tagIncest/TabooTemptation's Constant

Temptation's Constant


Author's Note: This is the third part of a longer story. I have done my best to make each chapter independent of its sisters. They were written in this order: Conquest, Contempt, and now Constant.


Anne Marie was the receptionist at my job. She always wore her hair down so that the very ends of her brown locks breezed her round ass. Her sad eyes weren't the same color and she had the virtue of being the hottest girl at work. Maybe it was a case of summer camp syndrome, but everyone in the office wanted to fuck the girl --and everyone pretty much had. Supposedly, there were pictures of me and the girl having a fuck. We'd only fucked the one time. After the fact, I felt remorse for my marriage, for cheating, for betraying my vows. I know now that I was upset for the wrong reasons.

My daughter Yvette had taught me that the true sadness was doing it with such weak pussy. After she'd fucked me for the first time, she'd shown me the error in my judgment. She had made examples of Anne Marie and my boss Zachary. I had paid witness to their sexual inferiority that day and was the only champion she'd let drink from her cup, the cup of a sexual goddess. Things at work changed for me that day. Zachary stopped ordering me around for amusement. Anne Marie refused to make eye contact with me and had stopped flirting all together --not just with me, but also with everyone in the office.

My days at home revolved around my daughter. She had given me three simple rules to follow and in exchange I was treated to the most earth-shattering sex of my life. I was required to always defend her, to always respect her, and to never deny her. She had also made me understand that I could never wet my wick in any pussy but hers --not even my wife's!

Of course, Yvette was allowed to have anyone she wanted.

I contemplated the arrangement in my own bed as I tried to sleep in. I'd been up so very late waiting for Yvette. I'd hoped to lick her pussy or fuck her sexy mouth --but she'd brought home another man to do all of those things. Falling asleep that night was difficult because I could hear moans, giggles, and muffled words. But any hopes of drifting away into the morning were dashed when I heard my wife yelling.

"Yvette!" She yelled. "Open this door right now, young lady!"

She pounded the door with her fists.

"Don't you ignore me!"

Yvette's rules bound me to intervene, so I pulled on my pants and a button-up shirt. I dashed to my daughter's aid and arrived just in time to see my wife knock the doorknob off its screws with a very heavy book. Now at my wife's side, I watched the door swing open to reveal the inside of Yvette's room.

"Fuck," I heard my daughter say as she scrambled to cover her naked body with a sheet. Her latest fling was lying next to her, bare ass. He raised his head briefly and then went right back to sleep.

"We're done with this crap," my wife said. "You're bringing a different guy home every night!"

Yvette pulled herself up onto her elbows. Her blonde hair had obviously dried sweaty and her crystal blue eyes signaled a hangover. She stared at my wife like she was from another planet.

"Your father and I are sick of it. So it's stopping right now."

Yvette looked at me. "Daddy? Can you hand me that?"

She pointed at a fifth of whiskey on her bureau.

I went into the room and handed it over to her.

"Drinking?!" My wife bellowed. She then shouted at me, "Kyle! She's not even twenty! What are you doing?!"

I shrugged as Yvette unscrewed the top of the bottle. "Hair of the dog, Angela... nothing we can do but help the hang over."

Yvette tipped the bottle to her lips. She handed the bottle back to me and reached under her pillow. When she did the reach, I glimpsed much of her heavy right tit --her golden ring was a near miss. She quickly adjusted and gave me a private smirk.

"Angela," I said. "You're gonna be late for work. I'll handle this."

"I want that man out of here."

"That'll depend on Yvette."

"Excuse me?" Angela looked at me. She had brown eyes.

Yvette brought out her IPOD from her pillow and put her earbuds in.

"Look..." I said to Angela. "...she's an adult now. We can't keep trying to raise her and force her way anymore."

"You think we should stand by while she makes her own mistakes?" My wife folded her arms beneath her own set of generous tits. Yvette had gotten a lot of Angela's beautiful genes.

Yvette reached under the bed for an ashtray and her cigarettes. I knew that when she lit up, Angela would hit the roof. I just hoped my girl would spare me from lighting it for her. I was prepared to, but Angela didn't know I was smoking again.

Angela's jaw dropped when Yvette lit a cigarette in her bed.


"It's her room, she can do that if she wants. As long as it's not in the house--"

Angela turned and stomped away. Her heels clicked down the stairs.

