Temptation's Confidence


"Preacher man. Bring me my cigarettes and a lighter."

I watched as Carl went to her purse and the whole time he didn't step out of his pants. I was amused as I watched him comply. I brought my lips up to Yvette's ear and she rubbed her earlobe against my teeth.

"Are you sure you want that dick?" I whispered.

She chuckled lightly as she fucked my fingers. I heard her gasp as her swollen clit kissed my thumb knuckle. "Oh... daddy, you know me better than that..." she whispered back. Her words and tone spooked me just a little.

Carl had arrived with her cigarette and lighter. She opened her mouth and he set it between her lips. And then he lit it for her. He turned to leave but Yvette grabbed his arm.

"No stay there." She urged.

Yvette bit down on her cigarette as she rearranged herself on my lap so she could undo my pants.

"Nadia... now look..." I felt her hand grip my aching snatch shooter. She pulled me out for Nadia to see. It was solid, proud, and thick with veins. And it was obviously much larger than Carl's. Her hand stroked it familiarly. "...I mean... why wouldn't I fuck my own father?"

She blew smoke in Nadia's direction.

"How big is your husband's?" Yvette asked. My fingers pushed inside of her and she grinded against them. She talked and pleasured herself. And she pleasured me too. I felt her fingertips as they traced the fleshy veins of the stalk.

"Somewhere in the middle right?" Yvette joked when Nadia said nothing.

Nadia approached the three of us. As she got closer, she bowed her head. I wondered if Nadia was too high for Yvette's mind games. I wondered if Yvette had created another true believer.

The answer came when Nadia bent toward Yvette and pressed her full lips against hers in a lewd and very deep kiss. The kiss was lazy as the Russian probed Yvette's open mouth with her tongue. "So nice," she husked against my daughter. "Your skin is so nice..."

"Then suck my tits, bitch..." Yvette hissed into her lips.

Yvette let go of my cock and she used both hands to pull her dress down and expose each of her plump charms in turn. Nadia's head went down, completely wrapped in my daughter's thrall. As Nadia's nose nudged one nipple ring, Yvette thrust her tongue into my mouth.

I could taste the sensation of her high. It was laced with nicotine. The kiss was slow and deliberate. I could feel her press the skin of her cheeks against the prickly hairs of my unshaven face. She wrapped her hand around my fuck stick again and pulled. I could hear the slurp of the Russian as she sucked those fine tits.

"What should I do?" Carl asked.

"Just get your pencil dick hard," Yvette spoke into our lewd kiss.

I certainly didn't want to watch Carl pulling on his pud, so I just closed my eyes and gave into my daughter's ministrations. I had let her seduce me again. She had slapped me down. She had made me forget all of the distant madness I'd felt less than an hour ago. I didn't want to be her father anymore. I wanted to be her little bitch. I wanted to squeeze and suck and fuck her perfect tits. I wanted to pound the shit out of her pussy. I wanted to run my tongue over every ounce of flesh that made her sweet ass.

"I want to kiss you down there..." Nadia spoke from a distant fog.

Yvette removed my well-fucked fingers from her dripping twat.

"I want you to do that too," Yvette said as she broke our kiss. "But you have to do something for me first." I knew what was to come. Yvette was about to give Nadia the official order. She would make her fuck Carl so that she could have the real prize of kissing her pussy.

"Anything," Nadia whispered.

Yvette flicked the ash from her cigarette onto Nadia's forearm.

"I want you to fuck Carl."

I looked at my daughter's eyes. They were stone serious.

"Why?" The Russian asked.

"Because it will make me happy."

"But I don't want to."

"Too bad," Yvette said above a whisper. "You can't be moral and taste my pussy. You can't be true to your husband and have me too. You will please another man. A not-your-husband-man."

"I won't like it." Nadia stood up unbalanced.

"You don't have to... just let him use you. He wants to. Very much." Yvette put her legs out and leaned her head back. This new position put her back across my lap and exposed her chest to the stars above. "Here, watch me, Nadia... Carl?"

Carl approached her and my daughter squeezed her tits together. "...fuck my tits."

I was appalled. I didn't want to see Carl's limp dick, as it got hard between my sweet baby's tits. But I was a prisoner.

Carl straddled Yvette's face and dipped his little flock right where he'd been told. The nub of it grew harder as it slipped between her tightly held breasts. Yvette breathed heavily, "...oh Carl... you're fucking me tonight... did I tell you..? Don't you know..?" Her words seemed to make him even harder and he groaned some as he grew even more. "...just gotta do one thing... I'm sure you remember..."

