Temptation's Consequence


His brown Billy club bounced in front of my daughter's hungry mouth. I guessed his cock was above average. He wasn't nearly my size. It was hard as hell, thick and covered with big dark veins.

Yvette placed just the head on her bottom teeth and wrapped her lips around the head. I watched her cheeks turn concave as she applied some suction. The cop sighed heavily with satisfaction, as she tasted him. She rolled her eyes up at him as she sucked on the very tip of his cock.

"You feel so good," he panted.

Yvette's response was to slip more of his cock into her mouth. I'm sure he touched the top of her throat. Her hands moved below him and she brought his balls out. He let loose a low groan of approval as my daughter slurped on his cock.

The cop's hands went to the back of her head and he gripped her blonde hair. His fingers half-held and half-stroked the back of her head.

Yvette came off his cock with a wet gasp.

"Stop making love to me. I'm not your fruit-picker wife!" She gasped and swallowed loudly as she went back to his cock. Once it was back in her mouth his hands gripped her hair harder and he held the blonde locks as she moved back and forth.

I wasn't in the position to criticize, but I knew that Officer Reyes had fumbled the ball again. My daughter liked having the shit fucked out of her. She wanted to feel the power behind a man taking her. The cop's considerate approach to a blowjob was exactly the kind of behavior that would lead to Yvette mocking him.

As if she'd read my mind, Yvette came up for air again and looked up at him as she stroked his cock. "C'mon, fuck my face like you mean it you spic."

"Don't call me that shit." the cop frowned.

"Would you prefer faggot?"

He gripped her head and slammed his swollen prick back into her mouth. My daughter's nose went all the way to his tangled black pubic hair. I heard the saliva filled cavern of her throat wash the end of the head before he pulled her back and slammed again. One of her hands went around to his ass and held on as he face fucked her. I heard my daughter gulp again and again as he rammed her harder.

I glanced up at the cop. He was still frowning down at her as he fucked her foul mouth. Whether it had been her racial slurs or favorite word "faggot", she had struck a true chord in him.

The cop was panting now. Beads of sweat had formed around his temples. My daughter's fingers crept into his underwear from behind. I could see the subtlety of her motion beneath the cotton. My daughter stuck a finger up this man's ass. This caused him to inhale sharply.

He threw her head back and off of his cock. He grabbed her hand out of his ass and tossed it away from him. Yvette gasped for air and panted up at him, "What's the matter? Don't like a finger in your chili-shitter?"

"I don't do that gay shit!"

"You seemed fine with 'gay' shit before—" Yvette grinned.

"You need to shut up!"

"But then you finally got to fuckin' like a real man—"


"Your pre-cum tastes like sour cream!" Yvette's laughter went to great heights, the cop grabbed her shoulders, and he shoved her away from him. Yvette hit the back of her head on the passenger's side window. Her D-cup breasts lifted and fell with the force.

She didn't stop laughing. Her blue eyes narrowed at the cop and she spread her legs wide for him. He breathed heavily with rage and pointed down at her. She responded by wrapping her lips around one of her fingers. My daughter pulled the scoop of her green top down to reveal both of her big, tanned titties. One of them was bandaged from when she'd ripped her nipple ring out. The other still sported its golden hoop ring.

The two of them had forgotten that I was even there, handcuffed in the backseat.

He grabbed her nearest leg and yanked her toward him. Her hips were now inches below his hard baton. He reached between them and pointed his prick toward her pussy. Yvette reached down with a hand and covered it.

"Thought you wanted a condom."

"Shut up," he said and knocked her hand away.

Yvette replaced it. "Maybe I don't wanna anymore."

He gripped her wrist and lifted it from between her thighs. I could see the two of them struggling. He was obviously much stronger than Yvette.

"Gonna fuck me anyway, you little bitch?" she hissed up at him and that gave him all the willpower he needed to slam her hand away and slip his foam rod into her smoldering pussy.

Yvette gasped as he penetrated her and her hands went to his shoulders. She pushed up on him. It looked to me like she really wanted him off of her. His hands gripped her thighs and held her close.

He leaned down toward her with his eyes closed. When he went to kiss her, Yvette turned her lips away and she faced the dashboard.

"Better not get me pregnant, I bet you already have too many kids..." Yvette chuckled. Her hips still moved as if she wanted to get away.

"Shut up, you betty crocker bitch," he spat through clenched teeth.

"Is that the best you got, taco nigger!?"