I followed, but only glimpsed her exit through the front door at the bottom of the stairs. She slammed the door.

I waited at the top of the stairs. I gripped and released the stupid railing a few times. Below me, in the sunlight, I could see the setting where I coupled with my daughter for the first time --just a few nights ago. The couch and the floor in front of the couch had seen sweat, cum, and passionate promises. All of the evidence had evaporated.

After hearing her Angela drive off, I turned toward my slut daughter's bedroom door.

Yvette had been watching me. Her eyes contained a cold, blue anarchy. She leaned against the doorjamb casually. Her dirty sheet was wrapped loosely around her hips that left her heaving torso totally exposed. My eyes traced the white chord of her earbuds as it traveled between her solid, round, D-cup tits to the IPOD in her hand. The golden rings that stabbed through her nipples reflected the smoke and the sunlight.

Yvette put her cigarette to her full, dick-sucking lips as she stared at me. I could hear rap music blasting into her ears. I hoped that I had done enough to please her. I wondered if I'd done enough to defend her.

I walked toward her slowly and her unblinking blue eyes adjusted to look up at me.

She held her cigarette out to me as she exhaled a long stream of her smoke into the hallway.

I put the cigarette to my lips, intoxicated by her pose.

In that moment, Yvette dropped the sheet from around her hips. Her absolutely flat belly sat plainly above the blonde stubbles of a scantily shaved pussy.

There was no time to drink in the sight as Yvette grabbed my free hand. She immediately trapped it between her thighs and ground her pussy into my fingers. The pussy was dry, maybe tired... but it started to wake up right away. She let go of me and unbuttoned my shirt as her hips writhed.

With her pussy wetting my fingers, I bent so I could penetrate her.

"No..." She hissed. "...don't move your hand."

She rocked her greedy quim against me while her thighs squeezed tighter. I felt her hump my hand to the beat of her IPOD. I could feel her wet, pudgy lips grinding her sap over the side of my hand. Her breath heightened with each thrust. She closed her eyes and sighed, "...oh...oh yeah..." Her lips smeared over my knuckles ferociously as she forced my shirt off my shoulders.

Her cigarette was burning down in my other hand.

"Oh... fuck!" She gave a shout, grabbed my shoulder and forced me to my knees. Yvette opened her legs and shoved my nose into her melting lower lips. I felt her right leg go around my head. My daughter had a distinct taste of latex entrenched in her folds that I found when I shoved my tongue into her. "Yeah... that's a condom taste, daddy..." she groaned down at me. "...the retard in my bed wanted one when he fucked me. I wanted you to taste that, daddy... that's the only reason..."

She snapped her fingers near my ear like she was commanding a dog. I looked at her hand. She wanted the cigarette. I handed it off and continued to relish the saccharine-rubber flavor that glistened below her clit. With my hands free, I reached between her legs and forced her hole open. Her sloppy slit pressed against my fingers, remolding, re-conforming. I licked her clit faster and faster. I chased down as much of her acrid wetness as I could. I felt the ashes from her cigarette sprinkle my shoulders.

"Get your cock out," she ordered.

I dropped my hands and forced my pants down. My cock was solid, veins rippling beneath the skin. Its fat head bounced upward upon release. Her palm forced me back onto the floor in her room. She joined me on her hands and knees. I watched my daughter's sexy body hover over me. I ran my hands over the flawless skin of her shoulders as her head went down to my cock. "Oh, daddy... I think it's bigger than last time..." After that she gave a mischievous smile, her long hair hid her face from me. The cigarette had burned itself out, so she tossed it toward her bed. The IPOD went immediately after it.

I heard Yvette spit on my cock. Her hand stroked her saliva down the shaft and then I felt her lips engulf the head. Her mouth filled quickly with her slosh and she jerked her head up and down. I could hear her voice grunting approval against my shaft. Her hand squeezed the base roughly and her lips traveled further and further down each time she moved her head.

My cock was released with a gasp and she whipped her hair away from her cheeks to look at me. Her handgrip on my fuck handle boasted experience as she jacked me off. A shit-eating grin lined her lips when she gazed between my face and her hand. After re-asserting her position, she went down again and I groaned deeply.

Yvette deep-throated me in one swift move. I felt her top teeth tug on the pubes at the root of my tree. My voice surrendered to absolute ecstasy as she swallowed with her throat. This erection was fat and hard. I could feel the pre-cum desperately coating my baby's throat and her tongue. This made her sounds even more guttural and she shuddered a little when she groaned.

