tagIncest/TabooTemptation Has Its Limits

Temptation Has Its Limits


"You won't believe what I just found." I call out to Mom.

We both watch the monitor as the video starts playing, I thought I had seen pretty much everything in regards to sex but this just blows me away. The fact that my baby brother is the star only makes it more exciting.

Mom just watches as Susan, Matthew's girl friend strokes his cock as he moans for her to go faster. I can feel my pussy already aching as he begins to shoot thick wads of cum out of his dick. Its incredible how much he squirts onto his chest, I didn't think it would be possible unless I saw it for myself.

"Can you believe how much cum he shot out?" I ask in disbelief.

I can tell she is as excited as I am, although twenty years older than I am, we both have been treating each other more as sisters than mother and daughter the last few years. She is as turned on as I am right now which I find exciting by just itself.

"His cum looks like it's as thick as rice pudding." She says in almost a whisper. Then adds," Is there more?"

Watching Matthew's cock slam in and out of Susan's pussy has my head spinning. Who would have ever thought I'd be right on the point of cumming watching my brother fuck his girl friend.

"Oh My God." Mom says.

We both stand there watching thick white globs of cum oozing out of her as he continues to fuck her faster and faster. It takes all my will power to stop myself from reaching down and finger myself. The sight of his balls and ass along with Susan's legs spread wide open has me light headed as he keeps fucking her.

"How can he keep going after he shot inside her?" I ask her.

We hear him moan that he's cumming again. We both watch as Susan's pussy just keeps the thick white globs out of her. Finally, he pulls out of her and we both are in awe of seeing his cock and balls covered with his own cum.

"He's incredible." I moan softly.

"I can't believe what I just saw, I guess I should be angry about him fucking Susan but I just can't get the image of all that cum shooting out of him." She says.

"You can't, I'm soaking wet." I reply.

The thing that we both noticed about Susan when Matt first started dating her was how we were all built very much the same, seeing her naked only reinforced that point. Watching her tiny ass spread itself wide open as Matthew's dick fucked her made me almost faint with envy. That could be me being fucked and then waiting for that cum to bathe my pussy.

"Can you imagine all that cum shooting in you, I'm aching so bad." I moan.

It is nice to be able to talk so freely with her, gone are the normal barriers most mothers and daughters have with each other. Our relationship is unique and we both enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

"My son the porn star, who would have ever thought I'd be so turned on watching my own son fucking, and the reality is that it's all, that cum that is driving me wild. Have you any idea what it would feel like to have him shoot it in your ass?" She asks me.

"I wish he weren't my brother or I'd find out." I respond.

For the next two weeks, we both have struggled with what we saw and neither of us can get over what we watched. I have never masturbated so much in my life since I saw Matthew's cock shooting all that cum out of that gorgeous dick of his. It's not just how much either, it's so thick too that is driving me crazy.

Matthew must feel something is going on, I don't mean too but I can't take my eyes off him. All I can picture is sliding that big dick inside me and wait for it too wash the inside of my pussy with its creamy reward. I ache from the time I get up till the time I finally get myself off, this better not be how my life is going to be much longer or I'll die for sure. CSI will never be able to figure this one out.

"So, are you as miserable as I am?" I ask her.

"I can't get rid of the ache, I feel so guilty but all I can think of is Matthew fucking me and then pulling out and shooting all over my boobs. The image just keeps going over and over again of how much cum shot out of him. Am I going crazy or do you feel it too?" She asks me.

"We have to do something or we'll both go nuts. Rationalize or justify it but something's going to have to give here. We both can't be kept in the state we're in; I don't think I've slept at all since watching that video. We have to do something or I'll go crazy." I say.

He knows we're suffering, I can tell how he looks at me. The fact I shortened my robe and barely keep it closed might be a tip off for him but he knows we're both in heat.

All I can think of is that big cock pumping out all that cum inside me. It's like I'm in a state where I'm always wet, it's driving me crazy too. Mom is just as horny as I am which only makes both of us miserable. Something has to give or a better phrase would be, something's gotta cum.

Maybe I should offer to give him a hand job, with Susan back at school, he needs the release. It would be the humane thing to do, big sister whacking her frustrated baby brother off so she could see all that cum shoot out of his dick. Some how, I don't think he would buy my rationale.