Reyes suddenly reached down beneath the steering wheel. I could hear him fumble with his belt. He brought up his sidearm. He pointed the weapon at her.

Yvette stopped her struggle and looked at him. Her blue eyes seemed empty as she weighed this turn of events.

"Hey," I said from the backseat.

"SHUT UP!" Yvette yelled at me. She then looked back at the cop. "Cock it."

I could see Officer Reyes' stern face relax. He knew he'd gone too far. He lowered the weapon. Yvette gripped his arms and leaned upward. I could see her lock her legs around him. That look on her face was total anger.

"Oh no, you don't! No you don't, you fuckin' pepper belly pollo!" She reached up and slapped him across the cheek. The smack was louder than anytime she'd hit me. Reyes turned his face back to hers and his lips trembled with anger of his own.

He raised the gun again and looked at her. He cocked the weapon and relaxed the safety.

"That's it," Yvette hissed. "Point it at my chest. Now."

Reyes' eyes were wide as he did as she asked. The tip of the gun went between her breasts and I watched horrified. I had observed my daughter in countless self-destructive situations, but it had never occurred to me that she just might have a death wish.

"Yvette, don't," I said from the backseat.

She ignored me and rolled her head back. "Touch my nipple, Officer... touch my hard nipple with it."

The cop audibly gulped and traced the weapon up the underside of her plump, bandaged breast. I could hear the tip of it drag along the tape. He then traced it to the other one. It touched her golden nipple ring and then the red bud itself. I could see the hole of its nozzle nudge the puffy nub to point upward.

"Mmm. I think your burrito's getting harder, esse," she breathed in and out with a heavy, almost hypnotic rhythm. Her tits rose and fell beneath the end of the weapon. "Oh, yes. You have a cock, dont'cha. I feel it. I feel you filling me."

"I'm so hard," he gasped. "I wanna fuckin' live here."

Yvette sighed and shook beneath him. I could see it was an orgasm. Her pussy lips must've been squeezing the shit out of him.

"Oh, miss, I feel you!"

"That's right." She panted. "Don't lose it, I wanna come again."

Her hips then rose against his cock. My daughter fucked against him as he moved the gun further upward. He traced her neck with it and she tilted her head to expose her cheek to it.

The police officer began to fuck her back as the heat she built between her legs intoxicated him. "Oh, officer," Yvette breathed with her eyes closed. "Of course I'll comply. I'm your number one citizen."

The gun traced up her chin and my daughter opened her mouth for it. My baby's perfect front teeth dragged along the nozzle's edge. She dropped her jaw to urge him to go further. He touched the tip of the weapon to the back of her throat and Yvette moaned. Her lips lazily dragged against the cool metal of the piece as Officer Reyes fucked her slowly.

Yvette let go of his arms. One hand went to her tits and the other went between her legs. I could hear her wet pussy as he moved in and out of her. Her fingers rubbed her clit with the same rate as their slow fuck. She squeezed her fat tit and raised her nipple ring toward the roof of the car.

At that moment, my daughter wrapped her lips around the pistol like it was a second cock. She groaned and sucked and moaned and slurped all over its slick metallic surface.

Their breathing made my cock grow hard in my pants. I could feel the blood rush and I could feel my veins thickening. It was such an uncomfortable angle for its growth. The direction was downward and just a little crooked. My cock was just bent enough for it to be a little painful.

Reyes slipped the gun out of her mouth and Yvette leaned all the way up and put a forearm around him. Eyes still closed, my daughter kissed the cop on the mouth. Reyes wrapped the held pistol against her back.

"I wanted it to come in my mouth..." Yvette sighed and spoke in the little voice she'd used on me at the church. "I couldn't make it come. Maybe you should put it in my pussy. My pussy makes everything come."

He shook his head at her. His large brown eyes were confused and consoling.

"What happened to your breast?" Reyes said into the kiss.

"Daddy did that," she whispered.

Reyes pointed the gun at me. I fell back in my seat. If I could have covered my eyes, I would have.

Yvette turned to look at me as she rode the officer's cock. Her tits were squashed against his broad chest. Her plump lips formed a merciless smile on her face as she narrowed her blue eyes at me. Her blonde hair was flat from the shower we'd shared only hours before.

My slut daughter could kill me.

She rocked up and down on his lap and made a circle with her lips.

"Kiss it, daddy," Yvette cooed.

