Natalie unhooked her bra as she walked across the messy, dark hotel room. She let the bra fall to the floor with her other clothes as she entered the bathroom.

Flicking a switch on the wall, she stood in front of the mirror as the stark fluorescent light flickered on. She wanted to assess her breasts, to decide if they were good enough. She cupped them and decided they were more than firm enough. Aged 26 and just a few years out of college, she had more or less the same breasts - same shape, same firmness - she'd had back in the third year when she was dating, hell, unofficially living with, Nick.

The one thing she'd like to change was that she wishes her nipples were bigger. They weren't weirdly small, but they were smaller than she'd like. She wanted big puffy nipples, but she was stuck with small pert ones. She looked herself in the eyes and couldn't help a little smile. If only her nipples were the only thing she had to worry about tonight...

There was a DING! as the elevator doors opened and Natalie stepped out into the hotel lobby. She was wearing her favorite little black dress now, the one she reserved for special occasions like this. Feeling more confident than she'd ever felt in her life, she clip-clopped in her heels across the marble floor, heading for the hotel's dark, moody, cool little bar. She was hoping the hot barman would be on duty tonight, and she wasn't disappointed.

After sitting alone in the empty bar for half an hour, with just occasional glances at the barman to keep her amused, Natalie felt her phone vibrate in her purse. Fishing it out, she answered.

"I'm already there," she said, then listened intently. "Yeah, yeah, don't worry. I won't forget anything. You taught me too well for that." She hung up, and felt a little buzz of excitement: she'd never been the one to hang up before. She felt Nick would be secretly quite impressed.

"Natalie," said a voice.

Looking up, Natalie saw a smartly-dressed, attractive businessman with a winning smile, standing by her table and looking a little embarrassed. He had the same old glint in his eye that she remembered from so long ago. "Nick!" she exclaimed with obvious excitement, getting up and giving him a hug, making sure he felt every inch of her body pressed against him. "How have you been?"

"Good, Nat," said Nick as they separated from their hug. "I'll just get a drink."

As Nick went to the bar, Natalie made eye contact with the barman. He looked a little disappointed that she was with someone. Another confidence boost. This was turning into a good afternoon.

When Nick got back from the bar, he and Natalie sat and talked, and it was like old times. They'd always had a good rapport, spending hours chatting away while they were at school. All their friends had predicted they'd get together long before they first kissed, and it had seemed inevitable that they would one day get married, have kids and grow old together. Somehow, that hadn't happened...

"I'm getting married next month," Nick said, trying really hard to sound casual but failing. He eyed Natalie, looking for any kind of response.

"I heard," Natalie said, with a carelessness she'd practiced over and over again. "Congratulations. Some girl named Lisa?"

"Yeah," said Nick, nodding. "She's really nice. You'd like her." There was silence for a moment as they both thought about how unlikely it was that Natalie would like anyone who married Nick. "So... what are you doing in London?"

"Business," said Natalie. "Meeting potential clients for the publishing company I work for. We're looking to expand."

"Cool," said Nick. "Sounds like nice work."

"It is," said Natalie. Now that they were talking about her visit to London, she knew it was time to initiate phase two of this little operation. "And they've paid for this lovely hotel room," she said carefully.

"Yeah," said Nick, looking around the bar. "Nice place. Not been here before."

"Me neither," said Natalie. For the first time, she was feeling a little uncomfortable. Could she go through with this? "The room's amazing. So big and comfortable. Great bed."

Nick didn't say anything, just smiled and nodded. In so many ways, he hadn't changed since she'd last seen him half a decade ago.

"You want to see?" Natalie asked, and she could instantly tell that not only was Nick interested, but he also understood exactly what was on offer. "I guess you won't get to see the inside of strange girls' hotel rooms after you're married."

"No," said Nick, clearly a little nervous. "I guess not."

Natalie glanced at the barman, who seemed to be following the conversation. "So what do you say?" she asked Nick after taking a silent deep breath. "Want to see?"

She had, of course, tidied up before leaving the room an hour ago. As she led Nick into the room, Natalie was impressed by her own efforts. It looked like she'd barely ever set foot in here. There was no way he could ever tell that she'd spent two nights tossing and turning, planning and plotting, running this moment over and over in her mind.

"Nice bed," she said. "Really comfortable."

Nick nodded, but he didn't say anything. Perhaps Lisa was on his mind? Natalie waited until he had shut the door. His choice. He could leave any moment he wanted. Nothing was keeping him here.

"It's funny," said Natalie. "I was looking at myself in the mirror earlier, and I was thinking how I don't think I've really changed since we were together."

"No?" said Nick patiently.

"Not really," Natalie said. "Actually, you'll laugh, but I was looking at my tits. They haven't changed at all."

Nick laughed, a little embarrassed. But he didn't make to leave. She had him.

"You want to see?" Natalie asked.

Nick nodded. "Sure."

Natalie slipped her black dress down. She wasn't wearing a bra, so it took only a moment for her breasts to be fully exposed. She realised it was a little dark, since the curtains were closed, so she switched on the side wall light so Nick could get a better view.