I have to do something before I go completely nuts; he has to know that Mom and I are in heat, we can't fake it any longer. I practically walk around the house naked, doesn't he realize how I'm suffering. Please Matthew, fuck me soon or I'll go crazy, I have to do something to take this ache away.


OH my God, am I seeing what I think I'm seeing, Katie just walked out of the bathroom naked and is standing in the hallway putting her hair in a ponytail. This is incredible, I've tried for years to see her nude and now she's only ten feet away, my dick is already rock hard. I can't take my eyes off that ass she has, boy would I love to fuck that little pussy all night.

The fact is I love ponytails, it makes all girls look like so innocent, innocent until they spread they're legs wide open and show their pussy's. Small tits and that tight little butt makes her look like a fifteen year-old, rather than a twenty-five.

She knows I'm watching her and it's obvious that it doesn't bother her either. It's bothering me though, with Susan back at school and just porn to look at, jerking off every night is getting old. My dick feels like it's going to explode, I'd love to feel Katie's tight little pussy slide down my cock and pump her full of cum. She'd freak when she see's how much I'd put inside her.

God, she's gorgeous, long legs and that tight little ass is driving me wild. My dick feels like it's about to burst, she knows what she is doing but why tease me like this. I'd love to jerk off right now just looking at her standing there with that cute little ass begging me to shoot all over it.

Is this really happening, she's on her knees and that beautiful little ass is spread wide open for me. No hair on her pussy either, she has to know I'm watching and she's killing me with that tight little ass she has.

I love watching a girl with her ass hole gaping wide and Katie's is spread as wide as she can. Tight cheeks and that gorgeous pussy just staring me right in the face. I'd love to ride that little ass and hear her moan as I shoot inside her.

Susan was afraid at first about anal but once I washed her little ass out with all my cum, she begged for it as much as for her pussy. Something about watching it leak out of a girl's ass hole turns me on so much; Susan would often get fucked in both holes and be moaning for more later.

I can't take it any longer, just stay right there and I'll just get myself off. I'm so horny, just a few strokes are all I need and she'll never know what happened. That's it, just lift up and show me that beautiful little ass, please spread your cheeks open. Let me see that little pink ass hole, I'll soak it for you if you want me too with hot cum, just ask me.

Stroking my cock while watching my sister naked, what else could I ask for other than feeling those lips swallowing my dick. I need this too much, can I really be sitting on the couch jerking off. I don't care if I get caught either, maybe that's what she wants me to do.

Are you reading my mind Katie, spread your cheeks wider so I can get off. Please let me see your pussy again, she's glistening with her own cum, she's as hot as I am. Why is she doing this? Who cares as long as I get off.

This is going to be a good one, I've dreamed of looking at her and jerking off but now it's right here in front of me. That's it, just a few more strokes and I'll shoot all over myself. Maybe Mom and Katie will lick my dick clean after I shoot, it's right here and I'll cum.

I'm cumming and it feels incredible, all that cum just keeps pumping out of my dick. Christ, it hit my chin; I'm so fucking hot right now. C'mon Katie, just a few more strokes and I'll be done. Show me your pussy and let me dream of it tonight, what a fucking body you have to get off too.

Closing my eyes, can this be a dream? Am I dreaming right now and I'll wake up tomorrow and never even remember what happened. I don't know if I'm awake or not but this was one of the hottest orgasms I've ever had. I must be dreaming, this can't be real, can it?

"You drop your contact again?" I hear Mom say which shocks me back to reality.

Now, I can't take my eyes off of Mom in that short yellow T-shirt, do all mothers walk around with their ass almost hanging out like this. I know they don't and she's not like any of my friends mothers, that's for sure. Both of them are fucking killing me with how they're teasing me.

She might be forty-four but she's built like a thirty something and she knows she's teasing me. Christ, her nipples are sticking straight out, what the hell is going on here.

It just hits me; I'm sitting on the couch with my dick exposed and cum all over me and the couch. Shit, talk about getting caught with my pants down, looking at my sweat pants lying on the floor; I don't even remember taking them off. What do I do now?

