A pillow is beneath my hips, raising my backside to a better angle for you to punish me properly. I shudder with embarrassment realizing that with my legs spread and my bottom in the air, everything is in full view, chastising me even further.

"I hoped I wouldn't have to tie you down for your lesson, but I guess it's just in your nature to be such a nasty dirty girl."

I wince at those words, emphasized by your finger slowly inserted in my sopping hole, as you whisper your scoldings in my ear. I feel a tightness in my chest and throat as you continue to tease me with your fingers, all the while telling me what a snot I've been.

"Please," I squeak, vainly trying not to sob, "The one spanking was enough! I'll be good from now on, I promise!"

I hear you tsk out loud as you withdraw your fingers and say, "Now, now, you know this is what you need. Snotty little girls need to be punished."

Something cool and firm smoothes across my now pinked backside.

"I had a suspicion I would have to use this paddle on you," you softly mock in my ear.

I shiver in anticipation, feeling your fingers trailing down my spine through my tank top as you move back into a better position. The paddle touches lightly on my ass, giving me a glimpse of where the first smack will land.

"I want you to tell me why I have to do this."

I groan inwardly, and my head hangs in submission. "B... b... because," I stammer. "Because I've been a bad girl..."


"And... I've been a snot?" I query.

"And so what needs to happen?" you intone.

"I need to be spanked," I reply miserably.

"How do you need to be spanked?"

I exhale with small, resigned sigh as I quiver with my new helplessness. "I... I need to be spanked on my bare ass..."

"And?" you prompt.

"And I need to be tied down and spanked with the paddle," I say with a rush. I'm shaking a little by now, just wishing you would get it over with so that I can show you how sorry I really am and so that you can take me the way I love being taken: teasingly slow, deep, and hard.

My longing is interrupted by the smack of the paddle. I feel it through my whole body, it seems. I try to jerk away instinctively but my bonds hold tight. My pussy, swollen with want, seeps a fresh rush of juice, puddling down through my spread thighs. Try as I may, my movement is constricted and I can't escape. There are no love taps given here, but full force slaps across my naughty bottom. You give it to me slowly, delighting in drawing it out and subsequently torturing me even more. The anticipation before each new spank is brutal; I just know the next one will sting even more than the last as my backside gets redder and redder.

"You love getting spanked, don't you?"

My face burns as hot as my ass; your admonitions, though calmly spoken, make me feel like such a little girl. With each spank, you tell me how naughty I am, what a nasty little snot I've been, and how much I deserve this punishment.

After hour-like minutes, I break, sobbing to you about how bad I have been and how I'm learning my lesson.

"Oooooh, I promise I'll be good!" I cry, as I start begging you to stop. "Please!! It hurts!"

I'm struggling in my bonds, and after what seems like a million more rapid final slaps to drive the message home, you drop the paddle and cover my half naked body with yours. The warm breath in my ear is strangely chilling and you coo to me about how hot my ass looks when it's being punished.

I'm still tied down, but you smooth your hands down my back, gently over my aching bottom, to spread my drenched thighs even further apart. Your lips soon follow, softly kissing the red mounds of my rump, and nipping at the tender flesh of my inner thighs. You tease me, going back and forth from one thigh to the other, never going too far inward to where I'm trying to grind into the bed for the hope of some satisfaction. When you realize what I'm trying to do, you encircle my waist in your arms, pushing down on my back to keep me still. My struggles stifle for a moment and you give a low chuckle as I let out a long whimper when I feel the moist warmth of your tongue plying into the swollen lips of my wet cunt. You lick a few slow, long, gentle licks, and then withdraw. I'm gasping and whining as you repeat this treatment over and over again.

"Please.... Please...," my mantra repeats feverishly over and over.

I'm trying to buck against your sweet mouth as I beg you to make me come. You don't respond to my angst, but instead move up to my face, lying with your body pressed up beside mine. My head turns toward your face and I struggle to get closer to kiss you. After brushing your lips briefly against mine, you untie me.

My new freedom excites both of us and I flip myself quickly over, wincing at the sting on my ass as it touches the bed. I hurry to get on my back, to be ready for you, to welcome you inside me. My legs eagerly open wide; I sigh in contentment when you lower your body on mine.

You're kissing me now; teasing me by going in my mouth soft and deep at one moment, and then withdrawing at the next. I groan in frustration and grab the back of your head, trying to push your mouth harder onto mine. You pull away and pin my arms to the bed while your head shakes back and forth at me disapprovingly. I wriggle against your body a little bit and thrust my face upwards. One look, and I know you've had it; your head dips down. The softness of our tongues crash together; they writhe in tender collision until we gasp for air.

My arms are freed as you bury your hands in my hair; your lips move away from my mouth and down my neck, so firm but gentle. I'm grasping at your back and shoulders, not knowing how to make you do what I want, but not wanting you to stray from your agenda.

