tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTemptation Abounds Ch. 02

Temptation Abounds Ch. 02


This is a continuation of Temptations Abound Ch. 1. On a long weekend at a friend's lake house, Joel finds himself with three beautiful women who do not seem to worry about being naked. Although there is a promise of sex everywhere he turns, Joel is hesitating. Barbara, his fantasy woman, is married to his best friend, although their marriage is in trouble since Barbara caught her husband fooling around. Ruby, Barbara's friend and co-worker, is a tall, beautiful red head and is pushing Joel's buttons. He worries about becoming intimate with her since she and Barbara have been lovers. Finally, Sheila, is Barbara's sister-in-law. She was shocked at her brother's infidelity to Barbara. She also has harbored a long-time crush on Joel. Now that Jim, Barbara's husband has left the lake house, Joel must navigate the turbulent waters that are being stirred by these attractive women. The story picks up after Barbara and Joel have a direct talk while she sunbathes topless on the lake house deck. They now are awaiting the return of Ruby and Sheila from inside the house.


Almost on cue, Ruby and Sheila reappeared on the porch, carrying what looked like gin and tonics. Their bare breasts moved in syncopation with each step. Ruby handed Barbara a tall glass wet with condensation.

Barbara took it and passed the cold glass over her nipple. "Aah, that feels good."

Ruby reached out and pinched the now hard nub. "I like them like this."

The two women smiled and looked at me. "I'm going inside," I said. "You guys are driving me crazy."

"Wait a second, Joel," said Sheila. "Hold these." She handed me two drink glasses. Grinning, she eased down her bikini bottoms. I just stared at the narrow strip of dark hair above the tight, small lips, wondering if I could even get my cock inside them. I was brought back to reality as Sheila took one drink back and walked to the lounge chair next to Barbara. She reclined, letting her legs part slightly and a bit of pink inner lips showed. There was no way I could disguise the bulge in my shorts, so I didn't even try.

Ruby then handed me her drink and shed her bottoms. In the daylight the sun revealed a gallery of different shades of red in her thick bush. I could clearly see her thick lips. Like Sheila, she retrieved her drink and took a lounge. As she adjusted the back, her legs straddled the front part. Her lips spread open and her inner lips appeared. My mind jumped to the thought of Barbara burying her face between those white thighs and feasting on that lush treasure. Being a guy, my mind quickly re-imagined me with my tongue running along the plump lips.

"Give me your drink, Joel," said Barbara.


"I think you'll need two hands to take my bottoms off."

Ruby and Sheila chuckled. Slowly I handed my glass to Barbara. I knelt beside the lounge and slipped my fingers along her hips. She raised her fanny and I pulled the small piece of clothing down her legs. Her soft blond curls appeared as I removed her suit. I thought it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. She smiled handed me my drink and laid back. She ran her hand across her boobs, down her stomach and across her pussy. As her thighs parted, she slipped a finger between her lips and slowly drew it back up, and then repeated this motion several times. I could see the wetness on her fingertip as she held it out to me.

I was torn between desire, not wanting to encourage her teasing and wondering what the two other women would think. Recalling the taste of her sweetness from that day in the park, I stared at the proffered finger.

"God, Joel, if you don't take it, I know someone here who would," Ruby said.

"Make that two someones," said Sheila.

I moved my mouth to her finger and Barbara slowly slipped it inside. The taste was even better than I remembered. Calling on all my strength, I held back the orgasm straining for release. I straightened up and drank half of my gin and tonic in one long gulp.

"I'm going inside," I said, "Before I go crazy."

"But, you haven't greased us up," said Barbara with a pronounced pout.

"I can't. Sorry. You'll have to take care of yourselves."

"I like that idea, too," said Sheila. "Ruby, can you do me?"

As Ruby moved next to Sheila, she squirted lotion on her boobs and began to rub it in, Sheila cooed with delight. I finished my drink and went inside. I made a beeline to the bedroom recently vacated by Brad and Janet and had my shorts and boxers off before I hit the bed. My hand flew up and down my erection and I came with volcanic power in under a minute. I grabbed some tissues from a box on the night stand and cleaned myself. I closed my eyes and wondered if I could survive two more days being tormented by three beautiful women.