Mom just stands there looking at me or is she looking at all the cum I shot on my chest. She doesn't look mad either, she's actually looking at all the cum I shot all over my face.

She looks so fucking hot standing there that I can feel my dick getting hard again. The fact that she just stands there watching, as I get hard is driving me crazy, this can't be real; it has to be a dream.

This all makes sense now, at first, I thought it was my imagination, Katie's robe seemed like it was getting shorter the last few weeks but now I know it wasn't an accident or my imagination. That beautiful little robe just barely tied letting me see her gorgeous tits and ass just out of reach, they've been playing with me and now it makes sense. But why?

I love skinny chicks, and these two are just driving me crazy. Both have those long thin legs and a tight little ass, plus the fact they have small tits is just too good to be true. Susan is built like them and I used to fuck her and close my eyes and imagine I was riding either Katie or Mom. It might be a yuck thing to most guys but their mother and sister don't look like these two do.

There's definitely been something going on here, it's like I've been treated to version of a sexy reality show. Now as I look at Katie's legs and ass, I know there is definitely a plan at work here, but what? They act so innocent about it too, that's the most intriguing part about it. What do I do, sitting here with my dick hard again, I just want to fuck one of them and feel that pussy clamp down on my cock.

Christ Katie, just walk around naked, that's it, just try and act like you're not letting me get a good look at those long legs of your's. That's it, you two want my dick hard and that's the truth of what is gong on.

"I forgot to bring my robe in and then dropped contact." She says so casually.

She knew what she was doing, they both do. The question is why drive me wild unless there's more. It's funny, sitting here with my dick hard again; I don't feel embarrassed but quite the opposite.

Katie lays down on the day bed and spreads those long legs wide open, that hairless pussy looking right at me. It's just begging me to fuck it, can this really be happening to me. Is she really sitting there spread wide open and glistening for me? She's so wet I can almost taste it.

Sitting fully naked in front of Mom and Katie for the first time that I can remember, I'm not looking at them as my mother and sister now but as two hotties begging for me to fuck them. My dick just throbs as Katie spreads herself wide open for me.

All my friends dream about fucking Mom and Katie, hearing them tell me the first time was hard to hear but the reality is they are so fucking hot. Too bad they'll never know what they're missing. I have a feeling I'm in for a hell of a night with these two.

My dick just stands there throbbing as I look at Katie's pussy spread wide open for me. Am I dreaming all of this? It has to be real, it just has to be, and God would not be so cruel to play this game with me.

"I'll get a beach towel." Mom says.

A beach towel, why the hell is she going to get a beach towel. Am I missing something, with Katie's pussy staring at me, I can't think straight. I always wanted to see her with her legs wide open and here it is and I can't tell if I'm even awake or not.

"Here, I don't want to take any chances, all the cum he shoots could wreck my living room." Mom says as she hands Katie the towel.

"Don't worry about that, he's goanna ride me until he shoots inside me." She responds so casually.

The fact both are talking about me like I'm not even there is incredible. Guess I know what is going on now, no complaints from me. I could fuck both of them tonight if they are up to it. Being nine-teen has it's advantages, why not take advantage while I can.

"Actually, I'm going to suck that hairless pussy of your's until you moan for me to fuck you. How's that sound?" I ask her.

Mom looks at me and just smiles so seductively.


This is so wrong; the worst part about it is that I can't stop myself from watching what is happening. I'm just so over powered by my desires that I am helplessly held hostage by the sight of Matthew's dick sliding in and out of Katie's pussy. A brother and sister fucking is one thing but here I am there mother actively participating in it with them.

My legs are trembling uncontrollably as I hear Katie moaning for him to cum, she and I both want to see him shoot all that thick cream out of his dick. He's incredible, I would never have believed it if I had not seen it for myself twenty minutes ago. Why he can ejaculate so much is a mystery to me but I just love watching it.

Never in my wildest fantasies did I ever expect to see so much semen from one ejaculation. Who am I fooling by thinking like a it's a clinical experiment, the truth is that I just watched my son shoot so much cum out of his dick and I'm still shaking.

I love cum, I love the taste of it and just the sight of it spitting out of a guys cock drives me insane. Matthew's dick is more like a fire hose, it just kept shooting and it's like I'm an addict once I taste it. If he wants to fuck us, we're his for the asking.

