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Temple of Lum


This is a tale from Karlan Sunflower's world, (so far the only written tale from that world). The erotica in this tale could be called mistaken nonconsent. The storyline best described as Fantasy genre.

Before I disappoint anyone: In spite of the repeated referral to butts and behinds, there is no anal sex to be found here.

Copyright of Nanna Marker (lit ID ellynei)


Monte took in the view before him. A long line of well shaped women's behinds.

"What is this place?" he asked his travelling companion, Kevlo, not taking his eyes off the inviting round rears.

"Welcome to the Temple of Lum," laughed Kevlo.

"I thought Lum was a frigid god," commented Monte, considering the sight of about two dozen fit round female butts to be anything but non-erotic.

"She is," replied Kevlo with a smile, putting his arm over Monte's shoulders. "And so are her priestesses."

"Then what is the purpose of this display?"

"Well, my friend, this is where the priestesses of Lum accept seed donations," explained Kevlo, grinning widely at his friend's puzzled face.

"You should have told me to buy some before we came," reproached Monte. "I was raised to never visit a temple without donating. All I have with me is coin."

At those words Kevlo cracked into a heavy laughing fit. Luckily, he had Monte's shoulders to support himself on.

A middle-aged priestess noticed the two men standing at the edge of the room. This early visitors were usually few. She approached the pair, studying their travelling outfit; travellers were particularly welcome in this part of the temple.

"Welcome," she said with a soft but toneless voice.

"Thank you," said Monte solemnly, and tried to bow in spite of his friend's cramping hold on his shoulders. Kevlo struggled to get his laughter under control to offer the priestess a proper face.

"Have you come to donate?" asked the priestess.

"I would like to donate, Priestess, but I didn't bring seed," admitted Monte honestly. Next to him Kevlo broke into a new laughing fit.

In front of them the priestess raised her eyebrows questioningly, appraising Monte with her eyes whilst ignoring his laughing companion.

"I... I'm terribly sorry... We will... ah... get out of your way now," stuttered Monte, while trying to bow and pull his friend out with him at the same time.

"Do come back when you are ready to donate," said the priestess, tonelessly, softly.

"Will do," said Monte, backing out dragging the laughing Kevlo with him. "I promise."

Back out on the street Monte pushed Kevlo hard, hissing angry words at him.

"That kind of behaviour in a temple, how could you. It is sacrilege. Gods should be treated with respect. You lured me into entering a temple without bringing the proper sacrifice."

"Monte, listen to me," said Kevlo, still giggling.

"No!" Monte shook his clenched fist in front of Kevlo's face. "You shut up right now, or I'll beat you to a bloody pulp."

Amusement left Kevlo's face and he looked seriously into Monte's.

"I didn't mean to offend you, Monte. Let's talk it through over a mug of ale." With those words Kevlo started leading his travelling companion through the streets towards an inn.

On the way they passed through a market place.

"Hold on," said Monte and moved to a vendor whose booth was adorned with dried greenery. "Do you sell seeds?" Monte asked the vendor, untying his pouch from his belt.

The vendor, a round middle-aged man with equally round slightly bearded cheeks, perused his possible costumer. Monte's clothes were worn from travelling, fairly colourless from rough washing and long periods of too much dust and too little soap. Right now they were clean however, and a skilled eye could tell the cloth had originally been made of the highest quality leather and cloth.

"I sell many varieties of seed, Traveller. Anything in particular suit your fancy?"

Monte glanced backwards at Kevlo. His companion had bowed his head, hand over mouth. He looked like he had found an extremely interesting piece of gravel to study on the ground, or like he was about to break into a new laughing fit. Determined to keep his promise to the priestess, Monte turned his attention back to the vendor.

"Well I would like seed suitable for donation to a temple," said Monte, and conscientiously added, "Good quality preferably."

"Aha!" said the vendor, and bent to pick up a small bag from below the counter. "These are high quality raspberry seeds. The temple of Alluria accepts these in return for travelling blessings. I also have excellent corn seeds favoured by priests of the temple of Oxol." Noticing the lack of interest in his possible customer's eyes the vendor continued to list other seeds and possible places to donate them, until Monte interrupted him.

"Actually I was looking for seed to donate to the Temple of Lum."