Lying in the bed my mind raced with conflicting emotions. There were three attractive women a few feet away who all made it clear they would welcome a sexual encounter. Every male chromosome in my body screamed to go pick one, hell, pick two and have some fun.

In contrast, the analytic side of my brain kicked in. I couldn't have sex with Barbara because she was still married to Jim. Although I was reasonably sure that marriage would not last much longer, I didn't want to place myself between Jim and Barbara. Or, did I? Would it be worth the possible awkwardness to make love to her?

Sheila really was like a kid sister to me, although there were no blood ties and she said we should give sex a try. She was a young woman who could say yes or no to sex, and, she was making it clear that 'yes' was the only option in her mind at the moment.

Then there was Ruby. The instant I saw her, a sense of raw lust swept over me. She was pretty, smart, witty and just plain hot. She made it obvious she wouldn't mind a little sex. Barbara told me I should go with Ruby. My big hold up was that she and Barbara were in a quasi-physical relationship. What if Ruby and I did sleep together and later, after Barbara and Jim divorced, I wanted to try to build something with Barbara. Would the fact that we shared a lover be an impediment or a benefit?

My head was so messed up I thought the room was spinning. I needed to talk with someone. Obviously, Jim, once my best friend, was out of the question. Barbara, a woman whose opinion I valued, was unavailable. I didn't think I could call my mom and ask her advice. "Hi, mom, I was wondering if you could help me. I'm thinking about fucking a married woman, a girl barely out of her teens or a bi-sexual red-headed attorney. Oh, yeah, maybe I could have sex with all three. Any ideas?"

No, that call would not be happening.

Suddenly I remembered Brian. He is a client and a successful writer. We met through a mutual acquaintance and I began to manage some of his money. The recommendations I made were returning high dividends and showing growth. Brian was more than happy with my advice. He eventually shifted most of his investments to my care. We had become friendly through our frequent conversations and there were a couple reasons that I felt he could help me.

First, Brian was smart, worldly and a solid guy. Second, I know that he had been involved in a situation along the same lines. In his case there were two married women. I was desperate and pulled out my phone from the discarded shorts on the floor. I found his number and pressed send.

After three rings, he answered.


No secrets with caller ID. "Hi, Brian, hope I'm not catching you at a bad time."

"Not at all," he said. "Is there a problem? Am I suddenly broke?"

I could hear the humor in his voice, but also an undercurrent of concern. "No, your investments are in great shape. I just reviewed your portfolio last week and everything is humming along."

"Good news," he said. "I'd hate to have to sell the farm."

"No, you can enjoy living there for a long, long time."

"Great. So what's up?"

"Uh, Brian, I have sort of a private situation and was hoping I could talk to you about it. It has to do with relationships."

Hearing a hearty laugh, I wondered if this were a big mistake.

"Bad idea, huh?" I said.

"No, Joel. It's just that thinking of some of my relationships, I'm doubtful that I can be of any help. Putting doubt aside, if I can help, even by listening, I'm happy to do so."

"Thanks, Brian. This may take a while."

"Go ahead. I've got nothing else to do."

I doubted that since he was usually working on a novel. But, I took him at his word and began to tell him the story of how I accidentally flashed Barbara at the old pool. I wove the tale and introduced Ruby, Sheila and Jim. Brian made noises to let me know he was listening.

When I finished, I realized how truly strange this whole thing was. I questioned why I thought anyone could help me.

"That's some story," he said when he was sure I had finished. "So, let me be sure I understand. There are three beautiful women who want to have sex with you?"

"Uh, yes."

"And, you find each of them both sexually and personally attractive?"


There was a long silence.

"You do realize, Joel, that a majority of the men in this country would not see this as a problem? And, that they would probably think you are some kind of wuss not to be balls deep in pussy right now? You do understand that?"

"God, yes."

"Well, for better or worse, I never considered myself part of the majority. I happen to think that you are a decent guy trying to figure out how to navigate treacherous waters without damaging yourself or any of those women. I admire you. I also think you are doing the right thing when you show concern for someone's marriage. As you know when my wife, Judy, cheated on me it started a chain of events that ruined her and pulled apart some life-long friendships. You are wise to take it slow. May I ask you a couple questions?"

"Sure," I said.

I could hear Brian take a deep breath. "The way you've spoken about these women, I take it Barbara is probably the one you desire the most."

