tagInterracial LoveTemporary Help Ch. 1

Temporary Help Ch. 1


It has been a long and hard winter for my fiancé and I. She owns and operates an interior design business in which she sells flooring, wall coverings and window coverings residentially and commercially. I work in law enforcement for the local county police. I work through the state police department as a Detective, because each county requires some sort of tie with state law enforcement.

Being lead Detective on a drug enforcement unit I have to pull a lot of double shifts, all winter long. So my fiancé and I haven't been spending too much time together even though we moved into three-bedroom home last fall. With our hectic schedules and our jobs we only have the weekends to relax and spend any time together. It was Friday and I was taking a three-week vacation from work. That Friday morning my fiancé told me that she had an out of town business meeting, about an hour and a half away. So we agreed that I would meet her for lunch at 2:00, and then she would take the rest of the day off. I started out my shift at 5:00 that morning, and the Captain let me know that I could take off early at 1:00. This gave me an hour to drop my police issued Crown Victory off at the station shop. Since I was taking my vacation. I figured I'd get some minor things fixed on it. I had an officer in a marked car drop me off at Sandra's business.

I said my good-byes to the officer, who was a personal friend of mine. I walked towards her business from the parking lot and I cloud see that her secretary was sitting at the front desk. Her name was Kim; she had been working for my fiancé for six months. She was an 18-year-old black she was book smart, but Kim lacked common sense. Kim was on the phone laughing and smiling as I walked up to the door.

Once she saw me coming through door she jumped into shock and quickly hung up. She greeted me after she hung up and asked me not to tell Sandra about her talking to her friend on the business phone. I told her it was no big deal, and her secret was safe with me. So I asked her if she had recently heard from Sandra, and she replied she had not. I thought maybe she might have been held up in traffic or the meeting ran longer than expected. So I walked around the counter and had a seat next to Kim.

I asked her how she liked her job and if she was ready for the spring season. She informed me that she was to leave in two weeks to attend a college out of a state. The phone rang and Kim quickly answered. She said "Yes Ma'am, he is right here" I knew from that answer it was my ebony angel Sandra. Kim handed me the phone and I said, "Hello honey, what's the story?"

Sandra explained that the meeting was indeed running long and that the client wanted to go for drinks and she wouldn't be able to get away until about 6:00. So she informed me that she would be back at about 7:30 pm. I explained to her about my car and all, and she asked me to put the speakerphone on. She asked Kim if she would mind keeping me company and possibly having dinner with me on me. Kim agreed and said that would be fine she didn't really have anything else to do this evening. She asked me if I could help Kim close out and make sure she locked all the doors. So Sandra told me she loved me and that she would be by to pick me up as soon as she could wrap things up. So Kim and

I sat at the desk just talking and handling business. There wasn't much business on the count of the holiday coming up. Kim had already eaten lunch and I wasn't too hungry, so I figured I'd wait until dinnertime. Being away from Sandra during the week at nights I had worked myself up. My hormones had the best of me, so I had a horny mind going on. I started staring at Kim's body and what she was wearing. I have never looked at her in that way, because intelligent and older women have always turned me on. With my fiancé being the ripe age of 35 and me being 27.

I started to look at Kim in a different way. I noticed she had on a knee length khaki skirt and a white blouse. She was wearing white socks with her pair of white Lug sneakers. I started to gaze at her from head to toe. I noticed the contrast of the socks and her caramel colored skin. She looked like she had really smooth skin the sight of which made me want to run my hand across her legs. Her breasts looked to be a 38-C cup and she had a nice small shaped ass. She had long black shoulder length hair that looked so soft.

Sandra had always made fun of her bottom lip; because it was so big it would look like she was pouting all the time. But right then I thought it was sort of sexy, because I just sat there and imagined those full lips wrapped around my shaft. From what Sandra told me about Kim. She was not the type of girl to go outside of her race. There had been many times Sandra would have to talk to Kim for using racial slurs against white people. Like for example saying stuff like, "Well you know how those people are" But Sandra broke her of using that kind of talk at her business and plus after knowing her boss was engaged to a white man. But the way she acting with me, it didn't seem like she was racist, just immature about it.