"What was that?" asked the round vendor. "Could you repeat that please?"

"I am looking for seed to donate to the Temple of Lum," repeated Monte, louder this time.

"Did you say Temple of Lum?" The vendor's oversized belly started shaking, even sooner than his round cheeks cracked into a big grin.

"Yes." Monte heard Kevlo break into a loud laughing fit behind him, just a moment sooner than the vendor in front of him broke into howling laughter.

"Hey, Pail," the laughing round vendor yelled towards the neighbouring booth.

"What?" asked the neighbouring vendor.

"You won't believe what this guy is trying to buy!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Seed to donate to the Temple of Lum!" Informed the round vendor, still yelling.

"Seriously?" the neighbouring vendor studied Monte with disbelief. "You want to buy seed for the Temple of Lum?"

"Yes," replied Monte, annoyed with the laughing vendor, and still not understanding what the joke was.

The neighbouring vendor started laughing with a hyena-like sound, several others who had been close enough to hear followed suit. Monte noticed a young attractive woman standing at another neighbouring booth turning away from him, obviously struggling hard to not laugh.

"I'm sorry, Monte," said Kevlo, putting his hand on Monte's shoulder. "I should have explained before taking you there."

"Explained what?" asked Monte. His innocent question caused new riots of laughter in several people in the immediate vicinity.

"I'll tell you later." Bravely Kevlo tried to stop laughing while leading Monte away from the market. "Until then don't mention the Temple of Lum," he whispered, his voice still shaking with contained humour.


Neissa walked to a free spot, naked as the other two dozen priestesses who were assigned to seed accepting duty this afternoon. Patiently she waited for her turn to be assisted. She had only been uplifted to her current status as low priestess seven days back, and had only attended two rounds of seed accepting duty so far.

With her usual arrogance she had expected to get pregnant the first round. After all, natural magic was strong in her. She had calculated that with her being so superior Goddess Lum would easily find seed to brew a suitable child, since so few traits would be needed from the father.

Her arrogance had not lessened upon not getting pregnant the first round, or the second. Rather she had then come to conclude that Goddess Lum would not waste the breeding time of her womb with anything but the most superb seed; she now expected to go to many rounds of seed acceptance prior to pregnancy.

Efficiently, clothed Priestesses aided the young fertile women get into position, starting at one end working towards the other. Each of the young women faced the long wall, in front of each was a rib shaped holder protruding from a hole in the wall. With room for breasts to hang free, these holders would support their upper bodies during the hours of seed accepting duty.

While the Priestesses helped her neighbour into position, Neissa contemplated which texts to study the next hours. While her body performed its duty on the donation accepting side of the wall, she planned to let her mind work on her education on the other side of the wall.

Once her neighbour was well set, the clothed priestesses moved on to Neissa, who bend over with a well-rehearsed movement. She was proud to display no clumsiness, in spite of this only being her third time on this duty. Placing her hands on the other side of the wall, she lowered her chest towards the rib supporting protrusion. The clothed priestesses checked that her breasts were hanging free and then lowered the shutters to her back. On the other side of the wall, another clothed priestess strapped her shoulders to the shutters. So she wouldn't be pushed further into the room during the next hours. When they were done, Neissa's arms, shoulders and head were on one side of the wall. The other half of her body was on the other side, ready to accept seed donations.

Neissa stood on her straightened legs, her upper body bent so far down her head was a bit lower than her butt. Priestesses of Lum were well trained, slender, and agile. But even a priestess of Lum would not have been able to hold that position for hours without severe muscle strain if not for magical aid. Most of the lower priestesses on seed accepting duty received magical relief for their muscles from older priestesses, but Neissa was not a normal low priestess - she was more gifted than most. She had been able to perform muscle relief spells long before reaching an appropriate age for ascension to priesthood -- or pregnancy.


"No wonder everyone was laughing at me," said Monte, and started laughing himself. Now that his belly was warmed by a fair amount of good ale his public ridicule seemed funny rather than embarrassing -- like it might have if Kevlo had explained matters without a good offering of ale.