She released it again to look down on me. I felt her hand still hard at work as it coaxed cum from me. I could glimpse how huge and purple her expertise had made the tip of it. My eyes rolled back as her fingers continued to stroke and pull its silky skin.

"What the fuck is going on?" A voice from the bed said.

I realized that Yvette's fuck from the night before was awake.

Yvette kept her eyes on me when she grinned, "what the fuck do you think? I'm blowing my dad."

We both then looked up to the kid. He was red-faced. Angry. "That's fucked up!"

Yvette laughed, "...this from the condom kid?!" She brought her thighs up and over me.

"You're gonna fuck him now?"

"Yeah... Eric..." Yvette arched her back and raised her pussy above the helmet of my hard-on. Her spectacular breasts, round and righteous, pointed their nipples to the ceiling. The fringe of her blonde locks hid her concentration from him as she guided me to the right spot. "...right...now..."

My plump purple head traced itself between the lips of my daughter's glorious gash. I felt her slick walls slurp against every vein of my meat, squeezing tighter and tighter. Air rushed through my baby girl's nose as my pure size treated her. Inch upon inch of my rod slid all the way up her twat and once I was home, Yvette raised herself up anon. The sensation quaked us both as she went in reverse.

"Oh... daddy.... I wanna go again!" Yvette's tongue cooed in a childish, malefic tone.

"I..." The guy said. "...Yvette. I really--"

"...Yeah... but I'm a little busy fucking my dad right now..." Yvette's voice switched to a mock apology. She grabbed my hands and set them beneath of her suck able knobs. I squeezed the flesh of each tit from underneath and her nipple rings kissed my thumb knuckles.

"You're both sick!" He shouted, now fully dressed.

He stomped past Yvette as she slid herself back down my firm fucker. The nerd then stopped in the doorway. He looked down at me. From there, he could only see my daughter's back as her ass settled above my bountiful balls. Maybe he was looking at the tattoo that sat right above her ass. The dude looked sad and betrayed.

Yvette saw I was looking at the guy and then she grinned at me arrogantly. She couldn't get her joke out fast enough.

"...gonna stay and watch my dad suck my titties?"

He left on that note and Yvette gave me a comical I-told-you-so face before getting back to serious fucking. The comedy left her face and her lips went slack as we fucked at a millimeter pace. Her eyes opened and closed, overwhelmed with the sexual electricity we were building within her soppy folds.

"Don't make me a liar... daddy... suck your daughter's big tits..."

My baby brought my head up between her tits. I opened my mouth against her perfect, sweaty, round skin. Her nipple ring grazed my right cheek as I dragged my tongue along the curve of her flesh. Using her own hands, Yvette crushed her tits together before me. The areolas of each blended together and the rings sat one on top of the other. "Suck the nipples now, daddy," her voice above a whisper. "Suck them together."

My teeth lightly bit each swollen nip together and my lips closed.

Her pussy settled into an informal grind as her hips churned on my stick.

"Wouldn't it... be nice... if I had milk?" She breathed as she squeezed them before me. My prick was throbbing inside of her, threatening to cum. Her latest remark sent me closer to the edge. I focused on the nipples swelling against my teeth, running my tongue over both nubs. Her rings tickled my chin.

"Baby..." I gulped. "...I'm getting close..."

"Daddy..." She panted. A crashing rotation from her hips signaled a change of intention. "Don't cum, dad...dy... not... yet..."

I tried to hold back as she released her tits. I pinched the nipples and used them to hold each fat globe up and away. My tongue went to the underside of each magnificent orb as I tried to hold back my seed from her baby chute.

"Hello?!" Another voice from downstairs called. A male voice. A not-Eric voice.

Yvette stopped her motion. I let go of her nipples, sweating. "Don't cum yet!"

We both listened. The blood in my rod pulsed with my heart.

"Hello?" It was the same voice.

"That little bitch left the door open, didn't he?" Yvette said incredulously. She ground her pussy into me another time before she hopped off of my cock. "Go see who it is."

I slipped into my pants and zipped up my engorged cock. Yvette threw me my shirt and I got to my feet.

I was pulling my shirt on as I came down the stairs. There was a stranger in the house. Yvette was right... the bitch had left the door open when he left.

The stranger was in a green suit. His black hair was slicked back.