I swallowed and shook my head

"Kiss it," Reyes said.

"Do what the policeman says, daddy!" Yvette giggled and laid her cheek on his shoulder. He turned his head to face her and their lips went into another sloppy kiss. The two of them were looking at me while they kissed.

He held the gun out to me, between the seats.

"Yvette," I begged. She only smiled into her kisses with Reyes. I could see her tight body still writhing in the policeman's lap. She had to win another damn game with me. I decided to just get on with it so she could get her way and the weapon would stop being pointed at my face.

I leaned toward the gun and pressed my lips to the end of it.

"Suck it, daddy," Yvette chimed. "Suck his pistol."

My heart raced with fear. I should've guessed that she'd want to take it even further. My mouth opened almost like a reflex. I let the barrel slip into my mouth, past my teeth and onto my tongue.

"Wrap your lips around it, daddy..." Yvette mumbled. "Maybe you can make it come."

I did as I was told. I encased the end of the live pistol with my lips. I breathed in and out of my nose to the beat of anxiety. I looked over at Yvette. Her blue eyes widened and she mouthed the word 'faggot' at me. She then smirked and shuddered against the cock inside of her.

I fell away from the gun. I didn't wait for her to tell me to stop.

"Want me to shoot him?" Officer Reyes asked. His tone was half-joking. Yvette looked back at him and rubbed her hand along his cheek. She forced his lips to hers and the sound of the kiss was as sloppy as their sex.

"No," Yvette smiled. "But you can spit on him."

Reyes' face contorted as he summoned up his saliva. He leaned toward me and spit in my face. Yvette laughed and put her lips near Reyes' ear. His gun lowered to the small of my daughter's back.

I frowned at my daughter as the spit dripped over my face and nose. I gathered every ounce of hatred I could for her and glared. Yvette only smiled at my look.

"Don't be," Yvette wet her lips and continued, "so angry, daddy." She sighed as she fucked. "I'm going to get something from Officer Reyes too, maybe a baby."

"You're not on the pill?" He gasped.

"So what? You're my hot tamale, arent'cha?" She licked his earlobe and moved her hips harder against him. "You're not gonna pull out right? You want to go all the way with a white chica, dont'cha?"

He met her with the same force, "oh yes!"

"My Amigo?"


The two of them fucked with speed now. I heard Reyes adjust the gun so that it wouldn't go off. And then he threw it aside. His hands gripped Yvette's waist as he slammed her up and down on his cock. I glanced down at his hard brown meat as it split into my daughter.

He hissed in through his nose and slipped his tongue over her bouncing tit.

Yvette leaned back and Reyes held her waist with his powerful hands. I could hear him ram her over and over. He knocked my daughter's breath out of her with each thrust. She looked at me while they fucked. She didn't smile at me. She didn't mock me. She just stared at me like I was from another planet.

"Oh, officer," my daughter slurred, "fill my pussy with your taco sauce." She turned to look at him and he grunted. Her words seem to urge him to fuck her harder. He moved Yvette's body now with the force he'd used on her head earlier. "Make me feel it!"

He suddenly stopped and gripped Yvette with tightened knuckles. She swerved her hips in time with his pulsing prick. "That's it," she sighed. "Fill me with a bunch of wetbacks. They're such good swimmers!"

He panted and held her tight as he blew his semen up her dripping hole.

They collapsed all at once and Yvette lifted her legs away from him. Their sexy foam smeared where they were joined. His wet cock slipped out of her and touched my car seat.

"Gonna let me go now, officer?" Yvette said with mocking innocence.

"Yeah... yeah... what about?" He indicated me with his head.

I looked to Yvette. Her smile was outrageous. She looked at me as if she had too many choices in front of her --all of them good. I shook my head at her and pleaded with my eyes for her to let me go. I knew it wasn't up to the officer. It was up to my daughter.

"Book'em." Yvette said and pointed.

Officer Reyes had just had sex with my daughter. I knew that an experience with Yvette could change a person. She'd made a preacher into a rapist. She'd forced my boss Zachary to shroud all of his sexual morals and rules just for the chance to fuck her. She had sexual majesty over many men --including me.

And now she had a cop.

Yvette was given my keys. She was given my mini-van.

When Reyes took me to his car, I didn't know what to say.

Safely stowed in the backseat of his prowling car, I felt the words leap out of me.

"You pulled a gun on her," I said with gravel in my voice that shocked me.

He didn't say anything.