Your hands travel from my hair, over my neck, and slide ever so smoothly down my breasts. My tank top is lifted as your warmth glides up my panting torso. My back arches towards you as your fingers meet the tips of my breasts. My breathing sharpens at the firm grasp of your palms and the rolling of your fingers across my tight nipples. I move to take off my tank top, but you stop me. Sitting back on your heels, you look down at me with a quiet intensity in your eyes that makes my pussy ache, and you slowly peel off my shirt, inch by inch. It seems to take forever; we're both savoring the moment of my flesh being so slowly exposed. Once the top is bunched over my breasts, you tenderly slide your hands up my raised arms, taking my shirt over them. I watch your face move in slow motion down to my breasts and take a sharp breath inward as your lips meet my nipple and suck it in.

As slowly as I was stripped, you're undressed hurriedly; my hands tremble while I help you doff your clothes. My mouth is greedy once you are as naked as myself, and I moan in delight as your body covers mine once again and your kiss crushes my mouth. In a quick moment, one hand is back on my breast, the other latching onto my hair, and our kiss breaks long enough for me to purr contentedly. I feel the long stiffness of your cock pressed onto the length of my wet slit, and I grind my hips up to get more. We stay like this for a few sweet minutes; rocking back and forth, breathing heavier and heavier, kissing and licking everything within reach. I circle my legs around your waist and your cock rubs over my swollen clit, driving me crazy and making me strain against you even harder.

In a gentle movement, you ease yourself down my flushed skin, our heat intermingling. I whine in anticipation as you position yourself between my widespread thighs. Your lips softly caress the first folds of my soaked pussy, and I relax into your kiss. You lick and kiss lightly; so light I can't tell at first if I'm just imagining it, but the first wave of pleasure that rockets through me sets me straight. You keep eating me this way, your lips pliable and wet on my clit, and my juice and your saliva mixing together as you slurp me. Your finger presses into me with a deliberately dawdling torment of leisurely in-and-out movements, causing me to buck up against your feasting even more.

You stop abruptly, just as I'm squeezing hard on your fingers inside me.

"More... please ... more...," I whine.

"Yeah, I bet you love getting your naughty little pussy eaten like that," you say in a mocking tone. "But you need to show me how good you're going to be from now on."

With those words, you grab a fistful of hair at my neck and pull me up towards you. You're kneeling on the bed and you pull me so that I'm kneeling as well, with my face by your engorged cock, and my back arched so that my ass is in the air.

"Suck it," you command.

Obediently, I lower my head and slowly lick your shaft from the base to the tip. My hands cup your balls, softly teasing them. The grip on my hair tightens as my tongue swirls repeatedly over the head of your swollen cock.

"Such a good little slut," you moan out loud.

I feel my head being pushed forward and your dick goes further in my mouth, almost to my throat. I love being filled up this way; I want to inhale your engorged rod. My pussy gushes new juice as you push and pull my head over your cock. Your growls make me want to clamp down on you in ecstasy. I can feel you pulsing under my bruised lips.

My revelry is interrupted as you pull my head back.

"Stop," you command, as you look hard into my eyes. "I want to fuck you."

All of a sudden I'm pushed on my back and you're on top of me. Your skin feels like silk gliding over my body, hot with arousal. We meld together like clay as we press harder and harder into each other. The lips of my pussy drench your shaft as we grind against each other in desperation. As your lips suckle on my breasts, I feel the head of your cock slide a slow inch inside my tight hole and I gasp out loud. Our eyes meet as you push yourself inside me to the hilt and then rub your pelvis into my clit. My breath catches in my throat as I feel your long hardness withdraw slowly and then ram back in deep and fast.

Your hands are soft against my skin and your mouth is gentle on my lips, then neck, and finally breasts. My nipples are sucked deeply between your lips while I gasp for air. You're gentle with everything but your cock. Your slow rhythm implies a detached aloofness that gets me so hot, but the depth and strength of your thrusts, and your low chesty growl in my ear give you away. You vary from soft and shallow to deep and hard thrusts, keeping me guessing. We're both moaning each time you bury yourself to the hilt, and our breathing gets faster as our rhythm grows. The heat on my clit is getting too much for me to bear and I'm begging you to make me come, but the words aren't getting out right. Instead, I'm whining and squirming against you, trying to meet your thrusts, but you won't let me right away.

"Please," I let out a high pitched whimper. "I want to come. Please...."

You smirk down on me, before kissing me, and then start thrusting into me faster and harder, meeting my rhythm. We're kissing frantically now, and I'm grabbing the sheets, the pillow, the bed post; anything and everything in sight as you pound my pussy. It's all too much for me. Your cock is so hard inside me and I'm so wet. Your grunts and growls in my ear, and your lips and teeth on my skin, push me feverishly over the top and my pussy clamps down on your pumping shaft. Waves of pleasure roll through me and I arch my back toward you as I cry your name through my release. You're coming now too; you ram deeper and harder into me than I thought was possible, moaning in my ear the whole time.

Spent, we collapse into one another, cuddling together. Your hands glide over me once more as we spoon.

"Good girl," you whisper.

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