"Yeah," Carl grunted.

Nadia looked at me. I was thankful to have something else to look at --other than the scene in my lap.

"You're gonna do it for me, right..?" Yvette hissed.

"Just..." Carl gulped and fucked my daughter's tits with more force. "...say...when..." The chair shook with his effort.

"Don't come on my tits, jack ass... don't come yet." Yvette let her breasts drop away from his cock and Carl backed off with a severe hard on.

Nadia looked at Carl. His cock was now as hard as it could get. She then turned and cast her green eyes down at me. Her jaw went slack when she really gazed at my own offering. I could see the hunger in her meth-bathed eyes.

"I would much, much prefer..." her accent was thick with lust.

"Take off your bathing suit," Yvette said and she sat up in my lap properly.

Nadia obeyed and I stared as those breasts that fell forward. They really were a lot like my wife's. They were fatter than Yvette's. The nipples stood out proudly on each. She peeled the suit down even further. Her stomach had a bit of a pouch. Below the pouch was a full, thick mound of pubic hair. She let the suit fall down.

"Straddle him," Yvette ordered as she indicated me with the flick of her bangs. She then ordered Carl, "suck my tits, preacher."

Nadia looked so grateful.

I was shocked beyond belief. This was totally against the rules. Yvette had made it very clear that my cock would only ever slam into one pussy and one pussy only. Was she really that high? Had she changed her mind? Was this some new weird way for her to get her kicks? Was she testing me?

One olive skinned leg raised up and over my head. The other was planted firmly on the ground. I gave Yvette a look that must have looked like a plea. I could see Carl's stupid face nuzzling her beautiful mounds. He squeezed each of them in turn as he sucked.

Yvette only stared at my eyes. The greatest poker face I had ever seen. She then licked the palm of her hand slowly. With a smirk, she reached down between Carl's legs. I could hear the slap of small meat as she gave him a hand job. Her other hand, meanwhile, worked my meat in the same pattern.

Yvette jacked off both of us as I stared at her unemotional face.

"Don't suck her tits," Yvette suddenly barked at me as she raised my erection to meet Nadia halfway.

"Oh..." Carl moaned, lost in the bliss of my daughter's hand.

I looked up at Nadia as she lowered herself toward my hard on. I chanced a glance at Carl. He had stopped what he was doing with my daughter's breasts. His eyes were closed as he concentrated on the feelings in his cock. That earned him a smack in the back of the head from Yvette. He went back to licking her tits. I knew by Yvette's rules that the best thing for me to do was to sit and let whatever she wanted to have happen. A protest would be a denial.

She so hated being denied.

I couldn't believe that somehow my penetration of Nadia would work with Yvette's rules. My mind raced through all of the possible angles. The only conclusion that I could come to was that I had somehow pissed her off at the church. This was how she would let me go. I was going to be kicked out of service. A fuck with Nadia was a fuck for freedom.

All at once I was sad and elated.

I felt the fleshy lips of Nadia's clenched pussy touch to the tip of my torch. Pre-cum flooded from the head on contact. I closed my eyes with one part resistance and two parts ecstasy.

And then Yvette spoke.

"Oh no," she mocked. "Nadia? Your pussy's not wet enough for a real cock." She pulled my meat down and away from the Russian pussy. "I guess you'll just have to fuck a little one!" Her tone was apologetic --the sort of voice she'd use to make fun of her favorite sitcom when she was little. I caught a glimpse of her laughing eyes before her arrogant, confident face turned away from me. I could hear her slurp on Carl's cock.

I looked at Nadia's face. She was not happy. Nobody likes being the butt of a joke. I would have related to her, but I'd lost my pride a long time ago.

Nadia removed herself from her position and turned her back to us. She unceremoniously grabbed her bathing suit. "I am done playing these games," Nadia slurred.

As if meeting a cue, Yvette raised herself up from Carl's cock and spoke the magic words.

"Alright, preacher," Yvette hissed. "Take her."

Carl ran to Nadia and pushed her to the ground. The force was brutal. His horniness had granted him an unbridled measurement of strength. I heard Nadia cry out as her face slammed into the concrete of the pool. The force of the attack, I thought, even surprised Carl because he blurted, "I'm sorry."

That was the game? Get everyone worked up enough to stage a rape?

"Don't apologize you little bitch!" Yvette called out. "Put it in her!"