Kevlo laughed good naturedly, he himself wasn't drinking so heavily as he urged Monte to. Travelling together they made a habit of never both getting ridiculously drunk at the same time. This was a safer town to get drunk in than most places they had passed. With a striving economy, multiple temples and well-trained, disciplined city guards, Imelkon was a jewel of a city. But even the best of places had criminals, Kevlo preferred to be cautious.

"I promised to return to donate, you know," said Monte.

"So you did." Kevlo smiled. He still had many laughs left in him over Monte's first encounter with a Temple of Lum.

"Promises to gods and goddesses and priests and priestessesessess should always be kept," Monte listed, the ale made it difficult for him to count his 'esses'.

"I didn't realise you took religion so seriously," commented Kevlo. "You not being aligned to a particular god or such."

"My mother taught me to respect magic, in all its forms." Monte went silent a moment, turning the bolts in his alcohol affected mind. "So, these priestesses of Lum just offer their behinds to any and all men who walk by?"

"Well, behinds and behinds, you are not allowed to enter their rear entrances." Kevlo winked. "Lum wants every donation to end up in the proper location. Waste not, want not, and all that."

"Right." Monte nodded, trying to appear solemn, but his head bopped a few too many times to serve the purpose. "But isn't it dangerous for those poor priestesses, I mean there are illnesses out there. Dirty strangers groping those beautiful behinds, they could contract all sorts of things."

"No, no. Goddess Lum is a mighty deity, Monte. Her temples are blessed with full sanctity. No illnesses can be transmitted on her premises, none with ill intent can enter, and!" Kevlo waved a finger in front of Monte. "No random pregnancies can occur either. Lum is very picky regarding which seeds create life in her priestesses."

Monte stared at his friend's waggedy finger.

"Then why do they allow just anyone to deliver seed?"

"Well, for one thing they leave the sorting of seed to Lum." Kevlo took a small sip of ale, savouring the taste, before continuing, "Another thing is that all temples offer public services of one kind or another. The Temple of Lum offers relief to any man within the city walls who has fire in his pants. Did you know that rape is practically inexistent in Imelkon?"

"That is good, very good. Good, good," said Monte, fuzzily remembering another town where rape didn't exist. In that town it had been extinguished by a curse that made all men unable to perform sexually with anyone other than their legally wedded spouse within the city walls. That city had wedding chapels on every street, and divorce ministers had been equally redundant.

"I'm sure the priestess will forgive you if you don't come back to deliver seed, Monte. After all, you didn't know what kind of seed they wanted when you made the promise."

"A promise is a promise, Kevlo. Especially to a priestess." Now it was Monte's turn to produce a waggedy finger, which he ended up staring at with fascination too. "Do they have little donation side rooms?" Monte asked when he finally managed to drag his eyes from his finger.


"I might have a problem then," complained Monte.


"Yeah. I'm not used to performing in front of an audience."

"Don't worry." Kevlo grinned at his drunk travelling companion. "The priestesses offers such blessings to whoever needs it."

"Of course they do. Why didn't I think of that?"

"Because you have more ale in your stomach than brain in your head?" offered Kevlo.

"Good point." Monte pushed against the table with both hands, steadying himself while getting on his feet. "Let's go."

"Go where?"

"To the Temple of Lum, of course. Where else?" said Monte.

"Wouldn't you rather do that when you are sober?" asked Kevlo.

"You are asking me if I would rather be sober to drop my pants, and shove my cock into a woman I've never met, to deliver my seed in front of several strangers?" Monte grinned at Kevlo. "I think I prefer doing that while drunk."

"I've seen your cock, Monte. It's not THAT embarrassing."

"Nothing embarrassing about my tool, I just don't like flashing it in public. My mother raised me better than that."

"Well, I wouldn't say 'nothing'," teased Kevlo.

The two men managed to keep up a friendly, joking argument on whose cock was or wasn't embarrassing all the way to the Temple of Lum.


Neissa was studying healing spells, carefully relaxing her abdomen to not squeeze out the most recent donation. The silken scarf placed on her back, to mark that she currently held seed, tickled her skin. She had been reading about blessings to remove warts when the deposit was made, now she was reading about blessings to aid the healing of open wounds. Soon a priestess would come and clean her body, on the other side of the wall, and rinse the seed out of her; if this donation was meant to make her pregnant the good seed would soon travel past the point where gently inserted water could reach it.

