Author’s Note: Just to let you know that this is a work of fiction. This isn’t a real conversation except between two characters in my head. I hope you enjoy it as it is, erotic fiction, and please send feedback. Thanks! -Chicklet

NyGuy: Marie?

liketysplit: Hi

NyGuy: It’s been a long time

liketysplit: You’re telling me. Shit’s been going on…sorry I haven’t been online

NyGuy: We’ve missed you around the boards. What’s happening, everything ok?

liketysplit: Hrm

NyGuy: Well? Is that a good hrm or (as I suspect) a bad hrm?

liketysplit: Bad

NyGuy: Care to talk about it? I’m always here for ya.

liketysplit: Thanks. I know. I don’t know if I want to though.

NyGuy: Is it Jim?

liketysplit: Jim…

NyGuy: Yeah? Is everything okay with you two?

liketysplit: Shaky, Chris…shaky…I don’t really know what’s going on anymore.

NyGuy: What do you mean, babe?

liketysplit: It’s just fucking shaky. We’re having a stupid argument, nothing really, and all of a sudden he explodes like a fucking time bomb. Poof. Shit goes down.

NyGuy: Are you okay?

liketysplit: Yeah, no physical damage. Just emotions and stuff.

NyGuy: What happened?

liketysplit: He doesn’t love me anymore. That’s what he said.

NyGuy: Oh, shit, sweetie…I’m sorry

liketysplit: I know.

(pause for a while)

liketysplit: I feel so stupid.

NyGuy: It’s okay babe

liketysplit: I mean, the last six months I’ve been so happy. Everything has been so perfect, picture perfect. I’ve never been more stable or “okay” in my entire life. And now to find out that while I’ve been so happy he’s been so depressed…I thought we communicated, but somehow I missed this totally important detail.

NyGuy: Marie, if he’d really been that upset, and you really didn’t notice…maybe something * is * wrong

liketysplit: I don’t want to hear it, chris. I know it’s probably true but I just don’t, okay?

NyGuy: Sure, sure. Sorry.

liketysplit: No, you don’t have to be sorry. I know you’re just trying to help.

NyGuy: I could do a lot more if you’d let me

liketysplit: That’s just a bad idea

NyGuy: Don’t say that. You don’t know that it is. I could make you feel good, you know

liketysplit: Could you?

NyGuy: Yeah. You think Jim’s good to you? You’d just die if you knew how good I could be for you.

liketysplit: mm…you know I’m tempted. I’m tempted every time you say that.

NyGuy: Well one of these times maybe you’ll take me up on it.

liketysplit: Maybe but not quite. You know I can’t.

NyGuy: He wouldn’t find out

liketysplit: Stop it. Seriously.

NyGuy: Sorry. I can’t help myself.

liketysplit: Can’t help yourself?

NyGuy: The thought of you…it just drives me crazy, girl. Drives me nuts. Then the thought of you with him…

liketysplit: Drives you even more crazy?

NyGuy: You know it. Why should I sit back and let a woman as perfect as you be so mistreated?

liketysplit: I’m not perfect

NyGuy: As perfect as they come

liketysplit: I’m not perfect.

NyGuy: You are.

liketysplit: No

NyGuy: I could make you see how perfect you are

liketysplit: How would you do that?

NyGuy: By touching you and telling you softly while you are helpless in my arms

liketysplit: Mmm

NyGuy: Yeah, you know you’d feel good then

liketysplit: Your arms around me…that’s just such a nice picture in my head. But it wouldn’t happen.

NyGuy: I can dream though, can’t I?

liketysplit: It’s a free country.

NyGuy: Hehe.

liketysplit: What else would you dream about?

NyGuy: I would dream about touching your arms, touching your hands, feeling that soft skin with mine.

liketysplit: Mmm

NyGuy: If I had you here with me right now I’d take you in my arms and kiss you, not on the lips though. I’d kiss your neck first, lightly, just with my lips. I’d tickle you almost with my soft kisses, moving my mouth up your neck to your cheek, touching you there, moving my mouth along the side of your face to your ear. I’d kiss your ear, open my mouth and take your lobe between my lips, sucking it in gently. You’d be able to hear my breathing, heavy in your ear.

liketysplit: mmm…it would feel so good, your arms tight around me, your mouth on me.

NyGuy: Yes, you’d close your eyes and fall back against me, your body weak from my caress. I’d hold you upright and continue with my kisses, turning you around in my arms to face me, finally touching my lips against yours. You’d be weak, unable to protest as I pried your lips apart with mine, my tongue gently probing at yours, tasting your sweetness as I possessed your mouth.

liketysplit: Oh god, Chris…just the thought is turning me on.