Carl straddled Nadia's thighs. One hand pinned her back down. His other hand brought his little thing up to the crack of the Russian's ass. And then he scooted himself down and up against her. I watched as he used a knee to separate her thighs.

"No!" Nadia shouted and she reached behind herself. Carl instantly grabbed her hair and pulled it. The sheer pain of his tug caused Nadia to reach for her head with both hands. And then he was free to do it. I saw his pale dumb ass thrust forward. He tore his little prick into her dry pussy.

I couldn't believe that the sight of it sickened me. I'd thought Yvette had numbed me to all normal feeling.

"Hey," Yvette said to me quietly.

"Yeah?" I tore my eyes away from the scene.

"You would've fucked her, huh?"

Her blue eyes held back a storm.

"I don't know, my love... I thought you wanted me to."



"Hey," she repeated.


"I would never want you to."

I felt my head hang and I couldn't look at her. She leaned forward and forced me to look at her. Her hair very nearly touched the concrete floor. "What am I going to do about that?" I could see the evil in her eyes as she formulated some fucking plan. In that moment, I was just sorry enough to pay any price...

Nadia called out as Carl fucked her from behind.

The sound caused Yvette to look at the two of them with adoration. A smile spread across her lips that reminded me of Angela's when Yvette had brought home straight A's.

She had turned a preacher into a rapist.

Yvette stood up and walked over to Carl as he fucked Nadia. As she walked, my daughter shed her dress completely and left a white satin trail on the ground. She fussed Carl's head as he continued to plow his Russian heartthrob. The voice of Nadia cried in the darkness.

"Good, Carl..." Yvette sneered.

She then approached Nadia's face and knelt down. She rubbed the woman's hair and cooed softly to her, "shh... it's okay... this is better... it's better... see how much better... you like it... stop acting like you don't..."

My daughter then fell flat onto her ass and spread her legs before Nadia. "Lick me... lick me now you beautiful whore..." Nadia's face was wet with tears and blood from her nose. Yvette continued her affectionate strokes as she guided Nadia's face to her pussy. "I want your blood on me..." she whispered. "Put your blood on me." She pointed at her thigh. "I want it here." She pointed at her snatch. "And I want here too... c'mon... c'mon..."

Nadia sniffled and did as Yvette coaxed her.

I listened to Carl's heavy breath as he approached climax. The Russian's ass rose and fell in a sexual rhythm... only too happy to fuck now.

I watched my daughter lean back onto her elbows as she fucked Nadia's face.

I saw Nadia feeding on Yvette's generous pussy.

My daughter's church was in session and everyone was a believer.

I wasn't sure how I felt about the scene. The blood. The tears. The rape. The genius. The pure evil of Yvette and how she got her way with every being intimidated me completely. As I watched them, my cock went limp and I realized that it was possible for Yvette to destroy me.

I realized that I would never have a chance.

I knew that I would never see it coming.

I had certainly never seen this coming.

I stood up with unsure feet and I hastily buckled my pants.

"I'm coming!" Carl yelled.

"Not... in... me! Not... in... side... of... me?!" Nadia moaned back at him.

"Do it inside her, Carl... make a secret with her..." Yvette cooed.

Carl pulled out of Nadia's pussy and shot his white seed all across the small of her back. I watched Yvette frown and pull away from Nadia's mouth.

She folded her arms and glared at Carl.

"I'm sorry... I couldn't..." The bastard sounded like he might cry.

"That's okay," Yvette said and she got on her hands and knees. She crawled toward Carl with the swank movement of a predator cat. "Stand up, I want to suck it for you now." Carl did as he was told and I watched my golden haired daughter move closer and closer in order to reward the cocksucker for not having any balls. I knew that she was already working out a way to punish him. I just hoped she wasn't planning to bite off his little thingie.

Carl groaned as Yvette slipped his limp dick into her mouth. She dropped her face down and brought her lips back up. She rubbed Nadia's juices from his ripper all over her cheeks and nose. I could see that the little prick was harder already. Yvette was very good at that.

Nadia was naked and on her feet. She looked for the meth pipe.

I really wanted to leave. I felt more unclean than I ever had. The things I had seen had shaken me in ways I'd never believed possible. I was horrified, but rooted to the ground. I just stared in disbelief as Yvette showered her best moves on Carl's tiny dick.