"I guess so," I said, "I'm sure it's more than just desire. I think I love her, too."

"And, you'd like to see where your love might take you. Does she love you? Would she want to commit to you? Would you two marry?"

"I never got that far in my thinking," I admitted.

"Yeah, well as a writer I'm always thinking about where the story leads. So, what do you think would happen if Jim and Barbara divorced? Do you think she'd want to jump right into another committed relationship?"

"Shit." I said. "Probably not."

"Yes, probably not. If you were to pursue her immediately, you might be her rebound lover. She then might have regrets about getting involved with you before her marriage was officially over. Or, she may have second thoughts about having jumped into bed with you so quickly and back off so she could come to grips with how she could move on with her life."

"So, don't fuck her now and don't do it right after the divorce?"

Brian laughed. "I wouldn't put it that way, but that's the gist. You said she values your friendship. So, what would be best for her after a divorce? Having you as a friend or having you as a lover. Believe me, Joel, I doubt if you could be both at that point in her life."

"But what if someone else comes into her life? I could lose her."

"Do you think she knows how you feel about her, I mean sexually or romantically?"


"Then, if it is meant for you two to be together, it will happen. My advice is to be her friend, support her, give her space when she needs it, but let her know you are there when she needs that. If she is as smart as you tell me, she's probably figured all this out. Her teasing is just a way to both let you know she is interested and also to test the depth and limits of your friendship."

"That's kinda messed up but makes sense in a strange way."

"Just telling you how I'd write the story. Besides, you know how complicated my life became."

I recalled how he had managed to have two women move in with him and allow him to sustain a third relationship with an older neighbor. As far as Joel knew, Brian was still living that dream.

"Now, what about the other two women?" said Brian. "Do you want to have sex with one, the other or both?"

After a long pause, I said, "Yes."

He laughed. "I imagine Barbara knows that, too. I also imagine she knows that you need some release. My advice is to continue to be available. If one of them makes a definite move and you feel like you'd want to go that way, then have fun, my friend. I would say, though, that you seem to have a major hang-up about the young one. When one of my characters gets this conflicted it can lead to a lot of fun for me as a writer. In real life, however, I think such conflict is a major 'Caution—Danger Ahead' sign."

Brian and I talked a little longer and he allowed me to run various scenarios by him. In the end, his original advice made the most sense. Just be a friend to Barbara and let nature take its course with Ruby and Sheila, but mostly with Ruby.

After I hung up, I felt I had completed a five set tennis match. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

As I dozed I dreamt I was being treated to an amazing blow job. I opened my eyes and almost screamed. Either I was having a living dream or the wet mass of red hair belonged to the head that was swallowing my dick.

"Oh, god, Ruby. Stop."

Feeling her warm lips pull away, I looked down to see her emerald green eyes sparkle as she smiled. "Joel, I'm only stopping because I wanted you hard. Now, my dear man, we are going to fuck. And, I mean F-U-C-K."

"Do you really think we should..."

Ruby straddled me and mashed her mouth onto mine cutting off any other stupid words I could utter. As her tongue slipped into my mouth, tasting of gin, lime and something so sweet, all my hesitations melted away. I wanted her.

Ruby was rubbing her pussy along my erection. I could feel the wetness as I enjoyed the sensation. I and cupped each small breast. They were firm and the nipples hard. Ruby continued to kiss me and moaned into my mouth as I pinched each nipple. I pinched harder and she pulled her mouth away.

"God, yes, Joel. Just like that."

Ruby was breathing through her mouth and had her eyes closed. I pulled hard on her nipples to bring her breasts closer to my head. I released one and sucked her entire breast into my mouth. Her skin tasted clean and fresh from a recent shower. She let out a long growl as my tongue lashed the nipple. I kept squeezing one nipple between my fingers and bit down on the other.

"Oh, shit," she cried and pushed her pussy hard against my shaft, momentarily stopping the steady grinding she had been doing. I could feel her shake and realized she must have had an orgasm. Spurred on and determined to make her come much harder, I shifted around and eased her onto her back. Her boobs disappeared onto her chest. I licked each nipple and continued a downward journey. As I neared her wild bush, I caught a whiff of something that reached deep inside me, arousing an animal instinct left from years of evolution. I wanted to fuck this female. This is how our ancestors must have felt and how the human race flourished. My mind was inflamed by her scent.