I watched Kim walk around the store, staring at the way she walked with her sexy self. It was driving me insane, and I mean driving me to hard-ons. What was I thinking of? I mean she sure wasn't my type. She was one of those so-called thug girls. You know the young teen trend that has been going around. Off work she would wear baggy pants that hung off of her beautiful ass. And I just wished she had those jeans on now.

I couldn't believe myself; I mean my fiancé being such a classy ebony woman. I guess it was the double shifts and not having sex as much as my fiancé and I usually had during the weekdays. I had to get my mind off of her, so I walked into Sandra's office. Sandra's office was a nice set up, it had cable TV, a love seat, and the normal desk and chairs. I sat myself at the desk and made some phone calls. I had to go over some business with my other Detective that was taking my place for three weeks. As soon as I got off the phone I noticed that it was 4:00pm and I was getting hungry, so I yelled for Kim to come in the office. After Kim and I decided what we wanted, I called the Chinese restaurant for a delivery. The lady on the phone said it would be about a half an hour for our food to get here.

As soon I hung up the phone Kim tripped and fell into my lap. I was shocked as she sat on my lap for a few seconds. My dick pulsed one time as she stood up. Kim grabbed her knee in pain, it seemed that she hit her knee on one of the drawers on the desk. I got up out the chair and asked her to sit down and put her leg up on the desk. She skinned her knee a bit that it drew some blood. I told her to relax as I went and looked for a first aid kit. As soon as I was walking back into the office I noticed that I could see clear up her skirt. I noticed that she had on a pair of black panties and man did it almost make me trip. Kim looked at me like she noticed that I was looking up her skirt. She just had a shocked look on her face. So I took out the first aid kit and started cleaning her cut off. I looked where the Band-Aids were and I let out a laugh.

Kim asked what was wrong and I showed her the cute little kid's Band-Aids. It was Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Band-Aids. I placed a Minnie Mouse Band-Aid on her knee and I commented on how it looked so cute on her. We sat and laughed about it for a while as I rubbed her leg. A silence went in the office as I rubbed my hand up her smooth caramel leg. Then in shock we heard the door chimes go off and the delivery guy was walking in calling for someone out loud.

I quickly got up and met the guy in the front of the office. After I paid for the food I returned to the office where Kim was. She acted like nothing happened before. And we started to eat our food and chat about things. Kim dropped some sweet and sour sauce on her blouse. Kim said, "oh shit, damn this is a new blouse" I told her that I could get it out with some club soda. I went into the break room and I just knew Sandra had some around. And sure enough she had some in the cabinet. As I returned to the front Kim stripped out of her blouse and she had on a black bra that covered her nice breasts. I handed Kim a towel so she could cover her top up.

I went into the bathroom with the door slightly open. I started to clean the blouse as Kim waited on the outside of the bathroom. Before I applied the soda on the blouse and put it close to my nose. And man did her blouse smell good and it smelled so good my cock pulsed again. I went into shock when Kim was peeking through the door with her mouth wide open. So I continued to clean the stain off and I wet it with some water. I handed Kim the blouse as she slipped it on quickly. She noticed that it was close to 5:00pm so she locked the front door. Kim was walking back towards the desk thanking me. As she started to sit down the chair rolled back and she fell on the floor. Kim let out a yell and said, "damn I am so clumsy today" I rushed over to her and picked up and carried her into Sandra's office.