NyGuy: If you think the thought is turning you on, you’d think you were going completely mad if I had my arms around you right now. Your body would be hot, everything hot. Touching your skin would be like touching coals, sparks flying through your body just at the touch of my lips. And you know what I’d be doing as I was kissing you, moaning against you?

liketysplit: I think I know

NyGuy: I’d be touching you, Marie. My hands, your body…we’d be connecting in ways we could never do online. Obviously. My hands are rough, did you know that? Years of working outside have given me some callouses, and you’d love them. Your skin would tingle wherever I touched, my rough palms would be soft against you, though. You’d be overcome by the strength in these fingers as they stroked your arms, moved up to your shoulders, dug in as I kissed you harder.

liketysplit: Your hands are so different than Jim’s

NyGuy: Don’t think about him, Marie. Just think of us, okay? Think of us together, think of my hands moving down from your shoulders, touching your back, grabbing the bottom of your shirt and pulling it up over your head. Your upper body bared for me for the first time, I’d have to break our kiss to get a good look at it. And it is so beautiful, Marie…I don’t know if I’d have anything to say. I would be totally breathless.

liketysplit: The look on your face would be almost comical, and I’d laugh, giggling, telling you not to be shy.

NyGuy: I wouldn’t be shy. My hands would find their way to you, touching every inch of newly exposed skin. I’d take your breasts in my hand, touch them, feel them against my rough palms. Run my fingertips over your hard nipples. God, they’d get tight just from my touch! So gentle, so rough

liketysplit: I’d push closer to you, easier access that way, my lips apart, moans escaping

NyGuy: I’d move close and take your mouth with mine, hands still caressing your breasts. My tongue would taste you, lick your lips, feel the smoothness of your teeth. You’d part your thighs, your body hot for mine, and I’d pull you up onto my lap.

liketysplit: My pussy would be so hot for you, you’d be able to feel it through our pants. Your hands would be merciless on my breasts.

NyGuy: Absolutely merciless! Squeezing, pulling, playing with your soft flesh. Your body would quiver against mine, I’d be able to feel how good you felt. While we were kissing I’d be able to feel your heavy breathing, your breasts heaving against my hands with every gasp of air you struggled for.

liketysplit: I’m so horny now

NyGuy: I’d take one hand away from your breast, and you’d protest. Skillfully I’d unbutton your pants, lifting you with my free arm to scoot the jeans down your legs. You’d help a little and kick them off onto the ground, your legs wrapping around my waist as I continued to kiss you. My hands would forget about your breasts, but my body wouldn’t, since I could still feel them pressing against me. One hand would move around and grip your tight ass, squeezing it, tugging on your panties.

liketysplit: mmm…chris…

NyGuy: My other hand would move between us, squeezing its way between our bodies down into your underwear. I’d be able to feel your slick juices on my hand as I explored the soft spot between your legs, my rough fingers finding your hard clit and pinching it as I pinched your breasts earlier.

NyGuy: you’d buck and squirm on my lap as I stroked your clit, your mouth tearing away from mine to throw your head back and cry out, your arms pulling you close to me.

NyGuy: I’d need to have more of you now, and I’d pull your panties down your legs, open my fly and set you down on my rock hard cock.

liketysplit: oh god

NyGuy: You’d feel me up inside you, penetrating you, filling you

NyGuy: Holding your hips, I’d begin moving you on my cock, lifting you up and down, bouncing you in my lap

NyGuy: we’d fuck like animals, your legs stretching towards the ground and moving you up and down faster and faster

NyGuy: but that wouldn’t be the end of it. I’d pull you off me and lift you up, lowering you gently but quickly to the floor, climbing on top of you and pushing inside your slick, hot pussy

liketysplit: I’d go crazy, I think

NyGuy: yes, you’d cry out as I pushed inside you again, filling you to the rim. I’d lower my face down to your neck and nibble at your skin, licking you as I pumped deep inside you

liketysplit: chris

NyGuy: yes, love, everything’s going to be alright. I’d pump into you hard, moving you along the floor with the power of my lust. My body would be ready to explode.

NyGuy: my hands would be busy at your breasts, my fingers squeezing you past the point of gentle, more passion than you’ve ever felt before

liketysplit: I think I’m gonna cum

NyGuy: I’d lower my mouth onto yours, thrusting my tongue into your mouth, penetrating your lips as I pushed into your cunt

liketysplit: I’m gonna cum

NyGuy: you’d scream into my mouth, but I wouldn’t let you up. Your hands would grab at my skin, pulling my back, holding me tight into you as your pussy clenched around my cock. You’d cum harder than you ever have before.

liketysplit: you make me feel so good, chris

NyGuy: I could too marie really if you wanted me to

liketysplit: I know

NyGuy: I’d really do that

liketysplit: I know

NyGuy: want to?

NyGuy: want to meet me?

NyGuy: want to get together?

NyGuy: I could show you what real pleasure is like

liketysplit: chris…

NyGuy: it’s okay

liketysplit: I’m sorry…

NyGuy: I understand

liketysplit: it’s just, well…you know?

NyGuy: I know. It’s okay. I should go now.

liketysplit: thank you chris.

NyGuy: cya round.

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