"You're right," said Nick. "They haven't changed."

"They're still really firm," Natalie said. "You want to feel?"

She walked over to him and he reached a hand up, tentatively touching the side of her right breast.

"My pussy hasn't changed either," Natalie said, and they instantly kissed, mouths wide open and tongues locking. Nick pushed her back a step, and she sat on the desk next to the TV while Nick lifted the dress off her body then pulled down her panties.

"Since when do you shave your pussy," Nick said between kisses, his fingers touching her clitoris.

"Some things change," she said, undressing him quickly. She pulled his underwear down, then pushed him backwards so that he fell onto the bed. Within seconds, she was next to him and was rubbing his hard cock with her hand. "I like it shaved," she said before leaning down and taking his cock in her mouth, tasting his pre-cum already.

"Fuck, Natalie," Nick said as she wrapped her tongue around his cock and let the circumcised head push against the very back of her throat. As she caressed him with her tongue, she felt herself getting wetter and wetter.

"Fuck, where did you learn this?" Nick asked as Natalie continued to suck on his cock. She wasn't going to answer, of course. Five years ago she'd have barely been able to get him hard with her mouth. Now she was just worrying that he might come too soon. She could feel him getting harder and harder every second. Fortunately, this time she knew exactly when to slow down.

After a few minutes, she let his cock out of her mouth and swallowed the pre-cum. "I didn't learn it anywhere," she said. "I guess I always had it in me." But of course that had been the problem five years ago. As she moved up the bed and climbed on top of Nick, Natalie couldn't help remember how she'd overheard him back then, telling one of his friends how "I love Nat, but she's so bad in bed I keep wondering if I'm missing something". That had hurt. Really hurt. But she knew one thing. He wouldn't be saying anything like that again.

She reached a hand down and gently parted the lips of her pussy before lowering herself onto Nick's cock, which slid easily inside her. Then she started to grind against him, as he reached up and ran his hands harmlessly over her breasts, fingering her hard nipples.

"We should use protection," Nick said.

"I'm on the pill," Natalie said, lost in the pleasure of feeling him inside her again after so long. "I want you to come in me." She leaned forward a little, partly to shift the angle of his cock and partly so her breasts hung more from her body. She knew Nick always loved her breasts.

"Fucking hell," Nick said. "This is different."

"Different to what?" Natalie asked.

"To before," Nick said. "It's like you're..."

"Someone else?"

"Well... no, not someone else. Still you, just..." but he gasped as she applied a little extra pressure to the head of his penis, by contracting muscles in her crotch.

"Don't come yet," she said. "We're not finished".

"I'm going to come," Nick said. "I'm going to come."

"No," Natalie said, and slid his cock out of her. She lay next to him for a moment. "You want to go on top?" she asked. Nick nodded, so Natalie lay on her back with her legs open and Nick climbed onto her. "You want to try something new?" Natalie asked.

Nick seemed to hesitate. "Like what?"

"Let me," Natalie said, reaching down with one hand and firmly taking Nick's penis. "Don't put your cock in my pussy, just rest it on the lips."

"Why?" Nick asked.

"Trust me," Natalie said, and she helped Nick lower his penis so the head was resting against her labia. "Now I'm going to push your head against my clit," she said. "You'll understand."

She gently rubbed the hot, hard head of his penis along the lips of her vagina, then she used her thumb to open the hole in the end of his tool - which was now seriously leaking a lot of pre-cum - and she slid it against her clitoris, in a way that made her swollen, wet clitoris slip gently inside the tip of Nick's penis.

"I'm inside you," she said. "How does it feel?" She wriggled her hips a little, squirming her clitoris as it rested gently inside the hole on the tip of Nick's penis.

"Good," said Nick, letting her do what she wanted.

Without saying anything else, Natalie began to pick up the pace, moving very slowly so that her clitoris dipped in and out of the hole in the end of Nick's penis. It was as if she was penetrating him, her clitoris rubbing in and around the hole. Forcing herself against him harder, she felt him reach up to hold one of her breasts, his thumb brushing against her hard nipple.

"Fuck, I'm going to come," said Nick.

"Not yet," said Natalie, but this was all part of the plan. She knew he wouldn't be able to hold back for long. They never could.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," said Nick, and Natalie pushed her clit harder into the hole as she felt him get momentarily slightly bigger, a sure sign that he was about to ejaculate. Sure enough, a moment later Nick let out a moan and Natalie felt spasms in his penis. Hot, thick sperm erupted from the tip, surrounding her clitoris as she kept it dipped into the hole. She kept pushing, kept riding her clitoris in the hole as wave after wave of sperm rushed out, creating a sticky hot patch that held them together. She rode and rode until Nick relaxed and she felt his penis was no longer in spasm.

Nick collapsed on to her. "Where, where did that come from?" he gasped, trying to regain his breath.

Natalie gave a wicked smile. "Maybe I had it inside me all the time. It just took a while for it to come out."

"Is there more?"

"Who knows? Would you like to find out?"

From the look on Nick's face, she knew the answer.

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