I laid Kim down on the love seat, as she said her ass was hurting from the fall. I asked her to move her legs so I could see if she broke anything. I let her know that she may have bruised herself. She laid her head back on the arm of the sofa, and she said "my hero, " with a laugh. I pulled her shoes off and started to massage her feet through her socks. Kim started to let out soft moans of relief, and it turned me on hearing her soft sexy voice moaning. I started to massage up her legs and then before you know it up to her panties. She didn't stop me so I continued on to move her panties to the side. I slipped one finger inside of her hot wet hole as my thumb massaged her clit. Kim let out on soft moan, "oh Will that feels so good"

I couldn't believe my ears! Kim raised up as I helped her to her feet. She put her arms around me as we started to kiss each other. I picked Kim up as she put her legs around my back and I was holding her up by her ass. I put her ass onto the desk and started to kiss her neck, within seconds her blouse was off again. Kim took her bra off as I started to suck and kiss on her erect nipples.

I sat down in the chair facing Kim's legs as I helped her pull her panties off. Kim hiked her skirt up and said, "I never had any man eat my pussy, oh Will please eat my pussy baby" As Kim wrapped her legs around my neck I started to tongue her shaved pussy. Damn Kim tasted so sweet and she was dripping wet. Kim started to let out a loud moan as she went into an orgasm. Kim got up off the desk and took my place in the chair as I stood up. Kim said, "Oh Will, I have never been with a white man and you are the first I ever desired"

Kim started to unzip my pants until they dropped to the floor. And then shortly my boxers were next until my cock was facing her full lips. I have dreamed all day for those lips to wrap around my cock. Kim started to suck on my hard pulsing cock. I rubbed my hands through her soft hair as she continued to suck it hard and fast. Pretty soon I was burning up and I started to remove my tie and shirt.

I kicked my shoes off until I was only in my black dressed socks. I just couldn't believe this was happening to me. I had this 18-year old girl's lips on my cock. I felt my balls tighten with all pleasure, and Kim could tell I close. I shot a huge hot load of cum into Kim's mouth. She acted like cum was her favorite drink as she took in every drop. Kim then raised to her feet as I placed her back onto the desk. Kim said, "oh baby put that white cock inside me, ohhhh" I slipped my cock into her wet caramel pussy. Damn I could tell Kim didn't get much of this, because she was so tight. I started to pump my cock into her slowly, and pretty soon she was going crazy. I picked her up off the desk into my arms, as she wrapped her legs around me.

I had her little body in my arms with my cock still inside of her. I started pushing her ass up and down, as I was fucking her standing up. Guess all those times at the gym really came in handy as I laughed to myself. Then I started to feel the strain in my back and sat on the love seat. Kim started to ride my cock fast and hard. Within seconds Kim started to cum again, but harder this time. She caressed me as her pussy gripped my cock. After Kim was back to breathing normally she got up and sat beside me and took my cock back into her mouth. I reached under her and started to massage her pussy again. Within minutes my cock started to jerk as I shot another load down her throat. Kim and I were drenched with sweat and we decided we better get cleaned up. It was about 6:00 pm an hour and a half before Sandra would be here. We walked out in the back yard of the business, which was surrounded by a wooden fence.

We grabbed some towels and soap from the bathrooms and walked naked outside the back. There was a hose that we started to hose our sweaty bodies down. Luckily the fence was high enough, so that no one could see us. We had more fun while we washed off. We walked back into the office and I sat on a towel on the love seat. Kim started to get dressed as I watched her dress.

I mentioned to Kim that my cock was freezing, and Kim walked over to me with a smile. She said, "Well looks like I may have to warm that beautiful cock up" Kim took my cock back into her warm mouth. I shot yet another hot load down her throat. After awhile Kim kissed me and let me know she had a good dinner with me. It was about 7:00 pm and Kim left the store. I started to clean up and make sure I didn't leave anything behind. I sat around the office watching TV and waiting on Sandra to pick me up.

I know this sounds crazy, but I started to feel bad for cheating on Sandra. I mean I have always remained faithful to her and she remained faithful to me. So I decided I would never cheat on her again. I noticed some car lights at the front and yes it was Sandra. We kissed and hugged each other and she told me she had to make sure Kim closed out good. I was afraid the sex in the air didn't go away, so I grabbed her by the hand. I informed her that I made sure she did her paperwork and shut down on the computer. So Sandra and I left the office and headed home.

To be continued...

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