Second donations could be placed on top of others, but most men preferred to place their tool in a clean sheath.

Neissa's reading was interrupted by two gentle taps on her right butt-cheek, a signal that a priestess was standing ready to clean her. She squeezed her abdominal muscles to push out the bulk of seed in her, and continued reading while her body was cleaned.


When Kevlo and Monte entered the hall of seed donation, it was more crowded than it had been on their last visit.

"My pant's are shrinking," said Monte, looking at the beautifully rounded butts presented. What he meant was of course that something inside them was growing. In spite of his drunken state, he doubted he would need a blessing to complete the donation.

Walking deeper into the hall he studied the well-shaped bottoms and the legs holding those raised high -- absently listening to Kevlo's explanation of what the scarfs meant. One particular set of buttocks caught his attention. That particular set looked like they wanted his attention. There was no scarf covering the back attached to those cheeks.

Arriving at the rear of his choice, Monte reached out a hand, then hesitated.

"Am I allowed to touch with my hands too?" he asked Kevlo. But the reply came from another source, with a soft toneless female voice.

"Feel free to let your hands enjoy her body."

Monte turned to look at the priestess who had spoken. She was holding a tray with small bowls of oil.

"Would you like some oil?" asked the priestess. Drunkenly Monte stared at her not understanding, so she elaborated, "Ointment." Monte blinked and then frowned, drawing a more explanatory word from the priestess.


To that Monte shook his head and replied, "No. I prefer my women lubricated naturally."

The priestess merely raised her eyebrows at that statement. Lum was an asexual goddess; a priestess who felt sexual desires could not convey her magic. The priestesses in the Temple of Lum were as frigid as their goddess.

"He is new at this," whispered Kevlo, and took a bowl of oil from the tray when Monte turned back to his target. "Thank you."

Politely, the priestess nodded to Kevlo and walked away. Another man accepted a bowl from her tray and unceremoniously freed his cock from his pants, to apply it generously. Steady visitors had no illusions regarding natural lubrication in this place.

Monte had forgotten everyone other than himself and the beautifully curved body in front of him. Softly he caressed the buttocks in front of him, both cheeks got loving attention.

"So beautiful," he whispered, and knelt to kiss the soft skin on her lower back.

He knelt deeper, and his hands trailed her legs feeling the muscle tone of both her upper and lower thighs. His mouth began exploring one of her hips; his tongue sneaked out to taste her skin. She tasted sweet -- a wonderful blend of cinnamon, apple, and young woman.

Monte had a slight magical gift. He could have become a wizard had he received training. But none knew of his gift; he himself did not realise it was magical. When Monte touched a woman's skin, it told him of the woman's sexual desires. What this woman's skin told him made his cock throb with desire.

'A groper,' thought Neissa, and sighed. 'Of course I had to get one of the touchy kind just as I reached the complicated reading.'

Turning her head Neissa looked at the low priestess to her left. The young woman's brows were furrowed with concentration; she was deeply focused on her own reading.

"How is the reading going, Laila?" asked Neissa, with a condescending tone. 'Takes Laila to have to focus so hard to read that book.' Neissa herself had read and understood the texts Laila was working on long ago.

Startled out of her concentration, Laila turned her eyes to Neissa.

"I am learning, Neissa." Laila's tone was as cold as Neissa's had been condescending. The two had never liked each other.

"Let Laila read in peace, Neissa." Juletta, a full-fletched priestess on Neissa's right had no liking for the arrogant low priestess. Very few did. Neissa considered herself the world's greatest gift to the city Imelkon, and acted like it too.

"I was just showing an interest in my fellow priestess under Lum," claimed Neissa with a fake smile. In reality she had scornfully wanted to distract Laila. If Neissa couldn't get calm to study, neither should any other. That was how Neissa functioned. "What are you reading, Juletta?"

Neissa turned her head to Juletta preparing to start a conversation that might distract Laila, even without involving her directly. Juletta sighed and tried to control her dislike for Neissa, as priestesses under the same god they were meant to treat each other like sisters -- loving sisters.

"I was..." Juletta was interrupted by an involuntary yelp from Neissa. "What's wrong?"

"Somebody bit me!"

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