"That's thing about rape, my friend," Yvette slurped. "It makes your cock bigger and harder... see?" She raised his rod up for him to see and she licked it up and down with slow, strokes of worship. I saw the drool betray her lust. "Now... I want you to put your hands behind my head and I want you to slam my face with this shooter. Fuck my face. And don't hold back." She bared her teeth. "Think of your own daughter if you have to."

Nadia approached the two of them as Carl started to slam his cock into my daughter's mouth. His knuckles were white as he gripped her hair with a strength that he probably didn't even know he had. He grunted and gritted his teeth. I could hear the wet churning of the saliva in Yvette's cheeks as she pleasured him. I listened to her moans and swallows.

"Hey..." Nadia said, "...I think this needs more."

She showed the pipe to Yvette.

Yvette pushed her head off of Carl's knob, the sloppy string of her wet kiss whipped from the tip and slapped against her chin. "Jesus Christ, you dumb slut! Can't you see that I'm busy?!"

She then rubbed her nose all over Carl's bobber with intense appreciation. "I'm going to have to lay down the law with all of you," she smoldered her words. She then spit on Carl's dick twice. She subserviently stroked his cock to keep it hard.

"We need more."

"The shit's on the table, retard. Just put some more in it."

Nadia went toward the table. She was a little high and a little fucked when she walked. It was like I was watching a movie I couldn't look away from. My daughter brought me back to earth.

"Daddy?" Yvette sighed at me. "Be a darling and mix some of that shit at the table into some water and put it in the syringe for me?" She looked at me with those distant eyes that could command erections and fear in me. As she looked at me she jacked off Carl. "Just use that bourbon glass to mix it together."

I blinked my non-understanding and joined Nadia at the table.

It looked like she'd figured out how to work the pipe. I was shocked to see she was looking me in the eye. There was still blood around her nostrils, but it didn't look broken. I suddenly wanted to be invisible. I wanted to be a faceless servant to these people. I wanted to work for the apartment community. I wanted any life but this one.

"It's okay," Nadia said lowly. "I liked it. I like her. I want to be her. Do you think I could?" Her eyes reflected true love for my daughter.

I didn't know what to say to that so I just grabbed the white shit and tossed into the glass. I poured water into the glass and picked up the syringe. There was no needle to be found. I hoped against all hope that there was no needle and that I wasn't going to help my daughter shoot up. I didn't even know if I had a threshold, but I suspected that if I did... I was close to breaking it.

I quickly stirred the water and crystal together and pulled back the plunger on the syringe. Nadia left me there to my own devices and walked over to the motionless hot tub.

"Turn on the bubbles! Retard!" Nadia called out as she waded into the water. I frowned. Obviously, the Russian bitch was trying on her Yvette training wheels.

I took the syringe up into my hand and flipped the stupid knob for the stupid bubbles to do its stupid thing and then I breathed out.

I held the syringe up and examined my work. The stuff seemed to be effectively mixed.

Carl looked at me. His face had the biggest shit-eating grin on it. He stared at me like he owned me. The whole while he fucked my baby girl's face. When he saw me look at him, he fucked her even harder. I could see her cheeks expand and relax which each of his sinister thrusts. Her golden locks were a tangle in his greedy fingers. The bastard looked like he wanted to laugh out loud.

I approached them.

"Here's your," I wouldn't say the word 'meth.' "I didn't see a needle."

Yvette's mouth and throat was all gurgles and swallows. She then popped herself off of Carl's cock and panted up at me, "...it's okay... don't need one..." she then looked up at Carl. "...damn, preacher... you're good at fucking face these days..." She put her hand on his wet cock and jacked it off while she looked between us.

He went to speak, but I spoke first.

"So here it is, anyway." I could hear the anger in my voice.

"Daddy, don't sound all pissed off. I told you Carl was going to fuck me tonight." She smirked at me and still cranked the tool that wasn't mine.

"Okay, I just..."

"Alright," she sat on her legs and looked up at both of us. "This is what's going to happen. I am going to raise my ass up toward the sky. Carl, you hold my leg to balance me. Daddy? You shove that plunger up my ass and shoot it, cool?"

It wasn't even close to cool for me.

"Is this it? Is this my punishment for almost fucking Nadia?" I demanded.

Yvette blinked at me and her lips curled into disgust, "No, daddy... that happens right after you do this."

Carl chuckled.

Yvette glared at Carl, "I don't know what you think's so funny cause your punishment's coming up next, you little bitch. When you fuck my pussy you sure as hell better come inside it. You pull some coward shit like that --I will have your ass. Don't believe me? Ask my dad! Get me?"

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