"It made it better, right?" I frowned at the rear view mirror.

He couldn't say anything. Yvette had shown him a darkness he wasn't ready for. He had embraced some inside devil and he couldn't come to terms with it. That was something I could relate to.

"Come on, this is just a citation. A ticket, right?" I spoke and knew there wasn't any breathing room. "I don't have to go to jail. You're only doing this because she ordered you to."

"I'm not following her orders," Reyes said gruffly.

"You pointed a gun at her because she told you to."

"Shut up."

"You pointed a gun at me because she told you to."

"I said 'stop talking.'"

"Are you married?"

"Yeah." He offered.

"Look. Just let me out. I won't say anything about what I saw or what you did, okay? I just really can't afford to be put away."

"You have to be," was all he said. I could hear the resignation and the language.

Any hope I'd felt that I might have been able to dissuade him evaporated in front of my eyes. I knew why he'd said that. He'd said it because he didn't want to make her mad at him. It was pretty simple math.

He knew I'd fucked up with her. He didn't want to repeat my mistake. Whatever it was.

The drive to the jail was awkward. He didn't want to say anything about what he'd done. I didn't want to dwell on it either. Every time Yvette had fucked in front of me, I'd gotten jealous. Even with the policeman at a time I was no longer hers, nothing had changed. I was still jealous --even though it was obvious that Yvette didn't give two shits about me anymore.

Incest wasn't mentioned when I was fingerprinted. The charges were public nudity, reckless driving, and public endangerment. The cost of my bail was a pretty penny. I had no idea how I would post it.

I was processed and offered two phone calls.

I didn't want to call my wife. If I could figure a way out of this fix without involving her --that would have been preferable. I didn't have a lot of names on my mental rolodex.

I had Yvette's.

I had my job's number. I decided to at least inform my job that I wouldn't be in.

Anne Marie answered.

"Hi, it's Kyle Baron... I won't be coming in tomorrow."

"Yeah, we heard," She giggled.

"You. You talked to Yvette?"

She didn't say anything so I pressed her.

"Anne Marie, have you spoken to her?"

"You're not going to call Angela, are you?"

"What? Of course not!"

"Yeah, we figured that... Zachary will see you tomorrow."

Before I could ask what that meant, she hung up on me. I decided to save my second phone call in case I needed to call my wife. I had no idea how I would ever explain to Angela what had happened.

As I sat in the cell with ten other people, I thought about what Anne Marie had said. I realized that if my daughter's intentions were to use Zachary to bail me out of jail --she would, in essence, own me again. And so would he.

The two of them were going to blackmail me. I could feel it.

I just didn't know to what end.

Bail was posted the next morning. I was not surprised. I was given a court date and ushered onto a bus. Every bead of sweat I could smell and every speed bump the bus hit just reminded me how much I hated my daughter.

The bus dropped me off in our ghetto down town.

I saw Zachary there with a car.

I could feel nothing but rage as he grinned at me with his big, black hands on his waist. I approached him with my fists clenched and he unlocked his car for me.

"So what's it going to be?" I demanded the second he started the engine.

"I don't know what you mean," he said.

"What? I owe you money, right? I want to keep all of this from Angela, you know it... my daughter knows it. So what are you guys planning?"

"Dude," Zachary said. "My instructions are just to drop you off at home."

"What about the money?"

"I have no idea how she got you out, but she did."

I popped my door open and got onto the curb.

"I have to bring you home," Zachary said.

"I don't owe you anything. I'll walk home."

I turned away from him and started up the street. I could hear his car rolling next to me. I put my hands in my jacket pockets and hoped he'd go away. I could hear him talk on his cell phone. I wondered what Yvette's reaction was to my not accepting her ride, but I only half-wondered.

I had no idea what I'd do or say to her when I saw her next.

"Hey, Kyle," Zachary called from the car. "She said that she's with Angela right now."

That caused me to freeze in my tracks. I thought back to the suggestions she'd made over breakfast the day before. She'd used innuendo and even mildly threatened Angela in my presence. She'd spoken obtusely about her friends and their meeting my poor wife.

My feet did an about face and I got into Zachary's car.

The son of a bitch smirked in satisfaction as he proceeded to drive me home. I didn't talk during the drive. He just sat there with that dumb smile on his face and I felt rage fill my fists as I thought about my daughter. I had dealt with too much. She had brought too many demands to the table. Nobody could have managed her.

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