"Don't you want Katie to suck all that cum out of your dick and into her nice tight little hole? I know what you really want though, you want me too see all that cum pumping into your sisters pussy, don't you." I whisper softly for the two of them to hear me.

Matthew's dick just looks so delicious, the fact he's still all sticky from shooting all over himself before makes my pussy ache. It's all I can do not to lick it off his chest and dick.

"C'mon Katie, let me feel that hot little box of your's suck my cock dry." He says with authority far beyond his years.

As though being commanded, Katie dutifully starts riding him harder, her pussy devouring Matthew's cock with every movement into her gaping hole. She reaches back and spreads her cheeks wide open, is she doing this for me or for herself? I wonder! I can feel myself trembling as I watch Matthew's dick pumping in and out of her, her pussy gorging itself on every inch greedily with no remorse, at this point there is no taboo, just a stiff cock and a ravenous pussy.

"C'mon baby, shoot it inside me, shoot all that thick cream in my tight little pussy. Can you feel my lips tightening around you're dick, shoot all that cum and let Mommy see it pour out of me." Katie moans aloud.

Did she just say that? And to her own brother, no less, I am just so turned on I can't help myself. I cannot resist anymore, to hell with all the moral arguments racing through my head, I just want to see his dick unload inside Katie.

"Not so fast you horny little bitch, I want to fuck you for a while before I cum. That's it, tighten your ass and pussy around me, you're so tight, I still can't believe this is happening to me." He moans.

My fingers reach up and just caress her tiny bud; her ass hole eagerly welcomes my touch as I feel her tremble. Can I really be sucking my son's balls and now rubbing my daughter's ass? I cannot stop myself; I'm as excited as they are right now.

"Fuck me like you fucked Susan, we saw the videos. " Katie moans.

I wish she hadn't said that but to late now. My fingers so gently rub his balls as he strokes in and out of Katie. They both beg for my touch and I try to do both but my tongue keeps going back to his balls. I love the feeling of having him quiver from my touch, this is indeed going to be fun.

"I used to close my eyes when I fucked her and imaging I was fucking the two of you." Matthew moans.

That's it, now I'm out of control; I know I can't stop myself any longer, he asked for it. They're both going to see another side of me that they never ever guessed was there, I love cum and once I taste it, I can't get enough.

"So, you dreamed of fucking me and Katie. You know what I dream of, that big dick shooting all over my face and boobs. That's what I dream of, C'mon baby, shoot it in Katie and then save some for me to taste." I moan out loud.

All control is lost between the three of us, Katie moans out loud for Matthew to go faster and I can stop myself as my lips slide up Matthew's cock as it slides in and out of Katie. I just fascinated watching Katie's tiny ass hole spread wide open as Matthew's cock just keeps pounding her pussy. She's so wet that his shaft glistens as her drops keep his dick lubricating the piston she's riding on.

To think I would ever consider rimming my own daughter let alone anyone else, is just a distant memory as she writhes in ecstasy when she feels my tongue washing her ass hole. This is all just too much, it's like I'm a participant in an orgy and I've lost control of myself.

"I can't take it anymore, you two are in for a surprise." Matthew moans aloud as he begins to cum.

How he can continue thrusting into Katie as he cums is a mystery to me, huge drop of white cum start oozing out of her as his cock keeps pumping in and out of her. How can he keep fucking while still shooting inside her? I thought guys had to stop once they started to cum. This is unbelievable; the best part is I'm watching it as it happens.

His fingers spread her ass wide open as I watch her lips swollen with thick white cream coating the piston as it fucks her faster and faster. This kid is amazing, only nineteen and he's fucking like he's been doing it for years. The fact he has control over the two of us is amazing.

Katie's pussy is so full it cannot hold back the flow any longer, it drips slowly out of her and then I watch in amazement as Mathew pulls his dick out of her and big globs flow out of her. I cannot take my eyes off of her watching her leak all over her brother's cock and balls.

Like a ravenous wolf tempted to the point of torture, my tongue laps up every drop as it flows out of her. That old taste jolts my senses as I swallow it down my throat. I've never sucked guys cum that is as thick as this is, I could really get used to this.

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