As much as I wanted my cock inside Ruby, I need to taste what I was smelling. I pushed my face between her thighs. There was no kissing, nibbling or teasing. I wanted to eat her and drink in that liquid coating her pussy. I spread her sex with my fingers and drove my tongue in as far as I could.

My taste buds exploded with a unique experience. Ruby tasted hot, sweet and, after a second, a little tart. Her juices were thick and coated my tongue. I wanted more. I began lapping at her pussy. Ruby was making mewling sounds as my tongue explored her. My thumb pushed down on her clit and she cried out. I shoved two fingers inside and she rotated her hips back and forth. I moved my hand around and let my fingers search along the top wall of her vagina. I figured I found the special spot when Ruby grabbed my head and smashed me hard against her pussy. I rubbed that interior spot and moved my tongue to her clit. The tiny nub was trying to escape its hood. Using my thumb I pushed the hood back and wrapped my lips around her clit.

"I can't take any more," gasped Ruby as I felt another shock travel through her body and her pussy squeezed my fingers.

Ignoring her, I sucked the clit as hard as I could and banged my tongue against it time and time again. Ruby was bouncing on the bed. I pushed as hard as I could on her interior spot and used my teeth to catch her clit. The effect was a low scream as Ruby clamped her strong thighs against my head. Her hands pushed my face even deeper against her crotch. I could feel the orgasm work through her body as her hips pushed up off the bed. She clawed at my wrist trying to free my fingers from inside her. I knew she had enough, but I was not going to go easy. I pushed two more times hard against her G-spot and she cried out again. I then let her pull my hand away. As her thighs relaxed a bit, I sucked her clit and lashed it with my tongue.

"Oh, fucking stop, Joel. Please, stop."

I pulled my face away and moved up her body. I pressed my wet lips against hers. She opened her mouth and I slipped my tongue inside. She used her mouth and tongue to clean my face. I could feel her heart beating fast as I lay atop her. My erection was splayed on her thigh.

"Are you on the pill?" I asked.

"Oh, Joel, no, you can't," she pleaded as her eyes bore into mine. "Give me some time."

"Are you on the pill?" I repeated.

She slowly nodded.

"I haven't been inside a woman in six months," I said, "And I had a full screening three months ago. I know I have no problems. You?"

"Joel, I don't think I can do anything right now. Maybe later. Let's take a break and..."

"Are you safe?"

Ruby closed her eyes and nodded.

I rose up on my knees and pushed her thighs apart. I aligned the tip of my cock against her swollen and wet opening.

"Ruby, I know you are tired, but I want you. You can say no and this will end. But, trust me, you can go further. I know you can. If you don't say 'no' right now, I'm going to continue."

Ruby opened her eyes. For the first time I saw a hint of something. Maybe it was uncertainty, maybe it was fear. We locked eyes as I moved my cock against her pussy.

"Joel, no."

My heart sank. I wanted to fuck her. I needed it. I believe she wanted it. But, I promised.

I started to pull back. Ruby placed her hands on my ass and held me in place.

Ruby smiled. "Joel, no...way are you going to stop now. Fuck me. Really, really fuck me."

I didn't give her a second to reconsider and pushed inside with one, long thrust. Ruby screamed and I'm sure that Barbara and Sheila must have heard her. Immediately I began long, slow thrusts. Ruby had accommodated my size and was responding. She linked her long legs around my waist and pulled me in with every thrust I made. Soon, we found a rhythm that met both our needs.

Her hands dug into my ass, her nails going deep into my flesh. Sweat was pouring off both of us as we tried to outdo each other. I knew I was rapidly reaching my point of no return. I grabbed her legs and hoisted them onto my shoulders. I leaned forward practically doubling her over.

"Jesus, you feel good inside me," she cried.

My hands were planted next to her head as my arms held my weight. Using my knees for leverage, I pounded into Ruby with every ounce of energy I had left. Her tongue was out and she moved her head in accord with my plunging dick.

"I'm there. What about you?" I rasped.

"I've fucking lost count, but I think the mother of them all is just around the corner. Can you last another minute?"

I ground my teeth, and calling on some reserve I never knew I had. I held my orgasm in check and drove as fast as I could. Ruby's breathing shortened and her face turned scarlet.

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