"Can I help you?" I said as I buttoned my shirt.


"I'm not asking. I want you the fuck out of my house." I glared at him as I arrived.

"This kid. Twenties." The fellow said as he ignored my request. "Just left this place in tears. I saw him. Told me there was something right unholy happening in this house."

"Who are you?"

He had an Altoid case. He popped a curiously strong mint and hid the case in his pocket.

"Carl Robins. I teach Sunday School."

"Well... you're wasting your time." I went to the door and held it for him.

"Fellow said..." He narrowed his dark eyes at me. "...said someone in this house was having carnal relations with his own daughter. You know anything about that?"

"No, I don't."

"Would that be your daughter he was talking about?"

"Look," I said pointing through the open door. "You're not welcome here--"

"I'm his daughter. Only daughter." Yvette said from the top of the stairs. She stood at the railing and looked down at both of us. She'd pulled her hair up. A tight blue T-shirt stretched over her tits. The undersides of each breast were barely exposed right above her bare midriff. She'd thrown on a pair of blue jeans. There was a cigarette burning in one hand. She strode down the stairs slowly and considered the stranger with narrowed eyes.

Once she arrived at the landing, she put her cigarette to her lips and exhaled. "Don't forget to lock it, daddy... we don't need anymore visitors."

I locked the door.

"I'm Carl Robins," said the Holy Roller.

Yvette only smoked. The sizzle of the tobacco was the only sound.

With neither of us giving him anything, he spoke again. "Miss... this fella out there..."

"Eric." She offered.

"Yes..." He smiled. "...that was his name... he caught me outside going door to door... we're inviting people to church, you see... well he stopped me between houses and..."

"What church is that?" She didn't care.

"It's right down the street."

"What denomination?"

He grinned at her, suddenly shy. "No denomination."

"Sounds like you have trouble committing."

Carl shook his head. His lips opened to correct Yvette, but she spoke first.

"Have a seat," Yvette indicated the couch.

"I don't think that's necessary..."


"Well, if you insist..." He stepped over to the couch and Yvette followed him. He continued his rambling, "...the boy... the Eric, you said... he said... well, he said that..."

"Do you have those... door to door pamphlets?" Yvette interrupted him and sucked in her own lips. She raised her eyebrows up. I thought she might be holding back laughter.

He paused before he sat on the couch and produced a red-white-and-blue printed pamphlet from his suit pocket. I could see big white print that said "Salvation is easier than you think." He handed it to her. She took it and glanced over its cover. She then pointed to the couch with the cigarette.

He sat down and Yvette moved to stand in front of him. The blue shirt conformed solidly to her braless chest like a second skin. Her flat abs hid the man from the coffee table. A seemingly hypnotic plume of smoke shot from her lips and over his head.

"Miss... have... has..." He pointed at me. "...has that man violated you?"

"What do you mean, violated me?" Yvette took her pamphlet and slipped into her pants, just above her pussy.

"Has he had sexual relations with you?"

"Daddy?" Yvette cast her voice over her shoulder at me. "Can you bring me the whiskey?"

I moved up the stairs to retrieve the whiskey from her room.

"Drinking whiskey?" I heard Carl ask. "Is that what he does? Get you drunk first? Are you even old enough to drink?"

They were almost out of earshot when I heard my daughter's reply, "...are you gonna card me?"

I stepped over the sheet on my way into her room. I could hear the headphones from her IPOD still blasting its dirty beat. The whiskey was back on the bureau. As I took it, I wondered if Yvette intended to take the stranger. Would a follower of God be as easy to crack as I was? Was he there just to amuse her or did she want to control him as aggressively as she did me? The second question made me extremely jealous.

I came down the stairs as slowly as I could. Part of me wanted to tell the gentleman to leave... to let him keep whatever dignity he had before my daughter could have her way with him. Another part wanted my daughter to consume him entirely so more than my soul would be dammed. I had never considered the morality of our relationship as it related to heaven and hell.

"You shouldn't smoke, young lady," Carl said, fumbling for his Altoid case.

"I have an oral fixation..." She smirked.

"Altoid?" The man joked.

I saw him glance at Yvette's braless mounds right above his head. Her nipple rings could be glanced just barely coming out from underneath the blue shirt. In that moment, I was certain Yvette could have him if that was what she wanted.

I carried the whiskey to my baby's side and took her cigarette.

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